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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 15

Chapter 15

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 13, 2014 23:46 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 15

* Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations

p1: ===========================================
<no text>

p2: ===========================================
Isn’t that great?
Didn’t Mizuno Tooru write that one manga you lent me?

Y—Yeah. He’s the manga artist I respect most in all the world.

p3: ===========================================
Wow, and you’re going to draw a manga he wrote the story for.
You’ve got to be pumped, right?

Yeah… Gunners, which is currently being serialized in Taurus, is getting an anime.
The plan’s for that and the manga to work together to get people excited.

So it looks like I’m going to be drawing a one-shot Gunners spinoff.

Fushimi-kun, that’s awesome! You’re going to debut!

p4: ===========================================
Fushimi-kun, thanks for today. It was really fun.
Ah, no, thank you.

See ya!

p5: ===========================================
The next train will be departing from platform #2.
Today was so much fun…

p6: ===========================================
Maybe Honda-san’s Lady Luck herself.

p7: ===========================================
It looks like Nishigaitsu-sensei’s gone and cleaned up her schedule.
Huh? Really?

Wow…. She’s as pumped-up as ever!
[phone]: {
Nishigaitsu Hanako / I’ve finished rearranging my schedule!!!
Nishigaitsu Hanako / The festival’s only once every seven years. I am so looking forward to it -/^ -/^ !!
Nishigaitsu Hanako / It’s the Kou-no-Mori Festival, right?
Nishigaitsu Hanako / I’ve already talked with Nishi-chan and Taki-kun about the trip--! <eighth note>

Y’think we’ve got an inn that’d suit a celebrity like Nishigaitsu-sensei?
Hmmm. There ain’t that many inns, huh.

p8: ===========================================
Might be pretty hard to go makin’ a reservation now.
I mean, our Kou-no-Mori Festival is pretty well-known ‘mongst enthusiasts.
[sfx]: Hmmmmm….

Oh, by the way, what about Fushimi-kun?
Ain’t he comin’ with ‘em?


He’s read my message, but he ain’t yet responded….
[phone]: {
<partially covered> I can read it on the homepage, right? I can’t wait! \(^o^)/
Are you coming to the festival, Fushimi-kun? Nishigaitsu-sensei, Nishiguchi-san, and Taki-kun are all coming.


p9: ===========================================
Got a minute?

You don’t like folks tellin’ you stuff in secret, right?
So there’s somethin’ I wanna tell you in front o’ everyone.

p10: ===========================================
Come here! Come here! Inui’s—
Huh? What, what?

p11: ===========================================
I’m pretty busy.
If you’ve got somethin’ to say, say it already.

G—Guess you don’t much like annoyances. So I’ll cut to the chase.

p12: ===========================================
Ishidou, I’m totally in love with you.
Please go out with me!

p13: ===========================================
Do I need to respond?

p14: ===========================================
You’re disgusting.

You make me sick.
Just go kill yourself.

p15: ===========================================
Guess that’s all I wanted to say.

[SFX]: Pft

[SFX]: Giggle

Inui was so lame.
He got shot down.

[sfx]: Gah hah hah

p16: ===========================================
[sfx]: Ding dong dang dong

Wasn’t that stuff you said to Inui
the things he done said to you back in middle school?

He might’ve forgotten sayin’ the words,
but I ain’t like to ever forget hearin’ ‘em.

p17: ===========================================
You’re disgustin’!!
You just bein’ here makes me sick. You oughta go kill yourself!!

He slipped cockroaches in my side dishes,
put a “How to Commit Suicide” book on my desk…
The guy was darn relentless, huh.

p18: ===========================================
Rin-chan… I’m impressed you kept comin’ to school.
Hmmmmmm. Why was that…..

I couldn’t stand the thought of losin’ to him.

p19: ===========================================
She made a fool out of me!!
I coulda told you this was gonna happen….
But still, she was pretty merciless back there.

