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Mayonaka no X Giten 17

Murder Researcher

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 3, 2015 05:04 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Midnight Cross Method 17

p1: ==========================================
Sachi escaped?!
[bottom-left]: Midnight Cross Method

he left a letter addressed to you, Kamiya Hiroki-kun, in his room.
I wasn’t sure if I should give this to you, but we couldn’t make heads or tails out of it.

[sfx]: Rustle…

--Dear Hiroki,

I’ve figured out who X is.
The one who took the person you held dear…

p2: ==========================================
is someone you have met before.
[insert]: The shocking message spelled out in Sachi’s letter‼
Midnight Cross Method
Story / Yamaguchi Mikoto Art / BAREISHO
#17: Murder Researcher

p3: ==========================================
Does that mean…
X is someone I know?!

Were you able to understand the contents of the letter?

Did you perhaps figure out where Kirishima Sachi went?
/ And who is this “X” person?

Shoot… If I say the wrong thing, he’ll wind up investigating me, and then they might find my sister.
But even so, I don’t think I’ll get to go home just by staying silent.

p4: ==========================================
Please wait.


They are key witnesses in the case of the murder of the Kirishima family; I will take them into my custody.
Uh, but…

Of course, should our conversation lead to me learning Kirishima Sachi’s whereabouts, I will convey the information to you immediately.
However, I’ve heard that your interrogations can be somewhat… forceful.

p5: ==========================================
Are you saying that you can’t trust me?
[sfx]: Glare

N-No. I understand.
/ I’ll let you handle them.
[sfx]: Bow
Thank you very much.

[sfx]: Spin
Now, shall we go?

What do I do?
At this rate, she’s going to give me a real interrogation.
A particularly forceful one, at that.

No, there’s nothing doing. She’s got her back to me,
but she’s not leaving any openings.

[sfx]: Click
We’re here.
/ Enter, please.

p6: ==========================================
/ It would seem you managed to extract them wonderfully!
[sfx]: Kah x3
Then I made the right choice by coming to Mitsumune-kun
/ when I learned that Kirishima Sachi had made his escape.

You’re… Class Rep’s grandpa?

/ I was wondering why you showed up, You-san.
Apologies for the surprise, Shion-san.

p7: ==========================================
I am Mitsumune You of the Metropolitan Police First Investigative Unit.
/ I’m the investigator in charge of the murder of the Kirishima family, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with.
An’no Shin’ichirou-san is the man who pounded into my head the ABCs of detective work. My master, if you will.

Wow, she’s cool.

Aww, you’d call me that, when you’re such an exemplary detective? I’ll blush!
[sfx]: Hop x23
Oh, but it’s the truth, Master ♡!

Excuse me.
/ Back to the topic at hand.
Oh, she’s a weirdo.
[sfx]: Glint!

p8: ==========================================
I’ve never seen a more ghastly crime scene than that of the murder of the Kirishima Family.
The wounds the on the bodies looked like they came less from grudges and more from gruesome curiosity.

Since Kirishima Sachi confessed soon after his arrest,
That is correct.
the investigation advanced in that direction.

However, I intuitively felt that there was something off with his words and actions.

p9: ==========================================
Nevertheless, the simple hunch of a crime scene investigator…
isn’t enough of a pretext to conduct an investigation that goes against my superiors’ judgements.

And so I went to Shin-san, who had once taught me to never ignore a detective’s hunch that something was off,
/ and requested his assistance.

…And so, what did you find?
/ Did Kirishima Sachi murder them?


I suspect that Kamiya-kun over there would know more about the matter than I.

p10: ==========================================
Sachi wasn’t the culprit.

Do you have any evidence to back that claim?

Or, perhaps, do you know who the true culprit is?

In order to prove that Sachi isn’t the culprit, I’d have to explain about body swapping.
[sfx]: Clench
But is it okay to tell her about that?

That was quite the lengthy silence.
/ Which makes me pretty suspicious.

p11: ==========================================
Please wait, You-san!
/ To say any more would violate confidentiality with regards to another case we’re pursuing!
[sfx]: Jump!

Kamiya-kun is assisting us, so…

There are times when an investigator’s duty to help the police trumps her duty to maintain confidentiality.

I know that.
/ Normally, you’d be right.

However, this case isn’t normal.
/ It’s filled with elements making it impossible for the police—no, for [the law itself to be able to handle it.

