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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 36

Chapter 36

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 14, 2015 20:41 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 36

Rin 36
For RyColaa Scans

p1: =============================
[insert]: An emissary of the abyss / lit by the moon

p2: =============================
What’s your girlfriend like, Tajima-kun?

Just a plain ol’ student at a technical school.
What about yous? How’s your BF?

He’s a classmate from back during middle school.
We connected over Facebook.

p3: =============================
Things goin’ well?
Hmm, I wonder.
We’ve only been going out for two weeks.

Me, I’ve been with my girl all of three months and we ain’t done more than kiss.

Aren’t you burning with a little too much desire there, Tajima-kun?
[insert]: Heh hem.

How far you and him gotten, Furukawa-san?
We’re almost to the point of kissing.
I mean, we’re mostly drunk together.
Come to think of it, the other day, me and the girl went down to Kamakura and…
[sfx]: Blah blah blah x(a lot)

p4: =============================
Oh, sorry…

p5: =============================
[sfx]: Scratch x4

He looked like he ready to snap.
I can’t blame him. He’s a newcomer himself who’s just started his first serialization.
I bet he’s spending every day doing nothing but work.

Y’think he got a girl he likes?

p6: =============================
[sfx]: Slump

[sfx]: Sigh
The fleeting moments before I fall asleep are the only time I have to relax…


[sfx]: Jump!

[sfx]: Open!

p7: =============================
[sfx]: Slide

p8: =============================

[cell]: Call / Nishigaitsu Hanako (Nishi Hanako)

Uh, sorry to call you out of the blue.
This is somewhat awkward, but… Would you happen to know Ishidou-san’s address?

What, are you going to go stalk her?

I heard about what you were up to the other day, you dirty dog you!
Weh heh heh.
No, that—it wasn’t like that, Nishi Hanako-san!
Quit using my real name!
Sorry. But there’s something I’d like to send her, so…

p9: =============================
Two-day delivery, please.
[bottom sign]: Home Delivery
Thank you very much.

[sfx]: Vnnn / Smack

I’ll take a nap, then work on my storyboard.
[sfx]: Dash!

[sfx]: Draw x2

[sfx]: Draw x2

p10: =============================

>>p10a: ======
Yeah, apologies for suspecting you of something as ridiculous as being a murderer.
[insert]: A-Alcohol?
Uh, I’m underage, so…
…I guess that doesn’t matter inside a Reality.

Truth is, the man the culprit killed was her father.

He was a master of Hung Ga Kuen, and was considered one of the Big Four of Guangdong.
Yet during the night that was black as pitch, he was caught unawares and…

[sfx]: Stare

<<p10b: ======
Hm? Is there something on my face?
This man, he… He’s not the Polycoriac Man‼

Ever since, the girl has lost her voice.
Only from her bowstrings can she express emotion.

Grand Master Chi, there’s trouble‼
[sfx]: Dash!
Master Fong’s been—‼


p11: =============================

^>p11a: ======
Master Fong‼

[sfx]: Whoosh!

[sfx]: Slap

[sfx]: Bah!

^<p11b: =====
[sfx]: Bash / Bash / Clash / Thud / Smack

Those fists are unmistakable.
You are the one who killed my Master‼

You thought I looked like him?
Heck, we’re nothing alike.


p12: =============================
You… You’re the man who once committed theft and murder, who climbed to the heights of villainy. Yet didn’t the Big Four of Guangdong manage to capture you and hand you over to the authorities?‼

Yes, and it took a lot of work to bribe those authorities.

The chief doesn’t forget a grudge.
He’s going to eradicate all the Big Four of Guangdong’s kith and kin‼

[sfx]: Scratch x3

p13: =============================

There’s two pupils—he’s the Polycoriac Man‼


[sfx]: ROAR!

[sfx]: Whoosh

[sfx]: Whoosh

[sfx]: Slap x4

Whoa! Chi’s the champion of the martial arts tournament, but this guy’s blocking his attacks with one hand‼

p14: =============================
The Chief’s defeated all the Big Four of Guangdong and obtained the books detailing their secret techniques‼
So there’s no move he can’t counter‼

[sfx]: Slam!

Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Just take a few steps back.

[sfx]: Dash!
I’ll take on the rest of these pipsqueaks!

[sfx]: Zoom!

