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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 14

Chapter 14

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 19, 2014 01:57 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 14

*Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations

p1: ========================================
<no text>

p2: ========================================



p3: ========================================
I’m home.

Norito, have you eaten?
I had some kishimen at the Meieki platform.

Hm… Two calls from Mutou-san.

Phone: Mutou-san


p4: ========================================
Maybe… Maybe the Sawamura Prize results are in?
SFX: Thump Thump



Hey, Fushimi-kun.
What took you so long?
Ah, sorry… My phone was off.

p5: ========================================
Do you know why I called?

The S—Sawamura Prize results?

SFX: Sigh.

Right now,
/ I’ve had two glasses of wine and a sangria…

at my favorite bar, all by myself.

SFX: Gulp

p6: ========================================
Congrats, Fushimi-kun!
/ Transfer Student from the Favela was the first runner-up in the Sawamura Prize!

Isn’t first runner up the…
That’s the second highest prize!

p7: ========================================
There wasn’t a grand prize winner this time,
so yours was really ranked the highest!

Thank you!

There were some voices in the editorial department calling for it to win the grand prize,
but Fuchi Masanao-sensei, who was inaugurated as the special judge, said it was worthy of being a runner-up….
SFX: Haha….

Fuchi Masanao-sensei said that?

A leading figure with 25 years in the industry next year, and he’s straight as an arrow. And according to him…

p8: ========================================
“Transfer Student from the Favela” could never win the grand prize.

Said it was too erotic.

T—Too erotic?

So that’s why it was the runner-up, not the grand prize winner?
That’s what I’ve heard.

p9: ========================================


It’s too bad. I guess he found it to be too undignified.
I—I see.

I know this doesn’t make up for it, but it was seriously ranked high in the editorial department.
All twenty-five of us ranked each of the nominees out of 10…

and “Transfer Student from the Favela” got a total score of 209.
The last work to top 200 was Taki-kun’s “Blood and Mud” from two times ago, which won the grand prize.
Though it’s a bit more complicated than that,
1. Transfer Student from the Favela
2. The Crazed Man Bielsa
3. PUIG66
4. Rocket Juice & The Moon
5. Sauna of Fear
6. Sireau is in the house at 7
7. Dear Mr. Bill Gates
8. Harper-kun and Trout-kun

p10: ========================================
you all but won the grand prize!

Are you happy, Fushimi-kun?
O—Of course I am!!

So then, now let’s focus on making a storyboard for a serialized work!
A—A serialized work?!
Of course. There’s no point just winning more prizes!

p11: ========================================
Grand prize, runner-up, honorable mention…
They’re all the same.

So I’m even….
with Taki-kun?

Yep. You’re rivals competing for serialization in Taurus!
You should throw Nishiguchi-kun in there, too.

Now your real battle begins!

p12: ========================================
Mutou-san… I’m sorry.
I sort of lied.

p13: ========================================
I’m not upset with the runner-up prize…
but I’m not that happy, either.

I was a hundred times happier when I Showed last year…
I was really happy that you had found me off in my corner of the world.
Flashback: {
[bottom box]: Showed: 100,000 Yen
The prize money’s 100,000 yen!!

p14: ========================================
But right now…
I’m on fire.

At any rate,
I’m burning with enthusiasm!

p15: ========================================
I swear
I will get serialized in Taurus, my favorite!!

p16: ========================================


Aren’t you something, Mutou.

Three of the newcomers you’re in charge of won prizes.
They got the runner-up award and two Excellent Newcomer awards, was it?

p17: ========================================
For now, I’m a bit relieved.

Although, I believe you wanted Fushimi-kun to win the grand prize.

He’s still in high school, right?
Yes. He’s the same age as Taki-kun, who won the grand prize two times ago.

Oh…. This is like a bumper crop
in the pro baseball draft.

SFX: Stare
[inset]: Hm? What is it?

This is the guy who told Fushimi-kun he should quit when he brought in his work.
I bet he doesn’t even remember.

p18: ========================================

Be honest. Compared to Taki Kaito,
what do you think of Fushimi Kinosuke?

What do you think?

If I’m not mistaken….
/ he’ll be ranked higher than Taki-kun by next year!

p19: ========================================
<no text>

p20: ========================================


I saw the issue of Taurus!

p21: ========================================
Awesome! Congrats on winning the runner-up prize!
[magazine]: {
Sawamura Eichi P
(bubble): Runner Up Award
[right column]: Prize Money: 700,000 Yen
[left column]: “Transfer Student from the Favela” by Fushimi Kinosuke (17, from Aichi)


And hey, why didn’t you tell me?
Ah, well…. err…. Sorry.

p22: ========================================
Hey, hey, what about Holly?
You entered too, right, Holly?
Hmmm… I don’t see his name.

