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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Josei Danshi 31

Can You Forgive

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 7, 2015 23:18 | Go to Josei Danshi

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Josei Danshi 31
Reserved For Mariofan215

p1: =======================================
31st: Can You Forgive

p2: =======================================

I just sent Ageha a text.
[sfx]: Creak

Haaaahhhh!! Argh! What is with this day?!

Can’t believe Pochi’s a guy…

p3: =======================================
Even now, I still can’t believe it!
/ I mean, her voice is so cute, and she has such good looks; of course I’d doubt anyone who told me she was a guy!
Furthermore, Ageha brought him to be our vocalist, and she hates guys.

Yeah, she does…

Pochi’s a guy—but we did all that stuff in front of him, and even slept together all those nights during the training camp…
Never would’ve done that with a guy!!!

That’s right!! We did all those things because she was a girl!!
[sfx]: Jump!

p4: =======================================

What do we do, Tsubasa? Can you forgive him?

But none of this changes the fact that I liked Pochi’s voice.

Same here…

p5: =======================================
How do you think Pochi felt through all of that?



Kotori…? I’m sorry…

p6: =======================================
I’ll tell you everything.
/ Tsubasa, too.

Yeha, okay. I’m here with Tsubasa right now, so we’ll go to you.

/ And also…


p7: =======================================
A week’s passed since I was last able to meet with any members of Sora.
I don’t want to cause any trouble for Ageha-chan, so I’ve been avoiding her as best I can.

I’ll remember the time we spent together this summer for all my life.

It’ll be my unforgettable treasure…

p8: =======================================
[sfx]: Squeeze

[sfx]: Clench

From now on,
how am I supposed to kill time during lunch?

[sign]: Band Club

[sfx]: Jang!!

p9: =======================================
[sfx]: Strum

[sfx]: Open…

Kotori! Tsubasa!
[sfx]: Jump!

When you’re shown something like this every day, well…

p10: =======================================
Is it…?!
It’s good
/ However…


Tell us more. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to finish it, right?
Empathy’s important.

p11: =======================================
Kotori, Tsubasa…!!
Thank you!

[sfx]: Rustle

This part is like this…
Hmm, hmm.
And this bit means…

p12: =======================================

Pochi! We’re going to karaoke, and you gotta come with!
If you came, you’d get laughs for sure! So how about it? Sing for us!

I-I don’t want people to laugh at me!
[sfx]: Shake x2

Hey, c’mon, let’s go!


p13: =======================================

Pochi’s voice
would be wasted on the likes of you!

p14: =======================================

Ageha-chan! And Kotori-chan, and Tsubasa-chan too?! Whoa!
You three should come with! We’d be the greatest group ever!!

[sfx]: Burst!

Let’s go.

[sfx]: Grab


p15: =======================================
Don’t talk to us like we’re friends.
Let’s go.

The heck?!!
Hey! What gives?! This makes no sense!
[sfx]: Walk

Uh, umm, Ageha-chan, Kotori-chan, Tsubasa-chan…!

Come this way.


[sfx]: Dash…

p16: =======================================
[sign]: Band Club

[sfx]: Open

The club room…? I’ve only not come here for a few days, but it feels like it’s been an eternity…

[sfx]: Stare…

p17: =======================================
His hair’s short, but… He’s Pochi.

If anything, he still feels the same as he did as a girl, just with a different haircut.


Keh keh keh! Ahahahaha!
It’s weird. Boy or girl, you’re still Pochi!

Kotori-chan, Tsubasa-chan…!

I told them everything.


p18: =======================================
How we met, how I selfishly made you crossdress,
/ how you’re always hiding your voice,
and how much you love singing.
I told the two of them all of that.

Huh?! What?!!!

We were really confused at first. I mean, you’re usually in for a shock when someone lies to you…
I-I’m sorry.

But Ageha said you genuinely love music.
That it was her fault.

p19: =======================================
Ageha pushed really hard for us to forgive you,
but besides that, Tsubasa and I also felt the same way:

That we love your singing!

[sfx]: Giggle
/ Tsubasa-chan…

So, umm…

Let’s the four of us keep going with our band!!

p20: =======================================
I wrote a song. I’ll sing the lyrics this time.
Please don’t laugh.

p21: =======================================

And if they laugh, who cares?
Just spend time doing what you love and hold your head up high… ♪…

p22: =======================================
You have a treasure all your own,
/ unique in all the world.
…So please don't ever let it go; right now it's time to fly…

Don’t tell me you…?

[sfx]: Strum

p23: =======================================
This is the first time I’ve ever written a song with someone in mind…!

Pochi, you taught me that it doesn’t matter if they’re a boy or a girl—
I just want to bring a smile to the people closest to me.

Feeling better now…?

p24: =======================================
[sfx]: Bwahh!

/ You did this for me…?!! Thank you!! Thank you so much!!!
[sfx]: Waahhh!! x2
Hey! Don’t cry so much!
/ You’ll embarrass me!!

p25: =======================================
Ageha was amazing the whole time she was writing this song.
/ She kept talking about how she hoped you would feel, and what each part meant.
But thanks to that, we were able to understand how you feel.

Thank you… Thank you, everyone…!

Pochi, could you sing the song for me…?


I… I want to sing it!!

p26: =======================================
Okay! We’re Sora reborn!
Let’s make a fresh start!!


Then the four of us have our next gig at the cultural festival!


p27: =======================================
In that case, there’s something I’d like to try…


p28: =======================================
What in the wohld
is dis?

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