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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 28

Chapter 28

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 27, 2015 20:50 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 28

Reserved for RyColaa Scans

p0 (Cover): =========================
[vertical text]: I won’t give up on my dreams!

p1: ================================
<no text>

p2: ================================
[sfx] Flip
There really isn’t much sex in this one, huh.

I am the Special One.
If you can’t share in my mentality, things will be extremely difficult for you.

It’s not remotely like what we discussed.

p3: ================================
No, it isn’t…
[sfx]: Bathump x3

I’m sick of drawing erotic scenes…

To be honest, I don’t think I’m suited for them!
I want to compete with a more orthodox manga!

p4: ================================
[note: hand-drawn background panels are all from the last chapter]
I see…

Then you don’t need me.


p5: ================================
If you want to draw this,
[sfx]: Throw!
you don’t need an editor!

Want to draw only what you want? Then publish independently.

p6: ================================
Professional manga is a service industry.
If you want people to pay money, you have to draw what the reader wants, not what you want.

p7: ================================
Hello there?

[sfx]: Bathump x3

If you won’t accept what I have to say, then you should go to some other rag.
Luckily, some promising newcomers popped up in this round of the Sawamura Prize contest.

Heck, do you actually think you can draw an orthodox soccer manga that’s better than Gunners?
[insert]: Ooh

p8: ================================
I-I’m terribly sorry!

Keh keh keh keh‼

There’s no need to apologize.

[sfx]: Lean

p9: ================================
Erotic stuff is your strong suit!
And if you want to get serialized, this is the fastest path!

Mutou-san, I look forward to continuing to work with you!

p10: ================================
Nori-chan, you taking a bath?

If you aren’t, Grandma’s gonna get in now!

p11: ================================
[sign]: Central Women’s University

Hey, hey, Ishidou-san, want to go to the bar with us today?
Oh, I have work, so…

Then what about Friday? Or Saturday?
Sorry. I’m working both days.

p12: ================================
Take care.
/ Ishidou-san, you gotta have fun sometimes.

[signs]: Kou / dan / sha
Yeah. Looks good.

p13: ================================
That was faster than I expected. Shocking.

I can sense your enthusiasm.
That’s the Ero Fushimi Kinosuke for ya.


The editor-in-chief gave his OK, so hurry up and start inking it.
This’ll get you a leg up on Taki-kun.

p14: ================================
Roger that!

I-It itches!
Scratch it, quickly!

A-A blackout‼
Where’s the switch?
[sfx]: Boing


p15: ================================
[sfx]: Ring

Fushimi-kun, do you like omurice?

Fushimi-kun, do you like omurice?
I do. Simple ones with ketchup, not demi-glace.

In the past, didn’t my sister make omurice for me?
[sfx]: Ring

p16: ================================
I started working part-time at a coffee shop. If you come to Tokyo, you have to eat here. \(^-^)/

p17: ================================
[sfx]: Click

[sfx]: Scratch

[sfx]: Scratch x2

[sfx]: Scratch x2

p18: ================================
<no text>

p19: ================================
[apron]: Café Sandbar

I’m starving…
I went overboard on my drawings.

Norito, you must have tons of manga, right?

Have any recommendations?

p20: ================================
[sfx]: Flop
[books]: Doping Hyena / Mizuno Tooru

First, start with Doping Hyena, which is popular with girls.
[insert]: S-So many…
After that, I recommend going from The Shunpei Chronicles to Gunners!

“Mizuno Tooru”… I’ve heard that name before.

He’s the manga artist I respect the most!
I’ll never be friends with anyone who thinks he’s boring.

p21: ================================
Hmm… I’ll try reading them.
But hey, why the sudden interest?
[sfx]: Slurp

I haven’t been able to sleep lately, so…

Are you working hard on your manga?
Pretty much.
[sfx]: Gobble

Still, I am happy being able to draw manga from sunup till sundown…
[sfx]: Slurp…

But always being by myself is a bit lonely!

p22: ================================
Hey, Nori. What’s up?!

With Golden Week coming up, I’m sure you’re just wasting away your days.
[sfx]: Ping
Perfect timing. Can you give me a lift?

I need a change of pace.
[sfx]: Shaking
I did the sketchwork all in one go.

p23: ================================
[sfx]: Vroom!

I’m just drivingly along aimlessly; that good?

Yeah, just drive wherever.
I’m good just seeing the scenery flow by.

Cars are nice, huh…
Right? I can to Kiyosu Castle and Inuyama Castle.
And Hamamatsu Castle, too.
Maybe I should also get a license…

Th-That flag‼

p24: ================================
Oh! So today’s Koubou-san Day‼
That takes me back.
[sfx]: Chatter

I hear Koubou-san’s a custom only practiced around here.
Huh? Really?
How can you be out in a T-shirt?
Way back when, some relatives from Tokyo came. When I showed them around, they suffered a big culture shock.