I’ll… I’ll make that bitch fucking pay for that!!

p20: ===========================================
[sign]: Open Seating

T—Today’s finally the day!!

p21: ===========================================
[book]: The Shunpei Chronicles
[vertical text on book]: Mizuno T

This has been my bible since I was in elementary school. I have to have him sign it!!

Although, since Mutou-san told me to start drawing erotic manga,
my direction’s deviated a little.

Well, whatever.

p22: ===========================================
[sign]: Kou / dan / sha

Fushimi-kun, long time no see~~! Sorry this was so sudden!

No, it’s fine.
I—It’s an honor.
Huh? You don’t look too well.

p23: ===========================================
Yeah, I know. I was so nervous I could barely sleep.

I wasn’t able to get much sleep, either.

You see, I was playing mahjong till 8 in the morning.
I twice played into someone else’s sanbaiman, so I couldn’t just quit….

Clean up your desk sometime.
Your stuff’s creeping over onto your neighbors’.

p24: ===========================================
Ah, Mori-san.
This is Fushimi-kun, who won the runner-up Sawamura Prize!

[sfx]: Hm?

Maybe you should quit.

Nice to meet you. I’m Mori, an assistant editor!

p25: ===========================================
Mori-sa~~~n! You and Fushimi-kun have already met~~.
We have?

Th—This makes three times.
SFX: Thump Thump
I met you last year, when I won an honorable mention in the Sawamura Prize,
/ and before that when I brought in my work during summer vacation…..

Fushimi-kun came here to show you his manuscript, Mori-san,
and it seems you told him he should quit.

p26: ===========================================
I see….
SFX: Chuckle

What do you mean, “I see”?!!

But Mori-san did rank “Transfer Student from the Favela” highly!
I did.


p27: ===========================================
I didn’t give it a perfect score,
but I gave it the highest score out of all the candidate works.

So, what brings you here today?
A meeting?
Yes, regarding the Gunners spinoff we talked about.

Then, will Mizuno-san be there, too?
He should be….
/ but he hasn’t contacted me yet….

Fushimi-kun, could you wait over there for a bit?

[sfx]: Sigh
I always get so nervous whenever I’m here.

p28: ===========================================
SFX: rumble rumble

Fushimi-kun! I know this is late, but congrats on winning runner-up!!

Thank you very much!!

I read “Transfer Student from the Favela” online.
Kitou Sayuri, the student council president, is nice~.
Haha. Thank you.

Man~~~~~. I’m glad the manga I sent you came in handy!

p29: ===========================================
Well, it was useful as an example of what not to do…..

By the way, are you going to Rin-chan’s island?
If you’re going to book a room, it’s now or never.

Umm, Nishiguchi-san, I’m at Koudansha right now, and….

The truth is, I’m going to be drawing a spinoff manga for Gunners in celebration of it getting an anime.
We’re going to have a meeting on it.


p30: ===========================================
It would probably be best for my career if I don’t go to Ishidou-san’s island…
/ I’m sorry.
[background]: {
[vertical]: Gunners
[horizontal]: We’ll be friends forever. / The setting moves to Europe!!!

Fushimi-kun, let’s get going.

Are we going to Mizuno-san’s workplace?
No; we’re going to Ebisu.

p31: ===========================================

Right now, we’re off to gather material.

You know the name
/ Oniyashiki Isaku is, right?

Of course I do!
He used to be in charge of a biker gang, and he’s gone on to represent Japan as a defender on a Serie A team.
/ I really like his character; I’d probably rank him in my top three from all of Gunners!

p32: ===========================================
He’ll bite down on people like a hound dog, commit headbutts, and otherwise play maliciously,
[middle bubble]: Your mother’s a call girl!
[upper left]: and sometimes he’ll act like a true Italian on the pitch and start insulting his opponents’ parents and family.
[bottom right]: Your old man got laid off, but he didn’t tell anyone. He just spends all day sitting around in the park!

But right now, he’s in the hospital with a foot injury.

He hurt himself saving a girl who had jumped out into a busy street, didn’t he~.
On the inside, he’s a good guy…
The spinoff manga you’ll be drawing revolves around Oniyashiki Isaku…

p33: ===========================================
and his revival in the world of soccer!


