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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

UQ Holder! 8

The Leader's Power

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 15, 2013 15:51 | Go to UQ Holder!

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UQ Holder 8

*For Mangaburn Scans

p1 ===================================
Panel 1:
/ Leader? You?
Well, it’s nothing to write home about.

Panel 2:
You guys newcomers? Here for the test?
I guess they dropped you right in here. Man, nice going.

Panel 3:
So then…
/ Up we go…

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
I can’t see any weaknesses.
/ This isn’t some regular old man.
Is he a master…?!

p2: ===================================
Panel 1:
[inset]: A brief lull distracting one from boredom during the eons.
Stage. 8: The Leader’s Power

p3: ===================================
Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Ouch. Ah… What’s this, now?
I guess, after sitting in one place for six months, I got a little stuck.

Panel 4:
Well, well, more importantly, do you have anything to eat?
I haven’t had a proper meal in over two years.

Panel 5:
T… Two years?
/ Huh…?
You’ve been here for two years?!

p4: ===================================
Panel 1:
You see… I sort of incurred the wrath of this one woman and she threw me down here.
/ Her name was Yukihime.
Well, it was mostly because I finished off her cherished Okinawa sake and her leftover grilled chicken.
/ They were so good.
/ / I thought it was just a joke, but it’s been two years now and she hasn’t sent any help…
Whoa… My gut says pops here is a bad apple…

Panel 2:
So—might you have something to eat, newcomers? I mean, these last two years,
/ I’ve been eating nothing but fish with no eyes
and these things, whatever they are—sea cucumbers?
/ Oh, would you like some?
/ / HELL NO!

Panel 3:
Touta-kun, this guy seems kind of suspicious.
/ Yeah. We shouldn’t let down our guard with him.

Panel 4:
I ain’t got anything to eat!
I—I don’t have anything, either!

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
More importantly, if you’re connected with the Holders, you must know.
Can’t you tell us where the exit is?

p5: ===================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
So you do have something good.
/ Nice… I knew it’d be maple-flavored.

Panel 4:
Ah! That’s the emergency ration I had in my pocket!
/ What?!
/ / Huh… But how did you…?!

Panel 5:
Hey, hey, Sempai! How can you shakedown your juniors?
Oh, don’t make me out to be the bad guy. I’ll cook you up a mystery sea cucumber sauté later.
/ Hell no!

Panel 6:
Thanks for the grub. Take care.
Hey—Wait, dammit!

Panel 7:
Right, right. I said so earlier, but you should probably get out of the water.
You wouldn’t want to be eaten, right?

p6: ===================================
Panel 1:
Oh, but it might be too late.
Splash Splash

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
…What are these?
/ Are they real?

Panel 4:

p7: ===================================
Panel 2:
Th—Thanks, Kuroumaru. It nearly ate me.

Panel 3:
Heheh… But still,
SFX: Hiss…
it got me good.

Panel 4:
/ Your left arm’s…
SFX: Squeeze
I’m fine. Hurts like hell, though.
/ It should grow back soon enough… More importantly,

Panel 5:
Let’s runnnnnn!
What the hell is that?!
/ It’s weird for such monsters to be beneath the capitol, right?!

Panel 6:
Seeing as to how vampires are real, I wouldn’t think those things particularly strange.
Huh…? That makes sense, somehow.

Panel 7:
Wait, forget that—just run!
But they’re so swift… They’re powerful magical beasts. I’ve never seen ones like them, either.
/ What in the world are they…?

p8: ===================================
Panel 1:
I’m… gonna die.
/ I can’t… run anymore.
Ah, what the heck was that giant seal thing?
/ And that old man ran away, too.

Panel 2:
So then,
what do we do now?

Panel 3:
We have to find the exit,
/ while being wary of that monster.
But we don’t even have any light.

Panel 4:
In that case,
रं (Ram)! <TL/N: Mantra for Agni, deity of fire.>
Wow! <small: There’s a flame on the pen. >

Panel 5:
Awesome. Is that magic?
From an applet?
/ No; it’s traditional magic, fueled by my own power.

Panel 6:
After two more hours—

Panel 7:
Ki? What’s ki?
You don’t even know that?
/ I imagine you’re using it subconsciously, but…

Panel 8:
Long-ranged attacks? Is it some sort of missile?
/ Do you launch that ki thing?
A demonstration will clarify things. Step back.
/ Shinmei-ryuu Ougi…

p9: ===================================
Panel 1:
[inset]: Zankuuzen!! <Air-Cutting Flash>

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Five seconds. Roughly 1.7 kilometers.

Panel 5:
Just how big is this underground space?
I’m begging you! Hey!
If we’re heading the right way, we should already be beneath the capitol.

Panel 6:
How’s your arm?
/ It’s fine, but it won’t heal. <small: I’ve stopped bleeding, though. >

Panel 7:
Two hours later—
A waterfall, huh? Awesome.
It looks like there’s something long down below…
/ Let’s act like we didn’t see anything.

p10: ===================================
Panel 1:
And two hours after that—
I guess there’s more than just those seals.
/ What sort of hell is this?

