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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 16

Chapter 16

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 13, 2014 20:16 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 16

*for ryColaa Scans

p1: =======================================================
[inset, left]: Watch Harold Sakuishi draw a page of Rin on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAzTURD6sBo
[inset, right]: Spend Spring Break reading volume 5, on sale 3/17 (Monday)

p2: =======================================================
Ah, OK, roger that.
Then we’ll head to you.

Mori-san’s drinking nearby, so we’re going to meet up with him!

p3: =======================================================
What’re you doing, Fushimi?
Uh, it’s nothing.

I thought Nagoya was a big city…
but Tokyo really is something else, huh.

Well, of course it is.

Well, personally, I prefer playing around in the country myself.
/ My life work’s to meet a girl from everywhere, you see.
Oh, is it?

p4: =======================================================
Hey, Mutou!

Good evening!

How did research go?
Uhh, not too good. Mizuno-san never showed up, so….

It was hypnosis, right?
Yes. We had this guy here undergo it instead.

p5: =======================================================
[inset]: Hm.

Ncie to meet you. I’m Mori, an editor!

It was a joke.
Not a very funny one.
[inset]: Haha….

p6: =======================================================
This place seems really adult…..

Mori-san, it sounds like Fuchi-san’s going to join us!

Oh, is he?

He means Fuchi Masanao-san!

p7: =======================================================
The Fuchi Masanao-sensei? He was the special judge for the Sawamura Prize,
and the one who judged that “Transfer Student from the Favela” wasn’t worthy of the grand prize!!

With next year marking his 25th in manga, he’s an influential figure who’s as straight as an arrow.
He also writes numerous essays on food and travel.

His current work is Sanada, a historical epic being serialized in Taurus….
It’s constantly asking the question, “What is a Japanese person?”

p8: =======================================================
What’s wrong?
You look pale.
I—I just need to go to the bathroom.

I bet he’s going to lecture me.
[sign]: Please help keep the bathroom clean.
[inset]: Ughhhhh.
[upper left sign]: Water Fist
[lower left sign]: Second Store now open
Or is he just going to ignore me?

But I do own every volume of Sanada…
It was so sad when Kudoyama’s father died…

Still, today was really different from what I expected….

p9: =======================================================
Fushimi-kun, Fuchi-san’s here.

p10: =======================================================
<no text>

p11: =======================================================
Fushimi-kun, go say hello.


This is Fushimi Kinosuke; he’s the one who won the most recent Sawamura Prize’s Runner-Up Award.

N—Nice to meet you.

p12: =======================================================
Would you like to sit next to and speak with him?


You won an award? That’s amazing!
/ So you’re one of the youths on whom the future of Taurus rests.

Kid, what sort’ve manga do you draw?

M—My prize-winning work…
was “Transfer Student from the Favela.” It was set in high school, and….

Hmmm. Was there something like that?

p13: =======================================================
H—He forgot my work?!!

I see. I guess a novice’s manga wouldn’t mean much to a legend….
I’ll have golden water next.
Seriously? That stuff is totally disgusting, Masanao-chan.

That one was pretty good.

p14: =======================================================
It’s Dokuta Dorei, the author of Juice!!


Juice is a monumental delinquent manga.
Its art is overflowing with a realism that’s leagues apart from everything else in its genre.

p15: =======================================================
On the ‘Net, they say he spent his early teen years in LA,
/ where he got involved in gang conflicts in the ghetto.

You’re a good artist,
and your story had a lot of good twists.

D—Dokuta-sensei, you actually read my work online?

[sfx]: Smile!

Wow… He’s giving me a really gentle smile….
but even so, the glint in his eyes is so sharp, it’s terrifying.

p16: =======================================================
You’re underage, so you’ll have pop, right?

Ah, yes!
It’s Taurus’s chief editor!!

Th—The heck? The people at this table are too much!!
Should I really be sitting here with them?!

p17: =======================================================
I feel so small…

p18: =======================================================
Kid, it’s high time you got out of here!

Ah, yes.

“Kid, it’s high time you got out of here”? Really?
That was Suzuki-san’s editor, Fuchi-san, right?
He’s the kinda guy who can say something like that with a straight face.

p19: =======================================================
Well, you’re still a nobody!

Yes, I am…..

You might’ve already figured this out to some extent, but the Gunners spinoff…
is probably going to flop.
I knew it.

So go back to your normal fare, erotic manga,
and this time, aim for the Young Blue Cup!

p20: =======================================================
The Young Blue Cup?!!

You know what that is, right?
Yes… The winner gets their work serialized in the Taurus magazine itself, right?

The work that proves the most popular on a survey gets put on the path to serialization!

p21: =======================================================
Make a couple chapters, each around 20 pages long.
I’d bet that right now, Taki-kun’s working towards the same goal.

