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Big Order 19

The Hoshimiya Agency

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 23, 2014 00:00 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 19

Big Order 19

p1: ============================================
If she dies here……!

there’ll be no way to cure Sena’s illness…!

p2: ============================================
--------Two days later, / aboard a helicopter in Izumo City airspace.
/ we’ll be arriving at our destination shortly!
Subject 19: The Hoshimiya Agency
Place: Izumo

Is it finally time…
for me to tell Eiji everything?

p3: ============================================
Izumo City, / in a certain inn

………..I see.

It seems the Kami-Musubi’s body was handed over to individuals affiliated with the shrine.
Naturally, after this much time has passed it is impossible for me to declare her death a Lie.

p4: ============================================
Considering that you fought with the Secret Police’s main unit, even if indirectly,
such low casualties and our resulting de facto control over Shimane
/ make for a job well done, Eiji.

………………What part of this went well?
Nothing matters if I can’t save Sena.

I’ll just keep being used by Hiiragi, over and over again.

So, Eiji,
/ moving on…

p5: ============================================
I would like you to withdraw to the Dazaifu headquarters.


You will proceed to build a strategy around the talents of Benkei and Lorin. You’ve done well so far.
That is all.

Hey, wait.

p6: ============================================
Hiiragi, what do you mean, withdraw?!
What are we gonna do about Sena?!!

……Oh, OK, I get it!
I’m not useful to you, so you’re going to pull me in, is that it?!

Hey, Eiji. What are you saying?!

/ In that case, I’m out of here.

p7: ============================================
I’m going to find a way to cure Sena, even if I have to do it on my own!
Yeah, I wouldn’t do that if I was you, Eiji-sama.


If that fucktard Gen’nai causes another Calamity,
Sena-sama will be the least of your worries.

p8: ============================================
/ Ayahito…. Do not deliberately spill information.

Now stand by my side and wait, please.
But this meeting’s so boring. Let’s fuck things up a bit.

[sfx]: Sigh

Sit down, Eiji.
There is a reason behind your withdrawal.

What do you mean,
/ my old man caused the Calamity?
<eighth note>

p9: ============================================
Over ten years ago,
before the Calamity,

Your father, Gen’nai, led a certain… agency.
I worked there as a researcher.

p10: ============================================
An agency…?

/ It was called “The Hoshimiya Energy Development Research Lab,” or “The Hoshimiya Agency” for short.

[vert] ------Eleven years ago, in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Province, The Hoshimiya Energy Development Research Lab

[sign]: The Hoshimiya Energy Development Research Lab


p11: ============================================
Director Hoshimiya… What is it?
I saw Monday’s numbers on the conversion coil. That was a striking improvement.
Well, thank you.

……..You eat while you walk?

It’s nothing. This allows me to save time.
And our research never slows.

Chief Hiiragi is a weird one, isn’t he?

p12: ============================================
I heard he lost both of my parents in an accident when he was young.
It was academics that lifted him out of poverty.
/ Really?

But still, the chief’s got his goal and means backwards, haha.
He seems obsessed with research. Even though he’s so hot. <3

In truth, I cared little about those things.
I thought I simply needed to do research; that I needn’t seek any higher meaning in life.


p13: ============================================
The objective of The Hoshimiya Agency, a private organization with direct ties to the Japanese government,
was to convert human will into limitless energy. The project was truly the dream of mankind.

That, too, meant little to me; however…
There’s something you’d like to show me?
I thought your miniature coil could be put to some other use, and performed a test. You’re interested, right?

Not especially…

p14: ============================================
What is that…?

We attached your coil to the patient’s artificial arm.
She can move her arm at will, with no need for external power. It’s lightweight, too Though it is just a prototype.

She apparently lost both her arms and her voice in an accident,
and today’s her son’s birthday.

[note, handwritten]: Yuuichi, thank you for everything.

p15: ============================================
My research did this….?

This is the fruit of our labors.
Don’t you think moments like this is why we do research?

p16: ============================================
The Director once told me, “That there are people in this world worthy of respect
is what makes life worth living.”

And to me, the Director was one of those people.

