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Big Order 21

The Victors

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 21, 2014 14:56 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 21

Big Order 21:

p1: ==============================================
This… is Gen’nai?‼

No… That isn’t my father… He’s a fake!

Who are you, you bastard?!


p2-3: ==============================================
Subject 21: The Victors
Place: Aboard a Ship

p4: ==============================================
Eiji, I’m taking Sena back.
I won’t allow you to make the same play you did ten years ago.

[inset]: “Same play”? What play?
Our communication’s been interrupted! Attempting to reestablish!


p5: ==============================================

how’s Hoshimiya Sena?

I’m very sorry, Colonel.
/ I’ve lost contact with Sena-sama, the intruder, and Lt. Fran.
I chased after them, but they shook me.

A rift in time, huh?

p6: ==============================================
I couldn’t protect her…

They took her, right in front of me…


p7: ==============================================
<no text>

p8: ==============================================


Where… am I?

I was already moved from my uncle’s Hoshimiya Hospital to a place with lots of doctors…
/ Did they move me again?

Warm soup…
My brother must have made it.

p9: ==============================================
My brother’s always taking care of me…
It’s good…
but little by little, I’ve managed to find out what’s wrong with me.

You don’t have to worry, Sena. I’ll work something out.

I don’t care if it’s only for a little while.
As long as I can be by my brother’s side, I’m happy—


p10: ==============================================
The bowl’s…



That’s strange.

p11: ==============================================
A normal person shouldn’t be able to see my avatar…
And yet you, at the very least, were able to sense its presence?
[inset]: ?!

Hoshimiya Sena.

….Who are you?!
I am Abraham Louis Fran.

p12: ==============================================
Well, it can be annoying to be the focus of so much attention.
/ Allow me to explain.
You are going to be bartered.



Sena-sama looks well. That is splendid.
/ Then the deal is complete. Well done, Lt. Fran.


p13: ==============================================
I’m sorry, Hatori, but I’m not here to trade with you.
/ My deal’s with Gen’nai. I’ll hand Sena to him directly.
Hyakki Momotarou
Kurenai Rin
Hatori Hanzou

Are you dissatisfied with me, when I have been invested with full authority?

p14: ==============================================
Well, all right.
I suppose I couldn’t expect us to still be best of friends.

However, this will be a long journey,
so we do have one request.

What are they talking about…?!

This boat is traveling from Hiroshima to Kobe by way of Awaji Island.

Sena and Fran rendezvoused here with a Secret Police squad that included Rin.

[sign]: Women’s Bath

p15-16: ==============================================

Sena-chan, your hair’s so pretty.

I try to talk to her, but she still ignores me….

Please allow Lt. Kurenai to care for Sena-sama’s personal needs.
What am I, your gopher?

p17: ==============================================
My brother
/ caused the Great Calamity….
and declared war on the whole world?

/ And I will defeat him.
It sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Let me wash your hair for you, Sena-chan.

p18: ==============================================
This is Hoshimiya Sena—Eiji’s little sister.
/ what are you putting on your head?

Huh? I can’t wash it unless I do this, so…
She seems like a weak-willed, unfortunate little girl.

I guess that’s not what I was expecting.

You know how there were civil wars all over the world after the Great Calamity, right?

p19: ==============================================
I heard Fran lost his wife and two kids in those battles.

And he obtained the power to stop time
/ trying to save his dying family.

But in the end, they still died?
They did.

Apparently, he’s selling you in this deal, and in exchange
his wife and kids will be brought back to life.


p20: ==============================================
Eiji’s the bad one here.
Your brother deserves death.


What are you doing?!

p21: ==============================================
What did you expect? We told you, “Well done.”
We have Hoshimiya Sena.
/ Which means you are no longer necessary!

I can only stop time for up to three people—

—and you’re employing legions of demons. There’s too many…!

p22: ==============================================
I knew that betraying the Dazaifu Government wouldn’t guarantee they would grant my wish…!
/ I knew that.
But still…


I took the risk!

You’re wrong.

p23: ==============================================
Kurenai Rin,
you cannot achieve vengeance against my brother.

p24: ==============================================

Trying to take over the world, for me? There really are no limits to your stupidity, brother of mine.
He’d probably just love to die for me. We have to stop him!

I know my brother would die satisfied…
Would such a death give you the vengeance you desire?

What?! When did she start—
D—Do you even know what you’re saying?!

p25: ==============================================
Settle down! You’re sick!
Saying that to me’s bad enough,
/ but if you try that kind of sophism with anyone else, you’ll get yourself shot!

/ I suppose I would.

p26: ==============================================

Momotarou-kun, let us pause our battle.
Sena-san’s finished her preparations.

Don’t come outside—there’s a battle going on.
Stay in your room!

p27-28: ==============================================
You’re a coward, aren’t you?
That’s why you’re going to let your wife and kids die.


p29: ==============================================
……Move. You’re in the way!

I heard that Orders are the physical manifestations of a person’s Wish.
You got the power to freeze time because you wanted to postpone your family’s deaths, right?


You’re so naïve. This time, you fell for someone’s deceit and are about to die…
It’s because you tried to rely on something.
Do you want to die, bitch?!


p30: ==============================================
I don’t really care if I die.
I’ve only got three months left to live anyways.


And my brother would have less to worry about if I did die.

p31: ==============================================
Not that I’m going to.

Unlike you, I haven’t Wished.
Which means I’ll be victorious!

p32: ==============================================
How about this? We tell them that if you die, I die too.
/ That should stop them from trying anything.
In exchange, you protect me.

What’s with this girl…?!

Let’s start by meeting the enemy general.
I want to protect my brother.

You should try to achieve your wish with your own power.

p33-34: ==============================================
Won’t you be my knight, Fran?
She’s so strong…!

“Weak-willed”? I must have been nuts.
She was completely faking it!

You cannot achieve vengeance.
Even if they aren’t related by blood,

she is truly Eiji’s sister!

p35: ==============================================
Momotarou-kun, please cease trying to dispose of Fran.
Let us observe him.

She is quite a pain.

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