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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Black Lagoon 87

The Wired Red Wild Card pt. 11

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 29, 2014 19:02 | Go to Black Lagoon

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Black Lagoon 87

*For use by Taka2252

p1: =======================================
/ you mentioned a fourth br—
Sister! Hey, Sister!
I can’t hold back no more. Let me fucking do you!

Ahhh! What’s with you?! Somebody—!
Hey, punk. No touchin’ the dancers!
Hey, somebody hurry and throw this kid out!

What in the world?
Some idiot jumped up on stage.
/ Look there. He’s the jock grappling with Julian D.
I can’t stand country hicks who don’t know how to play.
/ Probably hasn’t even had his cherry popped.
[sidebar]: The long-awaited volume 10 on sale this spring!!

p2: =======================================
Joanna, what is it?
Sounds like things are getting damn noisy outside.

/ One of the idiots we get 2-3 times a month is raising hell.
Does Julian have enough hands with him?
/ If not, I’d be willing to pitch in.

It’s fine, Levy. It’s not that serious.
Now, if their pleasant little chat with Julian and the rest goes a little long… I’ll ask you then.

I’m sorry our shop is so noisy.
/ It’s always like this. My apologies, but I hope you grow accustomed to it, Miss… err…
“Feng” is fine.
/ And don’t worry about it. I don’t mind the noise.

p3: =======================================
/ I can’t believe you’re acting social.
I figured everyone from the Planet of the Geeks lived and breathed awkwardness.

My profession—or rather, my former profession—required more skills than just using a computer.
If all you can do is look glum while hiding your face behind a newspaper, well—
// You’d never be fit for intelligence work.

Are you saying a spy’s gotta be amiable?
Of course.
And if things are falling into place, shouldn’t one do so?
/ I’m not unskilled at such things, though I can’t speak for that Indian woman.

The girl could get a gold medal in obliviousness.
/ Heck, a gun could be pointed at her head,
and she’d make a fucking joke about whatever the gunman was most worried about, then start laughing her ass off.

That she ain’t dead yet should be one of the seven wonders of the world.
I don’t think anyone would disagree with you on that.
/ So then—

p4: =======================================
Let’s get back to business.
There is much we require if we’re going to save you from this situation,
/ but I’m still foggy on where to start.

I’ve talked to Revy about this, and there doesn’t seem much point in interrogating Jane.
/ Once the trap was finished, the situation got out of her control.
Even if we repel your pursuers, more will come.
In other words,
/ unless we either get them to abandon your trail or make it meaningless to them, you won’t be safe.

I’m completely cornered.
Unfortunately, right now, you are.
/ So since the Jane path is a dead end, we’ll have to go down some other route.

I feel like the answer’s on the tip of my tongue…
/ but I can’t quite get it.
However, there must be a clue.

Hold it, Rock.
You’re putting yourself in a corner. “It’s hard to tell a poor thinker from a sleeping one.”

p5: =======================================
/ What do you…

It’s not that complicated.
When you can’t figure out what you should do, then you can always try being dumb.
This “Bitok” woman, an accomplice in a white-collar crime, told me that like she was sayin’ a prayer at mass.

For instance… Well,
/ We could forget all we know, come at things again and try to uncover something—
or we could simply pursue everything that’s happened during this case… You know, things like that.

/ Reviewing all our information’s not a bad idea.
But, err…
/ …Where should I start?

There’s the trap that Jane set for you, and the circumstances that led you to fall into it head-first.
I bet somewhere between those two things
/ is some fragment that’ll be your salvation.

p6: =======================================
…….OK, I’ve got it.
/ I feel like I’ll get so angry I’ll get a stroke just thinking about it, but let’s give it a try.
That Indian cow ordered me
/ to use a certain company as a “stepping stone” to infiltrate a German avionics company and steal their data.

/ As you already know, all that was fake.
That “certain company”
/ was a shell corporation belonging to my true employers.

They sent me in through a backdoor they had prepared,
/ then looked down on me while I rummaged through the place like an idiot, and—
---This is just a theory,

but I think their real objective was our shell corporation…
and they robbed them, Arnenheim Distribution, of everything valuable.

p7: =======================================
You weren’t aware that that shell corporation
had anything to do with you?

Are you serious?
If it were the kind of open place where,
/ right after lunch,you’d go up to someone completely uninvolved and tell her everything—

then it would be better for the country
/ if we got out of the spy business and started making PC games, or something.
I suppose so.
/ It’d be a waste of tax dollars.