You met Kojima before?
Ah, yes; weren’t you the host at the awards ceremony?
Huh? Where’s Mizuno-san?

Well, I keep calling him, but he won’t pick up.
For now, while we wait for him to show, let’s start gathering material.

p34: ===========================================
B—By the way, what sort of material are we gathering?

Material on how to restore lost memories!


A classmate of Kojima’s who works for the Shuukan Gendai told us about this guy.
He was the victim of a hit-and-run, and he knew he had seen the number on the culprit’s license plate, but he couldn’t recall it for the life of him….

p35: ===========================================
The police then called in a specialist
who used hypnosis to restore the victim’s memories.


In the end, the vehicle had been turned into scrap, and the case was never solved,
but when Mizuno-san heard the tale, he latched onto it.

Wellll, I think it’s a little suspicious myself.
To be blunt, so do I.

p36: ===========================================
Hmmmm…. So they’ll use hypnosis on the girl Oniyashiki saved to get her to remember the number of the car that drove off, then arrest the driver.

As Oniyashiki starts his comeback, he swears to the girl he saved that he’ll win the Milan Derby.

He used even coarser language than usual to provoke the opposing forwards, and his team wins in a shutout.
That basically sums up the story.
[inset, above the players]: I fucked your wife!
[inset, lower right]: Your mother’s a whore!

p37: ===========================================
[sign]: Iwakuma Mental Management

It was simply chance that I helped with that investigation.
I specialize not in hypnosis, but in psychotherapy.

What do you do as a psychotherapist?
Well, people with various problems and symptoms come to me.

p38: ===========================================
For instance, those suffering from depression, anthropophobia, obsessive neurosis, eating disorders, drug dependencies….

I use hypnosis when, say…

I don’t know what the cause of their illness is,
/ or when the patient needs to face the original cause of their problems.
I have the patient regress to the past and relive the moment from which the issue sprouted!

You see, all memories are engraved within the mind.

p39: ===========================================
They then face their feelings,
their suppressed emotions.

Their emotions…?

The symptoms are born of some suppressed emotion.
/ I try to find a way to repurpose that energy…..

But if the emotion is one of crying and shouting, of anger, of sadness,
the patient is cleansed of that energy when he becomes aware of his own emotion and is able to express it.

This doctor really eats a ton.
SFX: Rumble Rumble

p40: ===========================================
Ah! It’s Mizuno-san!!


Excuse me for a moment.
Hello? This is Mutou.

Do you treat all of your clients with hypnosis?
No, no.
Each person has their own struggles, their own condition.

Some I can treat without the use of hypnosis.
Instead, I use, for example, counseling and gestalt treatment.

p41: ===========================================
I have seen tens of thousands of patients, all sorts of people.
Countless have asked me to analyze, say, a recurring dream of theirs.

Their dreams…?

After all, dreams are a message from our subconscious.

p42: ===========================================
I’m so sorry.

After hearing from you, Doctor,
we were planning on having one of us undergo treatment for research purposes….

Oh, you must mean the manga artist who was so interested in hypnosis.

You see, he’s not feeling too good,
and he said he couldn’t make it.

p43: ===========================================
I came all the way to Tokyo, and I don’t even get to meet with Mizuno Tooru?

Hmmmm. I don’t allow cancelations, as a rule.
[inset]: Hahaha….

Mutou-san, this is bad.
/ This guy’s fee was damn expensive.

Rather than just throw all that money away, why don’t you undergo treatment instead?
Someone has to experience the hypnosis for the sake of the manga.

p44: ===========================================
I can’t, I can’t.
I’ve never gotten hit by a car, and I’m not suffering anything.
Neither am I!

Oh, Fushimi-kun!!

H—Hey, you’re…
addicted to sex, right?!


You’ll take any girl you can get your hands on,
and you’ll never sleep with the same girl twice.
Or rather, you can’t.
I’m not so sure…

p45: ===========================================
You’re going to be drawing it, right?
So you’re going to experience hypnosis!!

