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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 39

Chapter 39

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 19, 2016 16:33 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 39

Rin 39

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ========================================
<no text>

p2: ========================================
<no text>

p3: ========================================
[sfx]: Scratch
In essence, the test subjects find Shino Mirai to be their anima,
while Shino Mirai finds the test subjects to fulfill the roll of her animus.
Within the Realities, the Polycoriac Man she creates plays a number of archetypical roles…

[sfx]: Chatter

p4: ========================================
[sfx]: Chatter

That presentation was superb.
Ryuu Bumgarner is an exemplary man.

But of course—he is the scion of one of the East Coast’s greatest families.
And hasn’t he erased the most Realities?


It’s all pretty tasty.
Especially the roast beef.
You haven’t eaten anything, right?

p5: ========================================
And it’s like, sure Ryuu’s amazing,
but you’re the one conquering the most difficult Realities.
Yeah, Ryuu’s got you beat on number, but…

I guess all the research scientists don’t get any of that, maybe?

Well, all the details are part of a top-secret project.
[sfx] Munch

[sfx]: Yawn

Hey, Shun—wanna slip out?
/ Another minute in here, and I’m totally gonna die of boredom.
[sfx]: Huh?

p6: ========================================
Oh, there’s stairs.
There’s a slope over there.

[sfx]: Roll

You were the only one in the whole hall, Sakura-chan.
Huh? The only what?

The only person who came down to my eye level and talked to me.

Don’t you feel like, with every Reality you synchronize with,
/ the way you see people’s changing?

p7: ========================================
It’s like, you stop caring about how much worth the outside world says someone has,
and more about their worth on the inside.

Says the middle schooler. That’s what you’ve been thinking about?
Hey, are you making fun of me?

Regardless, I think that’s what my sister’s teaching us.

p8: ========================================
And we’re definitely going to wake her up from her sleep.
[insert]: Ahahahaha
That’s gotta be a bit weird for her to hear from us, the people who live in her dreams.

Thanks for all the hard work!!

Furukawa-san, wanna go eat some jumbo gyouza on the way home?
I’ll pass.
Huh? Furukawa-san, you don’t like gyouza?
Xiahou Dun, the place in front of the station, makes a pretty good one.

p9: ========================================
Oh, right. You got a date tomorrow.
No, it’s not a date.
We’re just going to see a movie.
Huh? With who?

Well, I’m free, so I thought “Why not?”


You’ve already finished packing, I see.
Yeah. We’re heading out early tomorrow, so…

Have a good trip!

p10: ========================================
Heck, you’re goin’ to Kumao, right?
I really don’t got a clue why you’d wanna go there.

[insert]: Hahaha…
Good question.

It’s because Yassan’s been hinting that I should…
Not that I can tell anyone that.
[top-right magazine]: Kumano / Trip through a World Heritage Site
[bottom-right magazine]: Three Kumano Shrines / Nachi / Honguu / Shinguu
[upper-left magazine]: Nanki / Kumano Kodou / A Professional Trip
[middle-left]: Perfect Guide / Kumano / The Raging Thunder Road
[bottom-left]: Let’s walk the Kumano Kodou!!

p11: ========================================
[sfx]: Roar

Kumano Trip Rough Plans
[bubble]: Day 1
Depart from Haneda -> land at Nanki-Shirahama
Rent a car
1) Kumano Honguu Shrine
2) Kumano Hayatama Shrine
3) Kumano Nachi Shrine
[bubble]: Visiting the Three Kumano Shrines
Stay at Hotel Kumagusu Gardens
[real text bubble]: ……

p12: ========================================

[sfx]: Jump!

I-I’m happy to be going with you.
[sfx]: Bow x2
Oh, and I’m happy to be going with you.

p13: ========================================
That night…

Would you like to go on a trip some time? There’s a place I’d like to take you.

[sfx]: Bathump

Ugh, that was quick.

I can’t believe she instantly said “OK”…

p14: ========================================
You can afford to take off from work?

It’s just a three-day, two-night trip; we can manage.
I haven’t spent any time thinking about what comes next, so I did bring what I need to make a storyboard, just in case.

You’re sure I wouldn’t just be a third wheel?
[sfx]: Rattle

p15: ========================================
O-Of course not.
I did force you to let me come after I heard the news.

Really, though—I won’t be a nuisance?

I-I mean…
Neither of us has a license, so…
Then leave the driving to me.