Anyways, I want something sexy!
I—I’ll do my best.

p22: =======================================================
[sign]: Hotel Bilbao


[big, inset]: Sigh…
[inset]: I’m pooped…
[inset]: What a day.

I didn’t wind up meeting Mizuno Tooru,
[book, horizontal]: Shunpei Chronicles
[book, vertical]: Mizuno Tooru
but maybe that was for the best.

p23: =======================================================
The image of someone I admired since elementary school
could be shattered in an instant…

p24: =======================================================
<no text>

p25: =======================================================
Was the doctor right? Was that simply something my subconscious created?


[cell]: Nishiguchi / Inn reservations complete!!

p26: =======================================================


I’m going to your island, too, Ishidou-san!!
Actually, I don’t really have much background on the festival; is that OK?

p27: =======================================================
Rin-chan, d’ya know who King Leonidas o’ Sparta is?
Huh? Who’s that?

I was readin’ Fushimi-kun’s manga up on Taurus’s home page, and…
Lemme see! Lemme see!

Manga (c/p from chapter 12) {
Favela, I’ve figured out your secret.
You… are not Kirigaya Saori.

You’re her twin brother, Tsuyoshi!

Whoever loses this battle will be stripped naked before the crowd.
I will destroy both your sister and you before the school… no, before society.

What’s she saying…?

Up first is the Leader of the Million Dollar Four, our own Kitou Sayuri!!

I invited a coach from America for this day,
and I’ve thoroughly trained my dance moves!!

p28: =======================================================
Is this the sorta stuff Fushimi-kun’s been drawin’?
It’s kinda surprisin’.

[manga]: (same as last page, part of it covered by her hand) {
You… are not Kirigaya Saori.

You’re her twin brother, Tsuyoshi!

I will destroy both your sister and you before the school… no, before society.

What’s she saying…?

Up first is the Leader of the Million Dollar Four, our own Kitou Sayuri!!

and I’ve thoroughly trained my dance moves!!

p29: =======================================================
Look, look!
The ol’ lady next door’s prepparin’ a whole ton o’ stuff.

The festival’s finally close at hand!

p30: =======================================================
Signs: Morishige High School

Oh, so you weren’t able to meet Mizuno Tooru.
Too bad.

Nah; I think maybe it was actually a good thing.
I mean, it’d be really sad if he’s not like what I imagined,

and The Shunpei Chronicles are the foundation of my entire life.
I get it.

p31: =======================================================
It’d be pretty sad if you saw him drinking beer out of a high-heeled shoe, huh!

Hey, hey, lately, haven’t those two been…
It’s like they’re in their own little world.

Fushimi-kun, is your Saturday open?

p32: =======================================================
Let’s go to the aquarium together!


/ I’d like to,
but Saturday’s a bit……
Is something up?

Yeah. I’m going on a trip.

A trip?

p33: =======================================================
I’m going to see a festival on a certain island,
/ with people I met in Tokyo….
A festival?

I’m going with Nishigaitsu-sensei, who wrote “Charles, Henri, and You”!
WHAAAT?! That’s super awesome!!

I see. Then oh well.
Ah, Honda-san, I’m sorry.

I’m good next Saturday, if that works…
And the one after…

OK. I’ll think about it!

p34: =======================================================
I really wanted to go with her
to the aquarium!!

Maybe she was angry,
and she won’t ask me to go anywhere again….
You’ve got some cheek, Fushimi!

But still……

p35: =======================================================
OK, right now,
you are going to meet your past self in the depths of your heart.

With every step you take down that staircase,
/ you grow one year younger.

p36: =======================================================
<no text>

p37: =======================================================
For that fraction of a second before my conscious thoughts cut in,
even the smells and my own breaths felt so real.

p38: =======================================================
…..But afterwards, thanks to the zero sleep I’d gotten the night before, I fell into a deep slumber!!


Ah, shoot… Doc, did I fall asleep?
There are some people who fall asleep when I’m guiding them into a trance,
but it’s rare for someone to sleep so soundly.

C—Could we start once more? From the top?
No can do. You’re already out of time. You’ve been asleep for two and a half hours.

p39: =======================================================
Doctor Iwakuma was supposed to be guiding me towards my past years…

And yet….

p40: =======================================================
[handwritten]: {
Title: “Home Tutor Narumi-sensei”
A beautiful college student studying physical education aiming to be a teacher comes to the home of the protagonist, who is weak and lazy.
(The protagonist lost his mother when he was young,
and his father works overseas for an NGO.)

[box]: Narumi-sensei
Sports prodigy, overly sweet, and hot (big boobs)
Helpless athletically; his only skill is bragging.
[box]: Protagonist
Has no redeeming qualities as a human being.

p41: =======================================================
Dammit! I thought this sounded similar….
This is just like the great 80’s monthly work “Oh, no! Luna-sensei!”!!

