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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mayonaka no X Giten 1

The Eighth Guestroom

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 24, 2014 14:39 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Mayonaka no X Giten 1

p1: =====================================
Hey, hey, who’s your favorite member of BKR?
Well, it’s gotta be their unshakable frontwoman, Mikuriya Mikuni! Miku-Miku for life!!
Yeah. She’s so cute, and always smiling, and with that personality, she’s the cream of the crop.

Hey, Kamiya, what about you?
/ I don’t really care about that sort of thing.

I hate girls.
Kamiya Hiroki (17)

You’re saying you don’t want to go out with a girl, or kiss one, or anything?!
Not in the slightest.
/ If I had to say, I…

p2-3: =====================================
I wish I were a girl.

Mayonaka no X Giten (Midnight Cross Method)
[lower left]: Written by Yamaguchi Mikoto / Art by BAREISHO
[yellow box]: #01: The Eighth Guestroom
[white text, vertical]: Who will knock / on the door of fate?

p4: =====================================
…Wait, Kamiya, you swing that way?
Seriously? Now that you mention it, he is in the karate club. It’s all men there.
[sfx]: Slide
I… I’m heading home. I have stuff to do.
No he’s not.
/ You know how his big sister’s living at his house? Apparently, because of her he had to quit the club.

Yes. My sister is…

Nee-san, I bought everything.
I got the kalbi lunch from Seven-Eleven, the chicken from Family Mart, and the Swiss rolls from Lawson…

[text bubble]: Good job…
[box]: A NEET.
[sfx]: Ratatattat
[lower-left box]: Kamiya Yui (24)

p5: =====================================
You know, Dad might be out on a business trip, but that doesn’t mean you should go around the house looking like that.
Could you try to act like a girl—
There you go again. “Act like a girl”—what is this, the 50’s? Stop being so chauvinistic.

More importantly, I’m starving. Feed me~.
[sfx]: Aaaaaaaa
Huh?! Eat it yourself!

Whoa, you’re narrow-minded for a boy.
/ And to think you used to always cling to me, saying “Onee-chan, Onee-chan”~
[sfx]: Aa~
Sh… Shut up! That was a long time ago!

A long time ago~? Wasn’t the last time you bathed with me in eighth grade? And you even touched my bre—
OK... OK, I’ll do it!

[sfx, little]: Munch munch
[sfx, big]: Boom / Bang

p6: =====================================
[sfx]: *Tap*
Month O / Day X. Hiro’s NEET Sister Observation Diary

My sister was as worthless as ever today.

My mother in heaven must be crying that her daughter, who looks so much like her, wound up like this.

Looking at her, I keep thinking,

I wish I were a girl.
[sfx]: Yawn
I mean, girls obviously have it way easier.
Even someone as hopeless as her has me, a guy, to watch over her!

p7: =====================================
[sfx]: Tap

[inset]: Hmm…
I know I’m pissed…
/ but maybe I went a little too far…

Let me just delete this…
Shit! There’s already a response.

Hiro-sama, every day I enjoy reading your blog.
I can sympathize with having a worthless big sister, and I’m also a little jealous.
…..Jealous? Of me?

Furthermore, I have some information that I believe you will be happy to hear.
[sfx]: Slide…

You can become
a girl.

p8: =====================================
If you happen to be interested,
please visit the URL below by 11 p.m. tonight.

[sfx]: Heh…

How absurd…
[sfx]: Creak
Like I’m dumb enough to fall for such an obvious scam.


p9: =====================================
[sfx]: Swing!
What’s wrong, Nee-san?!!

Save me, Hiroki…!!

I’ve never seen my sister this terrified…
[sfx]: Trembling
…What’s wrong? Did something happen?

Th-There! In the sofa!!
…Is something in there?!

p10: =====================================
[sfx]: Rustle

[inset]: Waaa

[sfx]: Pound!
[inset]: Oh!

How many times have I told you—you have to take out the garbage!!
Tomorrow, you better clean this place up properly!!
[sfx]: Growling

I’m going to bed!
[sfx]: Grab!

p11: =====================================
Don’t go.

S—Stay here until I fall asleep… No, until morning.
[sfx]: Step…
Why?! I have school tomorrow!
Th… Then…
/ Let’s sleep together?

p12: =====================================
Huh? Wh… What are you saying?
You always used to silp into my bed!

Besides, men have it easier than women.
Now do what I say!


Like I said!
/ Men have it easier than women,
so you should do whatever a girl says!

…….You’re kidding me…
Girls obviously have it way easier…

p13: =====================================
You, a boy,
could never understand how hard it is to be a girl.

Then you don’t understand a man’s problems,
you girl.

H... How would I know?!
But men definitely have it easier!
/ Heck, if I could, I’d love to be a boy!!

