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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 11

Chapter 11

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 13, 2013 18:55 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 11

*for ryColaa scanlations

p1: ======================================
<no text>

p2: ======================================
<no text>

p3: ======================================
<aside>: Ummmmm

I understand so little of this, I could laugh….
This was all I could manage after cramming all night.

Well, whatever. As long as I don’t fail, I’m good.
SFX: Scratch Scratch

OK, that’s time.
Pass your tests forward.

Was the betrayer Kobayakawa?
Who was Hideyoshi’s strategist?
I wasn’t sure, so I just put down “Shibai.”
I completely panicked… With five minutes left, I realized I was one off on the answer sheet the whole way through.

p4: ======================================
All right! I’m finally finished!!
Now I can draw manga as much as I want!!

I’m gonna get Mutou-san to OK my storyboard before summer break!!


p5: ======================================
Ah, my bad.

How did the test go?

I tried to prepare with a single all-nighter, so, you know.

My brother said the manga you gave him was really interesting.
If there’s another event, I’ll invite you.

p6: ======================================
Manga: {
(fully on-screen panel, upside down): I absolutely believe in you!
(half off-screen panel, upside-down): In other words, you mean—

p7: ======================================
Manga: {
<manga p1>
What?! A 200-meter individual medley?!
But you’ve competed at the national level. There’s no way I can win!
I’ll give you a handicap, of course.

I’ll swim four strokes: the backstroke, the breaststroke, the butterfly, and freestyle;
but you can swim the whole race freestyle.

Oh. In that case

However, in exchange for that handicap,
if you lose, you’ll have to go about naked.


<manga p2>
Let’s accept her condition.


Remember, Saori-chan,
the tale of King Leonidas’s 300 Spartans.

Wait—didn’t King Leonidas lose that fight?
They inspired all of Greece.

If I lose… everyone’ll find out I’m a man. I won’t inspire anyone—I’ll just invite a riot!!

p8: ======================================

Could you help me clean up the room downstairs?

Kao-chan says she’s coming home,
so we should get things ready for her.

Sis’s coming?
……It’s rare for her to visit. She didn’t even come for New Year’s.

That’s not it…..
She said she was leaving Tokyo.

p9: ======================================

I’m busy!!
Just tell her to do it herself when she gets back!!

My sister’s given up on being a pro.

I guess the music industry can be rough.

I’m going to do my best!!

p10: ======================================
I keep telling you,
there’s not enough sexy stuff.

You keep putting all your efforts into practice and the matches…
but you’re skipping out on the key part: the risqué!


You should have him lodge together with Erika-chan, the helper,
and have them bathe together, and sleep in the same bed, stuff like that!

p11: ======================================
A—All that seems kind of clichéd…

Clichéd is fine!

Come to think of it, the core is…
The core of the manga can be erotic!

Having a strange policy will only get in your way.

A policy… umm…
Does Mizuno Tooru, the person I respect, have…….?

p12: ======================================
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you think winning a monthly prize is enough to put you shoulder-to-shoulder with Mizuno Tooru?

I—I’m sorry.

Fushimi, you’re the rising star of erotic manga.
That’s what everyone in the editorial department think of you.

p13: ======================================
Do your best so you don’t betray those expectations!


Manga is fundamentally for killing time!

Daily life is boring, and sometimes you hate it, or it makes you sad…
Our readers read manga because they want to forget the real world.

p14: ======================================
At any rate, the most important thing is that people like it!

Nothing Mutou-san says could be wrong!

Don’t let your chance slip away.
Believe in Mutou-san and keep moving forwards.
I—I guess so….

p15: ======================================
It’s like… ever since then, I haven’t been able to draw any storyboards…

Have you read the “gospel,” the monthly magazine works from the 80’s?
Then I’ll text you a list later of some other manga you could use as a reference!
Th—Thank you very much.

I’m not sure if it’ll be much help…
but I’ll also send you the romantic comedy I drew in the past, just in case.


You don’t want it?!!
N—No, please send it!!

p16: ======================================
So Fushimi-kun’s worrying, too.

Well, I’m sure Taki-kun, the man with the talent you only see once a decade, isn’t worrying at all.


You’re not going to deny it?!!
Well, I’m reading a manga right now.
You’re reading a manga while talking on the phone?!!

p17: ======================================
It’s “Dersu of the North.”

Oh, by Sawamura Eichi?
I guess you’re really reading his minor stuff.
Wasn’t that chiefly aimed at adults?

I’ve pretty much had my fill of the major stuff.
Centurion Marth, Haru & Mai, Genius Chef Duke…

You’ve had your fill?!
Did you get a little bit of money, then spend it to buy and read them all?!!

