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Big Order 15

The King Controller

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 19, 2014 01:47 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 15

Big Order 15

p1: ============================================
Iyo! Take Eiji and withdraw!

Even now, I still look up to you.
/ Meeting you was an incredible stroke of fortune!


p2-3: ============================================
My arm’s….!!!

I will strike them down!!!
The Great Calamity 10 years ago
was a sadistically wonderful event!
Subject 15: The King Controller
Place: Hiroshima

p4: ============================================
Dazaifu Offices
Comm believes Lt. Colonel Narukami has made contact with Eiji-sama!
/ We are currently confirming the situation!


Iyo foresaw that he would make contact with Eiji.

And aiming for immediately after our capture of Yamaguchi?
/ It can’t be a coincidence.

p5: ============================================
This move has allowed him to take the initiative.
Is his goal to reclaim Eiji?

Damn you…!
I won’t let you do as you please…….!

Mari, get Ayahito ready.
/ Furthermore, prepare an attack squad!

p6: ============================================
[left, inset]: BATTLE: ON!!!
<TL/N: Written with kanji for “ara mitama.”>
[box]: BATTLE: ON: The power to pulverize anything and everything.

Hmph. “Meet him head-on, Lt. Kurenai!”

[inset]: Rebirth Fire!!!
[box]: Rebirth Fire: the power of regeneration.

p7: ============================================

/ you are a fantastic masochist.

No matter how many people hate you and curse your name,
/ you’re so pure; you still live a carefree life!
It’s absolutely mesmerizing!

p8: ============================================
Now, show me how you struggle while I watch from the VIP seats!

Rin joined the enemy!
No, she was stolen by them….!

Damn that perverted bastard!!!


p9: ============================================
Anyways, we have to get Rin back!
Y—You need to stay still, Eiji-sama!

Wh—What do I do? I can’t stop the bleeding….
At this rate, Eiji-sama will…!

He’ll die…..!

This is an Order, Benkei!
/ “Don’t kill Rin”…!!

p10: ============================================
You… You can’t go!
Please, Eiji-sama, you have to retreat!

Are you telling me to abandon Rin?!

p11: ============================================
He gains control by physically touching the target of his ability.
So just getting near him is dangerous!

How do you know that…?!

Because The Group of Ten… or rather, the Dazaifu Government was originally organized to fight him….

To fight Hatori…?


p12: ============================================
Shit! Benkei’s…!!!

Lieutenant, proceed to handle Hoshimiya Eiji in the same manner!

p13: ============================================
/ “Form a barrier of air”!!!

Benkei’s dead…?!
All because I ordered him not to kill Rin!

p14: ============================================
“Stop!” Listen to my orders, Rin!!!
This isn’t Rin’s fault… That shithead’s the one to blame!

If I could just knock her headphones off…!

So much blood…! Eiji-sama’s going to die!
Eiji-sama, we must retreat!

Hell no!

p15: ============================================
How can you look at me like that?
Did you loathe me that much, Rin?!

Why not?! Isn’t Lt. Kurenai our enemy?!!!

p16: ============================================
I don’t want to think
of her
/ as my enemy….

So Eiji-sama feels that way about the Lieutenant…



p17: ============================================
This is Hatori’s fault, not Rin’s! I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but…
My enemy
/ is the bastard in front of me controlling Rin!

Eiji-sama…. You’re wrong!


p18-19: ============================================



p20: ============================================
/ Keh…
/ / Hah.
/ You won’t hurt anyone? What beautiful hypocrisy.

It’s not him…?!

I mean,
/ there’s no way I would so easily appear before others using my true form, right?
I’m just a being used to bypass the Power of Control…
/ A pawn.

p21: ============================================
I’m just a little Bambi, and you hurt me!
Eiji-kun, you hypocrite!
It can’t be….

You, too,
were just being controlled…?

p22: ============================================

p23: ============================================


[lower left]: What…?!

p24: ============================================
is this thing…?!
Who are these guys…?!

I—I’m being pulled in…!
/ Eiji-sama…!

At this rate, we’ll be wiped out…

p25-26: ============================================
/ That Hoshimiya Eiji was captured by you is a Fiction !
[inset]: Fact to Fiction!!!



Dammit… How unexpected and unpleasant.
Time for a revision!

p27-28: ============================================
Hoshimiya Eiji’s wounds are a Fiction!
…My arm!

Narukami Benkei’s wounds are a Fiction !

Iyo’s wounds are a Fiction !

You’re Hiiragi Yoshitsune?!
Why are you here?!

And, that this dirty rat was ripped into…

p29: ============================================
is a Fact!!!
/ Aiieeeeee!!!
[box]: Fact to Fiction: The power to declare the truth bull, using the sacred bird, the Bullfinch. His wish was to deny the world. (However, his effective range is only 10 meters.)

p30: ============================================
/ Why?
Why did you…

/ you truly do make the perfect puppet.
Especially the part of you that fears to hurt others and runs away.


What about Rin?!

p31: ============================================
/ “Let’s run, Lt. Kurenai”!

/ “Don’t go, Rin”!!

p32: ============================================
There’s no way I can pretend I’m not responsible for this.

I keep racking my brain for a way to atone, but I can never find the answer.


p33: ============================================

How can I ever get Rin
to forgive me?!

p34: ============================================
That thing inside him that controlled Rin…
/ What was it?!

What is the Dazaifu Government fighting against?!!!

He doth be my creator.

p35-36: ============================================
His name is Hoshimiya Gen’nai.
/ Eiji, he is thy father.
And mayhaps the final boss thou mustest face.


You bitch!

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