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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Josei Danshi 25

Go for Broke

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 7, 2015 21:23 | Go to Josei Danshi

-> RTS Page for Josei Danshi 25

Josei Danshi 25
Reserved For Mariofan215

p1: ===============================
25th: Go for Broke

p2: ===============================
How’s this year’s concert coming along?
There don’t seem to be any standout newcomers this year.
But, well, it’s not like such groups are a dime a dozen.

[sfx]: Flap

Ten years of playing gigs, huh? Don’t they send us an application every year?
/ Well, not that they make it in. Hahaha.

As for the other bands…

Anyone heard of them?

Don’t look at me…

p3: ===============================
They’ve barely performed any gigs; we’ll have to listen to them and then decide.
But given how little experience they have, I’m not hopeful.
Well, I can’t say I dislike young girls willing to get themselves in over their heads, heh.

The kind who go for broke? Hahaha.

[sfx]: Open!

M-Michael-san! Why are you here?!!

You’re decwiding who gets to pway in the concert?
Yes. But right now, we’re just going over the documents.
But what brings you here? This isn’t the sort of contest a popular idol like yourself would be interested in.

Let the band Sora play.

Huh? “Sora”? Wh-Where’d that come from?

p4: ===============================
Don’t wowwy about it!! They have me seal of appwoval! So shut up and let them pway!

O-Okay, if you insist…

Hmph! Dat is gweat!
Honyoh honyoh Honyoh!

Second semester

[sign]: Band Club

p5: ===============================
Ageha’s not even coming to school?!

It seems that way…

She hasn’t said anything to me lately, and the concert tryouts are coming up so soon…
/ Will she make it in time?!

Going to be only us three at tryouts…?

If Ageha doesn’t make it back, then yes.
We pulled off the gigs as just the three of us, but the tryouts will be…

[sfx]: Clench

You’re worried, too?
I guess we’re going for broke?


p6: ===============================
September 10th.

Concert Tryouts.

p7: ===============================
And then,

on the day the results were announced:
[sign]: Band Club

[sfx]: Rip

You’re kidding!
We passed…!

We passed the tryouts!!!

p8: ===============================
We did it!!
[sfx]: Yay!!

Hey! Isn’t this amazing?!
/ Even without Ageha, we made it this far!! That’s awesome!

Thank goodness!

[sfx]: Squeal

[sfx]: Ding

[sfx]: Whine

p9: ===============================
What do you think?
About the band Sora?

Personally, I don’t really think they’re good enough to perform at our concert. Oh, their vocalist is amazing, but the performance as a whole is…
But they’re still young. Why not watch them for a little while longer, then put them on the big stage?

We don’t have much of a choice. The only way Michael-san would do it is if we let Sora play.
/ And hers is an offer we can’t refuse.

I know, but…

[sfx]: Whine

p10: ===============================
[sfx]: Sip

Michael-san, they agreed to our request regarding the concert.

Umm, I know it isn’t my place to ask,
/ but why do you see the need to go to such an extent?

Mind your own bwisness!
/ Me is vewy, vewy mad!
[sfx]: Jump!
M-My apologies.

p11: ===============================
[sfx]: Lean back

They’ll be beaten so bwack and bwue, they’ll nevah show their faces in the music bwisness ever again!
They’ll regwet having angered me!!

The day of the concert

[sfx]: Cheers
[fans]: Po / chi

p12: ===============================
Oh, I was afraid of this… I can’t get a hold of Ageha-chan.

She was so looking forward to this performance; I want to go up there with her.

If I can at least get her to respond to a text…
[sfx]: Click x2

Pochi? Hurry up!
Oh! C-Coming!!

[both signs]: moon black / performers’ waiting room

[sfx]: Bathump x2

You’re nervous, too?
[sfx]: Nod x2

p13: ===============================
What happens in this concert could massively change our destinies…
P-Please don’t try to scare me!

I’m sorry. But that’s just how important this is! So let’s get fired up and give this our all!


[sfx]: Glance…


[sfx]: Trembling

I guess… In the end, Ageha’s not going to make it?
/ Does she not want to perform with us anymore?

p14: ===============================
[sfx]: Grab!!

Believe in Ageha! She’ll come back! Even if she doesn’t make it in time for this gig,
let’s do so well that we’ll shock her when she finds out!!

/ Yeah! Let’s!!

It’s almost time to go…

Let’s give it 100%!!


p15: ===============================
[sfx]: Cheers / Chatter

Welcome to Moon Black 14!!
/ Which band will win this year and claim the guest spot in the Wing Sony rock festival?!
Time to find out! Let’s raise the curtain on this show!!
[sfx]: Cheers

They’re starting…!

The first group

The second group

The third group

p16: ===============================
[sfx]: Murmuring
They’re all pretty good this year.
Who do I vote for?

Every one of those bands is so incredible!! Are we good enough to go out there?
[sfx]: Bathump x2

We’re up next! Let’s do our best!

[sfx]: Step

Oh, what a surprise! In order to help liven up the event,
we have a special guest for you tonight!


Please welcome Michael Gabriel!!!
[sfx]: Blam!!

p17: ===============================
Huh?! You’re kidding!! Michael’s here?!
[sfx]: Stir
Micha’s going to play here?! That’s so cool!!
Eeeeek!! Michael!!

[sfx]: Wah!
Why are you here?!!!

Nyoh nyoh! Yahoo! How’s evwyone doing?
[sfx]: Pose!
Me’s gonna play a song to help cheer on evwyone who’s working so hawd out here tonight!

Michael’s playing here?!
What…? Why…?

[sfx]: Jah-jang

[sfx]: Inhale

p18: ===============================
Pro singers really are something else!
She’s blown everything we’ve heard up till now out of the water!

[sfx]: Cheers!!

The entire hall’s gotten more excited than they’ve ever been!!
We’re supposed to follow that act?!

Michael’s trying to harass us!
She wants to get us down by showing us how much better she is!

p19: ===============================
But we’ve grown! We’re better than when we were the last time she heard us!
/ So don’t let her win! Let’s do this!!

/ Y-Yeah! You’re right! Michael’s performance isn’t even competing with ours!

We’re not the kind of girls who get heartbroken over something like that!

[sfx]: Jang

[sfx]: Cheers!

Thanks! ♪ Now, whoever’s next,
come wight on up! ♪

Thank you very much, Michael-san!
/ Now then, next up we have the girls band Sora!!

[sfx]: Stir

p20: ===============================
Let’s give the best performance we can
right here, right now!

[sfx]: Silence…

[sfx]: Step

Thank you so very much, Michael-san! That was incredible!!
Of course it was.

[sfx]: Glance

[sfx]: Smirk

p21: ===============================
[sfx]: Ba-dum-dum

[sfx]: Jah-jang!!

This ain’t the kind of performance that can follow up Michael’s…

[sfx]: Shiver

The air of the crowd…
It feels so cold!

p22: ===============================
S-Sing! Sing as best as you can!!
[sfx]: Inhale


I can’t hear my voice echo—is the mic broken?!

[sfx]: Toss x2

Hmm heh hmm♪

[sfx]: Tremble

[sfx]: Tremble
/ Ah…

p23: ===============================

What’s wrong…?!

What do I do?!
[sfx]: Bathump x3

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