Boilerman really caught my interest.

p18: ======================================
A while back, I caught part of the anime while it was being rebroadcast.
It differed a lot in content from the original manga.

On TV, they were a generic good heroes who fought evil.
But the manga was a dark fantasy where the heroes worried, suffered, and were at odds.

The manga was definitely deeper and more interesting!
Sci-fi, historical fiction, sports, period pieces, mysteries, cooking….

p19: ======================================
Why did he write so many different things?

SFX: Hee hee hee.
And there was some stuff that just makes you go “Hmmmm…”

You mean, like “Stray Cats of the Three Kingdoms”?
Yeah, yeah. And “Hip Hop Baby.”

But he created, advanced, and changed….

Sawamura Eichi was the embodiment of who I want to be.

p20: ======================================
Oh yeah, you said something like that at the Sawamura Prize award ceremony.
In that legendary speech that froze the entire hall.

What was the final thing he was trying to draw as he lied in his deathbed…?

I suddenly can’t stop my curiosity.
I want to uncover the meaning of the word “TORUS.”

p21: ======================================
Daily life is boring…
and sometimes you hate it, or it makes you sad…

It’s true
that I read manga at times like that.

p22: ======================================
Hee hee hee.


Manga {
There’s no way he can win.
He’s up against the absolute king, who hasn’t lost a match in five years.

Shunpei won’t lose.

Listen to those cheers.
But this is an away match; when did they…

All of these people are pushing him forwards… And you think he can lose?

Every time I read this, I cry.
Every time I read this, I feel energized.

p23: ======================================
This is more than fiction meant to make one forget the real world.

Life dwells in it.

If I can,
I want to draw a manga like this.

p24: ======================================
We’re finally here.

p25: ======================================
But I’m seriously nervous.

<sign>: Sawaura

Hazama-san’s already spoken with me. / I’m sure my father would be happy you’ve come!

p26: ======================================
By the way, Nishigaitsu-sensei, would you mind signing this for me?


The truth is, I majored in English history back in college….

I was a big fan of the three works you did on the tutors:
/ “Charles, You, and Henri”; “The Red and White Rose Emblems”; and “The Angel with a Devil’s Horns”
Especially “The Angel with a Devil’s Horn,” which told the life of Richard III.
Dammit. I’m sweating from my armpits.
R—Really? I can’t believe the daughter of Sawamura-sensei is a fan of mine…

p27: ======================================
I’m sorry to ask so much of you today.
It’s fine.

If my father were still alive, Katou-san, I’m sure he’d be surprised that you became a director.

Well… I know asking to see his schedule notebook is a bit of a strange request…

(top): Is this his last one?
(bottom): Yes.

p28: ======================================
Then if you don’t mind….

Book: {

Bugs & Train

Eternal –s (the dash is covered by the SFX and partially off-screen)

6:00 Wake up
Hip Hop Baby

Hiraoka , Kido
Meeting, gathering material

Morning: Photographs

Eating out 19:00

(Panel 4):
Book: op Baby photographs

The word’s not here!

p29: ======================================
[inset]: Could Rin-chan have been wrong?!
[flashback]: I’m pretty sure the old man in sunglasses / was writing this in his diary.

No, that can’t be…
The word has to be there, even if the spelling were different.

Have you heard, Katou-san?

They say the last thing he wrote in his diary was the word “Torus,”
and it meant that, even in his last moments, Sawamura-sensei was focused on selecting the winners of the Sawmura Prize.
I’m not really sure myself.


p30: ======================================
In all likelihood, the item you’re referring to, Nishigaitsu-sensei…

is this, his private diary.

Feel free to take a look.
There’s nothing in there except for who he met or what he ate each day.

p31: ======================================
I’m so moved.
I can’t believe she let us into Sawamura-sensei’s private library.

p32: ======================================
[inset]: Rin-chan… / You really are amazing!!
[book]: {
Morning, dried daikon strips, boiled green vegetables, mackerel mozuku
mixed porridge and miso soup.
Lunch, vegetable soup, lettuce salad, an orange, bread, milk.
Dinner, two pikes, a beer, grated daikon, mango yogurt

Bean sprouts and cucumber goma-ae.


p33: ======================================
Hmmm. So, this means the fortune telling girl was right.

Well, she’s not really a fortune teller.
Man… I might have had a little too much to drink.
But I was having so much fun, listening to the tales of Sawamura-sensei’s home life.

But still, what could “TORUS” mean?

A 3-D object, shaped like a donut….

p34: ======================================
Maybe it was Isobe fries, or something?

Nishigaitsu-sensei said…
[sign]: Café Restaurant GUEST
that she had goosebumps all over her body.

