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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 13

Chapter 13

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 13, 2013 21:30 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 13

*For ryColaa Scanlations

p0: ===============================================
[inset]: Two women will appear in my life. If I choose wrong… Hell awaits?!

p1: ===============================================
<no text>

p2: ===============================================
Hey, Nori, why are you spilling all the secret sauce?
You even got some on my arm.
Such a waste… And you’ll piss off the old man.
Oh, my bad.

p3: ===============================================
[Inset]: Boing

What’s wrong with you, man?

I feel kinda strange….

p4: ===============================================
My—My legs are…

I can’t climb…

p5: ===============================================
My—My hand….

[inset]: I—I can’t draw manga.

p6: ===============================================
A dream….?

I could move them in my mind,
but my body itself stayed still.

p7: ===============================================
Becoming unable to draw manga.

Just thinking about it is terrifying….

p8: ===============================================
Like this?

No; try to be a little more provocative

Like this?
That’s perfect, yeah.

Wait, what the heck are you using these for?
You better not be planning on making me a laughingstock on a social network.
You idiot. If I do that, I’d be the laughingstock, not you.

Katsuo, for the next one, could you turn around and stick out your butt?
Whatever; just shut up and do what I say.
I’ll treat you to some of Bizenkou’s gyouza.

p9: ===============================================
L—Like this?

Wowie~~. I see. So that’s why.
Though it’s kind of pathetic I have to get you to pose for me.

p10: ===============================================
[manga]: {
The leader of the Million Dollar 4, Kitou Sayuri.
She’s overwhelming us with the dance moves she learned at home!!

I knew you’ve always been a good artist,
but it never occurred to me you’d really try to get into manga….

Why didn’t you tell me till now?

C—‘Cause it’s embarrassing.
p11: ===============================================

I’m behind you 100%.

You’re so-so in school, helpless at sports,
barely got any friends, and can’t talk to girls.

You’ve got no social skills, so it’s not like you’d make it as an office worker.
You’re just talking smack about me.

p12: ===============================================
So, it’s finally time for the transfer student from the favela, Kirigaya Saori!

All right. I’m done redrawing!!

p13: ===============================================
[inset]: It took longer than I expected,
[inset]: but I’ve got two weeks until the deadline….
[background, vertical]: Entries must be postmarked by
[background, bubbles next to the numbers]: Month / Day

I’ve finally finished all 43 pages of “Transfer Student from the Favela”!!

p14: ===============================================
Maybe I’ll celebrate with some Calpis…
Or maybe I can sneak some of Grandma’s homemade umeshu…


S—Sis! What happened to your face?!
Did someone hit you?!

p15: ===============================================
I fell on the steps at the entrance to the athletic center.
They called an ambulance for me… It’s been a long day.


Does it stand out?

I hope it heals by next month…
My boyfriend’s coming.

A…. Asakura-san? / He’s coming from Tokyo?
Yeah. I thought I’d show him around Sakae, and stuff.
He said he wanted to try Nagoya food.

p16: ===============================================
I—I’m sure the swelling will have gone down by next month!
Worst-case scenario, just put on some giant sunglasses and no one’ll be able to tell!

And I can’t see him looking like this.

[inset]: Click

[inset]: I can’t believe she was that badly injured.
[bubble]: It looked like it hurt…
[inset]: She probably couldn’t even get her hands out in front of her in time.

p17: ===============================================
Please let me have good dreams tonight.

You seem rather scared.

p18: ===============================================
<no text>

p19: ===============================================
<no text>

p20: ===============================================
How careless,
going to bed while leaving the window open.


What is it, Human?

p21: ===============================================
Are they not equivalent?
Is there anyone in your world named “Human”?


I—I’m sorry.
Then what should I call you?

…..Call me whatever you will.
A name is nothing more than a symbol.

p22: ===============================================
Someone told me that Yatagarasus are servants of the gods…

The charlatan fortune teller?


Perhaps one could say…
that the form in which I appear varies depending on one’s beliefs.

p23: ===============================================
Before some, I am a divine beast…..
Before others, a monster….

And before you, now……

You look like a guy in an impudent crow costume.

p24: ===============================================
Well, that charlatan fortune teller was certainly accurate that night.

Two women are going to appear in my life…

Choose one… and hell awaits.
Choose one… and I will be saved.

