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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 32

Chapter 32

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 18, 2015 15:41 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 32

Rin 32

For use by RyColaa Scans

p1: ===================================
<no text>

p2: ===================================
Fushimi Kinosuke

[sfx]: Thump / Thump / Pow / Pow

[bubble]: Ha!
[sfx]: Crash / Pow!

p3: ===================================
[sfx]: Bathump x5

p4: ===================================

Was this your idea, Mutou?

N-No, it wasn’t!!

[sfx]: Glance

[sfx]: Bathump!

[sfx]: Stand
Suppose a doctor warned you that you had only one month left to live…

p5: ===================================
That you had been given a chance, at the end, to draw one last manga.

A manga that, when read by God, would reveal to Him what thoughts drove your life;
A manga that, when read by men and women, would reveal to them the sort of person you were.
It’s those works that stir the readers’ hearts.

p6: ===================================
We don’t need the sort of manga you can find on any old bookshelf.
/ Any work would be pointless, of course, if it were guaranteed not to sell.

But that is the sort of manga Taurus seeks!

[sfx]: Rustle
Fushimi Kinosuke

p7: ===================================
[sfx]: Stand!
Should I work on more chapters of this?!

That was what I was aiming towards.

Well, you heard him.
I can’t make heads or tails of the man.
Seriously, how do I work with him?

p8: ===================================
[sfx]: Turn x2

Remember, huh?
[insert]: Hmmmmm.
It’s got a pretty odd setting.


With something like this, it’s hard to tell without a little more to look at.
If you drew two or three more chapters…

p9: ===================================
[insert]: *Sigh*

Okay. Then let’s give it a shot!
Thank you very much!

p10: ===================================
Itoi-san’s always been a bit erratic.

He’s really different form the old editor-in-chief, huh.

He’s raised a lot of top-rate artists,
but he’s crushed the dreams of three times as many.
Honestly, I struggle to work with guys like that.

p11: ===================================
Fushimi-kun, don’t let yourself be crushed.
[sfx]: Pat
Well, it’s not like he’s my immediate editor.
You’ll be fine. Hara-kun managed to not get crushed, after all.
What’s that supposed to mean?!

The Edtior-in-Chief sure set the bar high for me…
[sfx]: Scratch x2

p12: ===================================
Ishiki Shun
High school sophomore. Forced to use a wheelchair following the accident.

Ishiki Sayaka (Shun’s sister). Passed away in the accident.

Listen. I won’t make you bend over backwards to include erotic scenes,
/ but your female characters have to jump off the page and feel charming.

<handwritten>: Shino Mirai: An internationally renowned physicist.</handwritten>
To be honest, you don’t get women.

p13: ===================================
[insert]: Ummmmm

[sfx]: Slide

You’re always pushing yourself so hard right after work,
/ but you’re going to collapse if you don’t take a breather now and then.

Next day off, do you want to go to tour the art galleries with me?

I-I’ll be fine.
If I can’t even get away from Hara-san on my days off, I’ll keel over for sure.

p14: ===================================
[sfx]: Vibrate x2

[phone]: Nishiguchi-san

Fushimi-kun, what are you doing this Sunday?

I’m perfectly free. Why?

Because there’s a Nishigaitsu Meetup.
You gotta show up once in a while.

p15: ===================================
[sfx]: Stare
[insert]: Hah!
Ummmm… I’m struggling with my storyboard right now, so…

You’re not gonna make a good one just staring at it in your room.
You have to get some stimulation sometimes!

p16: ===================================
Where was that restaurant?
I can’t remember anymore.

Finished your storyboard?


p17: ===================================
Nah… I gave up on it.
I couldn’t get it to turn out the way I wanted.

Everyone might’ve forgotten what you look like.
It’s been nearly a year.

I’ve been reading Presence.
It’s been super cool lately.

In last week’s poll, I finally came in third.

Third? Awesome. You’ve already passed one of Taurus’s immovable pillars.
C’mon. Let’s go.
[sfx]: Briskly

p18: ===================================
Oh, long time no see!!


What sort of person is Mizuno-san?
I’d love to meet him next time.

When I told him I was seeing you today, he asked me to send his regards.

p19: ===================================
<no text>

p20: ===================================
Rain today too, huh.

Yeah. I had a hunch it would.

[sfx]: Downpour

p21: ===================================
[sfx]: Chatter / Guffaw

Rin-chan, this is the layout of the New York apartment I mentioned; could you take a look?

I’ve got a path, right?
I’ve been thinking about moving, and…

Come to think of it, there’s this graveyard kitty-corner from my apartment…

p22: ===================================
Would you be willing to come with me to New York in January?
You could tell if you were on-site, right?