[sfx]: Pissed…

Now you’ve said it!!
[sfx]: Heavy steps

[sfx]: Slam!

p14: =====================================

Who’d want to be a boy?!
“You can become a girl,” it said.
/ It’s not like I believe those words.

If I click this link, something bad’ll probably happen.
/ Some scam, or a virus…
But I couldn’t care less about that.

I just needed an outlet for my anger.
It was basically out of spite.
So, what’s going to come up?

We’ve been waiting for you, Hiro-sama. / With you, there are now exactly eight people.

p15: =====================================
Eight is the minimum number of people necessary in order to perform this ritual. Now, eight have entered.
Each of you has become dissatisfied with your current circumstances
/ and wished you could become someone else.

We will grant that wish
/ by exchanging your souls and bodies.
What? How…?

The method is simple. First, print out the image you see on your screen.

At midnight, simply press it against your forehead and close your eyes.

p16: =====================================
That will suffice to take away your soul from your body and insert it into the body of another participant.
Those who wish to men, pick white; those who wish to be women, pick red.

White? Red…? What are they talking about?
Now that you have read this text…

we ask that you ensure you participate.
Were the number of participants to unexpectedly become insufficient, the souls of those who do participate will be fated to eternally wander this realm.

We’re sure you’re nervous, but please, relax.
/ This time, we have arranged such that you will be forcefully returned to your own bodies after two hours.
[sfx]: Sigh
…So in other words, I’ll only get two hours to experience being a girl…

p17: =====================================
…No. What am I, an idiot?
[sfx]: Plop
This is obviously fake.

It’s obvious…

[sfx]: Tick, tock, tick, tock...

[sfx]: Click!

p18: =====================================
D… Doors?
/ Eight doors…?

p19: =====================================
I feel…
like I really have become just a soul…

There are white doors,
and red doors…

If I enter a red door, I’ll become a girl, right…?

There’s no point hesitating now!
[sfx]: Grab

[sfx]: Swing!

p20: =====================================
…This… isn’t my room, is it?
/ And my voice is weird.
[sfx]: Slide

Could it be?
Was the exchange successful?!
[sfx]: Wave / Wave

Whoa… It’s kind of hard to move.
Mirror… Where’s a mirror…
[sfx]: Staggering

p21: =====================================
<no text>

p22: =====================================
I’m… I’m a girl.
And I’m totally beautiful, too.

Wait… Haven’t I seen this face somewhere before?
…Wasn’t this beauty spot…

I’m Mikuriya Mikuni, the idol!!

p23: =====================================
[sfx]: *Stare*…

[sfx]: Flutter

[sfx]: Poke / Poke

[sfx]: Glance <3

p24: =====================================
[sfx]: Thump…
What am I doing?

My tummy is strangely hungry…
[sfx]: Growl…

[sfx]: Empty…
Nothing in the fridge…

Maybe I’ll go out to eat somewhere!
I do want to try heading outside.

How about this?
Oh! This is kind of fun! Yeah, being a girl might really be better.
[sfx]: Spin

p25: =====================================
…But even so.

She sure lives in an amazing apartment building…
It looked like she lives on her own; does she pay the rent herself?

She had so much clothing, and it all looked expensive…

Could any guy as young as her earn this much money?
Yeah, maybe life really is better as a girl…

p26: =====================================
The world’s filled with things made for women!
Movies, foods, train cars…
[bg text, on left]: The Secret Desk
Heck, a guy can’t even use a print club machine if a girl’s not with him.

Whoa there.
Come to think of it, did I bring any money?

[sfx]: Stuffed

I wanna be this girl forever…

Time for a little extravagance!
This is my vengeance against women!
[sfx]: Heh heh heh…

p27: =====================================
Here you go!
[sign]: Ramen

Aaaaaa—mmp <3

SFX: Munch / munch / Om / nom / Yum / Yum / Crunch / Crunch

Or so I thought,
[inset]: It’s so good! / Munch, munch
but this is enough luxury for me. Besides, it’s not my money to spend.

Hey, hey, isn’t that Miku-Miku?
Yeah. I thought the same thing.
Sh… Shit.
[sfx, top]: Hah.
[sfx, lower]: Slurp

Thanks for the food. Uh, umm, I’ll leave the money here.

p28: =====================================
[sfx]: Brisk steps

Hey, cutie!
Aren’t you Miku-Miku, from BKR?

I said, hey!
This is bad… I should’ve worn at least a disguise…

Hey! I’m talking to you here!

It’s not safe for a pretty thing like you to be walking alone at this hour. Let us walk you home!
Yeah, yeah. We’re super nice, so tell us where you live~ <3

Aw, this sucks. I’m sorry, Mikuriya-san.
I’ll… try to get you your body back as unscathed as possible…

p29: =====================================
Um, excuse me.
[sfx]: Pat, pat

Do you have any business with my companion?
[sfx]: Smile
Huh? Who are you, old man?

