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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

UQ Holder! 9

Training Begins

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 22, 2013 15:24 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 9

UQ Holder 9

*For Mangaburn Scans

p1: ============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: All right. This, too, must be a stroke of fate. / I would be willing to help advance your studies. / At any rate, this task would be impossible for you, as you are.

Panel 2:
Touta: Our studies? You mean, you’ll train us?! Seriously?! / That’s a big help, pops!! By all means, please!!
Kuroumaru: Hey… Touta-kun.
Touta: Let’s shake, let’s shake!!

Panel 4:
Touta: Huh…? / Kuroumaru?

Panel 5:
Jinbee: Well, well, just relax, / Miss.

Panel 6:
Ku: Who

Panel 7:
Ku: are you calling “Miss”?!!

p2: ============================================
Panel 3:
Jinbee: Hmm.

Panel 4:
Touta: Whoa…? Damn, you’re scarred.
Ku: ……! / What in the world are you? / I cannot believe a single one of the things you have recently said or done.

Panel 5:
Ku: Touta-kun!!
Touta: Yes!
Ku: Have you already forgotten how he just stole your right arm?! / You’re too trusting! You’re barely even thinking! Isn’t that why we got dropped down here?! / You’re the type who gets fooled by phone fraud!
Touta: Y—Yeah. Well, I mean…

Panel 6:
Ku: This man smells fishy! He’s overly suspicious!
Touta: H—He is? Pops seems like the kind of guy I could have a conversation with.
Ku: You idiot!

Panel 7:
Ku: Let us determine what he truly is!! / We can talk then!!

Panel 8:
Jinbee: Oh. / You’ve got a lot of spirit.

p3: ============================================
Panel 1:
[inset]: Now. / On your knees.
Stage. 9: Training Begins

p4: ============================================
Panel 1:
SFX Bubble: Fht!
Ku: ?!
Touta: ?!
SFX Bubble: Pssh!

Panel 2:
Ku: ?! / My sword?!

Panel 3:
Ku: Kh…!

Panel 4:
Jinbee: !

Panel 6:
Jinbee: *Grin!*

Panel 7:
Ku: !

p5: ============================================
Panel 1:

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
Touta: Kuroumaru!!

Panel 6:
Touta: Damn you, pops!

Panel 7:
Jinbee: *Grin!*

Panel 9:

p6: ============================================
Panel 2:
Jinbee: Whoa.

Panel 3:
Ku: ! / That was Shundou!!

Panel 4:
Ku: Nice one! / Touta-kun!

Panel 5:
Touta: Ngh. / Yeah!!

Panel 6:
Touta: Let’s go!!
Jinbee: !

p7: ============================================
Panel 4:
Jinbee: OK. / Not bad, you two.
SFX: Creak x2

Panel 5:

Panel 6:

Panel 7:

Panel 8:
Jinbee: Well, just relax, / Miss.
Ku: I—I’m not a woman…

Panel 9:
Jinbee: And you shouldn’t get lured in and come charging at me, either.
Touta: Ugah.

p8: ============================================
Panel 1:
Well, just relax. / I’m on your side.

Panel 2:
Ku: …Mm.
Touta: …Mmph!

Panel 3:
Jinbee: This is my den.
(?): Coming in.

Panel 5:
Touta: Wait—what the heck? You live here?!
Jinbee: It’s a surprisingly nice place to dwell, if you give it a try.
Touta: Liar!
Jinbee: Well, I haven’t been back here in half a year.
Touta: What sort of perception of time do you have?!!

p9: ============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: So, eat up, eat up. / But don’t ask what’s in it. You’ll be happier that way.
Touta: Hey, hey, hey. Argh… Well, I’m running on empty, so I guess it’s fine.
Jinbee: So, let us once again / introduce ourselves.

Panel 2:
Touta: I’m Touta. / Oh? It’s good. / I’ve been invulnerable for two weeks. / I don’t really know myself, but apparently I’m a vampire.

Panel 3:
Ku: I am Kuroumaru. / I’ve been invulnerable for four and a half years. / I am a test subject for immortality granted through a cursed ceremony.

Panel 4:
Touta: Huh? You are? Then you’re my sempai, huh.
Ku: Yeah, <small> somewhat.</small
Touta: What was that cursed… ceremony… thing?
Ku: That was…
Jinbee: Hm. I see…

Panel 5:
Jinbee: I’m Shishido Jinbee. / I have been invulnerable for 1400 years.

p10: ============================================
Panel 1:
Boys: Huh…

Panel 2:
Boys: Whaaaaat?! / 1400 years?!
Jinbee: Well, I don’t particularly care if you believe me.

Panel 3:
Jinbee: My memories from back then are all vague, now, / but I was from Wakasa Province—modern-day Fukui— / and I ate the flesh of a merman.

Panel 4:
Ku: ……! The flesh of a merman…? Then, do merfolk really exist?
Jinbee: Back then, yes. / No one’s seen any lately.