Ah, OK….
I—I guess hotel bills these days are nothing to laugh at.


Even if you just want to experience, say,
how much of your forgotten memories you can recall, that’s fine.

If only the man himself had an ounce of motivation!

p46: ===========================================
It’s such a waste, and after all the work we went through setting it up.

Yeah. That sickness of his is just an excuse.

He can’t really finish off his ideas.
I had planned today’s research in the hopes it would give him a kick in the pants, but….

p47: ===========================================
Maybe Mizuno-san decided this wouldn’t amount to anything interesting.

But he can’t… This is a spinoff celebrating the new anime.
/ To be blunt, as long as we can publish something decent….
Kojima, you just don’t get it.

He won’t forgive himself if he doesn’t think his work’s absolutely amazing.
That’s the sort of man Mizuno Tooru is!

I selected Fushimi-kun for this job because I wanted him to experience that attitude, but, well….

p48: ===========================================

To be honest, I’ve never told anyone this,
but I’ve been having a strange dream.

p49: ===========================================
What sort of dream?

This weird guy always shows up.
I’m not sure if he’s a man or a beast.

You’re not alone in having such experiences.
Others, too, have dreams of talking animals that don’t exist in reality.


What I saw looked like…..

p50: ===========================================

Is this a crow?
Yes; specifically, a crow costume.
….What is it called?

…..Call me whatever you will.
A name is nothing more than a symbol.

p51: ===========================================
That’s what he told me,
so I named him “Yassan.”

Yassan, huh…..

He’s really brazen, and strangely full of himself.

He must be what Jungian psychology calls an archetype.

The collective unconscious is personified by the Wise Old Man…
It is the part of you meant to be your guide.

p52: ===========================================
Perhaps that archetype appears before you using this form.

Unconsciously…? Then, I created that myself?

Maybe you don’t yet want to reveal what it truly is!

p53: ===========================================
The part of your subconscious that is questioning you
doesn’t want to expose itself just yet.
I suspect that’s why it’s wearing the costume.

The three-legged crow….
A mythological creature.

So then, let’s prepare you for hypnosis….

p54: ===========================================
But how do you think the hypnosis is going?

Right now, Fushimi’s up-to-bat, isn’t he?
SFX: Chuckles


I’ve been looking at some stuff online….
Apparently, there are some people who can easily enter the trance state, and some who can’t….

I’m 100% sure I’m in the “can’t” pile.
And it says here people who say that enter a trance very easily.


Then Fushimi, who seems like he’d enter a trance really easily…

p55: ===========================================
OK, right now,
you are going to meet your past self in the depths of your heart.

p56: ===========================================
For the sake of getting research,
For Mutou-san and Kojima-san’s sakes,
and even for Dr. Iwakuma’s sake,

[inset]: This has to work!!
[bubble]: First, imagine a staircase. You’ll use that to meet yourself.
[inset #2]: But thinking that makes me even more nervous….

p57: ===========================================
With every step you take down that staircase,

you grow one year younger.

p58: ===========================================

About how big is the staircase?
Is there a handrail?

What is it built out of?


p59: ===========================================
<no text>

p60: ===========================================
No matter how far….

down these stairs I go,

I never reach the bottom.

Just how far do they go…?

p61-64: ===========================================
<no text>

p65: ===========================================
Fushimi-kuuuuun, how was it?


p66: ===========================================
So it didn’t work after all…
/ I guess today’s research trip was a waste.

SFX: Rumble Rumble

SFX: Rumble
[cell]: Fushimi Norito

p67: ===========================================
Hey, Fushimi-kun, what’s up?

Nishiguchi-san, do I still have time to book a room?

I think that I’ll…
I’ll go to Ishidou-san’s island after all.

p68: ===========================================

You changed your mind?
Yes, well…

Were those lost memories…?
Or just a delusion…?
[bottom]: Who is the mysterious girl in the depths of Fushimi’s memory?!
/ --Rapid developments and a cover illustration in the next issue!!!
[bottom, in box]: To be continued in the April issue

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