[sfx]: KAPOW!

p15: =============================
[sfx]: Thud

What…? He defeated the man who felled my brother in a single attack?

[sfx]: Step x2

You’re not half-bad.

[sfx]: Gulp

Shun-kun, finding the polycoriac man is more than enough.

I’ve said this once already, but death within a Reality exacts an equivalent toll upon your actual self.

I’m aware.
[sfx]: Bathump x3
Wait, you’re going to fight him?!

Shun-kun, don’t think—feel!
[sfx]: Whoosh

p16: =============================
[sfx]: Bah x2

p17: =============================
I have a package for you!

[label]: Sender: Fushimi Norito

p18: =============================
[big, top]: I forgot to give you this, but here’s your present. Happy birthday.
[bottom left]: This is the first time I’ve ever drawn something as a gift.
[bottom right]: Fushimi Norito

p19: =============================
[sfx]: Scratch x2

p20: =============================
Nice. With this, coming up with a hook’ll be easy.
[sfx]: Bah x2

Think back on your sparring match with the hard-S Dr. Tokiwa, and fight‼
/ You know, like that.
I-I’ll leave that to you.

p21: =============================
[sfx]: Slide

Oh, I know you’re not the type to worry about these things,

but you came in fourth in the most recent survey!

You’re getting some steady support here, too. I’m glad.

Take care!
Thanks for all your work!
[insert]: Taurus, the place I’ve dreamed of, supports me.

p22: =============================
We’ve finally got the results, Taki-kun!

You nabbed the top spot in the survey!
You’re the first teenage author to pull that off in the history of Taurus!

Huh? I thought you’d be happier.
[sfx]: Flip x2

After all, Magical Girl? Lumina was on break this week.
[bottom-right]: After coming in first for a year and a half straight.
Well, that’s true.

p23: =============================
It’d be really amazing if you snatched the top spot from Lumina.

Yeah! When that happens, let’s take a research trip overseas!
/ I’m sure the editor-in-chief will nod his head “yes”!

…I like that idea.
[sfx]: Grin

p24: =============================
By the way…
/ Is Remember popular?
[sfx]: Jump!

It’s making an honest effort, at least, but the number of votes its getting pales compared to Presence.
[sfx]: Hmph.

[sfx]: Glare

What is your style?
I’ve never fought fists like yours.

My style is my own.
[upper left]: Which means it formless.
[bottom]: Which means…

p25: =============================
[sfx]: Pow x5
[insert]: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that line somewhere before… Well, whatever. Next time, with an opening color page‼

Although, Mutou’s not putting much thought into his hooks.

p26: =============================
[sfx]: Kapow!

p27: =============================
[sfx]: Bam x4

[sfx]: Strike!

[sfx]: Thud!

Curse you, you despicable, base human…

p28: =============================
[sfx]: Huff x3
The Polycoriac… Man… is disappearing…

You defeated him?!

…Seems like it.

[sfx]: Charge!


[sfx]: Stab!

Fushimi-kun, what’ll happen next?!
/ He just up and stabbed Shun-kun

p29: =============================
He reacted quickly enough to avoid a fatal wound, so he won’t be dying.
Though he will be stuck in the hospital for a while.

Is Reality Pi closed off now?

So the China Arc’s over with? I’m gonna miss it.
Because the backgrounds were easy, right?

By the way, what’s happening next?
First, there’ll be some daily life segments.
/ After that…
[sfx]: Ring

Oh, that’s right. I have to go take reference pictures.

p30: =============================

I bought a swimsuit XD <3
Last year, you said you liked this type, right??

What’s wrong?
Your face is bright red.
Oh, it’s nothing…

p31: =============================
I’d love to go to the beach this year :) <3
Will you be back this summer??

And send.

Whoa, Remember’s fucking amazing!
It always ends on such a cliffhanger.

As it happens, I’m chatting with Fushimi-kun right now.
/ I’ll tell him you like it.

p32: =============================
However… You’re not showin’ up, Asuna.

I mean, you showed up before
in Fushimi’s previous manga.

No—I mean—That wasn’t me!

[sfx]: Flip x2

I’ve been reading this manga since chapter 1,
and you’re not in it.

p33: =============================

Sorry. I don’t think I can make it home this summer.

p34: =============================
[sfx]: Clickety-clack x2

[sign]: café Sandbar

p35: =============================

[sfx]: Smile

This is my assistant, Tajima-kun.
I brought him along to help take reference pictures.
[apron]: Café Sandbar
Nice to meet you.
[sfx]: Bow
H-Hello. I’m Tajima!

p36: =============================
Omurice, right?
Yeah, the heart’s desire one.

