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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Black Lagoon 86

The Wired Red Wild Card pt. 10

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 28, 2013 18:35 | Go to Black Lagoon

-> RTS Page for Black Lagoon 86

Black Lagoon 86

*Reserved for use by Taka2552

p1: ==============================================
Panel 1:
He was on a cruise headin’ for Marta / when he fell into the sea, I’m told.

Panel 2:
And since his lover was tryin’ to snatch his assets, it took a while for the news to get to us….
I don’t give a rat’s ass about that. / Where’d that come in from?

Panel 3:
From London. / Scotland Yard.
Mister Ronald! / Please, let me speak.

Panel 4:
Scotland Yard, you say? / You’ve gotta be shitting me.
Please, forgive me. / I admit it, I messed up with the deed of title.

Panel 5:
But I don’t touch that stuff anymore, and I’d never call in the fuzz.
I understand your offer, so—

p2: ==============================================
Panel 2:
Now that’s strange. Why’s a fish reef talking? / Sammy, the only reason I talked to you about the deed was because you weren’t yet a fish reef.
But I’ve got no business with a sea ornament. Get your ass sunk already and be a guide for the sea bream and flounders.

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Now where were we before he butted in? …Right,
Zamid, yeah, that damn Zamid! / The shit of all shitheads had to go and die!

Panel 5:
I want to go down to where he’s shoveling coal in hell and properly kill his ass again.
So then, / what about the Albanians’ cash?

Panel 6:
……that’s, / well……

p3: ==============================================
Panel 1:
Hey, Camillo, give me a break. / All I wanna know is, where’s the cash?
I ain’t asking you about the weather or the stocks; I’m asking where the money is, Camillo.

Panel 2:
Did you come all this way because you want to be a second fish reef? / Where’s the money? Huh?

Panel 3:
I don’t know. Sorry, boss. / His mistress got pinched before she could get her hands on the assets.
That stupid, dull-witted bitch is useless. / She’s sure to have folded by now. The question is, has Scotland Yard caught wind of the account?

Panel 4:
No worries there, boss. / I didn’t hear anything about the account in what leaked.
And besides, Zamid was discreet. / I’m sure he made sure to move it to some safe place where no one could touch it.

Panel 5:
I guarantee it, boss. So—

p4: ==============================================
Panel 1:
That doesn’t solve anything.

Panel 2
If he hid it somewhere safe, where only he could touch it—
Then who the hell / can dig it up?

Panel 3:
…..W— / Well, that’s….
Camillo, I have an important question. / Did Zamid finish liquidating the goods?

Panel 4:
We’ve managed to infiltrate Bullion Bank, / along with the mining company he loved, O’Neal & Jenkin’s Minerals.
Once he got back from his vacation,

Panel 5:
maybe he thought he’d transfer the laundered cash from the bank / to a shell corporation in or around Panama, or something like that.
………………. / Who’s the alternate on the account?

p5: ==============================================
Panel 1:
I thought of that, too.
But it’s no good. / He doesn’t have the right of custody over the account.

Panel 2:
<SFX Bubble>: Whoosh!

Panel 3:
Hey, this is a joke, right, Ronald?!
[bottom]: Stop this! Please, let me go!
[middle]: …… / It couldn’t be the Russians, and we can’t just sit back and try to recover.
---Which means……

Ronnie! Please! Help me! / I’m begging you, help me!
I’m thinkin’ here; don’t interrupt. / Hey, Nico, hurry up and sink him!

p6: ==============================================
Panel 1:
The Albanians hate missed deadlines, / and Don Monteverti’s on his nerves about this case, too.
We’ll need to find some guy who’s good at fiddling with the books. / Leave nothing on the table, Camillo.

Panel 3:
Shit. / Cymbals are still ringing in my head.

Panel 4:
I need a hair of the dog.

p7: ==============================================
Panel 1:
Do you want to check the shops?
No place around here sells espressos, or shit like that. / Maybe we’d have better luck if we went to the mall in Mapurao.

Panel 3:
Hey, Rock.

Panel 4:
Did you settle things / with that woman?

Panel 5:
For now, / I’ll go along.

p8: ==============================================
Panel 1:
----I see. / ……Then that means…
you’ve got a bit of weight off your shoulders.

Panel 3:
Guess you’re looking out for me.
Thanks, Revy.

Panel 5:
I figured, if it’d make for some amusement, / then there’s no need to hold back… That’s all.

p9: ==============================================
Panel 1:
I guess so. / But I don’t feel like getting in too deep.
What’s with you now? / You’re gettin' all girly on me, Rock, like a jellyfish on the beach.

Panel 2:
The past is the past. The future is the future. / So get behind your own decision—
and do this like you want to.

