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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Josei Danshi 14

Are you going to join her band?

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 19, 2015 17:48 | Go to Josei Danshi

-> RTS Page for Josei Danshi 14

Josei Danshi 14
Reserved for Mariofan215

p1: =========================================
14th: Are you going to join her band?

p2: =========================================
We’ve come to recwuit
your band’s vocalist!!

/ M-Me?!

You’ll be bettah off with me than the likes of this band. ♪

p3: =========================================
What’s that supposed to mean? Just because you’ve sold a few albums doesn’t mean you get come in here and say whatever you want!!

[sfx]: Bee!


It’s you, guitah playah…


You’re the one
who’s dwagging evwyone down!!

p4: =========================================

Let me bahwow it!!
[sfx]: Grab!

What’re you doing?!

[sfx]: Thwang


p5: =========================================
[sfx]: Ja-jang

[sfx]: Ja-jang

p6: =========================================
Sh-She’s amazing!!

I never knew my guitar could sound that good!
Is that the difference between me and a pro?!

[sfx]: Jang!


It’s like dat.
[sfx]: Thud

p7: =========================================

I w’ite me own songs, too. ☆
--And I want to sing me next song with the singah you’ve got wight dwere.

W-With me?!

[sfx]: Slide…

Allow me to explain.

p8: =========================================
Right now, Michael-san is a member of the band Angel Ring.
She composes, writes lyrics, sings, and plays the guitar while four elite musicians fill the remaining parts.

So she sings, right?! Then why do you need Pochi?!!

The song Mikael-san is currently working on has a two-part chorus.
As such, we’ve been searching for a vocalist whose voice can match hers.

[sfx]: Slide

p9: =========================================
Please contact us at this number, and we can have a more detailed discussion.
Huh? Umm, err…

Singah, what’re your name?


I… go by Pochi…

Heh heh.
/ Pochi…

[sfx]: Walk

p10: =========================================
[sfx]: Kiss!!



p11: =========================================
Nice to mweet you!! ☆
[sfx]: Pose!
Bye-bye! ♡

[sfx]: Close

[sfx]: Freeze

[sfx]: Pinch
What just happened?
/ I wasn’t dreaming, was I?
[sfx]: Dumbfounded

Pochi, are you going to join her band?

p12: =========================================
/ W-Well…
I mean, uh…

Go ahead. Just do what you want.


You heard her play my guitar. It was amazing…
/ So she’s right.
You’d be better off leaving us
/ and joining her.

/ You’re wrong!!


p13: =========================================
I never would’ve wanted to sing if it weren’t for you…
And I like your songs—I want to sing them…


So… umm…
I don’t want to be surrounded by all-stars…

I want to be here…
[sfx]: Sniff
So… So…

p14: =========================================
I’m sorry…

I’m going home.
[sfx]: Dash!

[sfx]: Slam!

[sfx]: Froze

[sfx]: Sniff…

p15: =========================================
[sfx]: Pat

I can’t blame her.
After what Michael said to her, it’d be strange if she wasn’t hurt.


For now, let’s just leave her be.


[sfx]: Ding / dong…

p16: =========================================
[sfx]: Chatter

[sfx]: Walk

[sfx]: Tap

[sfx]: Bang!

p17: =========================================
I don’t think anyone else is here.
[sfx]: Looking around

[sfx]: Sit

[sfx]: Munch

Lunch tastes better eaten on the roof...

[sfx]: Slowly

We’ve come to recwuit you!!

What a strange girl…
/ A pro debut, huh?

p18: =========================================
[sfx]: Shake x2

Besides, I’m a boy. If she found out I was crossdressing to sing, she’d hate me…
And besides,

Your voice,
it’s amazing!!

p19: =========================================
I wouldn’t have become the person I am now if it weren’t for Ageha-chan!!
There’s no way I could betray her!!

[sfx]: Glare

[sfx]: Grab…!!

[sfx]: Rip x3

[sfx]: Whoosh…


p20: =========================================
[sfx]: Whoosh

That takes care of that!

[sfx]: Cheering

What’s going on?
Why’s everyone gathered there?


p21: =========================================
I-It’s Micha!!
She came today, too? Why?!

[insert]: Ah!!

If she starts asking for Pochi and manages to track me down,
she’ll find out I’m a boy!!

[sfx]: Squeal x2

p22: =========================================
[sfx]: Squeal
Eeek!! It’s Micha!!
Why are you here?!
She’s so cute♡♡♡!!
/ Can I have your autograph?!!

[sfx]: Slap!

/ --eehhhh!!

Huh?! You’re kidding!!
But she’s so cute!! *Squeel*♡♡!

Where wis Pochi?
/ Who’s that?

Do you know?

p23: =========================================
Wait, do you mean our class’s Pochi?
You know her?!
Could you twake me to her?

S-Sure, but why do you want to meet with a guy like him?

Hm? Well...

He’s barely noticeable in class, never says a word…
/ Frankly, he’s our class’s dog!!
And just like a dog, he’ll do whatever you ask,
/ so everybody calls him “Pochi”!

He’s such a failure as a man…

A man?


p24: =========================================
Huh? Who’s that?! She’s super cute!!
[sfx]: Stir…

[sfx]: Bathump x2
I can’t believe I showed up in front of everyone looking like this…

p25: =========================================

Why didn’t you contwact me?
/ I got sick of waiting, so I cwame to get you!!
Umm, err… I don’t particularly want to—
Good twing I found you! ♡

Now, let’s go! ♪
[sfx]: Grab
Huh? Go where?

Hm? Isn’t that…
Pochi and Michael?

p26: =========================================
[sfx]: Shut!

[sfx]: Vroom…

are the two of them…

p27: =========================================
[sfx]: Clench

must’ve decided to join her.

[sfx]: Spin!

p28: =========================================
Wh-Where are we going?!

Heh heh.
♡ Somepwace nice! ♡
[sfx]: Pose!

[sfx]: Vroom…

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