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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Josei Danshi 29

Stay Away!!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 7, 2015 22:43 | Go to Josei Danshi

-> RTS Page for Josei Danshi 29

Josei Danshi 29
Reserved For Mariofan215

p1: =======================================
29th: Stay Away!!

p2: =======================================
Why are you so bad with men?


Why would you…?

p3: =======================================
My world changed when you taught me the joys of music.
Ageha-chan, you saved me!

So I was hoping that, this time, maybe I could do something for you.

I never asked for your help!
[sfx]: Dash!
Ah—Wait, Ageha-chan!

p4: =======================================
What can I do for her?

I can’t think of anything!

I’m so useless!
[sfx]: Flap
Argh! Argh!

p5: =======================================
[insert]: Morning / G’morning

[sfx]: Grab

G’morning, Pochi!

[sfx]: Nod x2

Hey, Pochi, one of these days you could at least say hello back to us.
Why’re you so fixated on never speaking?
/ What, are you like, you know—a mute? No, I don’t think that’s it.

[sfx]: Trickling

p6: =======================================
Right, Pochi.


Hey, talk to us!
[sfx]: Slam!


[sfx]: Dash!
Ah, he’s getting away!

p7: =======================================
[sfx]: Grab!

Harada, tickle him!
[sfx]: Struggle
Weh heh heh!

Hey, hey!!
[sfx]: Goochy-goo!


Can’t you see how much he hates that?!
[sfx]: Slide
Why don’t you cut that out?!!

p8: =======================================
[sfx]: Run

…Shit. Ageha just talked to me.
She’s so cute~!

Hey, hey, Ageha-chan!
[sfx]: Dash

Ageha-chan… You struggle with boys, but you still saved me.
You saved me again…

[sign]: Girls’ Bathroom
[sfx]: Slam!

p9: =======================================

I’ll stay here until the bell rings and they all leave…
Argh! I felt so bad for Pochi that I had to speak up!

I-I was so scared!!
[sfx]: Scrunch!!

[sfx]: Shiver

p10: =======================================
I’m scared…
So, so scared…

[sfx]: Cheering

Oh, Ageha’s so cute.
Yeah, totally. And she’s got a huge rack.

Right?! I thought the same thing. Don’t you just wanna give ‘em a touch?! Heh.

Yeah, I get that! I just wanna feel them up!
/ Wanna do it?
Dude, you serious?

p11: =======================================
But I wanna touch them!
[sfx]: Cheers / Shake

How about this?


Isn’t that…

That’s Ageha-chan’s mother!

p12: =======================================
Oh, that’s right! Maybe Ageha-chan’s mother will know the reason why she hates men!

[insert]: Wait!

Ah! When I met her before, I was dressed as a girl!

[sign]: Marcy Mart

[sfx]: Whirr…

p13: =======================================
G-Good afternoon! Umm, you’re Ageha-chan’s mother, right?!

Oh, you’re Ageha’s friend!

I see. You’re playing in the band with her, right?
I’m glad you’re having so much fun.

We are. But… umm…


p14: =======================================
Why does Ageha-chan struggle so much with men?
I’ve asked her, but she won’t tell me.

if there was some way I could help her out…!

[sfx]: Freeze

Maybe it’d be okay to tell you.

p15: =======================================

…You know, I’m not actually Ageha’s mother.
I’m her aunt, and currently her guardian.

Wh-Why are you…?

You see…

Ageha’s mother remarried.
Her new husband would hurt both her and Ageha.

Ageha was a kind girl, so she did all she could to protect her mother.

p16: =======================================
But no matter what she did, her stepfather was too strong for her.

By the time we realized, she’d been horribly scarred.
Back then,

she would break down if she so much as saw a man.

[sfx]: Clench

The two proceeded to divorce, but the wounds on Ageha’s mother’s heart were so deep that she’s still in the hospital.
So we’re watching over her daughter until she recovers.

p17: =======================================
So that’s why Ageha-chan’s always talking about writing a song
that can cheer a girl up.

We want to heal the scars on her heart, too.
But you can’t force something like this, you know? All we can do is gently watch over her.


However, I’m so glad she’s met someone like you and that she’s enjoying herself!
[sfx]: Squeeze
Please continue to be her friend!

p18: =======================================
I will!

So that’s why you struggle so much with men…

I might be a boy, but when that man came at me at the beach house with all his strength,
I was terrified.
[sfx]: Slam

That’s what Ageha-chan experienced, over and over again, within her own home.

p19: =======================================

Huh? What are Harada-kun and Morikawa-kun doing there? Why would they…?

Dude, you serious?
This’s the quickest way!
Yeah, I know, but…

Oh, she’s here!


Ageha-chan?! What are those two planning to do?

p10: =======================================
[sfx]: Bah!!

Please let us touch your boobs!!
[sfx]: Bow!

[sfx]: Trembling


p21: =======================================
Just a little! That’s all!!
We’re begging you, please!!
S-Stay away from me!!

[sfx]: Dash

[sfx]: Zah!

Just a bit! It’ll only take a second!
[sfx]: Stare

So here we go!
[sfx]: Stare

[sfx]: Shiver

p22: =======================================
I-I hate this so much
that my mind’s gone blank!!
[sfx]: Dark…


[sfx]: Jump!!

p23: =======================================


What the—?!

[sfx]: Grab!

p24: =======================================
[sfx]: Dash!


Hey, wait!!

What are you two doing?!
Geh—shit! Let’s run!


p25: =======================================
[insert]: Ah!!

[sfx]: Shake!!

Ah!! Wawa! I-I’m sorry I grabbed your hand!!

Things were desperate, and you clearly hated it all, so I had to save you,
even though I’m dressed like a boy…
/ I-I’m sorry…

Are you all right?

p26: =======================================
I was so scared…
[sfx]: Tears
So, so scared!!

[sfx]: Scrunch!

are you all right?

[sfx]: Squeeze…!!


p27: =======================================
I was so terrified…
This is why I hate men!

But it’s weird…
When you showed up, I felt relieved.


p28: =======================================
thank you!

let me thank you!

p29: =======================================
Heh heh.

Pochi, you’re barefoot.

I-I didn’t have time to put on shoes.

p30: =======================================
What was that voice? Did Pochi just talk?!
You’re kidding! He totally sounded like a girl!! Damn, that’s hilarious!

[sfx]: Snicker

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