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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Big Order 16

I’ll call you Eiji, so—!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 26, 2014 19:19 | Go to Big Order

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Big Order 16

p1: ============================================

The being thou encounteredest earlier was thy father.
Hatori was but another under his control.

Rejoiest thou not
in thy reuinion with thy sire, Hoshimiya Gen’nai?

p2-3: ============================================
Subject 16: “I’ll call you Eiji, so—!”
Place: Izumo

p4: ============================================
My old man died ten years ago—

during the Great Calamity I caused,
alongside the billions and billions of others who died that day.

You’re all right…

So there’s no way he could be alive!

p5: ============================================
Daisy, you bitch!
/ Stop spouting bullshit!
My old man’s dead!
/ So there’s no way he can be my foe…!!

p6: ============================================
Isn’t that right,
/ Benkei?!




Well, if thou wilt not to believe, that is fine.
/ But what shalt thou do regarding the Kami-Musubi?

p7: ============================================
Whether thou chooseth to reclaim Rin or to save Sena,
thou mustest ultimately head to the Kami-Musubi, who dwelleth in Izumo.

Which means…
the Kami-Musubi is still within the city of Izumo.


Don’t let her tempt you, Eiji!

p8: ============================================
Yes, the helicopter was heading towards Izumo…
/ but you cannot trust her!

How uncouth, Hiiragi. Doest thou protest that I do trick Eiji?

Thou art free to go to Izumo, or not to go.
The choice is thine,


p9: ============================================
-------Izumo, Shimane Province
The land of the Ookuninushi-no-Mikoto and the White Hare of Inaba.
The land where the old gods gather during Kamiarizuki, the Month with Gods.

[sign]: Izumo Soba

p10: ============================================
It is a place of ancient mystery-----
/ Slurp


/ Slurp

p11: ============================================
In the end, I went to Izumo to chase after the Kami-Musubi.
But not because Daisy tempted me. I came to cure Sena’s illness.

There’s no rush. You can take your time eating, Iyo.

I heard that Hikari-chan was returned to her father, safe and sound.

Luckily, the head of the Kouryuu family was only lightly wounded.
After the incident, the Shirojishi family became affiliated with the Kouryuu family, and they came to an agreement.

p12: ============================================
[inset]: Star Seeker!!!
Hiiragi had Iyo keep watch over me and let me go to Izumo for the time being-----

I’m sorry you’re stuck here with me, Iyo.

Right now, the Kami-Musubi takes priority over Rin.

p13: ============================================
“At the bottom of the hole to Yomi Iznagi traversed lies the missing person.
/ “Bad luck with women.”?
[Paper]: {
At the bottom of the hole to Yomi Iznagi traversed visited lies the missing person.
Bad luck with women.
What is this? Some myth? I’m stumped.

Wasn’t Izanagi the god that created Japan alongside Izanami…?
A lot of old myths are based in Izumo.
/ Maybe it refers to some plot of land connected with one?

[inset, small]: Ummmmm

/ You look like you’re having fun, Iyo.
Your ears droop when you’re happy…?

I mean, I’m alone with Eiji-sama…
[inset]: Squirm…

p14: ============================================
The imaginary conception was a prediction that I would someday become pregnant with Eiji-sama’s child…
Our child…

And Eiji-sama admitted it, too.
/ that’s right.

I really am sorry
/ that you’re stuck here alone with a guy you don’t even like.

To be honest, I’d rather leave this stuff to Rin…
I wonder what she’s doing right now?

Uh, umm, Eiji-sama, about what happened in Yamaguchi….

p15: ============================================
/ No, I get it. I won’t touch your ribbon anymore.
I won’t make your pregnant!

p16: ============================================
“At the bottom
/ of the hole to Yomi,” huh.
If I had to guess, a cave…?


[pamphlet]: Inome Caves

Eiji-sama hasn’t realized that I like him?!

Then… will my child never be born…?

I’ve figured it out! This is it, Iyo!

p17: ============================================
The Inome Caves!

These really are some caves….
Yeah. And just like you said, it has a connection with myth.
/ They say this is the cave Izanagi entered to reach Yomi after Izanami died.

p18: ============================================
/ There’s signs someone entered here recently.
Let’s keep going all the way in!

Is that so…?
That’s wonderful…

Now it feels like she’s depressed…
Did I do something wrong?

…A pair, one man and one woman, have lost their way.

p19: ============================================
What should we do?
/ Chase them out?
Now, wait. Our meeting has reached an impasse.
/ Would it not be fun to use these two to tell the future?

Very well then, you of Mihashira!
Let us use this pair to judge our fortune!

p20: ============================================
The first question: “Can the man’s strength be relied upon?”

A… A cave-in?!!

The earth is…!



p21: ============================================
Fortune, now!

Turn right, then left!
/ Then, just let the sliding rocks pass by!
/ OK!

….Oh, my.
Relying on the woman’s power? What a sly child you are. (eighth note)

In that case!

p22: ============================================
The second question: “Can the man be relied upon to XXX when the woman is in danger”?!


The hell? It’s one thing after another in here!

/ Hah.
Iyo’s not breathing…

Could this be…

p23: ============================================
the event celebrated in gossip,
artificial respiration?!!

No, no, no… What am I waiting for?!

p24: ============================================
This is a lifesaving measure, not a kiss!
Yeah, yeah. This doesn’t count!

Come to think of it, I panicked hard back in Yamaguchi when Iyo was pregnant…
But if she actually were pregnant,
/ what would have happened?

p25: ============================================
Huh? You’re breathing again.
Stop dawdling and give her a smack on the lips already!

p26: ============================================
Iyo really has been weird since before we entered the caves.
Even if things hadn’t come to this…

I guess she still wouldn’t have wanted to come to Izumo…? Then I have to apologize.

I’m sorry, Iyo.

p27: ============================================
The truth is, Rin should be the one handling this stuff, and—
Why do you keep going on and on about Rin?!


Why don’t you understand how I feel…?
You’re on a first-name basis with Lt. Kurenai, and yet…



p28: ============================================
/ Hic..!

Why’s she crying…?!
Look at me,


p29-30: ============================================

p31: ============================================
L… Look as much as you want.
This is who I am.

I… Iyo?!
Y—Your clothes…!

You still don’t understand?!

I’m… a failure.

p32: ============================================
My father told me to stay away from boys, because I’m a miko,
/ but even when I was little, I could never stop thinking about my future husband…
And that’s why I wasn’t able to work any miracles.

When I gained the power to divine the future, the first thing I predicted was who my future husband would be.
And now I’ve finally met you.

It can’t be…


[sfx]: Clench!

p33: ============================================
I love you, Eiji!

p34: ============================================
/ Hah!

/ Hah!

p35: ============================================
/ Hah!
/ Hah!

Hah hah!

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