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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 21

Chapter 21

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 22, 2014 22:10 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin chapter 21
*for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: =================================
<no text>

p2: =================================
Oh all ye myriad gods…

p3: =================================
We humbly prayest
you partake of our offering.

p4: =================================
<no text>

p5: =================================
I can’t friggin’ believe Ishidou’s really sittin’ right here in our darn living room!!
[bg]: {
You’re disgusting.

You make me sick.
Just go kill yourself.

And now ain’t she a pretty sight in that shrine maiden getup.

Naomichi, anyone ever tell ya this?

Custom has it that court ladies don’t wear nothin’ under their skirts.


p6: =================================
She’s-She’s not wearing panties…?

p7: =================================
That chick done run off without even lookin’ at us.

You’re int’restin’…

I wanna defile that bitch,
then fuck her up.

p8: =================================
Mr. Priest?

You made a mistake during the prayer earlier, right?


I thought so.

p9: =================================
Oh, no; I don’t really know prayers that well. I mean, I am just a substitute.

It was just a feeling I had.
A—A feeling?!

But it’s fine. Nobody realized you erred.

Only the gods noticed, I’m sure.
I—I see.

p10: =================================
There’s a pretty large crowd, huh.
Well, the god-sending ceremony is the climax of the Kou-no-Mori Festival.
But I doubt Ishidou-san’s enjoying all the attention.

There they are!

p11: =================================
Ohhhhhh! She looks so good dressed as a shrine maiden!!

For someone who was suddenly chosen as substitute, she got really into it.
She looks like a regular old shrine maiden.

p12: =================================
The shrine maiden costume fits her perfectly...
No; rather…
Maybe it’s that something about how I imagine shrine maidens fits Ishidou-san to a T?

I wonder…
The word “shrine maiden” can be written with characters meaning “The Child of God.”
Here he goes again…

p13: =================================
The Child of God…

The Hand of God
The Left of God
Drops of God
The God Seven

Well, I guess the word “God” is thrown around a lot these days…

p14: =================================
That was shocking, when the priest started swinging the sword.
What is this supposed to be purifying, I wonder.

p15: =================================
Were this a regular ceremony, that would be a mystery.

However, that sword was passed down in the Inui Family, the ones in charge of Umihime Island.

Perhaps… that sword has drawn the blood of numerous court ladies!

p16: =================================
<no text>

p17: =================================
<no text>

p18: =================================
A boat?

Ain’t you a fisherman?
I—I’m just a ‘prentice…

p19: =================================
So just make sure no one finds out.
Right ‘bout now, everyone’s pickin’ up mochi in the municipal field.

If I done take the boat out on my own, Papa’s gonna kill me.

Junki, you still ain’t never slept with a woman, right?

You shut your mouth and listen t’ what I say, you’re gonna have a heckuva good time.

p20: =================================
T’ keep things from goin’ down like they did seven years back,
I’mma need a boat.

There’s a shrine maiden out there who ain’t wearin’ nothin’ under her skirts what’s waitin’ for ya.
She—She’s not wearin’ panties?

p21: =================================
Thank you for all your hard work.
[sfx]: Bow
[inset, near Rin]: It was nothing.

You weren’t much for doin’ it,
but you did a mighty fine job.

Well, after all you folks bowed your head to me…
And I figured maybe you’d actually commit seppuku, ma’am.

And the food you done treated us t’ yesterday was mighty delicious.
Ya had blowfish sashimi and fried blowfish.

We’ll be countin’ on you again come this afternoon.
Yer gonna be followin’ the priest t’ Umihime Island and performin’ a ceremony there.

p22: =================================
Oh, don’t your mama run the perm shop?

Ah, yes, she does.
The perm shop?

Maybe I’ll head down there sometime soon.
/ Gotta go thank yer mama.

But raisin’ a girl without a man around the house’s tough. Yer mama’s a mighty fine woman.
And this li’l ol’ lady’s always wanted to try havin’ dreadlocks.

She was raised just by her mother…?

Oh, Fushimi-kun!
Where’s everyone else?

p23: =================================
They went to Mt. Koujin.
I was going to go run after them.
You went to check out the stalls?

