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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 29

Chapter 29

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 15, 2015 16:15 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 29

Reserved for RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ===================================
<no text>

p2: ===================================
[phone]: Let’s have you fulfill that promise you never fulfilled!
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap x4

A promise I never fulfilled…
I don’t have the slightest idea what she’s talking about.

Today’s objective…
[sfx]: Vroom
is to somehow smooth things over.

p3: ===================================

p4: ===================================
You don’t actually remember, do you?

[sfx]: Pow!
[insert]: Back-hand blow!

Uh, err, well…
/ Sorry…
[insert]: A preemptive punch…

p5: ===================================
Well, that’s fine. I forgive you.

Now, for the real question: where do we go next?

C-Can I have a hint?
Your hint is: You made this promise in November of last year.
Umm… How about a second hint?

[sfx]: Clickety-clack x2

p6: ===================================
Oh, right‼
You remembered?

[sign]: Central Japan International Aquarium

Let’s go to the aquarium together!


/ I’d like to,
but Saturday’s a bit……
Is something up?

Yeah. I’m going on a trip.

A trip?

p7: ===================================
Didn’t we talk about it before you went on that trip with the author of “With Charles, You and Henri?”

[sfx]: Chatter

p8: ===================================
But that wasn’t really a proper promise…
Things were pretty vague…
I was wondering if you were going to bring it up.
It’s a shark!


Damn, a seal. It’s super cute!
And it’s totally sleeping!

[sfx]: Glance

[sfx]: Glance

p9: ===================================
[sfx]: Blush
What’s wrong?

Uh, nothing…
Oh, it’s almost time for the dolphin show.
Let’s go‼

p10: ===================================
[sfx]: Splash!
[sfx]: Waahhhh!

And dolphins are so smart!
/ Its IQ is definitely higher than my brother’s!

My brother could never learn these tricks.

[sfx]: Whoaahhh!
[sfx]: Flip x3
Well, I don’t think even Olympic gymnasts or Mexican luchadores could do that.

p11: ===================================
[sfx]: Clap x5

[sfx]: Clap x3

I feel like my heart’s finally at peace.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a dolphin or orca trainer.
What about you?
Me? I… I guess I wanted to draw manga.

p12: ===================================
Wow, so you’ve had the same dream since you were little.
/ Come to think of it, when’s your latest manga going to run?
Huh…? Uh, well…

[sfx]: Skip
Excuse me~! Would you mind taking our picture?

Okay, say cheese!

[sfx]: Snap!

Oh, if you want, we can take yours.

p13: ===================================
Oh, well, please.

We’ll use the night sky as your background!
Okay, squeeze together.
More! Closer‼

[sfx]: Flash!

p14: ===================================
[sfx]: Clickety-clack x2

Thanks for today!
No, thank you.
/ I’m glad I finally kept my promise.

Says the one who forgot it.
[sfx]: Kick!
[insert]: Ow!

Oh, I totally want to see that one!
[sfx]: Dash!

p15: ===================================
Yeah… Right now, I’m rewatching the TV version to prepare.
[billboard]: Magical Girl ? Lumica
[bottom of billboard]: ~Bring me the head of Gálvez‼~
The premiere’s this weekend?
I don’t have any plans…

Fushimi-kun, do you have any spare time?

Well, I have nothing but time.

Okay! Then I’ll contact you later‼

p16: ===================================
I’ve been spending every day holed up in my room,
so I feel like it’s been so long since I got a breath of fresh air.

[sfx]: Slide

[upside-down book]: urist Guide to England
[sideways book]: Trip
[can, white text]: Ume Liquor
[can, black test]: Alcohol

p17: ===================================
[sfx]: Spaced out

p18: ===================================
[insert]: It’s a cooking show!
[tv]: A healthy menu to get you through the rainy season!
The trip got cancelled.

When she went to Tokyo in April,
Asakura-san was shocked by how bad Kao-chan had gotten.

And he must’ve thought it’d be difficult to take her overseas.

p19: ===================================
My poor sister…

She was looking forward to it so much, and yet…

…Sis, you’re going to England?
[book]: ENGLAND / Travel Guide

In June.
That’s still a long ways off…
[sfx]: Lift
You’re being too eager.

She could’ve just gone somewhere nearby, like Gero or Nagashima.
No, that would’ve been…

p20: ===================================
[drink]: Yakiniku / Angelburgh

This isn’t Candid Camera, right?!
Why would anyone be filming you, an amateur?

