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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mayonaka no X Giten 11

Who’s the King?

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 19, 2015 19:56 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Midnight Cross Method 11

p1: ===========================================
[insert]: A single flower blooming at a party ♡ / (Imp: A man on the inside)
Chapter 11: Who’s the King?

p2: ===========================================
/ Umm… What are you doing?
[sfx]: Shring
What are we doing? Getting ready for the King’s Game.

Man~… To be honest, last time? In the King’s Game, I was having so much fun I lost my own eye.

I had so many things stuck in all of my holes; it was amazing.

What’s the big deal? It’s not like these are our bodies.

p3: ===========================================
That’s right.
/ This Midnight Cross Method exists so we can enjoy things we can’t do in our own bodies.

I… I want… Mikuni-chan’s… nails…
[sfx]: Neh heh

Hey, am I…

p4: ===========================================
Umm… Could we slow down here…?
No, I can’t do this! I can’t involve Mikuriya’s body in such a dangerous game…

Okay ♡
/ So let’s start with our newcomer to the King’s Game, Mikuni-san.

Huh? What’s wrong?

Don’t tell me you want to stop.
[sfx]: Lean

p5: ===========================================
…We’re on the water; there’s nowhere to run…
If I start whining, I’m in danger of them suspecting me…

In that case… I’ll do every little thing I can to find X…
Worst-case scenario, I’ll use force to pull something off.

For starters, if I can wind up as King, there’s no problem at all.

Everyone’s drawn their sticks, right?!
Three, two, one!
/ Who’s the king?

p6: ===========================================
I-I’m the king…
[stick]: King

Shit… Guess things weren’t going to go that well…
And Cap’s the king?

All that’s left is for me to pray that he doesn’t pick my number
[stick]: #4

…S-So, the king shall give his order.

p7: ===========================================
Number Two…

and Number Four


p8: ===========================================
…They have to wear bunny girl costumes…

p9: ===========================================
W-Well, for round one…
[sfx]: Pitter-patter

…We should start with this…
[sfx]: Ngh

…Y-Yeah, I’m lucky it was only this.

I-Is it supposed to dig into my c…crotch so much?

/ ready for round two?!

p10: ===========================================
I-I’m so lucky; I win again.
[stick]: King


Next, chicks Number One
/ and Number Two…
Number Two…?
Me, again?

T-Take a swig of this.
[sfx]: Thump

I just have to drink…? That’s another lucky break…
Or is it? Is there something weird in here?

p11: ===========================================
[sfx]: Gulp x3

…Oh, so it is fine.
[sfx]: Gulp x2
And… it tastes sweet. Is it just some juice?

[sfx]: Gulp
I have to look into everyone’s eyes for thirty seconds during this game, but…

Why, of all things…
[far side]: is it so hard to see everyone’s eyes?!
[going in columns, right to left] {
Iida / Narrow-eyed
Yamada Hanako / Sunglasses
Cap / Cap & Covers his eyes
Helen / Stuffed Animal
Garyuuin Tesshou / Eyebrows

p12: ===========================================
Have to be king…
[sfx]: Thump
If I can just become king, I can do something!

/ Let’s do it again!!
Yeah! Now you’re getting into it, Mikuni-san.

Huh…? I didn’t mean to shout so loudly…

[insert]: *Sigh*…
…It’s like,

[sfx]: Bathump x2
My body feels so hot?

p13: ===========================================
Is something wrong?
[sfx]: Pat
Mn ♡
[sfx]: Trembling

…What was that? Was that my voice? I sounded like that, just from being touched on the shoulder?
[sfx]: Pat x2
Furthermore… My body’s gotten even hotter…

Get a hold of yourself! I promised her I’d keep her body safe, no matter what…

Who’s king for round three?!!

p14: ===========================================
It’s… It’s me again~…
[stick]: King

…Three time straight?!

Then this time, the number five person…

[sfx]: Shaking
[stick]: #5
…Me again…? Is this just a coincidence…?

p15: ===========================================
The number five person will be tickled by everyone for one minute.
Oh…? Number Five is Mikuni-san?

Now then, Mikuni-san, just settle down.
[sfx]: Wrench
[sfx]: Grab
The King’s orders are absolute.

Let’s go.

p16: ===========================================
[sfx]: Goochy-goo x5

That tickles…
[sfx]: Kh kh kh… / Goochy-goo

[sfx]: Shiver! / Goochy-goo

[sfx]: Haah / Haah / Goochy-goo

p17: ===========================================
[sfx]: Twitching

[sfx]: Collapse!

Th-That’s no good, Miku-Miku.
/ You didn’t even last twenty seconds…

[sfx]: Squeeze
Not there…! Don’t—
/ Ah ♡!

p18: ===========================================
Okay… That was one minute.
[sfx]: Huff x2

So hot…
My body… feels so hot…

p19: ===========================================
C’mon, Mikuni-san. There’s no time to rest.
[sfx]: Huff x2

C’mon, c’mon, draw your stick~.
O… Okay.

O-Once again,
/ I’m the king~.

Y-You’re kidding! This can’t be a coincidence…
[sfx]: Groan
There must be… some sort of trick

…Dammit… I can’t think straight…

[stick]: #3
I can’t… think…

Next, picking person number three…

p20: ===========================================
Let’s pour ice down her clothes.
[sfx]: Rattle x3 / Shocked!

[sfx]: Twitch


Let’s slap the ass of Number 5 (Mikuni-chan) ten times!
[sfx]: Slap x2

p21: ===========================================
This time!
Number 1 (Mikuni-chan) will—
/ Number 4 (Mikuni-chan) will—
So then,
/ Number 2 (Mikuni-chan) will—

…Argh… I can’t… what’s…

p22: ===========================================
[sfx]: Splash!

/ The hell?!
[sfx]: Gasp!

[sfx]: Tap
“The hell”? Still do you protest?

p23: ===========================================
And towards the one to whom you owe your life.

You’re… Tesshou-san…
/ …Wait, what?! Why’re all my clothes in tatters?!
You would ask that now, while staring at your assets? …I had suspected you blacked out.

Young lady, given the situation, had I not stayed their hands I feared a rape was impending.

p24: ===========================================
After the boy in the cap won his eighth kingship, I raised an objection and forced the rest to pause.
Eight straight times?!

Furthermore, every order was directed towards the number you had drawn…
…I knew there was some sort’ve trick…

*Sigh*… So you were, in fact, completely oblivious…
/ A “trick”? No, that is not quite turn of phrase.

Everyone participating in this, the Midnight Cross Method, has swapped bodies with another.
/ Given that, should something amiss occur…

…It’s because of a Cross Ability.
/ Cap must’ve used some Cross Ability to ascertain which lot he was drawing.

p25: ===========================================
As proof,
/ I submit that, during the Game’s second round, though he should not have known to whom his order was addressed,
/ he gave them to *chicks* number one and number two.

Would not that suggest he knew in advance his targets were female?

…One gets the impression that, like myself, you have come here with a different aim in mind than the others. However…
/ You are an utter novice.

A-A novice?! Then are you calling yourself a pro?!
Well… I suppose that I am.

You show far too many weaknesses.
/ You were examining your assets earlier… which would suggest your soul is male.
/ Furthermore, during the game, you were constantly staring people in the eye! One suspects looking another in the eye activates your Cross Method.
…Wow… This old man’s perceptive…
…Who in the world are you…?

p26: ===========================================
…Well, no one as clumsy as you could be the villain, so why don’t I tell you?
I might look like an old man…

But on the inside, I’m the high school girl detective
/ Aono Shin!
I’m here chasing after the monster known as X!

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