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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

UQ Holder! 7

UQ Holder

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 4, 2013 16:19 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 7

UQ Holder 07

*For Mangaburn

p1: ====================================
Panel 1:
Wow! This is super fast! Why’d we even bother walking this far?
/ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
But still, Yukihime, to think you’re the boss of a bunch of yakuza.
/ Like I said, you’re mistaken.
Anyways, I’m lookin’ forward to seeing what kind of people these immortals are.
/ Maybe everyone who lives too long’ll really get as dark as a certain someone.
/ / Hold your tongue. Or would you rather get out?
Stage 7: UQ Holder

Panel 2:
Look! The tower’s already so close!
Kuroumaru, you came down from there, too, right?

Panel 3:
No; I descended directly in the mountains, so…

Panel 4:
We’ll be taking a boat from here.

Panel 5:
A boat?

p2-3: ====================================
Panel 1:
Whooooooooa!! We’re here, we’re here!
The tower! Look, it’s the tower!
/ It’s so close!
Do you see it?! Do you see it, Kuroumaru?!
Yes, I can see it.

Panel 2:
Whooooa! Damn! It’s so huge!
Look, Kuroumaru!
/ The tower’s huge! Whoa!

Panel 3:

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
Is it just me, or is the tower getting further away?
The UQ Holder’s secret base is 10 kilometers off the coast of New Tokyo.

Panel 6:

p4-5: ====================================
Panel 1:
Oh… Oh…
/ Whooooaaaa!

Panel 2:
Is this seriously a secret base?
It looks like a hot springs resort.
We do manage a hot springs here.
/ This is the Secret Base Fairyland Hall.

Panel 3:
Mistress, I’ll gather everyone.
/ Good.

Panel 5:
Ahh…. Though I intended to never return here,
I grew somewhat bored with living in the countryside, so I have, embarrassingly enough, returned.
/ As there are many who seek my life, I suspect I will only add to your burdens—

p6: ====================================
Panel 1:
but now that I’m back, allow me to stick with you all.
/ Let us fight together to secure our dark clan enough room to live.
You’ve done well these last two years.
/ It’s a pleasure to be working with you again.

Panel 2:
Yes, Ma’am!

Panel 3:
/ Khkhkh.

Panel 4:
Long time no see!!

Panel 5:
We missed you so much, Ane-san.
You’re not a burden at all. Please, stay with us forever.
/ We’ll protect you, Ane-san.

Panel 6:
Argh! You’re sweltering me!
Ohh! There it is! Ane-san’s Air Punch!
Nice one.
/ The feel of it is something else!
I guess they idolize her.

p7: ====================================
Panel 1:
But things like that are pretty nice, too.
/ OK. I should hurry up and…

Panel 2:
Hey, hey. The name’s Konoe Touta.

Panel 3:
/ Geh!
/ Look—ouch!

Panel 4:
Hey, man, I’m sorry to interrupt,
/ but how about we introduce ourselves?

Panel 5:
Huh? We’re havin’ a nice little two-year reunion over here.
You brats can go piss off.

Panel 6:

Panel 7:

Panel 9:
Hey, hey, hey, hey, you punks!
Listen up!!

Panel 10:
The two of us are Yukihime’s greatest disciples.

p8: ====================================
Panel 1:
The name’s Konoe Touta!!
/ The girly guy behind me’s my pal, Tokisaka Kuroumaru!!
You’re all going to be my friends from today on.
/ So nice meeting you all!!

Panel 2:
/ Pfft.

Panel 3:
SFX: Ahahaha hahaha
What’s with this kid?
You, her greatest disciples?
My, my.

Panel 4:
Konoe-kun, you do seem to be a rather promising young man,
/ and you are certainly Mistress Yukihime’s guest,

Panel 5:
but when did anyone ever say they’d be your friend?

Panel 6:

Panel 7:
That’s enough, Basago-kun.

p9: ====================================
Panel 1:
Konoe Touta-kun, was it?
I’m Makabe Gengorou.
/ These are Ameya Ikkuu and Karin.

Panel 2-4:
We are all immortals.
Nice to meet you.

p10: ====================================
Panel 1:
Huh? Ohh! Nice to meet you!!
/ Wow, so you’re immortals, too.
/ / Nice. So you’re vampires, then?
No, that’s not what I meant.

Panel 3:
Huh…? Is this girl invulnerable-ish, too…?
/ Yeah, that’s Karin. I guess the two of you look to be about the same age.

Panel 4:
I see. Well, nice to meet…
/ you?