Do you think that explanation would be enough to sway me?

p12: ==========================================
For the time being, couldn’t you simply be satisfied with what we have to say, You-chan?
[sfx]: Hop!
Okay! ♡
/ I’m satisfied! ♡

Excuse me.
/ I let my emotions get the better of me.

At any rate, I don’t have the time to carefully interrogate you.
Right now, our top priority is to arrest Kirishima Sachi, since he is on the lam.

Do I have your understanding on that point?
[sfx]: Nod

In that case, would you have any clue where he’s headed?

p13: ==========================================
The only place that comes to mind is that he’s heading to Kirishima Ai.

I see. The sister… That would be possible.
But she, too, is currently missing.

For now, our only choice is to thoroughly investigate any places he’d likely try to hide.

With that, I’ll be going.
Then we’ll be heading home, too!

p14: ==========================================
That will not do.
[sfx]: Swing!
I cannot allow you to leave this place.

Shin-san and Shion-san are one thing,

but you two are key witnesses regarding the incident. You’ll have to stay.
…But you can’t!

Even if we are key witnesses, that doesn’t give you the right to confine us!

p15: ==========================================
Should the need arise, I can place you under suspicion for being accomplices in Kirishima Sachi’s escape.

The fact is,
/ I’ve received information saying you’ve had a number of meetings with the man.

Should you become suspects, everything about you will be investigated.
I can’t let that happen.

Then it seems I have your understanding.

Now then. Please call for me if you happen to remember anything.
[sfx]: Slam!

p16: ==========================================
/ Ultimately, you were confined all the same.

Shit… Not this, not now!!

Kamiya-kun, could I see the letter from Kirishima?
Oh, sure.

/ X is someone you know, Kamiya-kun?

If he knows it’s someone we know, why didn’t that idiot just write their name?!
Maybe he thought that, if he wrote their name, the police would confiscate the letter as a clue.

p17: ==========================================
/ the man himself had his own reasons for writing no more than that.

I don’t have any clear ideas, not yet,
but something about X’s true identity must have been enough to make Sachi escape from prison.

Who could X be?
Who would make him panic that badly?!

And it’s someone I know, to boot?

And now’s the time when I can’t move about?!

p18: ==========================================
[sign]: 24-hour Internet and Comic/Games

Well? Can you access it?
[sfx]: Rat-a-tat-tat
Yes. At least, so long as the site hasn’t been shut down.

p19: ==========================================
…Here it is. “Twilight,” the novel upload site.

Its original purpose was for authors to upload their self-written novels…
/ *Rat-a-tat*

But after a certain point, a user appeared. He called himself “Murder Researcher.”
/ And he literally did just that: he uploaded stories based on murder methods he himself had researched.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tat-tat

They’d be about
/ the most gruesome killings,
or the cruelest ways to trample another’s heart.
/ …There was nothing more to them than that.

p20: ==========================================
Yet here, they found overwhelming popularity.

Ever since, only his ilk have gathered here,
and Twilight turned to darkness.

If this site is still around, then surely, so is that


p21: ==========================================
…Here it is.
The title…
is “How to Murder a Happy Family.”

And what about the contents?
…It looks like I was right.

p22: ==========================================
X is indeed the Murder Researcher.

The text in this story
matches exactly with how my family was murdered.

p23: ==========================================

That’s… a shame.

/ *Knock*

What’s the matter?
Sorry, but could you summon Mitsumune-kun for us?

[sfx]: Step x2

Has he decided to talk?

p24: ==========================================
Well… We tried to convince him, but he’s a stubborn one all right.

He’s of a mind to spend this whole day in silence, I’d say.

Sorry to bother you, but we were hoping you’d let us go for the nonce.
/ There’s work left waiting to do.
Yes, of course.

By the way, any progress regarding Kirishima?
No. We haven’t gotten any promising leads.

However, the higher-ups must be nervous wrecks over this case.

p25: ==========================================
When we find Kirishima Sachi, should apprehending him prove difficult…
we’ve been licensed to shoot.
[sfx]” Slide

…He’s still a kid.
And a heinous murderer. They must’ve judged that to be more important than his age.

…At least, that’s the official word.
/ But they let that “heinous murderer” escape. I’d say they want cover that up before their blunder makes the news.
If they kill him, they can pass it off as suicide committed within the detention center.

That is the one thing we must avoid.
[sfx]: Step x3
…Yes, it is.

p26: ==========================================
With that, I have to be going.
[sfx]: Bow
Ah. Please contact us should anything happen.

There’s no time. We have to hurry,

[insert]: How will these two deal with this tense crisis?!
/ We have to find Sachi before the police do!

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