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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 12

Chapter 12

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 18, 2013 17:34 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 12

*for ryColaa scanlations

p3: ==============================================


Fushimi-kun, I got your storyboard.
Oh, thanks.
I had some free time, so I thought I’d give it a look…

p4: ==============================================
And would you look at this!
It’s fantastic!

Thank you.

I don’t really have much to comment on!

p5: ==============================================
All of the characters’ personalities come across well, and there’s plenty of funny scenes.

And you made sure to include ero stuff!
[bg]: Whaat?!
[bg, lower]: So, we’ve got an early <off-panel> so let’s <off-panel>

Ah, thank you.

I was kind of surprised.
I guess the young really can evolve quickly.

p6: ==============================================
No… I still can’t even see Taki-kun’s back.

With “The Transfer Student from the Favela,”
I’m certain you’ll be able to grab onto Taki-kun’s tail!

His tail?

At any rate, make the girls even cuter!
Bear that in mind while you start inking this!
Yes, sir!

p7: ==============================================


I was so confident in it that I had already gone ahead and started inking it…..

p8: ==============================================
A package for you!


[right column, envelope]: <cut off> trict Akatsuka 1 <cut off>
[left column, envelope]: Nishiguchi Shuu <cut off>

Dear Fushimi-kun,
Good luck on your battles with erotic manga!! In the real world, even adults the most serious adults are doing it. I hope that my old love comedy will help you out.

He must’ve wrote this trying to get me pumped.
Of all the people in Tokiwa-sou, I guess he’s most like Tera-san.
Though he’s not as popular.

p9: ==============================================
Shiori, I… I….
I like you.

I like you, too, Yuuhei-kun.

I’m so happy!!

[inset]: Bwuh?!!

My parents aren’t coming home tonight…

Youth / is like a flicker of light….

The flower in full blossom today will have withered by the morrow!!

Well, I guess everyone’s got their own strengths…
I’ll use this as an example of what not to do.

p10: ==============================================
Where are you going, sis?
To the athletics center.
SFX: Tremble

Couldn’t Dad take you there once he gets back?
He won’t get home until 6:30.

p11: ==============================================
It’s fine… I can just walk there.

You’ll walk…?
But that’ll take thirty or fourty minutes.

No….. It’ll take her over an hour.

The disease sprung up really fast in Kao-chan.

p12: ==============================================
Taeko-san didn’t fall ill until she had passed 30,
but it hit her daughter much younger.

The doctors said
that the disease is progressing faster in Kao-chan than it did in Taeko-san.

Can she really walk all that way by herself?

Well, it might be an incurable disease,

p13: ==============================================
but Kao-chan’s trying to hold it back as best she can!

SFX: Tremble x2

SFX: Snicker x2

p14: ==============================================
She didn’t give up on her dream.
She was forced to abandon it…

And my sister will be forced to abandon more and more.

p15: ==============================================
She can’t stop her cells from being destroyed.

Both Mom and Mom’s younger sister have passed away,
and Haru-chan, one of my relatives, is bedridden…

There’s no way
this won’t affect me, too.

p16: ==============================================

[phone]: {
Incoming Call
Taki Kaito

Hey. Why no response?

Taki-kun…. It’s been a while.

I’m sure I forwarded the e-mail from Nishigaitsu-sensei to you.
You know, the one about “TORUS.”

p17: ==============================================

What do you mean, “oh”?
You really seem out of it.

No… It’s just,
it didn’t really make much sense to me.

But wasn’t it interesting?


p18: ==============================================
I don’t really care about “TORUS”!

I’m just working on the manuscript I have right in front of me!

…..And nothing else!

The erotic manga?

p19: ==============================================
The editors must be out of their minds. / There’s no way you could draw something like that.

SFX: Clink!

I can too draw it!!
I swear I’ll win the Sawamura Grand Prize and catch up to you!!

p20: ==============================================
……. / OK. Good luck, then.


Norito~~~! You’re making a racket. What’s going on up there?!!

p21: ==============================================


Dammit! I broke my phone!!

It doesn’t really matter to me, / but if that’s his decision, he’ll never catch up to me.

p22: ==============================================
<panel 3>: A ha ha ha ha

Rin-chan, y’thirsty?
I’m gonna head on back, buy some water.
I’m worried about our stuff, too.