[sign]: Nanki-Shirahama

p16: ========================================
[sfx]: Roar

I can’t believe Ishidou-san showed interest in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture, of all places.
/ Why’d you want to go to the shrines, Fushimi-kun?
Hmm, how do I say it… I want to know more about ancient Japan, so…

Regardless, I’m interested in seeing how Ishidou-san reacts out there.

p17: ========================================
[sfx]: Roar

[magazine]: Shounen Taurus

p18: ========================================
/ Fushimi-kun,
/ and Rin-chan, too—they’re all crazy.

Normal kids their age would be partying at Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan.
Yes, they’re a sober bunch.

Back during the Heian and Kamakura eras, all the nobles would visit the Kumano shrines.
[sfx]: Eh heh heh
It’s supposed to be an ancient place of faith.

[sfx]: Ring

Nishiguchi-san, the keyword to making things go well with Furukawa-san is “Not one step back.” ♪

p19: ========================================
What’s wrong?
No, it’s nothing.
L-Let’s go.

[sfx]: Roar

Fushimi-kun, I read Taurus during the flight.

Sakura-chan’s gotten irresistibly cute lately!

[sfx]: Haha
That costume was my editor’s idea…

p20: ========================================
…But I’m having a lot of fun drawing the near-future arc.
I really like the setting and its twin Mirai-sans: one light, one shadow.

Which do you like more: Presence or Re:Member?

p21: ========================================
Let me be a bit more specific: From September through last week’s, which did you like more?
Why that question?
It’s extremely important to us.
[sign]: Welcome to Shirahama

Whichever work comes in first on the survey the most times over that period is going to grace the cover of the first issue of the year.

Huh? What’s with that?
It’s something the new editor-in-chief came up with.

Taki-kun, your five straight weeks of double issues were a masterpiece.
Yeah, well, as you’d expect I was all but dead by the end of it.
I literally had to skip the week after because I was sick in bed.

p22: ========================================
Drawing manga really is a harsh business.

[sign]: Expendable Rent-a-Car

We might know the results today or tomorrow!

Huh? I hadn’t heard a word of that from Mutou-san.
I’m sure he’ll call once the results are in.
After all, the winner has to draw the cover.

I have zero confidence…
Both our works have amazing energy.

I’ve been so focused on my work lately that I haven’t heard any of the rankings.
I wonder how it’ll go.

p23: ========================================
[sign is already translated]

There’s so much green here.

p24: ========================================
<note: this is from the earlier handwritten note>
1) Kumano Honguu Shrine
[side bubble]: Kumano

We’re almost to the first destination.

[sfx]: Roar

[sfx]: Bathump

[sfx]: Roar

p25: ========================================
*Clap, Clap*

p26: ========================================
H-How was it, Ishidou-san?

Hmm. I liked it.

That’s it?

Retired emperors visited the Kumano Shrines a number of times from the Heian Era through the Kamakura Era.
[upper right]: Kumano Hayatama Shrine
[upper left]: Kumano Guutai Shrine
[bottom]: Kumano Nachi Shrine

Later, the common folk were told of it and went as well. To the people in the mountains, the pilgrims looked like ants. That’s where we get its nickname: the Ants’ Kumano Pilgrimage.

p27: ========================================
There’s a hundred bookmarks in those guidebooks.
Okay, here’s a question:
/ Which retired emperor visited the shrines the most over his lifetime?
a) Emperor Toba b) Emperor Goshirakawa c) Emperor Gotoba
So, who was it?

I couldn’t care less.
First hint: he’s famous nowadays.
That was delicious!

Okay, let’s go to the next destination!
[sfx]: Stand
Second hint—and I think this’ll let you figure it out.
/ “Japan’s greatest Oo-Tengu”!

[again, a snippit from the earlier handwritten plans]
1) Kumano Honguu Shrine
2) Kumano Hayatama Shrine

[signs are already translated]

p28: ========================================
[sfx]: Vroom

[sfx]: *Clap, clap*

[sfx]: Fidget

W-Well, Ishidou-san?

p29: ========================================
Yeah. It’s a nice place.

Huh? Again, that’s it?

Fushimi-kun, I’ve got your answer.

[sign]: Emperor Goshirakawa / Thirty-three Times

It’s three hundred-odd kilometers each way from Kyoto to Kumano.
/ So a round trip took just under a month.
Wow. He must have been a great walker.

