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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mayonaka no X Giten 2

The First Suspect

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 25, 2014 03:56 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Mayonaka no X Giten 2

p1: =====================================
Oh, Father? Sorry to call you so late.
/ I’ve got a bit of problem.

/ That’s right. It suddenly broke.

Yeah… Yeah. I want it as soon as possible, though.
That’s right. The model I want is kind of expensive, so I thought I’d talk to you first.
Thanks. Then I’ll go buy...

p2: =====================================
A new, large refrigerator.

p3: =====================================
When are you coming home next, Father?
/ Next month…? A full month from now.
No, I’m fine. Focus on your work.

See ya…
[sfx]: Beep

[sfx]: Flip

Nee-san, what…

p4: =====================================
What should I do?
[sfx]: Thump
[sfx]: Slide…
Midnight Cross Method
[inset]: How will he escape this predicament?!
Written by Yamaguchi Mikoto
#02: The First Suspect

p5: =====================================
My sister’s been murdered…
[sfx]: Slump
I know I should call the cops immediately.

But… I can’t.
[sfx]: Squeeze
After all, I already know the culprit.

The murderer
was me.

Well, it’d be more accurate to say it was whoever was using my body,
but there’s no way the police would believe that.

p6: =====================================
To top that off, I’ve badmouthed my sister on my blog.
Given that… If I were the cop, I’d even suspect me.

…It’s morning?

…I have school today…

Why now…
But… If I don’t show up and someone comes to check on me, then…

p7: =====================================
Heyya, Kamiya~.

…Good morning.

Huh? I’m smiling…

I guess even now I can still put up a fake smile…
No… It’s more than that.

My sister was murdered, but I…
I haven’t even shed a single tear.

………Am I really mourning my sister’s death?
She did manipulate the heck out of me, and could be such a nuisance…
[bubble]: Kamiya-kun.
…Maybe I…

p8: =====================================
Maybe I’m actually happy she died…?

/ Hey, Kamiya-kun!

Oh… Class Rep… An’no-san.
What’s the matter?
An’no Shion
Class Representative (16)

That’s my line!
/ Are you all right?

p9: =====================================
You look awfully pale.
Huh? I do?

[sfx]: Lift

[sfx]: Stare

Don’t think you can just say whatever and fool me!
We always seem to wind up together, so I’ve known you for a long time.

Haha… I see. Well, I just didn’t get enough sleep.
You know… It’s not really my place to talk about your family, but…

Is it because of your sister?

p10: =====================================
…….What do you mean?
I mean, you know… Your sister’s holed herself up in her room for a long time now, right?
[sfx]: Whisper
[inset]: She’s a NEET, and all.
Oh, that… Yeah, I guess…

It must be rough,
having someone like that in your family.

No matter what the circumstances, sometimes the right thing to do isn’t to tiptoe around the issue.
Instead, you just have to tell it to her straight!
/ No holding back on her just because you’re her little brother!

For instance, tell her, “Because of you I have to put up with so much!” or…

“You’re a burden on our family!” How about that?

Or maybe… “Life would be so much easier if you were gone”!

p11: =====================================
There’s no way I’d really feel that way!!
[sfx]: Clatter!

Wh… What?
[sfx]: Chatter

Yeah, my sister’s worthless.
/ She’s lazy and indecent.
And yet, she’s always so full of herself…

I’ve thought over and over again how much easier it would be if she were gone…
But that’s not it… That’s not it at all…

p12: =====================================
I’ve never once truly wanted her to go away!

…I… I’m sorry.
[sfx]: Rustle
I… I didn’t mean to hurt you…

/ umm…
Don’t cry?

I’m crying…?

p13: =====================================
Oh, no, I’m sorry. I must’ve made you worry about me.

Thank you.
/ For… helping me.
[sfx]: Sniff

D—Don’t worry about it!
/ I mean, I… I’m the class representative, right?!
<small> Haha… </small> What’s that supposed to mean?