Panel 2:
24 hours later—
We’re exhausted… of course.
/ Yeah…
I guess even a month might really not be enough to handle this place.
/ Yeah…
I’m starving—…
/ Yeah…

Panel 3:
SFX: Throb…

Panel 4:
Touta-kun? Does your arm hurt?
You noticed?
Yes, I noticed.
Well, I’m not really sure what’s going on myself.

Panel 5:
It’s something like… a nagging pain in the part of my arm that isn’t there; or rather, maybe a slimy, disgusting feeling…
/ Does that mean….

Panel 6:
Oh, so your left arm was eaten?
/ If you don’t do anything, you won’t get it back for thirty years.

p11: ===================================
Panel 1:
Damn you, pops! You ran off yesterday!
/ Tell us where the hell the exit is!!
I mean,
please, tell us!!
/ And give us some food!!

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Those giant spiders taste a lot better than you might think.
But if they bite you, you’ll be paralyzed for a month.

Panel 4:
If the guardian of the waterfall basin swallows you, three years will pass before you’re excreted.
Or to turn that around, if you get swallowed up twice, it’ll only take six years.
/ And if you get swallowed up a third time, you’re out.

Panel 5:
…In other words, eight years is an especially appropriate time limit for the test.
No! No, no, no, no, no!
/ The fastest and strongest one, that seal, is thirty years! That’s an immediate out!!
You could say that’s to keep things tense.
Then this is just a shit game!

Panel 6:
Dammit! I guess they were serious when they said eight years.
/ What sort of perception of time do they have?

Panel 7:
Eight years from now,
they’ll be 22.
After thirty years…
they’ll be 44!

Panel 8:
…You’re freaking kidding me.

p12: ===================================
Panel 1:
Don’t mess with us!!
/ I don’t have time to waste dilly-dallying around here!!
One week!
/ I’ll get out of here in one week!!

Panel 2:
Hahaha. You’ve got spirit.
Good luck.

Panel 4:
Wait, pops!
At least give us a hint as to the exit.

Panel 5:
There is no exit.

Panel 6:

Panel 7:
/ …….?!

Panel 8:
Kh…? What?

p13: ===================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:
My arm…?!
Where’s my arm…?!

Panel 3:
Here’s your arm.

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
Wha?! Dammit—how the hell did you…?!
Well, well.

p14: ===================================
Panel 1:
There are many types of invulnerability.
You are of Yukihime’s house, right?
/ Then your invulnerability is of the highest degree.

Panel 2:
However, it has a weakness.

Panel 3:
That child
appears to possess super-strengthened healing and regenerative abilities.

Panel 4:
Let’s suppose we chop off your arm.

Panel 5:
If we do, your body will realize it’s missing an arm
/ and its super regeneration ability will activate.
[right pic]: Arm Amputated
[left pic]: Regenerated
Regardless of the status of your severed arm,
/ you’ll regenerate a new arm. <small: Probably. >

Panel 6:
On the other hand, in your case,
/ your severed arm is linked to your main body through a magical force.
/ / Yours is a more conceptual form of invulnerability.
[right pic]: Arm Amputated
[left pic]: Not Regenerated
Therefore, as long as your severed arm is still alive,
/ you won’t regenerate a new arm.

p15: ===================================
Panel 1:
That seal will take its sweet time over thirty years digesting the magical energy in your invulnerable flesh.
/ It’s practically a feast, you see. <small: At least, for it. >
Until your arm has been fully digested, it won’t return.
/ That’s thirty years.
/ What sort of beast is that?
I’m told it’s from the demon world.
/ The demon world…? Pops, do you mean...?

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Don’t just lob a guy’s arm!

Panel 4:
Suppose we took that arm of yours, locked it in a safe, and sunk it at the bottom of New Tokyo Bay.
Let’s not!
Your arm wouldn’t return until it was withdrawn from the sea.
I’ll do it.
Oh, thanks.

Panel 5:
Perhaps instead, one could pack your head in the safe and sink it to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.
Lemme out!
Your invulnerability would keep you conscious.
/ You would be like that for a century… then two centuries…
H… Hey, hey! Stop scaring me!

Panel 6:
Haven’t you personally experienced the dangers of letting your invulnerability render you overconfident?
I—I ain’t overconfident!
That you treated your left arm being devoured so flippantly is sufficient proof to the contrary.

p16: ===================================
Panel 1:
So in other words, in order to get my arm back,
I have to go beat up that seal thing?

Panel 2:
But Touta-kun, we don’t even know which one of them ate your arm.
Ah…… <small: You’re right.
/ / Which means—
Yes, yes.
/ You’ll have to defeat every last one.
You can’t do it? Well, doing it in a week might be impossible.

Panel 3:
Regardless, if you can’t handle them,
/ you’ll never clear the test.
Want to give it a shot,
/ youngsters?

Panel 4:
Bring it on!
[inset]: To be continued in Issue 47
[right sidebar]: In order to join UQ Holder, it’s time for them to give it their all and more!!

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