Panel 5:
SFX: Stare----…

Panel 6:
Huh? What? Did I do something?
Damn, she looks bloodthirsty. And wait, why’s she got a hammer in her hand?
SFX: Huff.

Panel 7:
So then…

Panel 8:
I take it you want to be one of us?
Yeah! Please!

Panel 9:
I don’t really know much about you guys…
/ but there’s no way I could be wrong about someone in Yukihime’s yakuza clan!

p11: ====================================
Panel 1:
You’re gonna be my friends, whether you like it or not.
/ Heck,
I wanna be your pal.

Panel 2:
SFX: Glance

Panel 3:
SFX: Nod…

Panel 4:
OK, I understand.
/ But I’m sorry. Only immortals who seek to enter UQ Holder
/ / must pass an entrance exam.
/ A test?

Panel 5:
Have you heard the urban legend?
/ There are whispers, in New Tokyo,
that beneath the hastily developed capital lies a sprawling underground labyrinth in which, if one becomes lost, he will never return…

Panel 6:
That’s right.
You pass the test if you can escape that labyrinth
/ within eight years.

p12: ====================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 5:

Panel 6:

Panel 7:
/ Yuki…

Panel 8:

Panel 9:

p13: ====================================
Panel 1:
/ Ouch…
SFX at bottom: Splash

Panel 2:
Shit! That girl…
/ She didn’t hold back a hair.

Panel 3;
Ah, looks like I’ve fallen down deep.
Where am I?

Panel 4:
[aside <it’s an echo>]: Heeeeey! Heeeeeeeeeeey!
Whoa. This place is huge.
Hey! Anybody out there?!!
/ Kuroumaru!! You all right?!

Panel 5:
SFX: Splash Splash

Panel 6:
You all right, Kuroumaru?!
Are you hurt?!
/ You must have a broken bone or two.
/ / N—No, I’m fine.

Panel 7:

Panel 8:
You’re such a worrywart. In the first place, we’re both invulnerable.
Oh, right.

p14: ====================================
Panel 1:
For goodness’s sake; why did I get caught in the crossfire?
/ I didn’t even say anything.
Ah haha. My bad, my bad.
/ Well, at any rate, you’re gonna work with me, right? So no biggie.
You’re too pushy.

Panel 2:
And moreover, should you have made up your mind about this that easily?
/ About what?
That you should be friends with them!
/ Do you think anything through?!
If something sounds good, then I ain't gonna worry. My motto's to just make a quick decision.
You’re treating this too lightly!
/ That’s why this happened to us.

Panel 3:
I mean, there’s no way those guys are reputable sorts.
It’s not like you’re that reputable yourself.

Panel 4:
More importantly, I’m worried about…
/ what that four-eyed sea urchin said.
Didn’t he say there was an eight-year time limit, or something?

Panel 5:
[aside]: By “four-eyed sea urchin,” you mean…
O—Oh, that?
/ It must’ve been a joke, or a bluff. <small: … Or maybe we misheard him. >
I wonder…

Panel 6:
You think we really have eight years?
Well, this is a test for immortals.
/ So I figured, maybe they have a stupid perception of time like that.

Panel 7:
This underground space is certainly wide, but it couldn’t take more than a few days to explore.
/ So, let’s go find an exit.
/ Wait up, Kuroumaru!

p15: ====================================
Panel 1:
This seems kinda dangerous!

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
What is this…?!
I—I—I knew there was some’n here!
/ Is it a shark? Or a crocodile?

Panel 4:
No; stand back. I’ll handle this.
/ This doesn’t seem to be a normal animal.
/ / It’s some sort of river spirit.
Dealing with such beings is in the domain of my clan.
/ Well, but you’re—

Panel 5:
You should reconsider. If you fail to take it out, it’ll call its friends.

Panel 6:
If you don’t want to be eaten, hurry and get up here.
Who’re you?!

Panel 7:
Being eaten by that thing’s worse than death.
It’ll take 30 years to digest you. That’s enough to frighten even immortals.
/ Ah… By the way, boys…

p16: ====================================
Panel 1:
I’m the leader of UQ Holder, Shishido Jinbee…….
Umm, do you have anything to eat?
/ Oh—fire would be nice, too?
SFX: *Growlllll*
[inset]: He’s not going to eat the fire, right? It’s just to light his cigarette, right??!

Panel 2:
Who are you, mister?
The leader…?
[bottom right]: To be continued in Issue 46.

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#1. by Dowolf ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2013

As per Akamatsu's wishes, I have chosen to refrain from posting translations for further chapters until after they are officially released in Japan. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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