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Big Order 17

And I’m getting even closer to you, so--

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 10, 2014 18:35 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 17

Big Order 17

p1: ===============================================
[the three bubbles up top]: Hah (x3)
/ Who are these guys?!

[two bubbles up top]: Hah (x2)
Th… These ladies and gentlemen are….!

It may be November 12th in the modern calendar, but according to the old lunar calendar it is the fifteenth day of the tenth month.
I trust I needn’t expound further.


p2-3: ===============================================
Subject 17: “And I’m getting even closer to you, so--”
Place: Izumo – Inome Caves
During Kamiarizuki*, the gods from all over the country gather in Izumo to tie the knot between men and women.
/ Welcome to the Kami-hakari,
Hoshimiya Eiji-kun,
/ Iyo-chan.
[box] *Kamiarizuki: The tenth month in the old calendar. During this month, the gods gather in Izumo. Since the gods are now absent everywhere else, outside of Izumo the month is called “Kaminazuki,” meaning “Month without gods.”

And I am the Kami-Musubi’s Order
and the shrine maiden of Izumo, Shirabyoushi Kuroko! <3

p4: ===============================================
So she’s the one I’ve been looking for—

the Kami-Musubi!


p5: ===============================================
What the heck are you doing, Hoshimiya Eiji?!

A woman’s naked body lies exposed in the public eye!
/ Don’t you know your duty?!

The hell?!


p6: ===============================================
Are you all right?! Only I should see your naked form!
Oh, Eiji-sama, quit it!
/ Squee!
(sfx between bubbles): Kiss
I will dominate your honeypot.
/ You know, like that!

This is the Kami-Musubi…?
She’s a complete airhead.

We have come here seeking you!
/ We ask that you cure Eiji-sama’s sister!


p7: ===============================================
She’s so innocent!
So, so innocent----<3

Oh, the sight of one yearning to help the man she loves <3
Ahh, and here, too, is the providence of marriage…!

Damn, I can’t stop from drooling.
SFX: slurp

Your big sister here’s going to support you with all she’s got! <3
You want me to heal your sister,
/ is it?


p8: ===============================================
I refuse.

/ Why?!
The Kami-Hakari is an important event. It cannot be interrupted.

Now, wait. They’re not saying we interrupt the event…
I just don’t care much for boring men.

[sfx]: Pissed.


p9: ===============================================
If you can defeat me in a game,
I will reconsider.

/ All of this talking and more talking is just… We could use a breather.

The game
will be kemari!
<tl/n: an ancient Japanese game that resembles hacky sack>

p10: ===============================================
We will continue the Kami-Hakari while we play Kemari.
/ Normally, we would have to kick the ball, the Mari, at least a certain height, but we will ignore that rule.
You win if you can make us drop the Mari.

You are free to use your powers. However, you may not control the Mari itself.
I mean, it wouldn’t be much of a game if you did. <3

She already knows who we are and our powers…?!
We are up against the gods and their shrine maiden.


p11: ===============================================
So basically, all I have to do is steal the ball? Piece of cake.
All right.
/ If all else fails, I can always just drag you there.

Woooow. You at least talk the talk.
Not a timid one, are you? Oh, the young <3

So then, let’s begin!


p12: ===============================================
I get it! You can’t control the ball, so you’re controlling yourself to knock me out of the park…
You’re putting so much into this, more than just youth can account for.

Who said my only choice was to go after the ball?!
There’s no way you can stop this!

p13: ===============================================


What was that…?!!
Eiji-sama, this is strange. I had heard the Kami-Musbi was of old age…

That’s right…?!

Ho ho ho ho. <3

p14-15: ===============================================
My Kami-Musubi can manifest the very gods!
“Musubi” itself refers to the life force residing in all things.
/ The power of the gods can heal the sick, grant vigor to the hale, and deliver a child unto a man and a woman!
Which means I can surpass the limits of the flesh and become a super-duper human. <3

An Order that can grant the power of life-----!

