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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mayonaka no X Giten 18

Ai’s Abnormal Affection

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 14, 2016 17:05 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Midnight Cross Method 18

p1: ==============================
[insert]: The two chase after the escaped Sachi—
We’ve somehow managed to escape the prison…

But seeing as to how we don’t know where Kirishima Ai is, we too have got no choice but to chase after Kirishima Sachi.
Do you have any idea where else Sachi might have gone?

Given this note he left us,
/ there’s a possibility that he’s heading directly to X, the true culprit.

And while the person is apparently someone I’ve met
If we turn that around,
/ wouldn’t it mean the person is someone Kirishima Sachi knows you’ve met?

p2: ==============================

That would make X someone that both you and Kirishima Sachi know.

Someone who both I and Sachi know…
A shared acquaintance…? Or, alternatively, someone I’ve spoken about to Sachi.

The people I’ve spoken to him about are only those involved in body swapping.
If it’s one of them…

p3: ==============================
I can count them on both hands.

One of them is the true culprit?

p4: ==============================
[insert]: He’s vanished without a trace – what is Sachi thinking?
Midnight Cross Method
Story / Yamaguchi Mikoto
Chapter 18: Ai’s Abnormal Affection

p5: ==============================

…It’s only a possibility.
/ We don’t know whether or not the memo speaks the truth.

…Y-You know I’m not X, right?

p6: ==============================
Of course I know!
I wouldn’t start doubting you now!


But you know,
/ I think you’d be better off being a little more suspicious of others.

I mean, if what Kirishima Sachi wrote is true,
/ it would mean you let the true culprit get away.

I’m glad that you trust me,
but that kindness of yours may actually be biasing you as you search for the culprit.

p7: ==============================
If you proceed to encounter someone who seems the least bit suspicious,
don’t hesitate to use Grandpa’s Cross Ability
no matter who it is!

The Cross Ability “Professional Police”…
The power to force another person to answer three questions.

It can only be used one per day…
but it’s powerful enough to identify the culprit with a single touch.

p8: ==============================
Got it.
[sfx]: Clench
No matter who it is, right?

…I’m sorry…
It must be hard.

I just told you to suspect everyone you know.
I’m sure there’s a few you absolutely don’t want to doubt.

But I had to say it. For your sake, too.
Hey, try to think back.

p9: ==============================
Out of all the people you’ve met so far, has anyone been suspicious?

Of all the people I’ve met…
…And someone who Sachi also/i] knows…

If someone comes to mind,
let’s go meet that person immediately!

p10: ==============================
It looks like there’s a number of cops here, too.

…But she’s the one you thought of, right?

To be honest, there’s little basis to suspect her of being X.
/ However, given that it must be someone both I and Sachi know,
I picked someone who seemed connected to the murder of Kirishima’s family, which X confessed to committing.

p11: ==============================
From there, I guess I went with someone who I knew how to find.
Makes sense… Even if you’re not confident, I agree with prioritizing someone we can realistically meet with.

However, what about the cops?
Just ignore them, and we’ll be fine.
/ They’re only here because they anticipate Kirishima coming by.

If we nonchalantly walk up to the door, they shouldn’t stop us.

Got it.
[sfx]: Step
At the very least, I hope we get a hold of Sachi’s trail.


p12: ==============================
/ Umm, who might you be?

We’re sorry to drop by so suddenly.
/ We are detectives investigating the Kirishima family incident.

You are Kirishima Ai-san’s aunt, Fujiwara Saeko-san,
née Kirishima Saeko-san, are you not?

p13: ==============================
…I see.

So you are investigating that case anew.

As I have told the gentlemen from the police time and again,
I have nothing to say regarding the case.

I had thought that the Kirishima family—my brother’s family—was the picture of perfect harmony.
/ I have no idea why something like that would have happened.

I don’t even know where Ai-chan is right now.
[sfx]: Clench

…I see.
I’m gonna—I mean, would you mind if I asked you a few questions?

p14: ==============================
…Did you see the scars on Ai-san’s body?

No…Given how laced her body was with injury, you must have seen.

We can be certain those injuries were caused by some member of her family.

…I do not care if it is a guess.
Who do you think caused those wounds?

p15: ==============================
…I don’t know.
Nor do I want to guess.