Panel 5:
Touta: What’s merman flesh?
Ku: You don’t know? I thought the stories of merman flesh were famous, but…

Panel 6:
Ku: Thanks to the influence of The Little Mermaid, people today tend to picture merfolk as beautiful, / but in Japan there are many tales of them possessing a terrifying form. / And they say that, if you eat their flesh, you will obtain the power of perpetual youth.
BG: Merman / Yao Bikuni
Ku: There’s also the tale of Yao Bikuni, who came to the aid of the poor of various lands / after eating the flesh of a merman and becoming an immortal nun.
Touta: Oh, I think I might’ve heard of that before.
<TL/N: For more information on all the references on this page, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ningyo >

p11: ============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: But those who gain immortality by eating merfolk flesh are weak in the invulnerability department. / Cut off my head and I’ll die. / I can’t even survive a proper poisoning. / Nor can I regenerate well. Thus, all the scars.

Panel 2:
Touta: Huh…? Damn, you survived a millennium like that?
Jinbee: I had friends, back in the day. / But they steadily grew fewer… / I was just the one who happened to survive.

Panel 3:
Touta: B… But still, that’s awesome! 1400 years ago— / was that when they made Joumon pottery?!
<TL/N: Pottery made during the Joumon era—that is, pre-300 BC Japan. >

Panel 4:
Touta: C’mon, c’mon, Kuroumaru. Don’t be so stubborn. / He’s our immortal super-sempai. Just let yourself be honest!
SFX: Tears

Panel 5:
Touta: Wait— / Whaaaaaaaat?!
SFX: Tears / Sniff Sniff

p12: ============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Why the heck are you cryin’ like a little girl?!
Ku: Sempai… / No—Please, let me call you my teacher in life!!
Touta: Hey, why are you believing him so easily?! That thousand-year bit could just be a boast, or something!! / Did you even forget what you told me?!

Panel 2:
Ku: Look at his eyes. You can see he’s telling the truth!!
Touta: Well… If you put it like that, then I, too…
Ku: Is your heart made of stone? Just listen to his story!
Touta: Yeah, well, it was surprising, but enough to bring you to tears? I mean, Yukihime’s 700 years old…
Ku: This man doesn’t have our invulnerability. / He’s survived through fourteen hundred years with a body that could die at any time!
Touta: Well, yeah, but…

Panel 3:
Ku: I’ve struggled so much myself over a mere four years. / In his time, just how many encounters, how many departures, how much suffering has he tasted?

Panel 4:
Ku: I have a feeling that, / if I follow this man, I’ll learn something about life!!
Touta: You’re one of those, aren’t you? You don’t fall to phone fraud—you just get tricked by some strange cult. / Well, whatever.

Panel 5:
Jinbee: Ah ha ha ha. You are a strange pair. / Well, I guess that makes you my disciples for now?

Panel 6:
Jinbee: OK! First, it’s time to test your skills. / Go, and defeat those monstrous seals, if you can!! / And if you’d prefer to defeat them all, then be my guests!!
Ku: Y—Yes, sir!
Touta: Yeah!

p13: ============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: All right! / Come at me, you…

Panel 2:
SFX Bubble: Screeeeeeeech!
Touta: Little…

Panel 3:
Touta: Ummm….

Panel 4:
SFX: Stare----

Panel 5:
Touta: No, I really can’t, I can’t, I can’t!!!!!!! / There’s no way I can defeat that with only one arm!

Panel 6:
Touta: Whoa! / Kuroumaru!! Are you going to do it?!

p14: ============================================
Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Wh… Whoa. / Whoa!!!!

Panel 4:
Touta: That attack was awesome!! / I knew you could, Kuroumaru!! / Damn, you’re cool!!

Panel 5:
Ku: It… It was nothing much. Returning apparitions that threaten humanity to the darkness is our duty. / However, amongst the elite clan of my people, the Hunters of the Undying, I was a dunce.

Panel 6:
Ku: Huh…?

p15: ============================================
Panel 1:
Ku: Sorry—there really are just too many.
Touta: Heyyyy?!

Panel 2:
Touta: Hah, hah, ah…. I… seriously thought… we were gonna be eaten.
Ku: Even when… doing missions for my clan… things were never… this harsh.
Jinbee: Hahahaha. I guess I really was asking too much.

Panel 3:
Jinbee: However, Kuroumaru, you were rather skilled. / It seems you have some experience.
Ku: Ah, yes, sir.

Panel 4:
Jinbee: Touta, you couldn’t do anything. / Completely worthless.
Touta: Mmmngh.

Panel 5:
Jinbee: Though things might go rather well if you protected Kuroumaru’s back.
Touta: What do you want from me? I’ve never fought anything but a human before! / This is the first time I’ve even seen monsters like that!

Panel 6:
Jinbee: Hmm. His combat instincts and control over his body are astounding… / Hmm.

Panel 7:
Jinbee: A weapon, perhaps?
Touta: Huh?

Panel 8:
Jinbee: A weapon, I said, a weapon. Your personal ☆ weapon. Interested?

p16: ============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Awesome. What is this place? / Why’s there a building like this, underground?
Jinbee: This place was used as a hideout by a certain evil sorcerer until thirty years ago.

Panel 2:
Jinbee: The magical sword that person created rests here. / But it’s apparently difficult to wield, and no one could use it. / It should have been left here.

Panel 3:
Jinbee: There it is, there it is. / Come, Touta.

Panel 4:
Jinbee: Can you pull out the sword? / If you can, it’s yours.
Touta: Oh….. Ohhhhhhhh!
[inset]: Can he safely get the weapon?
[bottom right]: The author will be taking a break for research purposes in issue 48. Please await our return in Issue 49.

Panel 5:
Ku(?): Gravity… Blade…?

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