Argh! Quit teasing me!!
Thank goodness… I’m normal.
[sfx]: Squeeze

I’m normal. I get sad and cry when a family member is killed…
/ I really did care for my sister…
So I’m going to follow my sadness—along with the other emotion that’s welled up within me—

p14: =====================================
And find the person who killed my sister.

…However, how do I find them? How do I find the person who used my body to kill my sister?

Hey! I’ve got something good to show you guys!

p15: =====================================
[JP text on tickets]: Handshake Event Ticket

Takagi, there are tickets to Miku-Miku’s handshake event!

Then we’ll start at 3,000 yen. <3
You’re making us pay for them?!
You gotta be kidding!
[sfx]: Boooo

Hey, hey, who wouldn’t? How many CD’s do you think I bought to get my hands on these?
[inset]: Her tickets were given out at random!

[sfx]: Shouting
3,500 yen!
4,000 yen!

Hey, remember, these are for Mikuriya Mikuni. Do you wanna be that stingy?!
Mikuriya… Mikuni…?

Now, now, the current bid is 5,125 yen! Anyone else?
/ If no, then Daisuke’s bid will win!
[inset]: So stupid.

p16: =====================================
100,000 yen!!

I’ll give you 100,000 yen!
Sell them to me, please!

I’ve found it! I’ve found a thread leading to the culprit!

p17: =====================================
Hey… Are you really fine with giving it to me for free?

Like, I’ll pay.
I told you, it’s fine! More importantly, I’m glad.

For a guy who doesn’t like girls, you’ve sure got it bad for her.
It was kinda moving.

So? Well? Why Miku-Miku?
[sfx]: Nudge Nudge
Something must’ve triggered it, right? You can tell me~.

/ She is my one-and-only hope, so…

[sfx]: Jump back!

p18: =====================================
That’s heavy, man!!
/ You better not actually say that. You’ll disgust her.
Huh…? Oh, sorry.

But what’s with that, then? Why the giant bouquet?

You think there’s nothing more to handshaking event than shaking an idol’s hand?
…There’s more?

[inset]: Thank you, Takagi-kun.
You have to leave a strong impression so that, at the end, she calls you by name!!
Oh… I see…

So? Didn’t you bring something?
Oh… Well, I did write a letter.

You… You didn’t actually right “You’re my last hope” or anything like that in there, right?
/ That’ll get caught during inspection.
Inspection?! Someone else besides Mikuriya-san’s going to read it?

Of course! How would they know what’s in it? Her staff’s going to check every single one.

p19: =====================================
[sign]: This is not the end of the line.
[sfx]: Crowd noises
Could those with tickets for Mikuriya Mikuni’s handshaking event please enter this lane?

Each person will be given fifteen seconds.
[sfx on the right]: Crowd noises
[sfx on the left]: Heart pounding

Just fifteen seconds… Somehow, I have to give her the letter during those fifteen seconds…
Next person, please.

p20: =====================================
Hello~! I’m Mikuriya Mikuni.
Thank you so much for coming here today!

Uh… Hello, nice to meet you…
[sfx]: Squeeze
We haven’t met before, right?

No! …I don’t have time to act all embarrassed.
I have to act quick. I just tell her who I am and give her the letter.

p21: =====================================
Have you ever wanted to become someone you’re not?

Whaaaat? Mikuni’s super duper happy right now, so I’ve never had that thought.
[sfx]: Smile!
…Huh? She didn’t get the message…?

Umm… Here.
Wow! A letter? Thank you so much~!

p22: =====================================
I’ll be sure to read it later.
[sfx]: Pass

Hey, wait!!
[sfx]: Grab!

[sfx]: Noisy!

What’s written on here is really important!
I need you to read it directly!!

OK, sir, that’s fifteen seconds.
[sfx]: Snatch!

p23: =====================================
If I don’t do something, she’ll never read the letter!