Umm…. Mutou-san, by the way, how did Hori Daiki do?
/ Who’s that?

p23: ========================================
He’s Hori Daiki…. He won the April Monthly Prize with his manga “I Feel Like Lancaster.”
April…. Well, April was a pretty weak month.

I don’t think I remember that name making it to the final round.

He a friend of yours?

Ah, no, it’s nothing important.

p24: ========================================
Hey, hey, will your manga be printed in Taurus?

Ah…. The grand prize is printed immediately,
but unfortunately, the runner-up isn’t…

I guess I should be thankful I won the runner-up prize, in a manner of speaking.
[inset]: Hm?

Ah! It says here that the runner up and Excellent Newcomer works will be released on the Web.


p25: ========================================
Ah, you’re right. I didn’t even notice!
I’ll read it when I get home!
[magazine]: Published on the home page!! www.taur

[manga]: {
Hey, Saori, can you help me find it?


<left-hand page doesn’t have enough on-panel to work with>
[inset]: Shoot… I’m completely screwed if she reads that…

p26: ========================================
According to what information I’ve gathered…..

Tsuji from the baseball team ‘fessed behind the gym,
and Kobayashi from the basketball team waited for her to be leavin’ school and ‘fessed to her then….

p27: ========================================
The soccer team’s Suzuki even done looked up her email address and ‘fessed that way….
And every one of ‘em got shot down.

So what?
it means Ishidou ain’t never gonna go out with someone who ‘fesses to her in private.

[flashback]: {
A guy like you, who can’t ‘fess his feelings opening?
Even if I did go out with you, I’m sure I’d return you within 30 days.

What do ya mean, “openly”?!
You sayin’ I can’t ‘fess in front of everyone?!
FINE! I’ll do it, OK?!

[flashback]: You don’t have nearly enough courage for that.

p28: ========================================
I—In other words?

I’m gonna go ‘fess to Ishidou right in front of everyone.

There ain’t yet been one guy manly enough to do that,
and Ishidou won’t settle for any regular-old feller.

Nao-chan…. Your head on straight?
I’ve done had enough.
/ Imaginin’ it ev’ry night ain’t cuttin’ it anymore.

And I hear Ishidou’s plannin’ to go to college in Tokyo.
I don’t intend to leave the island… and it ain’t long now till graduation.

p29: ========================================
<no text>

p30: ========================================
SFX: Sniff Sniff
She smells so good….

Her skin’s so white, it’s transparent.
Those long eyelashes and big, round eyes.
And a small face like a Kodama watermelon…..

SFX: Slurp
There ain’t another woman like her on this island.

Though when she came to this island, back in 7th grade,
she did have glasses and a helmet-like bobbed cut.

p31: ========================================

She said her words all funny, some people held a grudge against her, and she started to get bullied…..

There were a lot of slanderous emails,
sayin’ she was a prostitute n’ stuff.

And weren’t you one o’ the first to say we should bully her, Nao-chan?
Hmph. That’s all in the past now.

p32: ========================================
Akane-chan, I’m getting’ worried about how Nishigaitsu-sensei’s getting’ herself pumped.

[phone]: Nishigaitsu Hanako
This month means it’s finally time for the once-in-seven-years festival! I’m currently adjusting my schedule so I can attend~~~!!


It ain’t like we dance the samba all through the night….
Or throw tomatoes at each other….
Or roll cheese down a mountain.

p33: ========================================
It’s really just a plain backwoods festival.
What’s it called, again?

Kou-no-Mori Festival
<TL/N: Festival of the Holy Forest>
Even the name’s as plain as can be.

I’ve heard it used to be livelier long ago, with tons o’ stalls n’ stuff,
/ but between the island’s aging population and everyone leavin’, well…

I didn’t know about the past ones.
Well, those were before ya came here.

SFX: Ring Ring


p34: ========================================
[phone]: {
Nishigaitsu Hanako
Oh yeah, I heard Fushimi-kun got the runner-up Sawamura Prize ^_^ ^_^!!

p35: ========================================
SFX: Ring Ring

[phone]: Fushimi-kun, congrats on winning the runner-up Sawamura Prize(^o^)!!

p36: ========================================
[phone]: I can read it on the homepage, right? I can’t wait! \(^o^)/

Shoot. If Ishidou-san reads that….

Ishidou-san’s really fastidious about a lot of stuff.
What will she think?

p37: ========================================
SFX: Ring Ring

[phone]: Are you coming to the festival, Fushimi-kun? Nishigaitsu-sensei, Nishiguchi-san, and Taki-kun are all coming.

Oh, that’s right…
But that’s right before the award ceremony….

I wanted to show Mutou-san my storyboard when I was in Tokyo,
so I don’t have that much free time until then…

p38: ========================================
Hey, hey, I cut my bangs. Did you notice?
I don’t really care...


I read your manga on the ‘Net.

p39: ========================================
You sure drew an amazing manga.
Wasn’t that Honda who appeared in it?