You go to the houses with flags out…
[sfx]: Briskly


Give some coins or rice…
[sfx]: Ching

And then you get candy!

p25: ================================
Yeah! This is it! Japan’s Halloween!
As a kid, every year I couldn’t wait for this day~.
H-Hey, this is a children’s event.
Though I joined in too…

Nah; take a look around. There’s adults mixed in with the kiddies.
You’re right. Maybe it’s because our society’s aging.

What’s the source of Koubou-sama?
Though it is totally fun.
Dunno. I’m not really sure.
And you’re eating already.

p26: ================================
[sfx]: Munch

I had no idea I’d run into you out here.
What a shocker.

To be honest, since I was heading near your house I thought about contacting you, but I wasn’t sure.

p27: ================================
This here’s Katsuo.
You met him once before, at the beach; I don’t know if you remember.
I’m Katsuo.

Aren’t you cold in just a T-shirt?
This is Mai-chan.
She’s a friend from vocational school.
She comes from out here.

We went to Iwase Middle.
I was at Fukutani Middle.
Oh, so right next door.

Fushimi-kun’s the one who draws manga, right?

Until this morning, I was pulling all-nighters almost every day making my manuscript.

Wow~. What sort of manga are you working on now?

p28: ================================
The sequel to Old Boy.
Huh? Seriously? I can’t wait to read it!
I think it’ll be published in Taurus.

Oh—I have to get going soon.
I’m going out with my family this evening.
We really got around, huh.
No need to buy any candy for a while.

So then!
[insert]: Bye-bye!

[sfx]: Turn!
Oh, Fushimi-kun!

p29: ================================
Come to think of it,
there was that promise you never fulfilled.

Oh, right, that.
Yeah, yeah.

So what promise was she talking about?
[sfx]: Vroom
Well, I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of it…

But I don’t have a clue.
I managed to say something that sounded right, but…

Oh, pull over here!
[sign]: Books / DVDs / CDs / Games

p30: ================================
Gonna borrow some porn?
[sfx]: Slam
Just a bunch of British rock CDs.

[sfx]: Rustle
Here. I got you some souvenirs!

What’s with the bag full of junk food?
Today was Koubou-san’s day.

Koubou-san… How nostalgic…
Oh, and there’s this…
[sfx]: Rustle

p31: ================================
It’s collection of British rock songs I picked out.
Katsuo burned the disks for me.
[disks]: {
tic Monkeys
Bristol Th
90’s British P
60’s UK

[disk]: 60’s UK

[sfx]: Drop
[disk]: 60’s UK

[disk]: 60’s UK

These should get you pumped for your trip to the U.K.
In June, right?
[sfx]: Slowly

I don’t know if I can trust your taste in music.
[sfx]: Giggle
Y-You don’t have to force yourself to listen to them.

p32: ================================
[sfx]: Scratch x2

It’s been weeks since then…

But I haven’t heard any British rock
echoing from my sister’s room‼

And I was trying to be nice to her.
I’m not lending her another volume of manga!

p33: ================================
[sfx]: Rub x2

[sfx]: Tap tap


Old Boy: Take Flight (parts 1 and 2 a combined 45 pages) finally complete‼
[sfx]: AWW YEAH

p34: ================================
[envelope]: Tokyo, Bunkyou Ward, Otowa, 2-12-21 / Koudansha Editing Department / Mutou-sama

Express delivery, please.
Will do.

The moment! It’s here‼

Finally, the moment when I’ll leave this town.
[sfx]: Howwwwl
And I’ll be getting away from this boring scenery…

p35: ================================
<no text>

p36: ================================
[sfx]: Jerk

[sfx]: Grab

p37: ================================
[sfx]: Roar

p38: ================================

Capital Area Real Estate Info
Looking for low-rent rooms

Wh-What’s with how expensive rent is?
Out here, I can’t imagine paying this much.
[sfx]: Awah

And if I do get serialized, I’ll need a decent-sized room to work.
My war funds aren’t going to last long.
[sfx]: Ummm…

p39: ================================
But I have enough to get a place.
For now, I’ll wait till my work’s published and I get paid for the manuscript. Then—

[sfx]: Rumble x2

[phone]: Mutou-san

Fushimi-kun, sorry it took me so long to contact you!
Oh, no worries.

I don’t know how to say this,
but there was a meeting yesterday, and…

p40: ================================
it’s been decided that your manuscript will,
for the time being, be put in storage and saved until some future date.


p41: ================================
I’m sorry?
Basically… I’ll be trying to get it published if another author misses a deadline, or in a bonus issue…
But right now, I can’t make any guarantees.
[sfx]: Mumbling

Are you saying…
that Old Boy: Take Flight isn’t going to run in Taurus?

p42: ================================
That it’s basically been rejected?
[sfx]: Glance
No, not rejected, but…

Personnel were shuffled about, and we got a new editor-in-chief at the start of June.
And with a new editor-in-chief, there were some changes in direction, and…

p43: ================================
So after all the talks we had, after you gave your OK… it’s not going to run?!