[sfx]: Smile
[inset]: Huh?

[sfx]: *Charge*

[sfx]: Whiff

p30: =====================================
[sfx]: Grab
[sfx]: Crank!

[sfx]: Squeeze
Let go!

This guy’s strong…
My arm’s about to break…
[sfx]: Sob

We’re sorry we got in your way!!
No, no, it’s fine. Just be careful now.

I don’t know who you are, sir, but thank you very much!
/ You saved me.
[sfx]: Bow.

You don’t know who I am? That’s a mean thing to say…
[sfx]: Crunch

p31: =====================================
to your boyfriend.

My boyfriend…?
You’re kidding… Aren’t idols forbidden from falling in love?

…He’s certainly a lot older than me…
but I guess we might suit each other?

Now, let’s go.
[sfx]: Walking

Go? Where?
To your home, of course. It’s so late; let me walk you there.
It’s this way, right?

p32: =====================================
…He’s right… He knows where this girl lives.
…Which means he really is her boyfriend.

Wow, I’ve just found out a top idol’s big secret…
[sfx]: Heart pounding

Hey, girl, why’d you head out at this hour?

Oh… I’m sorry. But during the night, I got super hungry.

You did? Then, how much did you eat?
Well, I had two servings of gyouza, fried rice, and a large order of ramen… Maybe I had a little too much.

Now that won’t do. You have to tell me these things.
Why would I have to tell you?

p33: =====================================
You’ll have to have nothing but water for two days.
You went over your limit by over two thousand calories.

How many times have I told you?
You’re a special girl.

That’s why you have to maintain your beauty.
You mean, as an idol?

You look the most beautiful
/ when you weigh 42.105 kilos.
[sfx]: Bluntly
But right now, you’re over 43 kilos. That makes you a pig.
[inset]: Wh…
[inset]: What?

p34: =====================================
And your hairstyle’s all wrong.
Didn’t I tell you? You look best with high pigtails.

So why do you have your hair loose?!

Oh, I’m sorry. Did that hurt? …But you made me do it.
/ You’re didn’t do what I said.
[sfx]: Slide…
What’s with this guy? He seems less like a boyfriend and more like…

…Can I hear something…?
Isn’t that his voice?
It can’t be—his mouth’s not moving…

p35: =====================================
[going in columns here]
Miku… Miku-Miku. *Pant* Pant*
Mikuriya Mikuni’s my waifu.
Miku-Miku’s all mine.
[starting second column]: So you can’t just do whatever you want.
You have to do exactly what I want.
And if you can’t, then you need to be punished. <3
[inset]: Is this… his inner voice?!

I’m sure of it. This guy’s…
a stalker!!

p36: =====================================
[sfx]: Pow!

Ohhh… I kicked him with all of my might…
But now’s my chance. While he’s unconscious, I’ll—

[sfx]: Grab!

p37: =====================================
[sfx]: Thump!

Wh… What’s going on? I know I struck his pressure point!

Is an average girl only this strong?
I’m so weak...

Hey, now… Have you forgotten why it is you get to live in such luxury?
[sfx]: Rub / Rub

I guess you need to be punished. <3

p38: =====================================
[sfx]: Shiver…
--I’m scared!

Is this the fear a girl feels, a fear that penetrates your entire body?
[sfx]: *Teeth rattling*

I’m scared… Why… Why can’t I move?
[sfx]: Trembling

[sfx]: Grab

p39: =====================================

So I screamed. Screamed like a real girl.

I… was probably crying, too.

p40: =====================================
The next thing I knew, the man was gone…
Even so, I practically flew back to her room.

[sfx]: *Huff* x2

Hey, now… Have you forgotten why it is you get to live in such luxury?

What did those words mean, I wonder?
[sfx]: *Sigh*…

[sfx]: Slide

p41: =====================================
There were a ton of bankbooks in there.

Each of them had a different name on it,
and each of those names was male.

I’m sure Mikuriya Mikuni, a top idol,
has a secret she can’t tell anyone.

And it’s a painful one, one she can’t stand…
So she must’ve wanted to use this Ritual to become someone she’s not.

p42: =====================================
I couldn’t bring myself to trample on her secrets any further.

After all, I figured that, even if I knew those secrets,
the likes of me could never bear their weight.

[sfx]: Click

p43: =====================================

p44: =====================================

Oh… So Nee-san did wind up coming to my bed…

Now that I think about it, my sister used to be a lot more dependable.
She was brave.

But now, she’s such a scaredy-cat.
Something must’ve happened to her…

Nee-san, if something’s wrong, you can tell me.
/ I think, now, I’ll be able to listen, so…



[sfx]: Yank!

p45: =====================================
<no text>

p46: =====================================
My sister had been murdered

by my own hand.

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