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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 19

Chapter 19

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 23, 2014 02:44 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 19

*for Rycolaa Scans

p1: =============================================
[right sidebar]: I’ll draw every inch of you.

p2: =============================================
<no text>

p3: =============================================
<no text>

p4: =============================================
The sandbar only shows itself twice a day, at low tide.
And at this season, only for an hour at a time.

Only an hour?

It’s a good seven or eight thousand meters away…
If we went over, I’m not sure we could get back in time.

Y—Yeah, you’re right.

Low tide today’s supposed to be at 3:30.
Guess we gotta wait five hours.

p5: =============================================
Nishiguchi-san, look out. It’s the guys from yesterday.

p6: =============================================
L—Let’s run.
I don’t think they noticed us.
But it’s still clearly dangerous.

Let’s just act natural
and walk off to the left.

p7: =============================================



p8: =============================================
Hold up, dammit‼

We’ve been discovered‼

p9: =============================================




p10: =============================================



p11: =============================================

p12: =============================================
<no text>

p13: =============================================
What just happened to my body?

If I landed on asphalt, something’s got to be broken.


p14: =============================================

p15: =============================================
Enough of yer damn moanin’, ya bastard‼

What are ya t’ Ishidou?!

p16: =============================================
Wh—What am I…?
Just a friend…

Fucking hell. They got away.
Bro, what about him?
Wanna make him clean up the damn place for us?

Thump / Thump

p17: =============================================
We gotta get four-eyes back out here, so….

So why don’t we beat the crap outta our captive,
then done take a picture o’ him like we did with the street venders yesterday?

No, umm….
Shut yo trap and get in‼
I—I’m just, err….

p18: =============================================
Now wait right there‼

What sort of man aiming to write shonen manga
wouldn’t save his friends?
I do own every volume of One Piece.

p19: =============================================

I’m terribly sorry!

p20: =============================================
Please forgive us!
Look at me like this!

p21: =============================================
Bro, that’s Dad’s car what’s drivin’ up‼

What a pain…

Get outta here ‘fore you change your mind!
You’re lucky you ain’t dead right now‼

p22: =============================================
I see your mugs again, you’re goin’ home in body bags.

[sign]: Hirano Inn

p23: =============================================
Huh….? Is everyone all right?

M—Miraculously, we’re all unharmed.
My apology was styled perfectly.
I do own every volume of Dogesen.

What about you, Fushimi-kun?

I—I’m fine, too, I guess…

p24: =============================================
I was thrown to the ground, but we were on sand.
And I was wearing a down jacket.


Maybe we should call the police, or something.

Nah; even if we make a big deal out of things… It’s all over now.

But still, I’m proud of you for going back.
Taki-kun told me to…
Well, it wasn’t like we could leave Fushimi-kun by himself.
And nice job getting on your hands and knees like that.

p25: =============================================
I—I’m sorry.

Endurance is a manga artist’s capital.
This is what happens when you don’t regularly train.

You bastard! You’re the one who ran off by yourself‼

Well, why don’t we change things up and have lunch?
It’ll be my treat--I brought a credit card.

How about the shop nearby the lady running the inn recommended?
You’re coming, too?

p26: =============================================
I—I’ll pass. I’m not really hungry.

It’s hard to get back on your feet…..

p27: =============================================
I’ve never really been in any fights, sibling ones notwithstanding.
I never thought, coming here, that I’d run into this.

It’s like all the scenery on the island suddenly changed….

Fuck Matagi-san!
Fuck Otaki-san!
Fuck Umihime!

Fuck God‼


p28: =============================================
I wasn’t very hungry either,
but I bought some bread. You want some?


It’s from the store where I work.
But it’s just an old cozy place owned by a grandpa and grandma.

p29: =============================================
Mm…. It’s good!

Is this ogura and margarine?!

Ogura and margarine are the soul foods of people from Aichi‼

Huh? Really?
I guarantee you that’s where the elderly couple got their idea.

Oh, sorry; I forgot to buy a drink….
But I did get a mandarin… You want it?

A mandarin?

p30: =============================================
Oh yeah; the two of us ate mandarins together back at Nishigaitsu-sensei’s house, too.

Oh, thanks.

p31: =============================================
Why is it…
Why do I feel so satisfied when I’m with Ishidou-san?

p32: =============================================
You’re not going to Umihime Island?

Nope. I really don’t want to go anywhere near there.

Why would Ishidou-san feel that way….?

What about you, Fushimi-kun?

M—Me? I…

I see your mugs again, you’re goin’ home in body bags.

p33: =============================================
Those brothers are from the family in charge of Umihime Island, right?
Looks like it.


If you want to know what has gotten you so excited,
go to Umihime island.

<sfx> Gulp

I—I thought maybe I’d sneak in, or something….

p34: =============================================
You’re sure eating a lot.
And he’s casually eating even more expensive food than Nishigaitsu-sensei’s.
He’s got a royal seafood platter….

Oh, I’ve seen this guy on TV a lot lately.