Oh, I’ll have the same!

Fushimi-kun, who’s she to you?!
[sfx]: Slam!
Huh? She’s part of Nishigaitsu-sensei’s group, and…

Damn, she’s hot!


What’s her name?
Ishidou Rin.
How old?
She’s the same as us.

p37: =============================
He’s stuck on her.
If she’d agree to be my girl,
I’d dump my current GF come tomorrow!

[sfx]: Spit!
Look ‘round this place!

Every customer’s a man,
and I bet they all got eyes on her.

Y-You think so?
One of them’s an old man with the shakes.
Man, I’m certain of it. This shop sure knows how to draw in customers.

p38: =============================
Thanks for waiting!

[sfx]: Slurp

Whoa… I’m gonna start comin’ here three times a week.

[sfx]: Drip x2
Wah! Tabasco?!

p39: =============================
My tongue…
It was delicious.

Umm, about last time…
I’m really s—

I hung up your present.

I’m glad you liked it.

p40: =============================
And tonight’s another full moon!
[apron]: Café Sandbar

p41: =============================
<no text>

p42: =============================
So Fushimi-kun, I’m good to show up at the same time I’ve been next week?

I certainly hope so.
[insert]: Huh?

With the new chapter starting up, I’m not so sure…
[sfx]: Rush!

[banner on the right]: Magical Girl ? Lumina
[banner on the left]: Happiness Kokeshi Doll
[sign]: [Tokyo metro is already translated] / Gokokuji Station

p43: =============================
Yeah, okay.
I’ll call you again tomorrow.

What’s the matter, Mutou?

Fushimi-kun couldn’t finish the storyboard.
Even though he’s usually on top of things.

What a bummer… One of the guys my age set a bunch of us up to have drinks with an amateur fashion model, too.
That’s what you’re worried about?

What a shame, Mutou.
I’ll be participating without a care in the world.
You were invited too, Chouno?‼

p44: =============================
What’s wrong?
Is Fushimi-kun running out of steam already?

p45: =============================
Let me think over things once more…

I can’t really remember the accident.
There’s flashbacks, sometimes, but…

But I wish I had died
and that my sister had lived.

Maybe there was some way to save her, if I’d just…

p46: =============================
Shun-kun, your sister’s death wasn’t your fault.

if someone needs my help, I’ll give whatever aid I can!

Everything up to here, I like…

He then meets new friends…
[bubble]: Two people who can access the Realities
[upper-left]: Ryuu Bumgarner (half-American)
Shino Sakura (Mirai’s sister)

p47: =============================
I’ve also created the setting for the new Reality.
[upper-left]: Early 20th century, near the Mexican border
[lower right]: The Polycoriac Man (Has a bounty on his head for committing the most violent acts imaginable)
[in the center]: Underling (has a weird nose)
[lower left]: An orphan raised by a pastor. Loves reading the Bible. (Shino Mirai)

But I…
I… I can’t get the story to move. Why?!

[sfx]: Thud x2

This week’s Remember was super sad. 

p48: =============================
What chapter was published this week?
Oh, the one that ended with Shun getting stabbed.

Geez, is Mutou-san ever going to come up with a hook that isn’t off-the-cuff?
[sfx]: Stab!
[insert]: Huh? Seriously?! …….Find out the rest next week.
[sfx]: Ring!

Though the girl strained her voice, it wasn’t enough.
And, before her rage or sorrow could heal, her Reality was closed off.
[buttons]: Close / Display



p49: =============================

Sorry. Did I wake you?

No, it’s fine.
The messages you sent me—I can’t get them out of my head.

Huh? Why?
It’s just the feeling I get.
[sfx]: Flip

p50: =============================
“I’m so weak and useless.”
“I don’t want this to ever happen again.”
/ “I need to be stronger. So much stronger.”

Won’t her final thoughts crystalize and go on to shape her next personality?

[insert]: That’s what you assume?

The Realities are chained together,
and there’s all sorts of Mirais out there!

p51: =============================
C-Can I use that idea?!
Huh? It’s not much of an idea…

But if it’s useful to you, I’m glad.

