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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Big Order 20

Light vs. Ogre

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 13, 2014 14:42 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 20

Big Order 20

p1: =======================================
So, what wilt thou do, Eiji? Rin is calling thee.
Shall thou answer, or no?

W—wait! My mind’s completely messed up from all the stuff about my dad.
I don’t have time for Rin right n—…

No…. No, no, no.
What am I saying?
/ This is my chance to talk with Rin. Connect us, DAISY!

p2: =======================================
You’re late, Eiji!
Answer the phone quickly, got it?!
Subject 20: Light vs. Ogre
Place: Izumo and Dazaifu

p3: =======================================
They’re planning to abduct Sena….?!

I’m sure of it; Hatori told me so himself.
The Dazaifu government offices should be under assault as we speak.

In the dead of night….!

p4: =======================================
Heh-heh! You really are in a bind, aren’t you, Eiji?
/ Oh, I so wanted to see you panic. This is the best day ever! <eighth note>

You did all this to let me know, right?


H—Hey, wait! Stop acting like this is all about you! / <small: You’ve obviously got it all wrong. >
I just wanted to test to see how well the connection works…

p5: =======================================
Anyways, I have to keep Sena safe, even if it means I have to kick Hiiragi’s ass!
[inset]: Are you even listening?!

Listen to me when I speak!



p6-7: =======================================
Colonel! We are investigating the site of the explosion. We believe there are enemy intruders.
Understood. I will now take command of Dazaifu from here!
Our objective is to repel the intruders!

They’re preparing for war---?!!

Look, it begins.
/ And Rin?


p8: =======================================

…Hm. So many familiar faces.
Ah, I see. You are former members of the Hoshimiya Agency, no?

You bitch….
We’ll save that for later.

p9: =======================================
You’re the boldest spy I’ve seen. Sever the connection… is what I’d like to say, but first, there’s something I’d like to ask.
[inset]: Why is she playing a videogame?
[sfx]: Click click
Where in the underground area is the enemy?

Huh? How would I know? All I heard is that they’re invading from underground…
All right. We’ll settle things underground. Send the troops!
[sfx]: Click click

Huh?! Hey! <small: Cough >
So, she’s a double agent…

p10: =======================================
The basement of the Dazaifu Offices, / 2F Block

So then.
This warpgate Juubee formed by severing space will only last about 15 minutes.

So we have to rescue Hoshimiya Sena before time runs out, huh?
Secret Police Section 6, / Hyakki Momotarou

Can you hear me, Momotarou-kun? <eighth note>

p11: =======================================
All further orders will be transmitted through this, so make sure you don’t miss anything. <eighth note>
Roger that, Hatori-cchi

I’ve got plenty of ogres!
[inset]: OGREDRIVE!!!
[box]: OGREDRIVE: His power lets a hundred ogres dwell within his flesh. He bears the power and souls of a hundred ogres. His wish was to defeat evil.

p12: =======================================
First Lt. Fran went ahead and headed underground, but in the chaos we’ve lost contact with him.
Lt. Colonel Kunou headed after him, but we don’t know if she’ll make it in time…


Calm down, Eiji. Panicking won’t accomplish anything.
And Ayahito’s ability to leap through space is on cooldown.

The question is, why is Gen’nai trying to abduct Sena?

You can’t be sure it’s my old man…

p13: =======================================
I understand that a lot of stuff happened between you and my old man.

The dad I remember was just some guy who liked bonsai trees.
This’s gotta be a misunderstanding. I can’t make heads or tails out of this… It doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve spent the last ten years thinking that I killed my old man,
that he was caught up in the Calamity!

p14: =======================================
All I want to do is save Sena!
I’ve had enough talking about the Great Calamity!

Eiji’s father…?

An easy victory for an ogre!

p15: =======================================
Sena’s in trouble, and I’m stuck here doing nothing?!


p16: =======================================
Close one!
L… Laser beams?!

If your objective is not battle, but abduction, then Raidou’s Sleeping Sheep won’t be very useful.
That’s a little annoying.

