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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

UQ Holder! 10

Gravity Blade

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 6, 2013 04:22 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 10

UQ Holder ch. 10

*for Mangaburn

p1: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Karin: Yukihime-sama, what of the two who fell down there?

Panel 2:
Yukihime: Well, I wouldn’t say it will take them thirty years. / They should make it up here within eight years.
Karin: Umm….

Panel 3:
Karin: What are those two?

Panel 4:
Yukihime: Oh, I picked up the longhaired one midway.

Panel 5:
Yukihime: As for the spiky-haired one, circumstances led to us living together for two years.

p2: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Yukhime: What’s wrong?
Karin: Nothing; I just felt a mysterious urge to kill when I heard your story. / I’ll go pour another cup.
Yukihime: You seem like you’re seriously in love, or something.

Panel 2:
Yukihime: But you know, Karin,

Panel 3:
Yukihime: perhaps you should try to get along / with the spiky-haired one… with Touta. / In the end, I suspect his and your power of invulnerability will be the strongest.

Panel 4:
Yukihime: Once mankind has perished, you two may be the only ones to remain on the Earth.

Panel 5:
Karin: I cannot abide that. I shall move to sever that fate immediately. Grant me permission to strike down our guests.
Yukihime: No—well, that won’t be sufficient to kill them.

Panel 6:
Yukihime: And have you forgotten? The test also includes major cleanup of the underground. / Until they exterminate one of the major pests, no one can open the door leading down there.

Panel 7:
Karin: Mm… / ….Oh.

Panel 8:
Karin: Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Jinbee-sama these last two years.
Yukihime: ………Hm. / …….Ah!

Panel 9:
Yukihime: I sent him down there as a joke, then forgot. / ……..Well, whatever.
<aside>: Shoot.

p3: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Those who peek within the skirt…
shall be cut in half.
Stage. 10: Gravity Blade

p4: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: It is said this powerful magic blade was forged by the wicked magician.

Panel 3:
Jinbee: If you can manage to pull out the sword, Touta, it is yours.
Touta: ALL RIGHT!!

Panel 4:
Touta: Nggghhhhh! / Ghhhh!

Panel 5:
Touta: Bah! / Hah. Hah. This is impossible!
Jinbee: Naturally.

Panel 6:
Jinbee: Once, the strongest villains in the world would travel here, / to this evil hall. / Yet none could draw this weapon. / Yes. It is no mere…
Touta: Hm?

p5: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Whoa? I did it!

Panel 2:
Jinbee: What… / did you say…?

Panel 3:
Touta: Well, look here. There’s a dial that says, “Heavy <- -> Light.” / I pulled it out after setting it to “light.”

Panel 4:
Jinbee: There’s no way things could actually be that simp… Oh, you’re right.
Ku: Nice job reading it.
Touta: Well, I just sort of had a feeling, so…
Jinbee: Let me see it.

Panel 5:
Jinbee: Hmm, hmm.

Panel 6:
Jinbee: Do not grow overconfident because you merely drew the blade. / Only once you master it will finally be yours.
Touta: You’re changing your tune, Pops!

p6: ===============================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:
Touta: Gahhhhh?! Why’s it so heavy?! My hand?! It’s sinking!
Ku: Touta-kun?!

Panel 3:
Touta: Gahhhh! My hand! My hand!
Jinbee: For now, I’ve set the weight to 1000-fold.
Ku: Touta-kun!

Panel 4:
Touta: Oh, right. Invulnerable.
Ku: Wow.

Panel 5:
Touta: What the hell, Pops?!
Jinbee: Hahaha. I thought you wouldn’t be able to. However, if you can master this, / it will become for you a powerful ally.

Panel 6:
Jinbee: The goal of this test is to see whether or not you have the power to live alone. / One who cannot live alone cannot be relied upon as a brother-in-arms. / One who cannot stand on his own can do nothing. Well, Touta?

p7: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Mm….
Ku: He threw the sword so lightly… / But a thousand times its weight would equal that of a minitruck.

Panel 2:
Jinbee: Kuroumaru-kun, you mustn’t be surprised by that. / This sword’s true power lies elsewhere.
Touta: Quit it. You didn’t even know about that until now.

Panel 3:
Jinbee: Well, just watch.
Touta: Why are you stripping?

Panel 6:
Touta: What?!
SFX: Click!

p8: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Huh…? 500,000-fold…? Seriously?
Ku: You aren’t just bluffing?

Panel 2:
SFX: Crack!

Panel 3:
Touta: Wait… / Pops, where did you throw it?

Panel 4:
Touta: Huh…?

Panel 6:
Touta: Hey--whoa?!
Jinbee: Hahaha.

p9: ===============================================
Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Jinbee: How about that? I used no magic, only weight! / This much power, with just a pure physical attack! Now this is the true form of the blade!

Panel4 :
Touta: What are you, stupid? You sent the sword who-knows-where!
Jinbee: Oh.
Touta: Go fetch it!

p10: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: Wow… Here it is, here it is.
Touta: *Sigh*… Is this OK? We really destroyed the place.

Panel 2:
Jinbee: Here.
Touta: O—Okay.
Jinbee: Relax. It’s only at 200-fold.