I came in last in the Young Blue Cup…

Rank has nothing to do with this.
Seems Kitagawa-san took an eye to your artwork.

p21: ===================================
I-I can’t believe this…
[sfx]: Sizzle x2
Your meat’s getting burnt.

[manga]: Stone Fist / By Kitagawa Hajime, Art by Inukai Kenji
I read Kitagawa-san’s “Stone Fist” back in elementary school.

Though he really hasn’t had any other hits.

He’s tried writing about cooking, music, and fantasy,
/ but he says he wants to go back to his roots and write a boxing manga.

And he said he needs your passionate art to do it!

p22: ===================================
If he’s willing to work with me, I’ll work myself to death on this‼
Yeah. Try to make something of this.

/ Seriously?!

Yep. In a way, this is the effect of the new editor-in-chief!

Back in the day, Kitagawa-san was the first person the new editor-in-chief ever worked with.
And that connection led to this idea gaining prominence.

p23: ===================================
I already gave up once and was ready to go back to Kagoshima, so I’ve gotta treat this like it’s my final chance!

G-Give it your all!
But this isn’t the time to be saying that to others.

The new editor affected him…
[sfx]: Roar
completely differently than he did me…

p24: ===================================
[sign] {
The front entrance is this way

Iwase Elementary School

I’ve always wanted to become a manga artist…
The thought that I could fail never even occurred to me.

p25: ===================================
Back then, I…

p26: ===================================
I’m sorry, past me‼
[sfx]: Dash!
Right now, midday on a weekday, I’m going (with a coupon) to the super/public bath, am unemployed, and am living at home‼

[sign]: Iwase Hot Bath

[sfx]: Sigh
I’ve been in here for three hours?
I just took it easy, and…

Missed Call / Mutou-san

p27: ===================================
[sfx]: Bathump x2



Uh, yes. I’m sorry; I didn’t notice you called!

Long time no see. Doing well?
Uh… Yeah, I guess.
Hey, you got a job or anything?

You know, wanna try being an assistant?

p28: ===================================
Mizuno-san’s taking applications.


p29: ===================================
One of his assistants suddenly quit.

He’s looking for an enthusiastic youngster, even one with no experience.
And I thought, you seem like the perfect guy for the job.

There’s a lot you can learn from him; you game?

p30: ===================================

I’m sorry.

[insert]: Muto-chan!
I see…
Well, yeah… Come to think of it, you still haven’t come to Tokyo.

I’ll ask elsewhere. Take care!

p31: ===================================
I was so cheeky before.
I would ask myself, “Why is this manga even here?”

But now, every manga I read seems amazing.

All of them are better than anything I’ve ever drawn…

[sfx]: Toss

p32: ===================================
To be honest…
I’ve lost all confidence.

[sign]: Cinema 2 / Magical Girl ? Lumica / ~Bring me the head of Gálvez‼~

p33: ===================================
I can’t believe how, at the end, she marched alone into the enemy camp.
And they killed way more people than in the TV version.

Didn’t it seem like it was setting things up for a sequel?
Online, I’ve heard rumors of a trilogy.

p34: ===================================
Wow. Let’s come see it again!

Wait, weren’t you going to Tokyo?

…I’m not so sure.


Oh, I need to go to the bathroom.
Roger that. I’ll just look at some stuff over here.

p35: ===================================
[sfx]: Drip drip
Every time I meet her, Honda-san’s sporting a different haircut and hair color…

[sfx]: Wash
But it’s thanks to Honda-san that I can forget the bad stuff.

[sfx]: Blow
…I wonder if I’ll see her again.

Oh, maybe this time I’ll invite her.

There’s the Oosu Planetarium, the Higashiyama Zoo...
[insert]: Umm…
Plus the Nagoya Dome and the Ichirou Memorial…

p36: ===================================

Hey, look, isn’t this cute?
Which one do you like more?


The beach‼

p37: ===================================
Th-The left one, I guess?
Mind if I try it on?
G-Go ahead.

[sfx]: Blush

[sfx]: Stare

[sfx]: Slam / Crash!

[sfx]: Tumble

[sfx]: Tottering
[insert]: *Sigh*…

p38: ===================================
<no text>

p39: ===================================
<no text>

p40: ===================================

[sfx]: Look x2

p41: ===================================
Sorry. Did I keep you waiting?
[sfx]: Dash
Oh, no…

I’m starving!
Wanna go to Sugakiya?

p42: ===================================
Why now?!
[sfx]: Shocked!