The Young Blue Cup…..
The pressure is so heavy.
Heck, at this rate there’s no way I’ll be chosen.

[SFX]: Rumble

[SFX]: Rumble x2

p42: =======================================================
Hello? Fushimi-kun?
Are you doing anything right now?

Sorry. Were you busy?
Ah, no, I’m good.

Hey, Fushimi-kun, you wouldn’t be willing to come out here, would you?

p43: =======================================================
I’m close by the club we were at before,

and my brother keeps going on and on about how I should call you here.
[lower right]: Let’s go, Asuna.
[upper left]: He wants to hear about Fuchi Masanao and Dokuta Dorei.
You know how he loves Taurus.

But it is pretty late. I guess you can’t?


p44: =======================================================
Norito, where are you headed at this hour?
Uh, well…

p45: =======================================================
Wow! Fushimi-kun, you made it!!
And you were quick, too!

I was trying to think up an idea for a new manga, but I wasn’t getting anywhere…
So this was a nice change of pace.

Huh? Where’s your brother?
Over there.

p46: =======================================================
Big Brother, Fushimi-kun came all the way to see you!

How are you drunk already?!

Sorry, Fushimi-kun.
Ah, no, it’s fine.
Well, I had a feeling this would happen.

Ahhh! Fushimi, you really came!!
Seriously? At this hour?!
These two are here, too…..

p47: =======================================================
G—Good evening, Sakai-san, Sakakibara-san….

Ah, I totally love this song!!
Asuna, let’s go!!

I guess I only had fifteen seconds of fame.

p48: =======================================================
<sfx>: Nodding off
<sfx>: Nodding off
<sfx>: Sigh.
<sfx>: Turn x2

p49: =======================================================

I wonder if he’ll ever show up again.

Maybe I just happened to dream that dream.

p50: =======================================================
What are you doing here?

Ah! Lu-san!!

You’re the only one who calls me that.
Are you here today as a charlatan fortune teller?
Pretty much.

p51: =======================================================
How’s your sister doing?
She’s doing well.
She’s going to the gym or the pool almost every day.

Her boyfriend regularly comes here from Tokyo to go on dates.
They’re getting married.


I see.
That’s good to hear.

He’s a really great guy.
/ When I brought my work to a publishing company last summer, he even walked with me back to the station on the way home.
Your work?

p52: =======================================================
Wow, Norito-kun, you draw manga?
And you’re still in high school, too.
W—Well, it’s not like I’ve ever had my work printed.

But you won an award. That’s amazing.
You want to turn pro, right?

If—If I can.

In that case, you need to be especially careful.
About what?

About which woman you choose!

p53: =======================================================
/ Umm, Lu-san,

About that “soulmate” thing…
Could you explain it to me one more time?

She’s the person you’re destined to be with,
the one with whose soul you’re connected……

She is someone you’ve met over and over again over your past lives.

p54: =======================================================
I’m sorry?

M—My past lives?
You don’t believe?
No; it’s just…

p55: =======================================================
To me, it isn’t a question of belief.
It’s a fact.

…………. So then, what happens once I find her?
Will I be happy?

Do you want to know?
Yeah, I guess.

Hold out your hands.

p56: =======================================================
I’m almost on my period.
So tonight, I should have some real inspiration.

Asuna, look, look!!

p57: =======================================================
Fushimi’s with that charlatan fortune teller again.
The Martian evangelist.
Or rather, the evangelist from Gifu.

[sfx]: Thump Thump Thump

p58: =======================================================
<no text>

p59: =======================================================
<no text>

p60: =======================================================
A muse…..


If you want to succeed, Norito-kun, you need a muse.


I don’t really understand it myself,
but that’s what I heard.

p61: =======================================================
The Muses were goddesses in Greek mythology. They oversea poetry, music, dance, astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy, and further grant inspiration.

It can also refer to a woman
who stimulates creative urges in musicians, artists, and poets.

In your case, Norito-kun….
Actually, that’s annoying. Can I just call you Norito?
Oh, sure.

In your case, Norito, I bet your destined person will be your muse.

p62: =======================================================
Two women are going to appear in my life…

Choose one… and I will be saved.
Choose one… and hell awaits.

In other words……

You will gain a muse….
or a grim reaper!

p63: =======================================================
…..You are already standing at a crossroads.

Alone, Norito-kun, you will probably…

I’ll fail?

So then. Let’s leave it at that, shall we?
/ Today’s on the house.

Ah…. Thanks.

p64: =======================================================
Fushimi-kun, what did you talk about?
I was seriously worried.

Oh, nothing… Just some stuff about a muse.

The medicinal soap?
The English band?

I will gain a muse….
or a grim reaper…

p65: =======================================================
[box]: To be continued in the May issue.

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