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Big Order 18


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 30, 2014 17:13 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 18

Big Order 18

p1: ============================================
Eiji and friends are currently in the Inome Caves, which bear a connection with Izanami-no-Mikoto and Izanagi-no-Mikoto.
With the port here undergoing reconstruction, things buried underground were coincidentally unearthed,
/ and it is also located near the sea.


If the reports are correct, Hoshimiya Eiji entered the caves twelve hours ago…..
Hmph. So, that means they found the Kami-Musubi first. Hanzou, you gullible fool.

But better to be safe. Let me summon DAISY.

p2: ============================================
I have to take the Mari from the Kami-Musubi and bring her to Sena!
I’ve finally managed to touch it. Next time, I’ll pull it off for sure!

All so that I can cure Sena’s illness!

p3: ============================================
Bu still… Iyo’s with the Group of Ten. I’m impressed she’s stuck with me.
Saving Sena should be nothing more than a small bit of a plan to her, too.

Their synchronicity weakened.
I guess he still doesn’t fully trust Iyo-chan.

We’ll stop it next time for sure, Iyo!
Yes, we will, Eiji-sama!

So, play o—

p4-5: ============================================
[inset]: ?!!
Subject 18: Add-on
Place: Izumo – Inome Caves

Wh… What’s going on? Is there a leak?

No, Eiji-kun. Behind you!!!


p6: ============================================
I am Matudaira Fumai of the Secret Police, Sixth Division, ruler of Izumo!
In accordance with my secret orders, I shall take the life of the Kami-Musubi!

You’re after the Kami-Musubi?!
But all you’ve got is water? I’ll send you home packing, you bastard!


p7: ============================================
You mustn’t think lightly of the Power of Water.
/ Many die, swept away by the power of rivers and streams,
/ / but the strength of flowing water rises with the square of its depth!
If the depth goes from 30cm to 60cm, then its power quadruples!

The power is squared,
/ not doubled!

So, an Order that manipulates water…!

p8: ============================================
Idiot! What are you doing, leaving Iyo-chan behind?!

Eiji-sama, you can’t fall into the water!
/ Just Dominate the water itself, and…

I tried that, just now…
but it didn’t work!

p9: ============================================
[box]: Isotonic Water: The power to control purified water. His wish was to control the floods caused by the Calamity. His avatar uses osmotic pressure to be absorbed into and merge with the water.

This water itself is his avatar… and the powers of an avatar are always ineffective against other avatars!
/ In other words, I can’t Dominate the water itself!

p10: ============================================
Shit, we’re in trouble!!!
He’s so damn simple, he winds up being super strong…!!!

Were they dragged away by the current?

The Dominator is the one I should concern myself with…
Neither the Star Seeker nor the Kami-Musubi have offensive powers.

p11: ============================================
In this situation, inside a cave, there’s nothing stronger than pure isotonic water!
At any rate, I could simply wait for the caves to be submerged in pure water.
/ Once that happens, Eiji-sama will be forced to drown----

Is it over…?


p12-13: ============================================
Eiji and the rest continue their struggle!!!


Fhmph. I see your anchor, Hoshimiya Eiji…!

He noticed…! Shit, I’m completely out of my element in the water!
What do I do?! I can’t create a barrier of air—there’s not nearly enough…..

p14: ============================================
Eiji-kun, perform a Combined Order!

Both you and Iyo-chan are Order users.
/ I thought you’d need the power in the future, so I was trying to get you two to synchronize…

I know trying it out for real is a bit sudden, but it’s your only choice!

p15: ============================================
Both of you have to combine your Wishes!
What are you saying?! Iyo has absolutely nothing to do with this! If worst comes to worst, we have to at least get Iyo out of here—

[SFX]: Squeeze

p16-17: ============================================
All three of us have to go back to Sena-chan together,
/ Eiji!

I was wrong. This… isn’t for some plan.
She wouldn’t give me that look if she didn’t really care.


They’re synchronizing…!

p18: ============================================
Eyesight worsens underwater! And furthermore, the trajectory of a spear changes in the current!!!
There’s no way you can dodge this attack!!!

I’ll protect Iyo…!!!
I’ll protect Eiji-sama…!!!

He could come at us from anywhere…!

p19: ============================================


p20-21: ============================================


p22: ============================================
He blocked it…?! But how?!!

Eiji-kun… You predicted where the attack would strike, then focused a barrier of air in front of it,
decelerating the spear?!

[box]: {
Dominator AND Spirit Sight Engine:
An add-on to the Dominator allowing it to predict where attacks will come from with zero lag.
*”Attack” here refers only to a foe’s direct attacks.
(For instance, this does not include enemies’ attempts to flee or ranged attacks.)
It can handle multiple attacks simultaneously, and will handle delayed follow-up attacks as each attack arrives.

p23: ============================================
Iyo’s thoughts are flowing into my brain……!
Next, he’s going to attack from behind and to the right, aiming for my blind spot!

In that case, I’ll attack from behind and to the right, aiming for his blind spot!

I can’t Dominate the water—
But Eiji-sama—
Yeah, I know, Iyo!

But this way, I can…!

p24: ============================================

p25: ============================================
It was lucky for us that he brought in seawater.
I’m so sorry, fishies.

Hey, Kami-Musubi.

There was some interference, but this counts as our win, right?!
….Yeah, it does.

Finally…! Now we can cure Sena.

p26: ============================================
But before that…
/ there’s something we have to ask this guy.


Answer me!
/ If the Secret Police are trying to kill me, the Shrine Maiden of Izumo…
that means they’re trying to release that, aren’t they?

/ Kh kh.
Do you think you’ve won?

p27: ============================================
How ostentatious of you. It never really mattered whether I won or lost.
The latitude, longitude, and depth of this location have already been conveyed to HQ. He should be here soon.

Nice bluff. But there’s no way you could’ve told them anything!

Haha…! Oh, but there is!!!

p28: ============================================
What? I am here. Hast thou more business with me?
What a bother—

Why are you here?!

It looks like you don’t get it.
Did the Dazaifu never tell you?

p29: ============================================
DAISY was originally an information management system,
designed to gather and then display information on Order users.

And that’s why she can be used like this…!

DAISY! Open up the connection in both directions!!!

?! The floor is…!

p30-31: ============================================
I saw the whole thing, Eiji.
I thought maybe you weren’t coming for me, but you’re actually flirting with Iyo?

p32: ============================================

That’s just a projection of another place!

OK… So that ability falls apart if your synchronization is disrupted.
[sfx]: Tch.

p33: ============================================
Well, well. We’re just standing around talking over such a vast distance,
so let us speak again when next we meet, Eiji-kun.
/ Until then, take care~~~<eighth note>

Juubee, I leave the rest to you.



p34: ============================================
Yagyuu Shinkage-ryuu

p35: ============================================

p36: ============================================
Juubee’s sword can transcend dimensions to bisect its target.
/ I have slain the Kami-Musubi and learned the weakness of Eiji-kun’s new ability.
And the one who failed in his part of the plan has perished.
/ A job well done. <eighth note>


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