H—Hey, I—I became you!

I even went in your room!
/ When you sleep, you wear a blue negligee!!

Enough of that, you pervert!!
[sfx]: Squeeze
Pervert? Me?!

Dammit! If I don’t think of something more private, they’ll just think I’m a pervert…!
There’s… There’s gotta be something…!

In a drawer
/ in your bedroom,
There’s banknotes!

p24: =====================================
[sfx]: Pow!

[sfx]: Slam!

I failed…!

Hey, Kamiya…
/ What sort of play did you make…
[sfx]: Stiffly
That she…

p25: =====================================
Are you all right?!

p26: =====================================
[sfx, top]: Chatter x2
[sfx, bottom]: Pull

May I have that letter?
[inset]: Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh

Umm… What is your name?


p27: =====================================
Kamiya… Hiroki.

I will be absolutely sure to read your letter,
Kamiya Hiroki-kun.

p28: =====================================
Dear Mikuriya Mikuni,
I am the person who used your body during that Ritual.

I’m sorry to ask this so suddenly, but could the two of us meet somewhere, alone?
And I am not asking.

I am willing to resort to blackmail.
/ Should you refuse, I shall make public information that would be disadvantageous for you, as an idol.
[sfx]: Crunch

If you don’t want that to happen, come alone tonight to the location written here.
Thank you for coming,

p29: =====================================

Not to rush you, but—
Um, can you wait a second?

Given my… position, this place is very conspicuous… I’d rather go someplace where there’d be fewer eyes on us…
I see.

Then, we can go to my house? Right now, I live there alone.

[sfx]: Nod

p30: =====================================
Hey… Are you really the only one here right now?

Yeah… No eyes are watching here, so you can relax.
I see…

Then I guess that saves me the effort.

p31: =====================================
<no text>

p32: =====================================
[sfx]: Splatter

Wh… What are you doing?!

[sfx]: Thump!

p33: =====================================
You bastard! You’ll pay for what you did!!
B… “Bastard”? Me?
You’ll pay for stealing the most important thing I have!!!

You… You think I stole… the most important thing you have?
Yes, you did!!
I’ve been treasuring that forever and ever…!!

Hey, wait… Did you lose something, too?
/ But what… What did I steal?!

And you were planning on using that information to drag me here and do something more, right?!
/ You fucking pervert!!
I’m asking you, what was it I stole?!
[sfx]: *Struggling*

p34: =====================================
My virginity!!!

Your virginity?!

That’s right!! No matter what happened, I’ve always struggled to keep at least that safe, but then!!
Then you used my body to…!!!

p35: =====================================
[sfx]: Blush…
I never…

[sfx]: Slam!

Have you calmed down a little?


But still, I never thought a “top idol” would turn out to be someone like you.
That’s just an act, obviously.
Takagi’d cry if he found out…
[handwritten]: It’s a lie!!

More importantly, tell me your story. You lost something too, right?
Well, I’m sure it was nothing compared to what I lost.

p36: =====================================
My family was murdered.

What? That wasn’t very funny…


Y… You were joking, right?

I have proof…

p37: =====================================
However… Once you see it, you can’t go back.
You’ll be accompanying me to the end of the road.


/ Show me what you’ve got.

is that…?!

p38: =====================================
My big sister.

p39: =====================================
During the Ritual, whoever it was inside my body killed my sister.

That person is one of the other seven people besides myself who participated in the Ritual.
I have to find that person, no matter what.

That’s why I had to first meet with you, the person I swapped into.
/ Then I can meet with whoever you swapped into, and then with whoever that person swapped into…
If I keep doing that, I’ll eventually run into the culprit.

…Once you find the culprit, what’ll you do?
The cops’ll never believe me if I say all our souls exchanged bodies.
/ They’ll just arrest me in the end.
/ / Which means…

p40: =====================================
I’m going to take revenge.

But let me say this—you’re still a suspect.

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