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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Yokohama-sen Doppelgänger 4

Dual Natures

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 19, 2015 14:35 | Go to Yokohama-sen Doppelgänger

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Doppleganger 4
reserved for Lasleels

p1: ============================================
4: Dual Natures

p2: ============================================
[sfx]: Slam!
What’d you buy?

Something nice!
[sfx]: Rustle
[bag]: Security Shop

[insert]: Now then.
There’s 23 days left until the incident.
[bag]: Security Shop / Rugged Electronics
Let’s find the murderer.

p3: ============================================
[sfx]: Roll

[bottles]: Banana Cola

I guess I don’t even have to tell you what I want.
<small: I love this drink. >
/ You really are me.

…It’s really a relief, having myself as my ally.

That’s why the first thing I did was to meet up with you.

[insert]: When I was a child…

p4: ============================================
[insert]: I always wished there were two of me.

[sign]: South Yohohama Elementary School

Don’t bully him.

[sfx]: Silence

[sfx]: Cheers
Makoto, you sure told him.
I was too scared to say anything.

p5: ============================================
Let’s all play dodgeball!
Yeah, let’s!
[sfx]: Ding dong
I don’t like dodgeball.

[sfx]: Stare

…Makoto, you’ve got some nerve.
/ Everyone was all for it until you spoke up…
[sfx]: Whisper
[insert]: You spoiled the mood.
You stick out like a sore thumb.

[sign]: Student Counseling Office

/ You have a habit of speaking your own mind, regardless of what anyone else says.
That can be a good thing,

but it can also cause problems.

[sfx]: Clench

p6: ============================================
I want to get along with my friends,
but I don’t like when people lie so they can get along with me.
/ So I won’t lie, either.

But not everyone feels that way.
/ It’s hard to have a heartfelt connection with another.

If only there were two of me.
Then we could empathize with and trust each other.
I would never betray myself,
so we’d be best of friends.

I’ve managed to find my ideal partner.

[sfx]: Step x2
[insert]: Hey, Criminal!

p7: ============================================
[sfx]: Step x2
Right now,

you probably think Makoto has no idea
that you’re about to lay the blame on him.

But you’re the one
who has no idea what’s going on here!

p8: ============================================
[transparent bubble]: Stare--------
Just what part of that
is “something good”?

[insert]: There you go
Now no one should notice.
/ By the way, I checked when I first came here,
/ but you had none of these things set up.

[insert]: Inside its nose, is that…
Is that a hidden camera?

You’re going to record me 24/7?!
Even when I’m butt-naked getting out of the bath?
/ Stop it!
[insert]: You’re covering every corner of the room!
[manual]: Your First Security Camera
[packaging]: Security Camera x2
[book]: Spy Camera
[bag]: Rugged Electronics

p9: ============================================
You idiot.
This is the last line of defense to keep you safe.

If we do screw this up and can’t find the culprit,
even if we can’t stop the four of them from dying,
these cameras will tell us who the culprit is.

[insert]: I don’t really get it, but nice going!
Remember what Detective Danki said?

All four of the death masks were found inside our home. <small: Along with head hairs. >

[calendar pages at the top, clockwise from upper right]: {
2003 / July / 12th / Saturday
2003 / July / 15th / Tuesday
2003 / July / 10th / Thursday
2003 / July / 8th / Tuesday
2003 / July / 4th / --day [cut off]
But isn’t it strange?
I spent all of my time here,
/ and I never saw any masks.
[calendar pages at the bottom, clockwise from lower right]: {
2003 / July / 30th
2003 / July / 29th
2003 / July / 24th
July / 21st / --day
2003 / July / 20th / Sunday

So, how did the culprit sneak in here?
How did he leave the masks without me noticing?
This’ll give me the answer!


p10: ============================================
[insert]: HUH?!
You’re using me as bait
/ and letting the culprit just waltz in here?!!
[building]: Welcome All Cockroaches

That’s why I haven’t changed the locks since before I traveled back in time, nor added any new ones.
Given that, the culprit should have an easy time getting in the door.

Now then, culprit!

[sfx]: Thud

[side bubble]: No need to wait for after the incident—come case our place whenever you want.

p11: ============================================
[sfx]: Aiieee!
You idiot!
/ Shouldn’t we perfect our security so that he can’t get in here?!
If we can save all four of their lives, we’ve won.

The best defense is a good offense.
Act that timid, and even if we prevent the murders, the culprit will get away.

p12: ============================================

Do you want to live your life in fear of when the killer next will strike?
[insert]: Besides, he’s trying to frame us; he won’t try to kill us.
Don’t lose your nerve.

…I always did want to grow a pair.
[flashback]: {
Calm down.
/ My face,
/ my voice,
You really are me from eleven years in the future.

Fine, I get it.
[insert]: I’ll try to be positive.
[sfx]: Crack!
[sfx]: Groan
It’s… It’s not like I’m the spitting image of bravery.
[insert]: I’m terrified myself.

The simple fact of the matter is, we’re not after the same thing.
That’s clear as day to me now.

p13: ============================================
My top priority is to capture the culprit.
Makoto’s is to prevent the crime from even occurring.

[sfx]: Creak
But there’s nothing to be done about that.
/ Why? Because...

p14: ============================================
[insert]: So then.
Let’s start going on the offensive.
In just 23 more days,
/ is going to be murdered.
[columns on the calendar]: Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed / Thur / Fri / Sat
[circled date in June]: Time Travel
[July 4th]: Kinugawa dies
[july 5th]: Kooriyama dies
[August 1st]: I'm arrested
It’ll take place
on July 4th.

First is Kinugawa.
Then Kooriyama-san,
and finally Hiyo-kun. That’s the order the bodies will be found.

And we don’t have a clue who the culprit is, right?
In that case, first…

p15: ============================================
let’s meet with the four people destined to die
and search for clues regarding the culprit.

p16: ============================================
The early bird gets the worm.

Makoto, you keep working at home. With all the deadlines pressing in on you, you’ve got no time to spare, right?
Besides, if the incidents do occur and people remember you having talked to them, they might testify against you.

But Kenzaki, you’re me, too. <small: Any witnesses will— >
Given what I look like, no one will think I’m you.

Even if I’m at home, if I don’t have an alibi, I’ll just get framed again!
[insert]: What if the culprit doesn’t come drop off the masks?
The cameras I set up will be your alibi.

[insert]: Huh?
Fine. But all that talk about me staying on the sidelines—
/ isn’t that just because you can’t get along with others?
Self-deprecating much?

[sfx]: Creak

p17: ============================================
<no text>

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