He was the one who taught me what I ought to do,
and the one who taught me the meaning of life.

p17: ============================================
My old man did that stuff…?
But what’s it all supposed to mean?!

You misunderstand.
This is where the problems began, Eiji.

It happened suddenly.
/ I still don’t know why,

but practically overnight, the Director became a different man entirely.

p18: ============================================
Our research was suddenly took off in a bizarre direction.

The Director took all of our results, things we researchers had practically bled for,
and destroyed it all.

What he instead reached for was unknown technology,
stuff none of us had ever seen before.

p19: ============================================
………. What is this?!
What’s going on?!

These numbers are crazy… Is the energy being directly converted without a conversion coil?!


…That you, Hiiragi-kun?
Good timing.

Look before you. Here lies the completion of our desire!

p20-21: ============================================
This is a system to realize and manage people’s desires:
/ the Desire Accessible Information SYstem”:

p22: ============================================
My old man made DAISY…?!

You already know the rest of the story.
DAISY was unleashed, your power set wild, and the world destroyed.

One could say that Gen’nai pulled the trigger on the Calamity,
while you were the bullet proper.

p23: ============================================
The gate is closing.
Damn you, Eiji… You failed?

However, we’ve only just begun.
Failure and study are the paths to success.


I just need to succeed next time!

p24: ============================================
My old man did that……?

betrayed me.

p25: ============================================
Hiiragi, what…
/ What are you saying?
[inset] No…!
[inset] My old man’s……
M—My old man’s dead, so how…..?!

We will have to discuss that point some other time.
But rest assured Hoshimiya Gen’nai is alive.

Gen’nai is trying to trigger a second Calamity.
/ So we must do whatever it takes to keep you out of Gen’nai’s hands.
That is why you will withdraw!

p26: ============================================
Eiji, the Dazaifu Government is an organization built to oppose Gen’nai.
Before he can use his ability to spread his influence, we will take over the world!

According to Iyo’s fortunes, Gen’nai is currently concealed in the U.N.’s Tokyo branch…
And it’s worrisome that he’s gaining followers, even under the U.N.’s cloak.


p27: ============================================
/ That’s a load of crap!!!
Do you really allow believe that bullshit?!!

You, too, Iyo…?
And Benkei?
And Ayahito?
And Nehara…?


p28-29: ============================================
You will not betray me.


p30: ============================================
Is Hyougo next?

Yes. We have other plans to take care of along the way,
/ but it is forbidden for the Secret Police to stand out, so would you please change?

…Just so you’re aware, my goal is to kill Eiji.
I am aware, Lieutenant.

p31: ============================================
We, the Secret Police, have been entrusted with a certain key mission.
/ I am certain it will bring you in contact with him.
……..It will? It doesn’t really make sense to me.

Regardless, those with restorative abilities are highly valuable.
The Secret Police will welcome you with open arms.

?! What’s this?
You must be growing bored on the road. I thought I’d lend you this. / <small: It’s something of mine. >


p32: ============================================
A PS Vina….?!
/ Why?!
Feel free to play Shiren, or something.
Why would I play Shiren?!

Well, that was just a joke.
/ I added some modifications, such as wireless capabilities.

I made the L button the alarm button, so press it if anything happens.
[inset]: Hey!
But then I can’t shoot arrows!

Argh! I don’t get him at all…

p33: ============================================
So, what’s this “operation”?
I cannot tell you—it’s top secret.

………or so I’d like to say, but this is different.

We’re having a party at the Dazaifu Office.
I’m sure Eiji-kun will be overjoyed!

p34: ============================================
I don’t understand…
My old man, alive….?! That’s gotta be a joke.
But it didn’t sound like one.

p35: ============================================
But if he is alive, then what’s with my memories…?!
Are you saying I’m the one who’s mistaken?!

That’s right…
There’s one person who knows everything, isn’t there?


Did thou callest me, Eiji?

You… You bitch…?!!
Oh, soft you now. I know what thou willest say, but come I here for another reason.

/ What reason?

Eiji, Rin hath an emergency call for thee.
Well? Shall I connect space, or not?
[bottom thingy]: Connection Request / Kurenai Rin -> Hoshimiya Eiji

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