I know I have to choose….
my destined person…. My soul mate.

p25: ===============================================
At least, that’s what Lu-san said….

Soul mate.
A word which has grown thoroughly cheap.


You should go to the festival.

The festival?
Oh….. The one on Ishidou-san’s island?
I will tell you again.

p26: ===============================================
Chase after the white rabbit,
and you will be able to pursue Sawamura Eichi!

Another dream?

p27: ===============================================


Caw / Caw

p28: ===============================================
Unofficially, I’ll call him…

p29: ===============================================
[hearts]: East High Festival
[below that]: Big, Plentiful, Bold

[sign]: Food Fight / Battle with Honor

[sign]: Frima Café / We have classic lattes

100 Yen

Congrats, Ishidou-san.
[sign]: Maid Massage
[sign on the left]: Judo Club vs. Karate Club / Special Match / In the Octagon


p30: ===============================================
In the open vote for most popular girl at East High, you’ve been voted #1 three years running.


We, the Photography Club, used the pictures we took of the girls during school events.
For every picture sold, the purchaser was granted a single vote.

This is your commemorative shield.
We engraved “Three-Time Champion” on it.
I—I don’t need nothin’ like that.

OK, let us through.
Rin-chan’s headin’ to the nurse’s office.

p31: ===============================================
[sign]: Bill Gates and Vince McMahon
By the way, Takai-san, you came in…
I don’t much care!

[sign]: Nurse’s Office
Sorry, Akane-chan.
It’s fine. And it’s thanks to you, Rin-chan, that we’ve got such delicious curry.

I figure you’re plum tired from all the preparations since yesterday, so you go and rest.
I’ll go out there and make ‘em sell like hotcakes.

p32: ===============================================
And Nurse, we’ve got karaoke back at our class, too. / Come on down, if you want.
Huh? Really?!

p33: ===============================================

p34: ===============================================
Kh kh kh! Not that I much mind if you’re surprised!!

Ya got yerself a fever?
If you’re headin’ home early, I’ll escort ya there.

But Nurse Tanaka’s one mean lady. / Leavin’ her patient all alone while she sings karaoke.

p35: ===============================================
Hey, Ishidou, you’ve shot down every last guy what’s confessed to ya, right?
So you ain’t never even gone out with a boy.

What a shame…. You should give it a shot. Go on a date with me.

p36: ===============================================
I’m sure I’ll turn out to be just yer type.

I really can’t stand how you act so secretly…


p37: ===============================================

A guy like you, who can’t ‘fess his feelings opening?
Even if I did go out with you, I’m sure I’d return you within 30 days.

What do ya mean, “openly”?!
You sayin’ I can’t ‘fess in front of everyone?!
FINE! I’ll do it, OK?!

p38: ===============================================
You don’t have nearly enough courage for that.

Hey, Inui? What’re you doin’?!

Tch. You again?

p39: ===============================================
Ishidou, are you all right?!


I don’t know if this’s the time, but…

But please, take this, as a commemorative thing.
I was one of the guys votin’ for you.

p40: ===============================================
[sign] Morishige High School

[sign]: Sports Festival

[back]: I <3 Lu Bu Fengxien

p41: ===============================================


Argh! We screwed up on only the fifth jump?!
The overall victory’s riding on this; what a painful mistake!!

Teach, Fushimi’s the one who screwed up!!
You’re kidding me. We put you in a super easy spot, too.

p42: ===============================================
They’re treating me completely like a war criminal.
[sfx]: Sigh….
I should’ve just stayed home, for the good of the class…


Did you finish your manuscript?

Oh, yeah.
I already sent it in. / You?
Same here.

Its story merges the worldview of Phillip K. Dick and battle fantasy.
My editor said it’d win for sure.

p43: ===============================================
I’m looking forward to the announcement!
‘Cause I’m brimming with confidence that I’ll be the one to win the grand prize.



You remember our promise, right?
If you win, you’ll treat me to dinner.

p44: ===============================================
Oh? Did I say that?
Well, I guess I could treat you to gyuudon.

Hey, now, wait a minute!

Now how much was first place, again?
A million.
Right? / So you can’t just treat me to gyuudon.

Could all participants in the class relay race please head to the track!


p45: ===============================================
Hey, if we wind up winning the relay,
how about you treat me to whatever I want?