I mean, this is seriously amazing.
I’ve got goosebumps myself from Nishigaitsu-san being able to arrive at this.

p35: ======================================
I mean, this is a fact that was kept private from the rest of the world…

I guess we can’t consider this a trick, or something…

When Ishidou-san sees this,
do you think she’ll know what manga he was drawing?

Fushimi-kun, did you see the picture I sent you?

p36: ======================================
I—I saw it.
But I was riding my bike and nearly crashed.

Ishidou-san really is something else.
I got stuck in a ditch and my tire burst.

I’m here with Taki-kun right now.
I’ll put him on.


Oh, you mean the monthly prize?

p37: ======================================
You won 500,000 yen, right?
Then you can go to Ishidou-san’s island.

Remember what we said? This year is the festival that only happens once every seven years.

Let’s go together!

Oh…. Now that you mention it…

p38: ======================================
Yes, e-mailing me a picture is fine.
But I’m impressed you were able to see the diary, Nishigaitsu-sensei.

It’s not like I doubted you or anything, Rin-chan.

Anyways, everyone was really surprised.

Things were really clear that day,
so I thought there was no way I was wrong.

p39: ======================================
Then I’ll send it to you immediately.

p40: ======================================
But what do you think Ishidou-san’s ears are like?

Doesn’t she gently part her hair,
hold her hands against her ears, and focus?

What, like this?

Your ears are pretty grotesque, Nishiguchi-san.
Everyone’s ears are grotesque!!

p41: ======================================
I read in some book…
that ears are shaped grotesquely like this in order to capture the contours of sound.

Sound enters through the earhole, passes through the eardrum….
and, somehow-or-another, the information is passed to the brain.

Sorry my explanation was so rough.
Nah; I wouldn’t really be interested in a detailed explanation anyways.

But hers are different from normal people’s.
Ishidou-san’s ears are…

p42: ======================================
and pretty.

p43: ======================================
<no text>

p44: ======================================
SFX: Ring

To put it simply,

SFX, panel 4: Gulp.

p45: ======================================
Jeanne, don’t lick it!!

The TORUS manga was to be the sunglasses man’s compilation.

The work would have contained everything he had drawn until then.


p46: ======================================
A compilation work? Would that mean…
something on a grand scale, like Tezuka-sensei’s Phoenix?
Or more like Mizushima-sensei’s “Dai-Koushien”…?

I don’t really know much about those mangas…

But it was to be at once grand and personal.


The inspiration came to him on a journey.

p47: ======================================
When he left on a journey, seeking to more forwards….

At a time when his heart was lost…
At a time when his heart wandered….

p48: ======================================
On that journey, the old man in sunglasses
found out who he was.

p49: ======================================
When he left on his journey, heading forwards,
before he knew it he was back when he started.
Every road was connected,

p50: ======================================
without end, eternally.

I’m sorry, Nishigaitsu-sensei.
I guess it really is hard to explain like this over the phone.

OK; let’s save the fun for later.
After all, I’ll see you again for the festival on your island.

Huh?! You’re really coming?

p51: ======================================
At any rate, I can be really certain TORUS wasn’t going to be about Isobe fires.

p52: ======================================
Summer break—

p53: ======================================
SFX, panel 4: Rumble

p54: ======================================
Hey, that you, Katsuo? I’m sure you’re just wasting away your summer break by yourself like always,
but if you’re free, let’s go to Bizenkou.

At 6:30?

I haven’t done anything all week.
At this rate, summer break’ll be over….

p55: ======================================

SFX, panel 3: Plop

p56: ======================================
SFX: Tremble Tremble

SFX, panel 2: Plop.

SFX, panel 3: Plop.

p57: ======================================
SFX: Tremble x3

SFX, panel 2: Plop x2

p58: ======================================
She’s just like Mom….

D—Do you want me to carry your bags?
I’m fine…
Her voice, too….

p59: ======================================
And her movements….

She inherited Mom’s disease.

Nori! Sorry to keep you waiting!

p60: ======================================
La Gazzetta dello Sport gave them a 6.5 for the first match…

Bizenkou’s gyouza, my favorite food,
tastes completely plain.

I thought it had ended in the past….

Both my sister and I
thought it would never happen to us.

p61: ======================================
Sign: Bikouzen

Let’s head to Shinrin Park’s parking lot.
There’s a car there that’s shaking for some reason.
Sorry, but I’m heading home.

What?! Seriously?!

She didn’t give up on her dream.
She was forced to abandon it…

p62: ======================================
SFX, panel 4: Drip Drip

p63: ======================================

If manga is taken from me, what else do I have?

p64: ======================================
<no text>

p65: ======================================
<no text>

p66: ======================================
[sidebar]: He cannot control his fate. So now, at this moment, he—
[bottom]: To be continued in the December issue.
(bubble at bottom): On sale
(right of the bubble): 11/6

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