Yeah. I was trying to find something that’d be a good souvenir for this island,
but I couldn’t find anything, so I got this.
[bag]: Happy Three Kingdoms

Oh! Maybe I should go, too. I’ve still got some time before I have to go to Umihime Island.
You wanna go, Akane-chan?
I’ve gotta be watchin’ over the house.
And I’m tired o’ standin’ on my feet.

p24: =================================
I really don’t like looking like this. I stand out so much.
It’s kind of fresh, personally. It’s not often you get to walk alongside someone dressed as a shrine maiden.

I’m not a shrine maiden.
I’m a court lady.
Oh, right, yeah.

[sfx]: Heart pounding

They’ve been talking to me a lot since yesterday.


p25: =================================
The court ladies who went over to Umihime Island.

Y—You can see them?

They’re all around us right now.

Q—Quit it.
That’s too scary, even as a joke.

p26: =================================
Don’t worry. I’m protecting everyone so no one gets possessed!


Some of them were happy when they crossed over to Umihime Island…
because they were dying for the sake of the village.

p27: =================================
[sfx]: Ringgg

Nishiguchi / We’re at Matagi-san. Where are you?

p28: =================================
There’s always a breeze here, huh?
It feels nice.
I can’t believe there was a dark side to all this, one with human sacrifice.
It’s true. Of that we can be certain.

Oh, Ishidou-san.

Last night,
you said the Kou-no-Mori Festival didn’t originally involve human sacrifice. What was it like before then?

p29: =================================
They provide food, fire, tools,
/ clothes, and homes to people…

The ancients were extremely thankful to them…
And because they respected them, they didn’t take any more lives than necessary.


A soul dwells in every tree, every drop of water, every stone.

p30: =================================
Wah~~~! I love stuff like that~~. It’s like something out of a Ghibli movie!!
Though my favorite film is “My Neighbor Yamada-kun.”

A soul dwells in everything: a primitive belief.
Then the origins of the festival must truly lie around the Joumon era.
I want to listen to Ishidou-san speak, not you.

Did the people back then desire a festival
so they could have a dialogue with those souls?

It was about reincarnation.

p31: =================================
They prayed that the souls of everything they had touched, everything that blessed them, was sent to the other world,
and that those souls would be reincarnated once more back in this world.

Long ago, eons before the island was called Umihime Island,
people would go there to pray before the Snake’s Head.

Mmm… Umihime Isalnd is known as the Entrance to the Spirit Realm.
Such a ritual would be fitting.
[sfx]: Pissed off

The flesh is nothing more than a vessel for the soul.

p32: =================================
Through death and resurrection,
every soul circulates eternally between this world and that one!

That was the theme of Sawamura Eichi’s TORUS!!

p33: =================================
That would be the Buddhist worldview of the circle of transmigration.
Though people may die, they will be reborn.

That would certainly be a masterpiece.
Too bad we never got to read it.

p34: =================================
Fushimi-kun, you think we’re ever going to write something that grand?
Right now, I’m predominantly focused on more erotic stuff, so…

It was to be grand and majestic, but also personal.


It wasn’t going to be something you could just sit in front of your desk and think up,
nor something that smelled only of paper and ink.

p35: =================================
The old man in the glasses…
was aware of all the lives he had lived as so many different people.


What? How interesting!!
/ You have to tell me more!!

I’m sorry. I have to get going.

I have to go to Umihime Island for the ceremony; what about all of you?
No, thanks. That island’s scary.
And my muscles can’t take much more.

p36: =================================
Rin-chan, what about those brothers?
I’ll be fine. There’ll be plenty of adults all around me.
Let’s meet again afterwards, when we’re sprinkling mochi on the public grounds.

…But still, you gotta love seeing a girl in a shrine maiden outfit.

[sfx]: Stare

p37: =================================
Ishidou-san, what is it?

Take this as your souvenir of the island.

I—I can’t! It’s forbidden to take even a single branch, or a blade of grass, or a pebble!

Don’t worry. I’m saying it’s fine.
[inset]: Here.
Wh—What sort of logic is that?!!

p38: =================================
[inset]: Then I’ll see you later.

A pebble, for a souvenir?
Isn’t that bad, Fushimi-kun?
Don’t come running to me if you get cursed.


p39: =================================
But still, that girl truly has tremendous talent.
Wasn’t there still more you wanted to ask, Taki-kun?