Umm, Fushimi-kun?
You’re sure this was the right trip?

p30: ========================================
Okay. Next up is the final destination.

[again, the previous handwritten message]
3) Kumano Nachi Shrine

I completely get that the people were heavily religious in the Heian and Kamakura eras,
but there’s nothing I can use here for manga.

I’m just pretending. Pretending to sleep…

It started way before then.

p31: ========================================
Long, long in the past…

Though I doubt any of this is recorded in history.

p32: ========================================
<no text>

p33: ========================================
<no text>

p34: ========================================
[sfx]: Sparks

by its own body does wood give light to the flames

I will use my own soul
to give you light.

p35: ========================================
And I…
will use my soul to light you, Kiou.

[sfx]: Shake

We’re here.

[sfx]: Spaced-out

p36: ========================================
[sfx]: Zaahhh!

p37: ========================================
…Well, I get to see a waterfall, so all’s good.
You do like your waterfalls.

This might be the coolest one I’ve seen all my life.
I could stare at it for ours.
[sfx]: Roar
The Nachi waterfall is the tallest and fastest-flowing waterfall in all of Japan.

I-I wonder what Ishidou-san’s thinking.
There’s no point just asking her.

[sfx]: Smile

p38: ========================================
How’d you find it, Fushimi-kun?
/ How was the first day of the trip to you?

Oh, personally? Umm…

Did you get anything out of your long-awaited trip?

[sign]: Hotel Kumagusu Gardens

p39: ========================================
The hot spring was great.
There’s an open-air bath here where you can see the sea.
[sfx]: Open

p40: ========================================
[sfx]: Thud

Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting?

p41: ========================================
You’re storyboarding, right?
Oh, well…

I wanted to write down everything from my dream so I wouldn’t forget,
but doing so makes it sound cheap…

I was just jotting down some ideas of mine.

[sfx]: Swipe!

Your handwriting’s awful!
I mean, I’m the only one who’ll look at it.
[handwritten section is largely unintelligible; only the middle bit is really readable and not covered by speech bubbles. Also the (?) bit is literally in the text; it’s not me guessing]
[…] shrine in the sanbank; working (?) are a total of 99 people named Kiou, Bun’ou, Saiou, Ishiou, Meiou etc. “Ou” here is used in male names […] Five Princes […] Absolutely cannot enter […]

p42: ========================================
[sfx]: *Crumple*


You don’t need any of this!
[sfx]: Thunk

I say, don’t write an idea-book.
You won’t forget something if it’s really good.

You’re forcing your style on me?
[insert]: Now, let’s eat some grub.

p43: ========================================
It sounds like Nishiguchi-san gave a good impression during his date.
They’re meeting up again tomorrow.
Wow. That’s awesome.
You said Furukawa-san’s cute, right?

And now he’s going on about if he should formally ask her out.
[insert]: Hahaha

p44: ========================================

p45: ========================================
[sfx]: Scratch x2

p46: ========================================
Hey, don’t go leaving your Shadow.
You’ll get your Shadow—your soul—sealed within.

I wanted to put this comb with my sister in her grave, so…

How beautiful.
I can only conclude that divine spirits rest within your craftwork!

p47: ========================================
Everyone makes fun of me, saying how my fingers are as nimble as a girl’s.

I’m awful at hunting,
and I’m always holding everyone else back…

Yet with your sister’s passing, all your relatives have departed this world. Now what are we to do with you?

A messenger from the shrine has arrived.

You have our true appreciation for the fortuitous offerings you made last month.
Well, well. The one good thing about this village is how blessed it is with trees.
[insert]: *Panting*

By the way, as part of that offering…

Was there some sort of trouble?
[sfx]: Bathump!

p48: ========================================
Who in the world crafted this well-used vessel?

[sfx]: Bathump x3

Worry not, young one.

Various rituals take place at the shrine throughout the year.

In doing so, we require a variety of religious tools.
And I believe you can make ones appropriate to the tasks.

W-Wait a second.
M-My thighs are killing me.

p49: ========================================

See the river there, the one that goes from Heaven to Earth? On its sandbank stands our temple.

p50: ========================================
Saiou-dono, is your mind certain?
Only those bound by blood with they who have for generations served the gods of these three mountains
are permitted to serve at this shrine.
(TL/N: Saiou: Literally “Festival King”)

Bun’ou, the occasional exception is permissible.
/ Take a look at a vessel this young man made.
(TL/N: Bun’ou: Literally “Literary King”)

You are well-versed in the ritual tools; I would ask for you to judge its beauty stringently.