Panel 3:
---….That girl / told me the same thing.
------But even so…

Panel 4:
To think you’d hit it off with someone you just had a shootout with. You’re acting weird, yourself.
Now whatever brought that on?

Panel 5:
Before you showed up at my doorstep unconscious, / did something happen between you two?
Not really. / It was nothing much.

p10: ==============================================
Panel 1:
I just figured I’d do something about things I was indecisive about,
and we happened to match up. That’s all.

Panel 2:
? / What do you—
That shit doesn’t matter. / Let’s get started. Where do we begin?

Panel 3:
We can’t. / I haven’t figured things out yet.
What I do know is that Jane’s trap was truly meticulous; / it was a literal deathtrap to Feng.

Panel 4:
Can you get that harlot… / to confess?

Panel 5:
I can think of more than a few ways.

p11: ==============================================
Panel 1:
What’s wrong? / Did you catch a cold, Jane?

Panel 2:
Ah, Sweetpie,
someone’s walking on top of my grave! / I felt an inexplicable shiver run down my back!

Panel 3:
It was scary, darling! / It was scary, so hold me tight!
For goodness’ sake.

Panel 4:
I’ll overrule you on Jane. / I don’t want to get violent with a female colleague. Besides,
even if we continued to pursue her, we’ve run out of what we need to succeed. / In the fashion of this town, Jane’s completely won.

p12: ==============================================
Panel 1:
There’s another source of trouble:
Those assassins who turned our car into scrap iron.

Panel 2:
I haven’t seen their mugs around here before, but they didn’t hesitate. That proves they’re experienced.
They’ll come after us again, sooner or later.

Panel 3:
It won’t be hard to send them to hell,
but if we don’t cut them off at the source, more of them’ll just come after us. / They’re endless, just like cockroaches.

Panel 4:
I know.
All this is just buying time to cut them off at the source. / Can we buy that time at that hideout?

Panel 5:
Yeah. / There’s no such thing as perfect in this world, / but it’s the most trustworthy place I know.

p13: ==============================================
Panel 1:
At the very least, compared to the people in charge of that motel, / they’re hell of a lot more tight-lipped, and they personally owe me a favor.

Panel 2:
Once we finish our shore business, / let’s show our faces again before the sun sets.

Panel 3:
Pacson! / Hey, Pacson, are you listening?!

Panel 4:
Leave him be! There’s nothing you can do with the man once he’s like that. / Let’s get back to business.

p14: ==============================================
Panel 1:
OK, / I’ve gotten a report back on the guys you exchanged bullets with.
It was likely the gunman from the crew of the Lagoon Company. / However, rather than them supporting the target,

Panel 2:
it seems more likely that they simply got caught up in the firefight. / They probably just happened to be there.

Panel 3:
It was a coincidence, then? / You mean I won’t see her anymore?
That sucks. And here I’d finally found myself a nice woman.

Panel 4:
Oh, Rob, were you going to fall into even deeper sin?
How many years do you think you spent locked up in that Arizonan prison?

Panel 5:
Bro, that was just back luck. / I just wanted to give her a friendly fuck, but she started making such a fuss…
You did her after blowing her head off, Rob. / That’s the wrong order.

p15: ==============================================
Panel 1:
I wasn’t planning on shooting her, Bro. / And then I was going to just run away, but…
Little Robby just wouldn’t calm down.

Panel 2:
At that point, it’d be a waste if I didn’t do her. / And I mean, the girl survived, right?
Ahh, / enough.

Panel 3:
I didn’t come here / to listen to you guys talk about that!
Yo, / I’m with you there, Chinese.

Panel 4:
However, / if they team back up and come at us again, it’ll be a big problem for us.
What will you do about that, Chinese?

Panel 5:
That’s an unknown. / I can’t say anything at this stage.

Panel 6:
If they do clearly start defending the target,
there’d be a conflict with the details of the request. And that would impact our compensation.

p16: ==============================================
Panel 1:
We will pay you in accordance with what happens. / You simply need to have
Former Sergeant Major Li be quickly rendered ineffectual.

Panel 2:
Yo. / Things just got more difficult, Chinese.
If you want all this to count as just one job, then go hire some other cleaners. / I don’t like the taste of this.

Panel 3:
We can’t delay things. This doesn’t sit well with me, either… / I’ll talk to my superiors about your compensation.
I’m glad you’re so understanding. / Even if you don’t believe in God, I’m sure you’ll go to Communist heaven.

Panel 4:
Keep your conversation secret, Chinese.
This town’s the valley of the shadow of death. It isn’t the kind of place you walk around leisurely.

Panel 5:
I don’t have many pieces, but they’re tracking down every lead we have. / I’ll let you know as soon as we have the target’s location.
----By the way…

[lower right]: Black Lagoon chapter 86 END

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