Alright. I’m gonna stick ‘round here a bit n’ watch the fish some more.

SFX: Splash!

p23: ==============================================
<no text>

p24: ==============================================

What’re you doin’ after this? Wanna get some tea together?
I’ve done got me a bike, so there ain’t nowhere we can’t go.

p25: ==============================================
Takai, you gonna act like Ishidou and just ignore me?

Lookin’ at you closely, you’ve got pimples all over your face.
Probably ‘cause you’re gettin’ all frustrated!


p26: ==============================================
Who do you think you are?!!
Rin-chan thinks nothin’ of you, ‘cept that you’re disgustin’!!

p27: ==============================================
Damn, it’s hot out today.

p28: ==============================================
What’re you doin’ to Akane-chan?

Huh? I ain’t done nothin’.
I just suggested maybe the two of us’d go get some tea.

There’s a fashionable new café what just opened.

p29: ==============================================

I swear, if you do anythin’ to Akane-chan,
I’ll make you pay!

p30: ==============================================

Maybe I’ll make you extinct.

What are you talkin’ about?

Nao-chan, your phone’s dead!!


p31: ==============================================
Akane-chan, are you all right?
I was scared….. / I had no idea what he would’ve done.
I just wish I’d have noticed sooner.

It’s fine… But still, there were three of ‘em, / but you managed to get ‘em to completely yield to you.

I was shakin’ a bit with rage.

The sight of you, comin’ up out of the sea,
looked like nothin’ but a hero.

p32: ==============================================
……..Mm-mm. I mean, you’re my hero, Akane-chan.

When I first transferred to this island, in my first year of middle school….

there was suddenly a target on my back.
Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

p33: ==============================================
She makes me want to puke.
Go die.

I started to hate this island…
But one frosty morning….

Good morning.
My greeting, which never got a response…

p34: ==============================================
Good morning!


I was really surprised….

p35: ==============================================
Your greeting back then, Akane-chan,

made me even more happy!

p36: ==============================================
[manga, background]: It’s not like you can’t <cut off>

I’ve still got time till the deadline.
I’ll redraw every image I’m not satisfied with.

p37: ==============================================
I will definitely catch up to Taki Kaito!!


I—It was a lucky shot, but I won!!

All that remains is the leader of the Million Dollar Four, the Student Council President and Captain of the Cheerleaders, / Kitou Sayuri.

p38: ==============================================
Looks like Mr. Shower’s out tonight.

Grandma, stop talking like the weather’s a person.
Back in grade school, everyone laughed at me when I imitated you.

I wonder if Kao-chan will be all right.
She went to the athletics center today.

Huh? Seriously?
She wanted to use the machines to strengthen her body
and to walk in the pool.

p39: ==============================================
Kao-chan’s getting married next year.


There was a man she was in a long relationship with in Tokyo.
They pretty much lived together, I hear.

Hello. I’m Asakura.
Oh… The person who took me to the station.

Well, apparently he still wanted to do it, even if her body worsened……

p40: ==============================================
But in order to keep her spirits up, / Kao-chan’s trying to somehow keep her body together.

This isn’t just a shower—
it’s a downpour.
There wasn’t much point in me bringing an umbrella.

The underpass is flooded….

and the river’s about to burst.

p41: ==============================================


Sis, take an umbrella!!
….. Wait, you brought a raincoat.

p42: ==============================================
Look at you. You’re soaked…. You’ll catch a cold.

The underpass is flooded, so we’ll be better off taking the long way about aboveground.

I already knew that.
SFX: Tee hee

Sis, let me carry your backpack.
I’m fine.

Don’t underestimate me.
I have confidence in my own strength.

p43: ==============================================
I want to see Asakura-san again!!
He seemed like a really nice guy when I saw him last.

p44: ==============================================
What’s with you, all of a sudden?
……I understand, even if you don’t tell me.

C’mon, you’re in the way. Get over here.


p45: ==============================================
I thought it was you…….
Norito-kun, right?

Umm, er….
S—San Lu-san!!
The Martian evangelist!

Hey, hey, hey.
Quit it. That name’s… part of something I’m not proud of.
I was off-course, back then.

p46: ==============================================
I don’t know where you’re headed, but if you want I can give you a lift.