Were those made by this “Bun’ou” person?
They’re so beautiful…

p51: ========================================
Show it to me.

[sfx]: Trembling


You’re fine with me staying here for a little while?
I’ll work super hard at crafting!
Good. Yet let me give you a warning.

You may tread only within this front shrine.
/ Entering the main shrine is absolutely forbidden!

p52: ========================================
For there dwell the Gods.
Only a scant few people are permitted entry there. Bun’ou is one.
I myself have never stepped within.

Incidentally, what would happen if I did go in?

To date, two people have made such plans. Both were killed before they could.

p53: ========================================
Hey, novice. I hear ya got specially appointed.
Y-Yes, luckily.
The name’s Maiou. Nice to meet ya.
(TL/N: Maiou: lit. “Rice King”)

Whoa, what a feast!

Hungry? Here’s a tochimochi.
Th-Thank you very much.

Today, the local clan chief is coming to pray for rain.

Afterwards, everyone from the temple’s gathering for a grand feast.
/ Ya oughta come, too.
[sfx]: Munch

[sfx]: Chatter

First, I have to focus on my work and earn everyone’s acceptance.

p54: ========================================

[sfx]: Flap x2

[sfx]: Flap x2

p55: ========================================
It’s like the butterfly’s inviting me.

[sfx]: Glance x2

[sfx]: Gulp

Once in my life is all I want—
I just want to see the form of the Gods.

And to ask them…
why they took my father, my mother, even my sister.

[sfx]: Bathump x3

p56: ========================================
[sfx]: *Gulp*

p57: ========================================
It’s not a god—it’s a person!!

[sfx]: Flick x2

[sfx]: Drizzle

[sfx]: Drizzle x2

p58: ========================================
[sfx]: Pour

p59: ========================================
Hey, what’re you doing there?!


[sfx]: Gust

[sfx]: Slip

p60: ========================================
I’m loving this kettle; I use it for rice porridge divination.
Thanks, man.

This is the greatest talisman I’ve ever seen.
Ishiou-san, thank you very much.
(TL/N: Ishiou: Literally “Stone King”)

I’ll use this earing as a charm.
It feels truly blessed.
Keou-san, I’m glad to hear it.
(TL/N: Keou: Literally “Measurement King”)

With that, I appoint you a youth in service to this shrine.

Since you were raised in a village bountiful with trees, I name you Kiou.
(TL/N: “Ki” can also mean “tree,” while his name is written with the characters for “chronicle king.”)

p61: ========================================

Umm, Bun’ou-sama?
Why did you not censure me for what happened that day?

Naturally, I would have liked nothing more than to tear you limb from limb, then to toss your corpse into the valley.

Yet Yuri-sama said I mustn’t.

Would that be the lady’s name?

Yuri-sama converses with the gods of these three mountains, and grants oracles to we the people.
She is this temple’s secret medium.

Listen well. Should you reveal Yuri-sama’s presence to any other individuals…
I get it. I won’t tell a soul!

p62: ========================================
More importantly, what are you doing for the equipment to be used in the new year’s ritual?

That ritual is the most important one out of the entire year.

There is the vessel used to offer holy water to the gods at the main temple before the new year dawns,
and then there is the one used to offer holy mochi to the gods after the dawn.

Everyone serving the temple is free to submit a pair of such vessels.
/ The offerings are impartially judged, and one pair is picked to be used.
Who makes the decision?

The five Great Princes who can enter the main shrine…
and Yuri-sama.

By the way, mine was chosen last year.
Whoa, that’s impressive.

…This time, I suspect
that yours or mine will be chosen!


p63: ========================================
Wh-Who said you could read that?!!
Hey. Morning.

is this really Re:Member?

No, it’s actually…

p64: ========================================
A dream?

Yeah. While I was dozing off in the car yesterday,
I had a really odd dream.

So in the end, who won?
[sfx]: Munch x2

Dunno. I don’t really remember that far.


p65: ========================================
I’ve got a single text from Chouno-san.
It came last night.


Maybe it’s to tell us who got the cover?
[insert]: Re:Member vs. Presence: who wins? Find out next issue!
[box]: To be continued in the April issue / On sale / March 5th

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