Looks like I’ve got to take you out myself!

Colonel, we’ve restored the feed from the monitors in the underground facility! Displaying now!

p17: =======================================

Curve Ray‼!
[box]: {
Curve Ray
Mari’s ability, which lets her control light. She can use her light to produce laser beams, optical camouflage, view distant objects, and more.
Possessing poor eyesight, her wish was to see the light.

p18: =======================================
Lost contact with the enemy!

We’re fine. We have countless cameras positioned underground.

We’ll find him soon, and he can’t escape Mari’s lasers!

Lt. Colonel Kunou! He’s 45 degrees above you, at your 2 o’clock!

p19: =======================================

He’s gone…?

Lt. Colonel, he’s at your 6….
No—below you, at your 2!

Hey, she can’t hit him!
Nope, she’s not hitting him.

p20-21: =======================================
/ The enemy is 20 meters from the area where Sena-sama is sealed in!
He’s arriving now‼!

This is strange….
He was attacked at the speed of light, from his blind spot.
So how did he dodge?

Is it his ability?


p22: =======================================
I can’t count on them…
/ but if I can get to where Mari can hear my voice, I can control her. If I go now, I’ll—
Wait, Eiji.

I understand you’re confused.
We certainly did use you and drag you into this.

But right now, both of us want to protect Sena! We’re on the same side!

p23: =======================================
What are you saying…?

[paper, handwritten]: Eiji, calm down. Everything said here is being transmitted to the enemy. That’s how he predicted and evaded our attacks.


[paper, handwritten]: Odds are the info’s going through Rin’s monitor. There must be some device set up in her room.


p24: =======================================
It would be easy to sever the connection with Rin, but that would be unwise.
/ …Understand?

Assist me, Eiji!

Hey, Iyo!
/ Open up!

We’re under attack! Hurry up and get ready—

p25: =======================================
It won’t work. Eiji-sama,
/ Colonel…
Your plan…. It’s going to fail.
[sfx]: Huff Huff

Hatori! I’m in front of the door; your next order, sir.
Just wait there. The enemy’s taking action.

Hiiragi’s deduction was correct.

p26: =======================================
Hatori had prepared a number of cameras in Rin’s room in this facility.
He had anticipated the possibility of Rin contacting Eiji.

The PS Vina he gave Rin doubled as a bug.

From how Hiiragi and his team behaved,
[lower right]: You’ve been found out. Move, please.
[upper left]: You’ve been found out again.
Hatori could inform Momotarou each and every time his location was discovered.

Which meant he couldn’t overlook Eiji’s next move, either!

p27: =======================================
Mari, take a shortcut to the right and fire your laser‼!

----Again, you shout… Are you trying to surprise us by controlling Lt. Colonel Kunou directly?!
But when you’re being eavesdropped on, there’s no point.

Momotarou-kun, a laser’s coming at you from below and to the right. <eighth note>
Copy that. The right, then, Hatoricchi?!

Piece of cake…..

p28: =======================================
Grenade launchers?‼


p29: =======================================
Why…?! When did you give the order for soldiers to cut him off?!
Was Eiji-kun’s order a decoy?!

Did he shout…

in order to hide Hiiragi’s voice?!

They’ve realized we’re eavesdropping on them…!

p30: =======================================
We did it…
Now we can keep Sena safe…

p31-32: =======================================
<no text>

p33: =======================================

Sorry ‘bout this, Eiji.

p34: =======================================
/ Fran…?‼
Communications have been cut off! I can’t display video!

We’ve simply progressed from Plan A to Plan B. That’s all.

Fran…? No, that’s not it.

Who the heck are you?!
Give us back Sena!

Give her back? What an odd thing to say.

p35-36: =======================================
Then and now, you and Sena are important Parts of mine necessary for the Great Calamity.



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#1. by moubou ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2014
Thank you, I'm Translate this Manga into Arabic, I've stopped at chapter 13, but now i shall complete it

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