Anything you want—at a gyuudon chain restaurant?
No—whatever I want, wherever I want.

Asuna, let’s go!

Well, I guess that’s fine….. / Now hurry up and go. You win, and our class scores a come-from-behind victory.
OK. Then it’s a deal!


Fushimi-kun, you’re OK with that, too, right?

p46: ===============================================


p47: ===============================================
[sign]: 3-4 / Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden.
<TL/N: Quote from Tokugawa Ieyasu. The translation here is taken from Wikipedia>
Go! Time for a come-from-behind victory!!

We have to beat class four!!
We’ll be the overall winners!!

All right! Now widen your lead!!
And runners two and three, get pumped!!
Is this guy for real…?

While our class is composed of the basketball and tennis team players,
class four has….

p48: ===============================================
As their leadoff runner, Ii-san from the table tennis club.

#2 is Sakai-san, from the go-home club.
#3 is Sakakibara-san, also from the go-home club.

And their anchor is…..

That’s right. On that day……

During the fall of my freshman year, when I had way more time than I knew what to do with,
I went to the track-and-field stadium to cheer on Katsuo….

p49: ===============================================
What?! You’re seriously coming?!
Well, I mean, you asked me to cheer you on.

I never thought you’d actually come….
You really do have all the time in the world.
What, you were joking?!

[inset]: Go! Go! Let’s Go! / Let’s Go! Asao!
I’m busy, too, so I can’t be with you much.


[inset]: Go get ‘em, Asao!
[inset]: Good luck, Asao!

p50: ===============================================
That’s Honda Asuna, from the same class as me…..

Isn’t that subtle?
That’s seriously hilarious.
Wah! She’s coming this way!

[SFX]: Thump / Thump

[sfx]: Ahaha!
She didn’t even notice me!!
[sfx]: Stunned

p51: ===============================================
She just walked past me completely nonchalantly.
And now it’s raining.

p52: ===============================================
To me, a guy who was nothing,

The sight of Honda-san, staring earnestly ahead, was dazzling.

Class 3, hand off the baton to the anchor while staying in first!!
With this much of a lead, we’ve as good as won!!

p53: ===============================================
Class 4’s in fourth. Not even Honda-san could make up this m….

Asuna, please!!

Class 4’s Honda’s amazing!!
She is in the track club.
She’s suddenly dashed forwards and climbed to second place!!

p54: ===============================================
She’s running different from the others!!
She’s not running like a girl.
Honda looks so cool!!



p55: ===============================================

She did it!!
[sign]:3 -4 / Life is like unto a long journey with a


p56: ===============================================
[inset]: Yay!

[sfx]: Thump!

That day,
I was only an onlooker.

p57: ===============================================
In that light rain, I merely watched, straining my eyes to see.

p58: ===============================================
And now…..

Hey, Fushimi. Why are you flashing a V-sign when our class lost?
[SFX]: Yes, well…

If we lose the overall championship, it’s on your head!!
I—I’m sorry!

p59: ===============================================
So then… Our class wound up losing the overall,
and I was denounced as a war criminal.

Hey, hey, so, umm, when’s the announcement for the Sawamura prize?

It’ll be in the November issue,
but I guess we’ll hear from our editors in October.

Hmmmm… I’m looking forward to it!

p60: ===============================================
<no text>

p61: ===============================================
Well, I’ve got plans to meet up with Julina from Kichijouji,
so let’s hurry up and start making our selections for the Sawamura Prize.

Some cabaret girl, I bet….

p62: ===============================================
Hey! So the little brother’s with you, too.
Norito-kun, was it?

SFX: Tremble / Tremble
Yeah. Hey.
I happened to have some business down here, too, / so I thought I’d say hello, Asakura-san.

p63: ===============================================
Whoa, Kaori.
I heard you had a horrible injury on your face, but you look perfect.

[sfx]: Smile

Uh, well, I’ll be going, then.
Huh? Really?

If you’d like, why don’t you eat with us?
Do you like miso katsu?
Uh, well, I was going to check out some old bookstores
The shops are closing, so…

Then see you around.

p64: ===============================================


[phone]: {
[upper left]Mutou-san
[upper right]: Voice Call
[lower right]: To be continued in the February issue

[sidebar]: The Sawamura Eichi prizewinners are about to be announced! Fushimi has gambled his entire future

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