Panel 3:
Jinbee: …Why did you become an immortal? / Why did you join UQ Holder?

Panel 4:
Touta: It just sort of happened. My friends were in trouble, so I drank her blood. / You all seemed like good guys, and I figured entering here would give me a foothold to achieving my dream.

Panel 5:
Jinbee: And what is that dream?
Touta: To climb the tower.
Jinbee: Hmm. And what will you do then?
Touta: What will I do…? Well, I’m gonna do something huge!

Panel 6:
Jinbee: ….Heh. / That’s a rather vague and equivocal dream, / young master.

Panel 7:
Touta: Mgh.

Panel 8:
Pops, you making fun of me?
Jinbee: Hey.

Panel 9:
Touta: Ngah!

Panel 10:
Touta: Ain’t 200-fold still as heavy as a lightweight sumo wrestler?!
Jinbee: Try to get to the point where you can swing that.

p11: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: If you do, then I will teach you the next step. / And how to escape from here. / Well, I’m sure you’ll manage, given half a year.

Panel 2:
Touta: Six months?! Do you think I’m gonna take things that slow?!
Jinbee: Then you’d better get started.
Touta: What about food? Or baths?!
Jinbee: You’re too naïve. / That, too, is part of the test.

Panel 3:
Touta: Shit. This “eight years” and “six months” stuff is too vague.
Ku: But Touta-kun, that sword is amazing. / Gravity-controlling magic is high-level stuff.
Touta: It is? Well, Pops is definitely pretty awesome. / But even so, I’ve got to master it.

Panel 4:
Ku: You trained under Yukihime-dono, right? / You must have learned the fundamentals of ki. And it should be an easy task if you use ki.

Panel 5:
Touta: Well, I did swing 20 kilogram weights 300 times a day….
Ku: And you wouldn’t normally be able to do that, right?

Panel 6:
Ku: Let me teach you a really effective way to train.
Touta: Sweet! / You’re really handy, Kuroumaru! I’m counting on you!!

Panel 7:
Touta: --------Hey. / Kuroumaru.

p12: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Is this really necessary?! Will this really train my ki?!
Ku: Yeah. You wouldn’t think it, but traditional stuff like this is really effective!

Panel 2:
Ku: And then, jogging!
Touta: No, I’m not jogging! / I’m completely running at full sprint!
Ku: You train your ki by overcoming your body’s limits!

Panel 3:
Touta: I’ll do three sets of 1,000 one-handed swings at a weight of 30-fold!
Ku: What are you, a demon?! / <aside: You’re treating a thousand so lightly…! >

Panel 4:
Touta: 999. / 1000!
Ku: Amazing! I’m impressed, Touta-kun!
Touta: Gah! Hah. Hah. I—I’m gonna die…!

Panel 5:
Touta: Well… It’s not like I really want to get stronger, or anything.
Ku: Huh…?

Panel 6:
Touta: It’s just… That was the only way I could match up with my pals back in the village.
Ku: Oh… You mean the ones you made your promise with?
Touta: Yeah.

Panel 7:
Touta: Cooking, / singing, / machines, / novels… / They’re all amazing. I can’t match up to them. / Meanwhile, I’ve got nothing… I’m so jealous.

p13: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: So I didn’t want to lose to them, at least in spirit.

Panel 2:
Ku: Hmm….

Panel 3:
Ku: These friends of yours that you can’t match… I’d like to meet them.

Panel 4:
Touta: Yeah! I’ll introduce you! And they’ll be in the capital next year, too! / And heck, Kuroumaru, you’re a full-fledged super pal of mine, too!
Ku: I—I am?
Touta: All right! Let’s keep going with your awesome training menu!
Ku: Y—Yeah!

p14: ===============================================
Panel 4:

Panel 6:
Ku: To think he’s come this far…

Panel 7:
Jinbee: …….

Panel 9:
----One month later
Touta: Hey! / Pops!

Panel 10:
Touta: I can swing it now!
Jinbee: What? Really? / But it’s only been a month…

Panel 11:
Touta: Watch me.

p15: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Touta: Huh! / Huh! / Hah!

Panel 2:
Touta: Heh.

Panel 3:
Touta: What d’ya think?
Jinbee: I’m surprised. Well done.

Panel 4:
SFX: Grin

Panel 5:
Touta: Here.
Jinbee: Hm?

Panel 6:
Jinbee: Oh?

Panel 7:
Jinbee: Nwahhhhhhh?!

p16: ===============================================
Panel 2:
Touta: You all right, Pops?
Jinbee: *Gasp* / Just how heavy is this… / What?! 2000-fold?! That’s really heavy!!

Panel 3:
Touta: Wahaha. How about it? / That’s payback for last time.

Panel 4:
Jinbee: So, you swung this. / Not too shabby, kiddo.

Panel 5:
Jinbee: Here, catch.
Touta: Nwah?! / Hey, Pops…

Panel 6:
Jinbee: Heheh. / It looks like we’ve got us a pretty lively pair of newcomers.
[inset]: To be continued in Issue 50.

[above 5,6]: Touta’s potential invulnerability is an unknown quantity!!

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