HUH?! We’ve known about that forever‼

p43: ===================================
It’s my sister…
[sfx]: Step x3

You never said anything about that before‼

Specialists? Parents?

The whole house…
No, the whole neighborhood can hear her…
Those are just excuses!

p44: ===================================


p45: ===================================
I can walk…

I’ve been working so hard…
So please…

p46: ===================================
[sfx]: Miiiiin x2

[sfx]: Shwoosh x2

[sfx]: Chirp x2

p47: ===================================
Damn, it’s hot.

Yeah. We’re not getting a break.

I’ve got the AC running at full blast…
[sfx]: Vroom
But it’s not working.
Then fix it already.

I’m broke. I had to buy a suit.
I’ve got my brother’s wedding coming up.

The bride-to-be’s amazing.
/ She’s totally the spitting image of Ichinojou
Heck, what’s with the glasses?
I mean, it’s bright out.

p48: ===================================
Oh yeah, come to think of it…
wasn’t your sister getting’ married, too?

[sfx]: Chirp x2
Didn’t you say somethin’ about that?

[sfx]: Click

My sister hasn’t been to the sports center once since that day.

p49: ===================================
Physically, she’s been looking worse and worse.

My dad’s added more handrails all over the house.

p50: ===================================
I don’t really understand why,
but I guess all the parents talked to each other and made some things clear.

[that weird towel thing]: Pure Garden on the rooftop

Sorry I’m late!
[sfx]: Huff x2

It’s fine; I’m the one who suddenly called you here.
[sfx]: Huff x2
I mean, I’ve got nothing better to do.

p51: ===================================
The Nana-chan doll’s already wearing a swimsuit.

Damn, it’s hot.
[sfx]: Rattle
Big bro! Picked summer songs for today?
Oh, hello.

It’s a summer party, so I’ve brought records that’ll cool things off, not make ‘em hotter.
This is Nagoya; summer’s not supposed to be this blazing.

Next time, let’s go to the beach.
[sfx]: Rattle
Oh, I wanna go!
Before the jellyfish arrive.

Hey, Fushimi-kun?

p52: ===================================
[sfx]: Thrum x (a lot)

p53: ===================================
<no text>

p54: ===================================
[insert]: Hut, ho, hut, ho.
[sfx]: Haaaaahhhh.

[sfx]: Slide

[sfx]: Shaky

p55: ===================================
You’re awake.
I bought some bread at the convenience store; want some?
There’s light and neo.

Out all night…? Had a good time?

I did, but…

p56: ===================================
What’s this? When’s it from?
Not long after I graduated high school, I think.

You’re so young!

p57: ===================================
I can’t sing like that anymore…

Or move like that…

p58: ===================================
In the end, I’m… gonna wind up like Mom.

There’s no stopping
my cells’ destruction.

p59: ===================================
That’ll suck…
staring up at the ceiling all day, alone…

p60: ===================================
[sfx]: Rub x2
It’ll be fine. I’ll be here for you, forever.

[sfx]: Pat

Norito, you go to Tokyo.

[sfx]: Hic / Rub x3

p61: ===================================
There might be a day when, no matter how much you want something, you can’t.

And I want to read your manga.

p62: ===================================
[sign]: Kou / dan / sha



p63: ===================================
Persistent bastard, whoever he is.
I’ve barely slept while doing the proofreading.

[phone]: Fushimi Norito / Missed Calls (3)

[sfx]: Yawn

Uh, hello? Sorry about that.

Has Mizuno-san found an assistant yet?

Yeah, a while back.

p64: ===================================
A guy got picked,
and the same guy quit.

The new guy didn’t last long at all…
Well, I was always bouncing between jobs way-back-when, so I’m not one to talk.

But because of that, Mizuno-san’s completely switched gears.
Now he’s looking for someone battle-ready, who’s got experience under his belt.

p65: ===================================
I’ll do it!

Were you even listening just now?

He doesn’t want an amateur; he want’s someone tried and tes—
I’ll do it!
Umm, again…

Things are pretty much set in stone.
I’ve already got two or three guys lined up.

p66-67: ===================================
I’ll do it!

O-Okay then.
[bottom text]: His heart firmly resolved, he heads to work with his idol, Mizuno Tooru—Next issue begins the Assistant Training Chapter‼!
[box]: To be continued in the June issue

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