Well… we are soaked.
It’s fine.
I have towels, if you want.


p47: ==============================================
This is a big leap from what I thought.
I figured you drove something with a left-hand side steering column. To think you drive a compact…
<TL/N: In Japan, vehicles drive on the left, so steering columns are usually on the right. However, imported vehicles with left-hand side steering columns are legal (if impractical) and thus a status symbol. >

Like I’d ever own a LHS vehicle.
Even this car’s a rental.

Come to think of it, you surprised me. / To think I’d meet you again in a place like this.
I’m surprised, too.

I like taking trips to the large public baths. On my way home, there you were.

p48: ==============================================
The public baths…?
Lu-san is a lot more pedestrian than I thought….

That strap’s cute, isn’t it?

Oh, the Yatagarasu strap.
It was a souvenir from a friend of mine.

It has three legs….
Yes, three legs.

p49: ==============================================
I guess you don’t know.
The Yatagarasu is a divine servant that appears in stuff like the Record of Ancient Matters, where it guided the Emperor Jinmu.

You have been forever searching…


p50: ==============================================
Do you know it?
Oh, no.

The Yatagarasu…
What I saw didn’t have a holy feeling to it…

It felt more shameless,
like the Athletics’ Chick-kun.

p51: ==============================================
Where is it from?
Mie, or maybe Wakayama?
At any rate, it’s from some way-off shrine.

Wow… / This is more of a charm than a strap.

p52: ==============================================
<no text>

p53: ==============================================
Norito-kun, it’s dangerous for you to sit like that.

C’mon, Norito. Hurry up and get back in your seat.

Why is it….? When I heard the sound of the bell….

I thought of Ishidou-san….

p54: ==============================================
Lu-san, really, thank you so much.

I’m starting to think that name isn’t so bad.

Who was that person?
A charlatan fortune teller.
She said so herself.

p55: ==============================================

If this caught your eye, you can have it.
To be honest, it’s uncool, so I thought I’d get rid of it.

Though it’s not like I really need it, either.

Umm…. Lu-san?

p56: ==============================================
To summarize what we talked about before…..

Two women are going to appear in my life…

Choose one… and hell awaits.
Choose one… and I will be saved.

p57: ==============================================
That’s it, right?

Well, I’ve already forgotten what I said.

Huh?! What you said then was all a scam?! That’s horrible! I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since!

That’s not what I meant…..
I forget everything that happens while I’m “switched” on.

“Switched on”?
Well, my intuition is…

p58: ==============================================
that I won’t be able to see anything today.

Ah, then, today you’re…..


I’m almost on my period!

Things become clear before a period.
Even I might get some real inspiration now.

At any rate,
if that’s what I said….. Make sure you make the right choice.

p59: ==============================================
See you again!


Manga {
At last, it’s time for the final showdown!!

Who will win this dance-off?!

p60: ==============================================
Manga {
Favela, I’ve figured out your secret.
You… are not Kirigaya Saori.

You’re her twin brother, Tsuyoshi!

Whoever loses this battle will be stripped naked before the crowd.
I will destroy both your sister and you before the school… no, before society.

What’s she saying…?

Up first is the Leader of the Million Dollar Four, our own Kitou Sayuri!!

I invited a coach from America for this day,
and I’ve thoroughly trained my dance moves!!

p61: ==============================================

Are you drawing your manga?
The deadline for the Sawamura Prize is the end of the month, right?

Huh? How’d you know?

I wouldn’t have thought you’d start talking about the Sawamura Prize, Honda-san.
Holly told me about it.
Oh, I see.

Hey, so what kind of manga is it?
I’m super interested.

p62: ==============================================
Err, well…..

A—Anyways, all I have left to do is some touching up.

Holly was super-confident he’d win the grand prize.
And isn’t the prize 1,000,000 Yen? Isn’t that amazing?
Holly said that, if he won the prize, he’d treat me to something!

Fushimi-kun, if you win, will you treat me to something?

p63: ==============================================

Uh…. Of course!

I’m counting on you, “Transfer Student from the Favela.”
Cut open a path to my future!!

[sidebar]: He’s done all he can. However, his sense of fulfillment is accompanied with unease. In this grand battle where Fushimi has wagered his dreams, in the end---?!
[bottom]: Volume 4 on sale soon. It’ll arrive with a commemorative color cover!!!
[bottom right]: To be continued in the January issue.

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