---What happened next is kinda like if I snuck into a company
/ while they filmed the whole thing,
made a business card saying that I was a thief and who I was working for,
labeled the video “Most Hilarious Video Ever,” and sent it all to the company itself.

The Germans had already suspected the Liberation Army. Now they had them by the tail and were ecstatic,
while my superiors got pissed,
and, well, you know the rest.

p8: =======================================
How did Jane learn
about the true affairs of Arnenheim Distribution?

What I suspect
is that it was a request from Rheinbach.
/ He probably thought it was suspicious and had been keeping an eye on it.

[SFX bubble]: Puff!

How long has the Liberation Army been…
/ using Arnenheim in their work?
I don’t know that much.
Moreover, I don’t even know what section was using it, or to what end.

……Would you be able
/ to dive back in there?

p9: =======================================
Of course.
/ Give me a rig,
and I’d love to start right now.

There are machines all over the place.
/ Benny’s equipment is on the boat, right?

There’s the place where Jane first trapped Feng:
/ the Nankhwai Net Café.

There are those kind of places around town, aren’t there?
/ Then that settles it.
*Whistle*! (double eighth note)
You called?
Hey, it’s Revy! Long time no see.
Come join in the show sometime.

Yeah, one of these days.
/ By the way, I’ve got a request.
/ A rare request? From Revy? Sounds fun.

p10: =======================================
Take that ugly-ass bitch in the glasses
/ and make her look like she belongs in this town.
Wahhhhhh! Wait, wait, wait!
SFX, top: Eeeeeek! <3
SFX, bottom: Glomp!

Now that’s a rare sight.
/ You don’t see many girls in this town in a Net café.

Hey, you.
/ Where’re you come from?

p11: =======================================
From the entrance.

/ Did you sprout out of the ground?

Hey, you.
Want me to teach you how to
/ touch typ—

/ tap
tap! ☆

Now that’s an odd face.
/ Where are you from, girl?

p12: =======================================
Ain’t you a cute one, and hot too.
Where do you usually turn tricks?

Shame your chest is a little lacking…
but I’m sure you’d give me a discount for that.

My apologies,
/ but she’s not on-duty today.
She’s here for personal business.

…..If it ain’t the Lagoon Company.
/ You getting into the pimping business now?
Pretty rough business, that.

p13: =======================================
If you want a woman, there’s plenty turning tricks on the street there, or else go to the Yellow Flag’s brothel.
/ Also—
It’s the seller who puts the price on a rack, and don’t you forget it.

/ Fine, fine, I get the picture.

I’ll find my fun elsewhere, just holster your piece!

/ Look away for one second, and this happens.
For fuck’s sake…

What the hell are you looking at? This ain’t a peep show.
Get your asses back in your seats and go watch some grandpa fuck a horse!
SFX: Wahhhhh!

p14: =======================================
Any results?

Arnenheim Distributions itself wasn’t deleted, thankfully.
There are some observers, too… But I won’t make the same mistakes again.
/ A few tricks have brought me safely inside, for now.

Find all of the logs remaining on the server.
/ There should be some clue hidden there.

While you were out at that street vender, I found something along those lines.
/ It’s emails processed by jiā mì ruǎn jiàn 975, which we often used.

It’s not a trap?
The traps are done with. And it’s only natural the data’s still here.
/ That cow only wanted to gather proof that the avionics company was being hacked. She had no obligation to erase the data.

p15: =======================================
They were deleted, of course, but I can restore the data.
How careless of her, to not fully erase most of them.

We need the files decrypted.
/ Can you do it?

As long as you’re sure of what they used to encrypt the files, decryption’s simple enough.
I’m downloading the files now—
/ done.

Can we take them with?
/ Print them, or something?
Print them? It would take a full day.

You fucking serious?
/ This is why I hate computers.
No worries. It’ll be faster to burn it to CD.
/ There’s not that much raw data.

p16: =======================================
[sidebar]: In order to work on the new volume, we’ll be taking a short break.

This is our only clue right now—
but it’s a good one.

All we need to check the data is a single laptop.

No, there’s not need to hook up to the web.

On our way back, let’s stop in at the Mapurao market.
/ We should be able to find one on sale there.

(right side of the panel bubbles): La x4
(left side of the panel): Beep

Connect me to Yang-Shàngwèi .
I’ve found someone who seems to be the target—Yes, I’m certain.

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