Did I really have a past life?
I want to ask what my past self did.
It’s so romantic~.

To be blunt,
I want to ask whether I should keep doing manga, or should I take on the family business?

Hmm… There are certainly a thousand and one things I’d like to ask.

p40: =================================
Well? What do you want to ask about?!
Ghosts? Ancient Culture? The mystery of the pyramids?!

Yes, I would certainly like to shine light on the mysteries of the world…
But I want to begin by asking…
“When will I get a girlfriend?”!

That would be your question.
What about you, Fushimi-kun?
M—Me? I…

p41: =================================
Sorry. I’m going to take a peek in the local museum of history and crafts.
I’m looking for traces of thysía.

Oh, I thought I’d head up to the waterfall.

Then we’ll all head off on our own?
/ I’m going to head back to the inn and have Nishi-chan give me a massage.

What about you, Fushimi-kun?

Oh, I’ll go wander around the street stalls, or something

Okay. Let’s all meet up on the public grounds at half-past four!

p42: =================================
With that, let the people of each ancient family go to their respective holy grounds!!

p43: =================================
My, he done looks like a crook.
Japanese blades are really dangerous.
[sfx]: Whispering

[inset]: Wassup?

I heard Ishidou was dressed up as the shrine maiden.

They practically begged Rin-chan to be the substitute.
They done almost cried, even.

My old man was talkin’ with some of his fishin’ buddies.
They were sayin’ she’s way better than the previous court lady, and maybe the prettiest one in history!

Wow. Was the previous court lady that pretty?

p44: =================================
‘Parently. But she’s done passed away.

Listen. Pop’s on the executive committee this year, so he’s darn busy.
Once the ceremony at the Hime-Iwa’s all wrapped up, he oughtta dash straight off the island and head towards the municipal grounds.

p45: =================================
Then, the only folks headin’ to the Inner Shrine
will be the priest, the court lady, and us, brother.

The Inner Shrine?

They shut out all the tourists from seein’ that place. It’s where they offer the final prayers.

p46: =================================
There she is!

p47: =================================
I look forward to working with you!


p48: =================================
What? The original court lady recovered?!

We gave her an IV, and she done got her spirits back!

She’s got mighty fine endurance, as you’d expect from an unladylike girl who drives a dump truck!
I—I see.
Well, Rin-chan’s probably relived.

[inset]: Heave-ho.
After forcin’ her to bear that burden for me, I’m gonna have to fix her up somethin’ mighty nice.

p49: =================================
How about it, Nishigaitsu-sensei?
We’ve come all the way here, so let’s invite Rin-chan to go to the street stalls with us?!

You just don’t want to massage me anymore, do you?
N—No, of course that’s not it…

Well, that’s fine.
I want to eat the soul food of Caribbean street stalls: Jerk Chicken.



Did that girl done leave her bag here?
Wait, did I escort her this mornin’ to the community center with only the clothes on her back?
[inset]: Tee-hee

p50: =================================
But still, do you think we can cross today, too?
There’s a lot less people here to see than I thought.
Some have scattered to all the other holy grounds.
I gotta go poop.

In the end, I wound up coming.

p51: =================================
If you want to know what has gotten you so excited,
go to Umihime island.


p52: =================================
I thought you’d come.


p53: =================================
<no text>

p54-55: =================================
<no text>

p56: =================================
Brr, it’s cold!!
This is awful bad!!

[inset]: Dammit. / It’s like this today, too…
I really don’t want to do this.

The court lady this mornin’ was such a pretty thing,
it’s kind of a shame.
There’s nothing here to regret.

I’ll be happy if we can get this festival off without a hitch.

p57: =================================
Nao-chan, the plan’s wasted.
[sfx]: Pissed off

Want me to go call Junki, tell him not t’ send out a boat?!

Tch. Make the call!!

Too bad. The guy was pretty pumped up his own self.


p58: =================================

The boat goes as scheduled.
Tell him t’ wait fer my signal!

p59: =================================

If you don’t follow close behind me,
you’ll get soaked.

p60: =================================
[box]: To Be Continued in the October issue.

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