Our Father in Heaven protects us.
[top]: Ryukyu’s strongest medium, playing his message of healing on the shamisen.
[bottom]: Spiritual Master – [the name is cut off]

I wonder if Rin-chan’ll wind up like that herself someday.
No… Rin-chan really doesn’t want to become like that.

p35: =============================================

Rin-chan, I never knew you were a medium!

p36: =============================================
Stop it, Higeta-kun.
That’s a secret on this island.

I want to draw a horror manga that’s beyond anything the world has seen.

There’ll be ghosts, youkai, UFO’s, elements from ancient culture…
Doesn’t that stuff just get you excited?‼

Please, let me tell you my story!

p37: =============================================
I am not a tool to satisfy your curiosity.

It’s nearly low tide.
What’ll we do?

What do we do…?
If we run into them again, I think they’ll really kill us.

p38: =============================================
We have to go, right?!
If we don’t go to Umihime Island now, we won’t have another chance for seven years!

p39: =============================================
The path’s…..

p40: =============================================

One of the people from the inn told me that,
since there’s been so many typhoons this year, the sand’s been washed away, so no sandbar.
And it’s been raining since yesterday.

I don’t think we can cross….

If you take one step off the sandbar, the sea around it’s dozens of meters deep.
/ And the current’s fast. Even an adult might drown in it, if he screwed up.

p41: =============================================
If we can’t cross, what happens to the ceremony?

We can’t done have an accident. No observers will be allowed to cross.
However, someone from the ancient family must make their way across to handle the ceremony…

p42: =============================================
It’s cold‼

Pops, it ain’t happenin’‼
We ain’t crossin’ this without boots‼

Perhaps this is the result of global warming.
This ain’t never happened before.
Even Venice, the capital of water, will submerge soon.

All the big adults are just sittin’ around.
Bitchin’ and moanin’ won’t get anything done.
And it’s rainin’, too.

p43: =============================================
I just gotta put the rice cakes there, right?
I’ll just take the court lady there and back.


Don’t do what you did 7 years ago, even if it costs you your life!

p44: =============================================
Tch. You retard.

It’s so cold.
Like I’d do anything with this fugly…..
Freakin’ Umippi’s hotter than her.

Maybe we should done wait a bit longer?
No; the tide will soon begin to rise.
Even if the way is wet, he must get movin’….

Oooh, it’s chilly….
I wish we could do something about this rain.

It’ll stop soon.

p45: =============================================

And to think you said you didn’t want to come. What changed your mind?

p46: =============================================
There was the incident this morning.
I guess I was worried.

Rin-chan, what do you think?
Doesn’t Umihime Island have a bload-soaked history of thysía?

p47: =============================================
I dunno…..

Rin-chan, did ya see somethin’?

There’s no way anyone can cross without a raincoat and boots~.

p48: =============================================
It’s fine. We can cross!

p49: =============================================
<no text>

p50: =============================================
Hey, wait!


p51: =============================================
<no text>

p52: =============================================
It was such a mysterious sight.

Waves aren’t supposed to all be the same shape.
Some are small, while others are long.

And some are large enough to mercilessly cover the whole path.


p53: =============================================
Ishidou-san walked quickly at times,

and occasionally stood still,

but never seemed like she was in a rush
while the distance between her and the island grew ever smaller.

p54: =============================================
It was like she already knew what kind of waves would come.


p55: =============================================
Is this the time to just stand around watching?
If a high school girl can so easily cross, then so can we. Let’s go!
You’re taking charge again?

We’re goin’, too!

Ah—the spectators are startin’ to…
We have no choice; there’s no time. We’ll force our way!

p56: =============================================


Are you all right, Umippi?!

Shit! I just had this cleaned, too.

You look like you’re terrified.
I—I can’t swim.

p57: =============================================
I bet Ishidou-san’s Converse All-Stars aren’t even wet.

When did it stop raining?
It’s just like Rin-chan said.

p58: =============================================
Damn. My boots are all soaked.
I’m soaked up to my shirttails.
And heck, Higeta-san, why are you wearing a suit?

p59: =============================================
Amazing! There’s giant boulders all over this island.
I never knew it was like this here.
So the boulders are the object of belief.

p60: =============================================
Ancient religious artifacts have also been excavated from this island.

I wonder if the shintai, the Hime-Iwa, or Princess Boulder, is on the other side of that torii.

Huh? Where’s Ishidou-san…..?

Oh, it looks like the ceremony’s over already.

p61: =============================================
<no text>

p62: =============================================
It’s OK. You can come out now!

He must’ve really scared you, huh.

Little time remains before the sandbar vanishes.
Let’s take a quick look at what’s here.

p63-64: =============================================
<no text>

Wh—What’s this weird-shaped rock…?
/ It engenders such a strange ambience.
It’s no weirder than your face…

I—I’m getting goosebumps.

p65: =============================================
Oh, Rin-chan!

p66: =============================================
[box]: To be continued in the August issue.

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