10,000 musubi on Kuroko.
10,000 on Kuroko.
I bet on Kuroko as well.

/ Ho.

What’s this?
Do I take it we are wagering on the outcome?
[box]: Daikokuten

p16: ===============================================
Then maybe I’ll put 100 musubi on Iyo-chan, since she’s cute.
[box]: Benzaiten.
No, don’t.

[box]: Bishamonten.
You’d be throwing away your money.


Eiji-sama, on your right…!

p17: ===============================================
My right…!

No, it’s already on my left…!
Ah—now it’s behind me…!

I can’t catch up…….!

Dammit all!
I can’t even follow the Mari. And the Kami-Musubi herself won’t enter my territory… I was dumb to think this’d be easy.

Like this, my fortune telling skills are worthless.

SFX: plop…

p18: ===============================================

I’m happy to help.

[inset]: H—Huh…?
I don’t really know a lot about… love, and stuff,

or if I’m being overly self-conscious or if I just don’t know where the boundaries are…

p19: ===============================================
Back in ninth grade, we had to wear a necktie for a class event.
/ I didn’t know how to tie a tie, so, you know…
But then a girl who sat nowhere near me, who I didn’t normally talk with, came over and tied it for me.

As she did so, she asked me if I wanted to head home with her.
But there was a book I wanted to purchase, so I went home by myself…

Was that a chance for something? Or am I just being overly self-conscious?

[sfx]: Giggle

p20: ===============================================
You’re just being overly self-conscious about that.


I love you, Eiji-sama, enough that I can say it directly…

p21: ===============================================
I’m not like the Lieutenant. I won’t go anywhere.
Let’s save Sena-sama…
/ Together…


Did you fall asleep…?

p22-23: ===============================================
Yeah, I guess you did…

If you sought to draw them together, then all this makes sense. Are you going to let them win now,

Of course not.
This is where the real game begins.

p24-25: ===============================================
Okay, let’s resume play.

Can you follow us,
Eiji-kun and Iyo-chan?

This is going too far, Kuroko!
/ I was wondering if you would show them mercy… But this? They have no chance!


p26: ===============================================


His reactions are faster than before…?!
Even discounting the fact he is pursuing the Mari with an avatar…

p27: ===============================================
They’re using the way they’re holding hands to convey where the Mari’s about to come from—
This is far faster than Iyo conveying her dowsings through words!
[boxes]: {
From the right: press the thumb firmly
45 degrees to the right: press the index finger firmly
Front: press the middle finger firmly.
45 degrees to the left: press the ring finger firmly…

I see…
/ I needn’t have worried.

Then I, too, shall give a full-hearted response!

p28: ===============================================
<no text>

p29: ===============================================
It is commonplace for an Order user to drown in his or her own power…

However, the one wielding that power is, in the end, a human.
And a power cannot exceed the limits of its human vessel.

[sfx]: Glance

Kuroko is aiming for something more…
than a simple marriage.

I can’t tell what time it is, here inside these caves....
How long have we been down here?
/ It feels like two days.

p30: ===============================================

I thought maybe you’d want to dry yourself off…

Oh, thanks.
And I’ve got something for you, too.

I thought you would want a drink of water right about now…


p31: ===============================================
/ likes me.

/ will definitely fall in love with me.

I lean on you, while you lean on me…

p32: ===============================================
----Meanwhile, within the city of Izumo

/ What’s wrong?

It’s nothing.

p33: ===============================================
What the heck was that, Eiji, you prick?
You scream at me not to go, but then you don’t even chase after me.

But it is nice, being outside his territory…


/ What are we doing?

After we’ve come all this way, I figured I’d introduce you to my friends in the Secret Police.

But then again,

p34-35: ===============================================
one of them is already heading towards Eiji-kun right now.


…….This time,
I finally managed to touch it…!

p36: ===============================================
That was close…
/ It’s beginning, isn’t it?
Hey, Daikokuten, are you still accepting bets?

/ Oh…

Two million musubi on the two of them.

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