Two days ago, I got an offer from a monthly magazine…

When’ll I get a girlfriend?

My shoulders have been really sore lately… I haven’t been possessed by anything strange, right?

p23: ===================================
I see. These gatherings are less Nishigaitsu Meetups,
and more Ishidou Meetups…

Okay. Time to share in the profits and see if I can’t get some useful information of my own…

[sfx]: Clang

Hello. I was honored to receive your invitation!

p24: ===================================
There are a million things I would like Rin-chan to use her spirit vision to divine tonight.
[sfx]: Briskly
Especially some persistent questions regarding Sawamurai Eichi’s Torus.

Ishidou-san’s in the bathroom right now.

Come to think of it, she’s been in there a while…
Is it her time of the month?

Excuse me, your companion is…

p25: ===================================

Rin-chan! Are you all right?!

She’s hyperventilating. Damn! Take nice, easy breaths!!

[sfx]: Downpour

p26: ===================================
[sfx]: Shut!

Fushimi-kun, you’re in the same direction, so you’re in charge of taking her home.
[bottom]: Make sure you get a receipt; I’ll pay you back later.
Why did it have to be the moment I arrived?

Guess we were pretty impatient.
Now that Rin-chan’s gone, what do we do?
Let’s call it a night.
But I haven’t eaten anything yet.

p27: ===================================

I-It’s not your fault…

…Are you all right?
Everyone hammering you with questions must’ve been tiring.

p28: ===================================
I pretty much burned myself out today,
since I wasn’t feeling that good to begin with.

You have a fever?
[sfx]: Nod

If you don’t mind…

Wow, you’re burning up. An adult shouldn’t get this hot!!

p29: ===================================
Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy? I spent all of last night throwing up, and barely got any sleep…

If you’ve been feeling that bad, then why would you… You can’t push yourself that hard!!

Yeah, but I…

p30: ===================================
I’ll give everyone a stern warning not to push you so hard.
I’ll be fine…

I mean, I’m glad people need me.

Even if all they’re after is my Power…

Like everyone was today.

Huh? That’s not true!!

p31: ===================================
You can split people up into two groups…
And the majority in the world are in the one that doesn’t think well of talents like mine.
They call us dubious, fraudulent, disgusting…

[flashback, ch.23 p.64] Yer a really disgustin’ bitch!
Perhaps my power is truly a curse.

p32: ===================================
Weren’t you the same way, Fushimi-kun?
/ Didn’t you want to ask me something?


p33: ===================================
It seems those words lay too heavy on your mind for you to sleep.

p34: ===================================
[sfx]: Sit up
…Wow, it’s been a long time!!

p35: ===================================
Worry not. Right now, you are sound asleep.
I imagine it’s because you’ve been busy with work.

There is much to talk about,
but for now, follow me!
[sfx]: Stand!

p36: ===================================
Huh? Outside?!
/ Wait up. Let me change first!!
This is the jersey I wore back in high school.

[sfx]: Slide

[sfx]: Flap, flap


I-I never knew you could fly. Where are we going?!

p37: ===================================
We can go anywhere!
You are in a dream. Be bold!


I’m sleeping!! Could this be? Am I…

p38-39: ===================================
<no text>

p40: ===================================
[sfx]: Flap x2
I have an early morning tomorrow!!

Work starts at 11,
so I have to wake up by 10.

If I nap on the job, Hara-san will kill me!!

p41: ===================================
Huh? Yassan?!

You jerk!!

p42: ===================================
<no text>

p43: ===================================
<no text>

p44: ===================================

Sorry about earlier.


your fever gone down?
[sfx]: Flap x4

p45: ===================================
Probably… Give it a touch?

You are in a dream. Be bold!

p46-47: ===================================
<no text>

p48: ===================================
[sfx]: Beep / Beep

[sfx]: Beep / Beep

[sfx]: Click


Thanks for yesterday. I’m feeling a lot better now.
[buttons]: Close / Display

p49: ===================================
[sfx]: Blush

Dammit. Thanks to that dream,
I feel so awkward…

Thanks for yesterday. I’m feeling a lot better now.
[next to bubble]: Read
I’m glad to hear it.
So Fushimi-kun, you sleep in your high school jersey.

Wait, Ishidou-san—do you sleep in a bunny T-shirt??

p50: ===================================
<no text>

p51: ===================================
What about work?
Mizuno-san caught a cold, so we have a surprise day off.

We haven’t seen each other in forever, but here we are, two days in a row.
Are you feeling okay?
Yeah. I crashed last night.