[sfx]: Grind

p52: =============================
[sfx]: Roar

Shun-kun, what do you see in front of you?
Heart rate elevated.
Brain waves fluctuating.

Shun-kun, what’s going on?!

p53: =============================
[all bubbles]: Huff

[sfx]: Tremble x3

p54: =============================
[sfx]: Gremble x4

What’s wrong, kiddo?
Hmph. Spill the beans, or the pastor’s kickin’ the bucket.

Th-The Polycoriac man, he’s…
He’s right in front of me!
[small bubbles]: Huff


p55: =============================
That’s the perfect opening to get readers’ attentions.
I never thought the Polycoriac Man’d show up just like that.
This reality is inspired by towns near the Mexican-American border in the early 20th century.

p56: =============================
[sfx]: Flip
But I really like what happens next.

I’ve finally found it.
The Polycoriac Man’s henchman is supposed to be inside that brothel.

[sfx]: Step

Boy, peepin’ in on that stuff’s a bad habit.
Not ‘less you’re plannin’ to swim in a puddle o’ dick-juice.
[sfx]: Whoooosh

p57: =============================
Shino Mirai-san‼

I never expected her to show up acting like this.
[sfx]: Tap x2
She’s a woman gunslinger, come to use her sharpshooting mastery to take out the bounty!

p58: =============================
I was a fool to worry!
It’s amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished manuscript!
[sfx]: Here!

And best of all, I won’t be late for drinks!
[insert]: Take care!
He made a snap decision…
and was ready to run straight out the door.

[sfx]: Dash!
Oh, hello? Ishidou-san?

p59: =============================
How do I say it? Umm…
I was hoping to thank you for yesterday.

[insert]: I made a satisfactory storyboard, / so tonight, I’m living on cloud nine!
Thank me?
I wouldn’t have come up with such a good storyboard without your idea.

If you’re willing,
Have you eaten yet?

p60: =============================
Oh, why don’t you join us?

[sign]: Seasonal Cooking / Ebisu

[sfx]: Creak

p61: =============================
Aren’t Ishidou-0san’s ideas totally useful?

Taki-kun, you’ve done the same thing?

Two or three times, maybe.

Powerful manga bear inside them a soul.
All I did was sense that energy.
It happens, sometimes, when my head’s really clear.

p62: =============================
I’m glad I was useful.

Hey, go sit over there.
Oh, no, I’m heading home soon, and—

No need to hold back.
The two of them aren’t on a date or anything.

When I told him about this place,
Taki-kun said he wanted to come.

I’d never come somewhere this simple for a date.

p63: =============================
But keeping someplace this awesome secret from me?
That’s a low blow, Fushimi-kun.

[picture]: To the proprietress: / Fight strong!

I mean, it wasn’t really a secret or anything.
Sawamura Eichi isn’t here today?
Hmmm… He doesn’t seem to be here on Tuesdays.

Oh, yes, yes.
Back in the day, we took Tuesdays off.

Here’s your Isobe-age!

p64: =============================
All said, Ishidou-san, that power of yours—
If you develop it, I think it’ll become amazing.


Maybe you could capture everything Sawamura Eichi saw,
everything he thought—no, that would just be the tip of the iceberg.

p65: =============================
My editor told me the other day that,
if I came in first in the survey, he’d treat me to a research trip.

Wow. That sounds amazing!

would you like to come with?

p66: =============================
N-No, you can’t‼
[sfx]: Slam!

p67: =============================
Th-The readers wouldn’t allow it.

A break in serialization for the sake of research?
Presence is Taurus’s big draw right now. Without it, who knows how big a blow Taurus will suffer.

Your master, Mizuno Tooru, takes breaks now and again due to sudden illness.
U-Uh, well…
[sfx]: Uh, bwuh

p68: =============================

Come to think of it…

Doesn’t Shino Mirai from Remember
look something like Ishidou-san?

p69: =============================
Your prize is getting to go on a research trip? Awesome.

Is there anywhere you want to go?
Nah, not really…

[sfx]: Clickety-clack x4
But I’ll go anywhere Ishidou-san desires!

[sfx]: Rush!
if you don’t want Ishidou-san to go on a trip with me,

p70: =============================
[sfx]: Clickety-clack
Then snag first place before I do!

[sfx]: Clickety-clack x2
[box]: To be continued in the January issue

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