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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Josei Danshi 27

So It Goes

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 7, 2015 22:05 | Go to Josei Danshi

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Josei Danshi 27
Reserved For Mariofan215

p1: ===============================
27th: So It Goes
[sfx]: Cheers

After Ageha-chan came back, the concert was a grand success.
And then…

p2: ===============================
[sfx]: Ding dang dong
[sign]: Band Club

I’m really, truly sorry!
[sfx]: Bow!

It’s fine, Ageha!

p3: ===============================
I keep coming and going without telling anyone… Please forgive me!!
There’s nothing to worry about, really! We trusted that you’d come back.
/ And besides, you’re leagues better at the guitar now. That’s great!
[sfx]: Nod x2
Your guitar’s amazing now.

How’d you do it?
/ It was like magic.

Eh heh heh… I sort’ve used summer break to take a solo trip to New York City to train... umm…
[sfx]: Fidgeting

HUH?! New York?! The heck?! What’s that supposed to mean?!
A-A bunch of stuff happened—I met this young lady who runs a guitar shop,
/ and she introduced me to this orphanage in New York, where I was allowed to stay for nearly a month, and…

W-Wow. What an adventure!!

p4: ===============================
Well, yeah!
Oh, right! Listen to this!

I was doing shows in this bar in New York to earn enough money to pay for a ticket home!
/ Isn’t that so cool?!

And then, and then, I was super popular for the last week;
or rather, this nice old couple gave me a ton in tips, and…

How incredible. That must mean you’ve gotten that much better.

Although, since you joined in the middle of the performance,
we sort’ve broke the rules of the competition and were disqualified…

p5: ===============================
Oh well. So it goes.

I said I was sorry!!!
[sfx]: Ho ho ho ho!
Kotori’s having fun messing with Ageha… heh.

p6: ===============================
But I’m glad. Now we’re all finally back together.
That means we can go back to making music as a whole!

Well, we need to put all of that behind us…

Because we’ve got the cultural festival coming up!


p7: ===============================
The cultural festival, huh?
[sfx]: Stir

Pochi, go get me the usual.
[sfx]: Jingle

[sfx]: Nod x2

[sfx]: Trot

Is it just me, or has Pochi been in a good mood lately?
Yeah. But since he doesn’t talk, it’s hard to tell just what happened.

p8: ===============================
[sfx]: Place
[box]: Coffee

/ Thanks.

[sfx]: Step

He didn’t give me my change…

I’ll go to the bathroom~♪


p9: ===============================
Shoot!! I’m still wearing the panties from when I was crossdressing earlier!!!
[sfx]: Ahh! / Ohh!
I forgot to bring any guys’ briefs today…

Oh well... I’ll just use a stall.
[sfx]: Totter

[sfx]: Slam!

[sign]: Keep the bathroom pristine!
[sfx]: Sigh

p10: ===============================
Give me my change!

Oh! It’s Tanaka-kun! I forgot to give him his change!
/ Umm, err…

/ he’s on the toilet?

[sfx]: Panick
I have to finish quickly.

Hey, Tanaka, ahaha, what’re you doing?
I mean, he doesn’t talk, so who knows if it’s actually Pochi in there!

p11: ===============================
[sfx]: Grab!

Hey, Pochi?
Y-You’re going to come peek?!


The panties!!!

If they see them, I’m done for!!!
[sfx]: Aieeeeee
Gahhh!!! He’s wearing girls’ panties!
Yuck! You pervert!!

p12: ===============================
[sfx]: Clatter


[sfx]: Hutt

[sfx]: Flush!!

p13: ===============================

p14: ===============================
Dude, you take your pants all the way off to sit on the toilet?!


And heck, you’re slippery smooth!!
Gah hah hah!!!

p15: ===============================
Oh, today was so embarrassing…
[insert]: Ahahaha / haha

And it’s not like I shave! Nothing’s grown in, that’s all!
/ *Sniff*

And then… Pochi, are you listening?

/ Oh, s-sorry.

p16: ===============================
/ I’m talking about the cultural festival!

What about outfits? Should we all match?

Yeah, let’s!
/ We haven’t really worried about outfits since we wore yukatas at the festival, so maybe it’ll be fun!

Something cute…!

Cute, huh…?

U-Uhh, I’d prefer something that didn’t show that much skin.

What are you saying, Pochi?!
/ You have such a nice figure, and your legs are so pretty.
Don’t worry about that stuff!

p17: ===============================
Hmm… I guess I don’t really want to wear something that revealing, either.

[sfx]: Tiptoe…

[sfx]: Flip!

[sfx]: Blehhhhh
But you two have such great bodies!

p18: ===============================

You’ve got a pretty big rack there yourself!
/ Why don’t I feel them up?!
Nope! You won’t be touching mine! Tee hee.


[sfx]: Turn
My cellphone rang? Did I get a text? …Oh, it’s just spam.

Pochi, you’re wide open!!!
[sfx]: Jump!!

p19: ===============================
[sfx]: Flip



p20: ===============================
[sfx]: Flustered
Th-There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this!!!

Bwahahahaha!!! Going commando?! Why?! Heheheheh.
Pochi, you…

Commando in a miniskirt…
/ Kind of amazing…

I-I said it’s not like that!!!
[sfx]: Kaaahhhh!

p21: ===============================
/ It’s all a misunderstanding!!!

By the way, the panties got wet when I was trying to hide them,
so I brought them home in a vinyl bag.

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