Well… Maybe it was a bit much.
The entire test audience thought it was too erotic, that there was no substance.
[sfx]: Hahaha


Sorry. I have to get going now.
[sfx]: pitter-patter
There’s a meeting, so…
You’re coming to Tokyo, right? We can take our time talking about it then.

p44: ================================
[sfx]: Downpour

45 pages between parts one and two…
To be blunt, this was the hardest I’d ever worked on a manuscript.
I put my heart into it.

And it’s been…

p45: ================================
Mmm… It’s depressing enough when your storyboard gets rejected in a meeting,
but to think your completed manuscript got dumped…
I wonder if it’ll be sold to someone.

And given the reason, that’s gotta be shocking…

You know, truth is, I went to the editing department yesterday,
and Mutou-san was panicking.

Yagi-san, the old editor-in-chief, would keep throwing works he thought were interesting into the magazine.
And if he got a hit once in a blue moon, he’d celebrate his luck
In other words, random.

p46: ================================
Plus, he gave newcomers lots of chances.
[sfx]: Beep
[sfx]: Flush
It’s like a soccer club counting on a cantera, or farm team, to support the top club.

You used a soccer example because I did a soccer manga, right?
Thank you very much.

The new editor-in-chief, on the other hand…
is trying to acquire star players brought up by other clubs.

So if the former editor was like Barcelona or Athletic Bilbao, the new one is like Real Madrid?
[sfx]: Roll
Yeah… He probably filled Taurus’s weakness, erotic works, with large-scale acquisitions.

p47: ================================

[sfx]: Plink / Plop / Rumble

[sfx]: Tss

Uh, hello?
[sfx]: Downpour

p48: ================================
Wow… That’s definitely a huge shock.

He seemed pretty depressed.
And I’m down in the dumps because I dropped my phone in the toilet.

If that happened to me when I was starting out, it would’ve taken me six months—no, a year to recover.



p49: ================================
There’s been no talk about my work not getting serialized.

I mean, Taki-kun, you’re…
Well, yeah.

This might sound harsh,
/ but if a change of editor stops your work from being printed…
that might mean your manga wasn’t actually that interesting.
[sfx]: Huff

p50: ================================
Th-That’s awful‼
Yours is the logic of the strong.

I wonder if Fushimi-kun’s coming to Tokyo.

[sfx]: Downpour

p51: ================================
[sfx]: Slump

It’s been raining cats and dogs every day.

What time is it?
Already 6 p.m.?
What’ve I been doing all day?

I played games… watched anime… read manga…
Oh, the same as yesterday.
/ And the day before that, and the day before that…
[sfx]: Creak x2

[sfx]: Trickle
I’m like Nobita in real life.

p52: ================================
[sfx]: Knock knock

[sfx]: Creak
Nee-chan, I’d like my manga back.

[sfx]: Silence
Maybe she’s at the sports center…

Ackh! What’d she do to my bible?!
They’re in tatters.

p53: ================================
<no text>

p54: ================================
[disks (both panels have the same disks)]: {
Bristol Things
Arctic Monkeys
60’s UK
90’s British Pop

[disk]: 60’s UK

[disk]: 60’s UK

p55: ================================
[sfx]: Bump x2

[sfx]: Scratch

p56-57: ================================
<note: in the raws you gave me, this page is messed up>
[sfx]: Drip

[sfx]: Drip / drip

I had no idea her condition had gotten so bad…
that she can’t even listen by herself to the music she loves…

p58: ================================
[sfx]: Rub x2

[disk]: Beetles (Katsuo’s Karaoke)

[sfx]: Shine

[sfx]: Clickety-clack

[sfx]: Clickety-clack

p59: ================================
[sfx]: Clickety-clack x2


p60: ================================
<no text>

p61: ================================
[sfx]: Woof

<small text>: Turn right
<big text>: Dead End

[phone]: Fushimi-kun, are you done drawing manga?

More or less.
Good job!
You still around?
More or less.
[the small text next to Norito’s texts says “Seen”]

Do you have any time tomorrow??

p62: ================================
Let’s have you fulfill that promise you never fulfilled!


p63: ================================
Sounds good. Let’s‼

[phone]: Hang up / Answer

So, where should we meet up?

H-How about Sakae?
Oh, maybe near Meieki?
Say, in front of Nana-chan’s Dolls.

p64: ================================
Uh, no…
[sfx]: Panicking
I don’t even know where we’re going, so I have no idea where we should meet up…
Leave it to me!

So then, see you at Kanayama!

What’s the promise unfulfilled?!

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