Ah, no…
The specific model was…..

Kh kh kh. Do you really look at women like that?
You’re a little dangerous, aren’t you.

p40: ========================================
Wow, really?
Quit it~!

[inset]: Ah.

SFX: Snicker


SFX: Whispering


p41: ========================================
[chalkboard]: {
Congrats on the runner-up prize,
Erotic Manga Artist
Fushimi Norito

SFX: Gyahahaha

I bet Hori did this….
[chalkboard, half-erased]: {
ga Artist

SFX: Ding Dong Dang Dong

I’m here where I am right now because I changed gears.

p42: ========================================
If I hadn’t, I might’ve given up on being a manga artist long ago…

At any rate, it’s just a little longer until graduation.

p43: ========================================
<no text>

p44: ========================================
It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
I mean, it was a real masterpiece.

SFX: Smile

p45: ========================================
SFX: Step

Too bad, huh.
/ If you had won the grand prize, you’d be treating me to dinner right about now.


SFX: Ahaha

Honda-san, if you want….


Well, err….
SFX: Thump Thump

p46: ========================================

OK. I’ll call you later, then.

p47: ========================================
Oh, you might still make the :38 if you ride a bike.
Huh? Really?!

Then let’s hurry!


That’s not my bike!!
It’s similar, though.
It’s not?!!
SFX: Screeeech

p48: ========================================
SFX: Step

SFX: Step

SFX: Shake x2

SFX: Jingle x2

there’s something I want to ask you.

p49: ========================================
What are some good places to go in Sakae?

You would only want to go to the used bookstores and movie theaters.

Ah, err, that’s not it….
/ I mean someplace to go with a girl.

Basically, umm….

SFX: Crash!

p50: ========================================
Owww. I’m bleeding….
You dug your own grave by trying to act cool.
Why not do something clichéd like go up the TV Tower?

I’m more nervous than excited.
SFX: Thump Thump

p51: ========================================
<no text>

p52: ========================================
Shall we?
SFX: Smile

I’m with Honda-san….

My brother has a lot of gross manga,
/ so I’ve built up an immunity. Your manga didn’t shock me at all.

Oh, I see.
I guess I owe your brother thanks.

p53: ========================================
Ah! Can we stop in here?
Oh, sure.

I’ve never been in such a fancy shop before…
SFX: Turn x2

Thanks for waiting!

Sorry we’re only going to places I want to go.
Ah, no, it’s fine.
It’s easier, that way.

p54: ========================================
You know, my favorite scene in “Transfer Student from the Favela”
was the dance battle at the end.

Just as he’s getting nervous about his turn to dance, his sister, who we believed stopped coming to school, shows up, right?
[manga]: {
I can’t win…

Thank you.


You gave me courage, brother.
I’ll face the last one.

p55: ========================================
His sister put her all into the dance,
and she managed to get the whole crowd on her side and defeat the student council president.
[manga]: {
President, you lost.

The heart of the crowd was with the Favela before the match even began.

Fine, then!

[manga]: {
Congrats, Saori!!
Wait—the president has really big boobs!!

SFX: Glomp

Umm, who might you be?

What are you saying?
Didn’t we train together?!


Oh, that’s my twin brother, Tsuyoshi.

p56: ========================================
The two look at each other, and Erika, the helper, figures out what happened without a word spoken.

And then the two walk off together, holding hands.
Though the end did seem a little forced.

I--It’s kind of embarrassing, hearing it now.
Hey, hey, wasn’t the hand-holding at the end
a little bit awkward?

p57: ========================================
I—I think….

that was because I used a bad model for the shot.
Why are we guys holding hands…?
Look, just shut up.

My brother said,
“Fushimi’s lack of experience is on full display, isn’t it?”
SFX: Chuckle

p58: ========================================
Here you go.

Congrats on being the Sawamura Prize runner-up.
This is my present to yoyu.

Wait—was all that shopping so you could get something for me?!

p59: ========================================
Th—Thank you.
Oh, it looks great!

…..Wwe’ve got a little bit longer till curfew.
What do you want to do?

Maybe we could still go up to the top of the TV Tower?

The TV Tower?
Ah… D—Don’t you think clichéd things are good sometimes?

p60: ========================================
Yeah, let’s go.

Maybe next time you’ll be able to draw an even better scene.

p61: ========================================
<no text>

p62: ========================================
<no text>

p63: ========================================

[phone]: Mutou-san

Ah, hello, Fushimi-kun.
I know this is sudden, but could you come to Tokyo next month?

p64: ========================================
It’s an original one-shot of Mizuno Tooru’s!
You’ll do it, right?

[bottom-right]: He can meet his favorite manga artist!
And wait, isn’t this…
his first job offer?!
To be continued in the March issue

I’ll be waiting.
/ After all, you’ll get to meet Mizuno-san.

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