Ai-chan herself said she’d fallen and hurt herself,
so I thought to take her at her word.

…Then I shall change the question.

If there were someone who would harm Ai-san in such a way,
what thoughts would you have regarding the person?

p16: ==============================
That I’d make them pay.
If such a person were out there somewhere, I’d kill them myself.

…Excuse us.
/ Would you mind if we stood up for a second?
[sfx: Stand]

p17: ==============================
What did you think of her reaction?

Though it was certainly faint,
/ I felt something like the seed of a motive.

Saeko has no children of her own; she adores Ai, her niece, like a daughter.
/ At some point, she learned that Ai had suffered abuse at the hands of a family member.
Enraged, Saeko used Ai’s body to murder her entire family.
And then she took Ai into her house and made the girl her true daughter.

…Maybe it’s like that? The reasoning does seem pretty far-fetched,
but if Saeko continued to live and act normally when X was inside Ai,
it would mean two X’s would exist at the same time.

So it really would be impossible.
However, there’s a way to make it possible:

p18: ==============================
Using a Cross Ability.

Hmm… Sachi did say there existed two personalities inside Ai.
[flashback] {
There’s two people inside Ai…!

Oh my.
/ It seems I’ve been discovered.
Wow, so that’s your Cross Ability.

[diagram] {
Ai’s body, with Saeko inside her
Cross Ability used
While leaving half her spirit inside Ai, she returns to her own body.
For instance, suppose the Cross Ability within Ai’s body
/ is the ability to partition her mind and place part of it inside another.

I get it… That might be able to pull it off.
X did say they found Ai’s ability extremely advantageous.

It’s a bit of a convenient explanation…
/ but if we consider her distinctive trait of having two personalities in one body, I don’t think it’s impossible.

p19: ==============================
even if Saeko isn’t X, there’s something I’m extremely curious about.

I’m certain she’s hiding something about the incident.

[sfx]: Nod

Time to gamble—it’s all or nothing!
Yeah. She’s worth using the ability on.

p20: ==============================
[sfx]: Squeeze!

What is the meaning of this?!
[sfx]: Wiggle
I’m sorry.
[sfx]: Bow
We had to do this, just in case you turn out to actually be X.

If we’re wrong, I’ll apologize then.
[sfx]: Slide

Cross Ability:
/ Professional Police (The Fallen Shin-san)!

p21: ==============================
/ Now, what do I ask first?
She has the right to remain silent to one of the three questions, so we have to choose deliberately.

…Hmm… For starters, the thing we most want to learn is obvious,
so until that becomes clear, let’s ask questions along that line.

…Then let’s start by asking her straight-up.

Are you X?

p22: ==============================
I choose not to answer.

She immediately invoked her right to silence… which means she’s X?
Sometimes, a person affected with this ability will use her right to silence when she doesn’t really understand the question.
/ So let’s change how we ask and make absolutely certain.

…Okay, then our second question will be this:

Tell us everything you know about X.

p23: ==============================
…I… do not know anything.

If she doesn’t know anything,
/ then that means she can no longer be X?

Given the way she said it, it might be best to assume she hasn’t even heard of X.
/ Given that, we need to use our final question to pull out whatever it is she’s hiding.

…In that case,
tell us everything that you’re hiding
/ regarding the murders of the Kirishima Family.

p24: ==============================
It’s all Sachi-kun’s fault.
My brother was always so gentle, but when Sachi-kun made him mad, he became someone else entirely.
Your brother—you mean Sachi’s father?

All of that must have happened because he was such an awful child!

If he weren’t, my brother never would have resorted to blows!
Huh…? He punched not Ai, but Sachi?

p25: ==============================
I didn’t know how to handle Sachi, either.
/ I never had any idea what was going through his head,
and he would look at me like he could see straight through me.

After spending enough time with a kid like that,
/ anyone would go crazy.

But the most pitiful one of all
was Ai-chan.

She really is such a kind an honest girl;
/ I can only assume she was brainwashed or something.

p26: ==============================
I mean, completely out of the blue,
she told her brother Sachi-kun that she truly loved him.

[sidebar]: What happened within the Kirishima Family?!

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