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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Big Order 14

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 7, 2014 23:02 | Go to Big Order

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Big Order 14

p1: =====================================================
My beloved daddy told me
to use my fists to protect the ones I love.

But Mommy and Daddy are dead. I can’t protect them anymore.
So instead, I’ll get revenge.

Hoshimiya Eiji, the evil, evil man who killed Mommy and Daddy—

I’ll kill him!


p2: =====================================================
/ You’re back with the living.
Where are we…
In the Shirojishi’s main hall.
/ We’re about to chase after Sakai-san!


Are you still angry over that? It was an accident.
We just bumped into each other; it wasn’t a real kiss.

/ You.

p3: =====================================================
You freaking idiot! Get going already!
/ I’ll go on ahead. Come once you can!

Did I let my guard down a little because I got to know Eiji?

He’s my enemy,
and yet….

p4-5: =====================================================
Sakai betrayed us…?!
And you’re also tellin’ me Kuwabatake is the Hoshimiya Eiji?
It’s the truth.
/ He’s telling everyone who I am…?
Subject 14: Attack of a Natural Enemy / Joker
Place: Hiroshima

We got a tip saying Sakai might be part of a gang targeting the Kami-Musubi,
/ I came here to keep watch.

I can’t believe it…

I’d probably think the same thing after being betrayed by kin…

B… Boss…

p6: =====================================================
Kanpara…?! What the heck are ya doin’?!


H… Hatori?!
Please be careful. They are the enemy!


From behind, too?!

p7: =====================================================
Hey, what’s going on…?!
It’s Sakai’s ability!

Turns out the tip saying Sakai’s Order lets him control people is true.
You could’ve said something that important a little earlier!

Shit! We’re screwed!

p8: =====================================================
Eiji-kun, times like this are all about how you look at things.
/ If you think you’re screwed, you will be.
My mindset doesn’t matter! We’re going to die!

Freud said that difference between men and beasts
[sign]: Sigmund Freud
is that men possess spirit!

So it’ll all be fine!

p9: =====================================================
Because I’m fortunate enough to have you as my ally!
?! Bwuh?!

Eiji-kun, just up ahead is the best place in the entire lodgings hall for an ambush.
I’ll handle this end, so you should go ahead and have fun.


But he’s right… The only one who can turn this situation around is me…
/ Huh?!

p10: =====================================================
Come to think of it, doesn’t “the power to control people” overlap a bit with mine?
…I have to do this. I have to get Hikari-chan back from Sakai!

W… Wait, Kuwabatake!

… Oh.
/ Even the Boss?
Well, that’s fine.

p11: =====================================================
Are you listening, Iyo?

… I am, Lt. Colonel Kunou.
As I explained earlier,
/ we’ve been unable to contact Eiji-sama since two hours ago.

p12: =====================================================
You all are to hurry and rendezvous with us.
[box]: The route to Hiroshima has already been made their territory from the air.
Colonel, may I confirm something?

If Eiji’s power to control and a similar ability were in conflict,
which one would take priority?

……The newer Wish would take priority.
/ In other words, the older one would be overwritten.

p13: =====================================================
I have a feeling that… he is coming.
And that Eiji-sama…
/ is in danger.

Hahaha. It’s all about attitude!
I’ll clean this up in a flash!

[sign]: Lobby

p14-15: =====================================================

p16: =====================================================


Dammit! They can’t hear my order through their headphones…

p17: =====================================================
Why are they prepared to fight my ability?!
That doesn’t make sense!!


There’s Sakai!

If I beat him, that’ll finish everything!

p18: =====================================================

/ Snap!

p19: =====================================================
Sakai’s dead….


Geheheh! I knew you’d fall for it!
He was bait?!

So the one controlling everyone isn’t Sakai—it’s him…?!

That’s wrong!

p20: =====================================================
Someone with the power to control others wouldn’t have to show their face in front of others, anyways!
He could just have his men attack me.

But then,
who’s the true culprit?!

That kiss has nothing to do with this…
[sfx]: Stagger…

The reason I’m so shaken…
is because I realized I was… letting my guard down with Eiji, that’s all…

p21: =====================================================
No. I
/ am going to KILL Eiji!
I see.

p22-p23: =====================================================
[sfx]: Hah hah

…How stubborn.
I thought things would be over by now,
/ and that I’d just come down here to retrieve Hikari-san.

But, well, as a prize, I’ll tell you everything.

p24: =====================================================
We, the Secret Police, have one mission:
/ to extract information from Tarutama Hikari
and eliminate everyone connected to the Kami-Musubi.

Yes. That our objective is to protect the Kami-Musubi was a lie.
We are the ones after her life.

We did not anticipate you, Hoshimiya Eiji, appearing in this place.
My mission was top-secret.

----So then.

p25: =====================================================
It’s about time you died.

He’s got the same eye as Daisy?!

However, I will not be the one to combat you.
A battle where we overwrite each other’s control would be unproductive.
/ And I rather prefer desk work.

p26: =====================================================
According to Freud,
/ Man is but an animal who has squashed his instincts,


So, a woman who would offer up her entire life for the sake of revenge?
Such an organism
/ is simply absurd.

It can’t be…

p27: =====================================================
And yet, that absurdity is what makes mankind so beautiful!

It’s all about how you look at things, Eiji-kun.
/ Shouldn’t we cheer how sadistically human it is?


p28-29: =====================================================
<no text>

p30: =====================================================

Please don’t misunderstand, Hoshimiya Eiji!
All I did was grant her wish.


p31: =====================================================
Will kill you, Eiji…
/ You’re just being controlled!

She can’t hear me!!


If I don’t bring Rin back to normal, she’ll…!!

p32: =====================================================
You aren’t the kind of easy woman who would wag her tail for a man!!!

p33-34: =====================================================
[no text]

p35: =====================================================

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#1. by cleyton ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2014
translate chapter 15 big order please! and thank you for translating this chapter.

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