I was so surprised. I have those dreams occasionally,
but this is the first time I’ve met someone I know.

Not half as surprised as me!!

Incomprehensible things showing up in my dreams is one thing…

p52: ===================================
But when they start poking out from the world of sleep,
that’s just not right!

Yeah, you’re right. Maybe what I see isn’t right.

Ah! Shoot!

There’s this place I’ve wanted to visit.
/ Wanna go?

[sign]: Seasonal Cooking / Ebisu

p53: ===================================
Oh, they’re open.
Th-That’s a pretty retro restaurant.

[sfx]: Jingle

Ohhhhh! And with that walked batter, Wake Kuniyoshi regretfully gives up a run!!

Aww, that’s irritating.
Why is it one thing after another?
Umm, is this a good time?

Oh, Rin-chan!
[insert]: That ties up the score!!

The proprietress often comes to where I work.
[picture]: To the proprietress: / Fight strong!

p54: ===================================
[picture]: To the proprietress: / Fight strong!
Bwuh?! This was one of Sawamura Eichi’s favorite places to eat?!

You mean Ei-chan? That takes me back.
Awesome! It’s like a pilgrimage!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

What’ll you have?

Wh-Whatever Sawamura-sensei always had!!

p55: ===================================
Isobe-age… It’s simple, but delicious.
[insert]: Hot, hot.

are you still interested in Torus?

No; by now, that’s…
It’s something I’ll never read.

p56: ===================================
You said that Taki-kun and I would one day draw something with the same theme,
[sfx]: Om nom nom
but you can leave that to Taki-kun now.

I see.

Excuse me! Could I have shochu mixed with tea?
He can’t get a strike!!

Argh. Look at the pitcher’s face: he’s begging to be switched out.
[sfx]: Cheers
Here’s your drink.
[sfx]: Slide

Could you put this at the farthest spot on the table?

p57: ===================================
[Fushimi]: Like this?
[sfx]: Cheers!
[TV]: A hit! And all the runners make it to home plate!!
[Rin]: Yes. Thanks.
[Proprietress]: See? Don’t say I didn’t tell ya’ so. You can’t play a knuckleballer in a dome.

[sfx]: Cheers

Come to think of it, Ei-chan loved his drinks mixed with tea.
And he’d always be sitting right there.

C-Could it be…?

[sfx]: Smile

p58: ===================================
The pitching coach has gotten off the bench!!
He’s there, right now!

[sfx]: Shiver


p59: ===================================
He said “Cheers.”

People would call him a genius or a giant,

[sfx]: Cheers
But he’d often come here looking battered.

When his CG anime movie flopped and he was stuck with a mountain of debt, he really…
[sfx]: Exhale

Yeah… I was frazzled back then.
And all three of my manga series were unpopular to boot…

I started getting frequent headaches, and it became hard to even look at my desk.
I thought I was done for…

p60: ===================================
Then one day, I suddenly had an idea.
I tossed aside all of my work and went on a journey.

Wandered other lands.

Not every part of the trip was cool.
I felt plenty of fear and misery.

p61: ===================================
But I wanted to somehow grab hold of the future!

I had had the same dream, over and over again, ever since the headaches began.

p62: ===================================
I finally understood it in Arizona.
Long ago, a gallant young man had been slain there.

And he was me myself.

Strangely, my headaches vanished.
Perhaps something had been purified.

In Paris,

in Rome,

in Jingzhou,

wherever I went…

p63: ===================================
I was never bored.
A king in one life had been a slave in another.

A tyrant was once a revolutionary;
hatred was once sadness.

Memory and oblivion…
The end was the beginning,
and the beginning was the end.

p64: ===================================
I journeyed forwards,
yet before I knew it, I was back where I began.
Every road connects to every other,
eternally, without end.

p65: ===================================
Illuminating the secrets of life?
I could never manage an inkling of that.

Torus was less a tale of grand scope and more a personal tale.

Was what I saw on my journey a fragment of the truth, or a mere illusion?
To be honest, I didn’t care either way.

p66: ===================================
After all, what I wanted to see was the joy on my readers’ faces!
All I ever desired was for my works to move them!

p67: ===================================
Dreams, adventure, passion…
Had I just a little more time, I think I would’ve drawn something the likes of which the world has never seen!

[sfx]: Smile

He seems kind of wonderful.
Wh-What’d he say?

He said to forget about Torus…
I wish I could have some isobe-age, too.
and that there’s a tale only you can pen!

p68: ===================================
I don’t really get it, but I feel like he’s injected me with some fighting spirit!
[picture is the same as before]

[sign]: Seasonal Cooking / Ebisu

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