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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 40

Chapter 41

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 15, 2016 04:24 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 40

Rin 40
Reserved for use by RyColaa

p1: ======================================
A pure dignity--
--Deceit is beyond you

p2: ======================================

I’ve got a single text from Chouno-san.
It came last night.

Maybe it’s to tell us who got the cover?
[sign]: Hotel Kumagusu Gardens

p3: ======================================
[sfx]: Glug

I’m going back to the room to give Chouno-san a call.

Huh? Is he going to be up this early?
It’s 7.
No worries. He doesn’t go to bed until after he’s seen the international sports results.
[insert]: Later.

……..Did Taki-kun get the cover?!

p4: ======================================
Hey, tell me more about the dream.

You’re interested in it?
[sfx]: Nod

You see, Yuri-sama…

p5: ======================================
She’s so revered by the Five Princes, the few elites permitted entry into the main shrine,
that they bow their heads so low they touch the floor.

But to Kiou…

[sfx]: Pop!

He snuck in again?
Yeah. The second time was on the day of the festival, when security was lax.

p6: ======================================
Uh, umm… Here.
This is in thanks for saving my life.

[sfx]: Gulp

p7: ======================================
I had hoped to…
Hoped to…
To see you from up close.

p8: ======================================
Th-Thank you.

Afterwards, again and again,
/ he braved the dangers…

Oh, want to see the storyboard?
Huh? You sure?
Then I’ll read it while I’m holding down the fort.

p9: ======================================
[sign]: Kumano Road

[handwritten]: {
[right bubble]: Walking the Kumano Kodou
[top bubble]: Day 2
[text]: Kumano Nachi Shrine
(Big Kumotori Pass) (Small Kumotori Pass)
Kumano Honguu Shrine

That’s a pretty rough itinerary.

What’d Chouno-san say?
Oh, he didn’t pick up.
Sleeping like a log, I assume.

Well, I’m sure he’ll give me a buzz once he’s up.

p10: ======================================
It’ll probably be when we’re eating lunch, or something.

Good morning!
[sfx]: Rush!

p11: ======================================
So Fushimi-kun and Taki-kun are spending today hiking through the mountains.
They really are an austere group.

The path they’re taking it supposed to have some hard climbs, even relative to the rest of the Kumano Kodou.
They said they’ll be walking nine or ten hours.

Whoa… I could never do that.

[sfx]: Ring
Rin-chan said she’s going to be taking it easy in the hotel hot spring.

It’s Rin-chan.
Remember: “Not one step back.” ♪ Don’t forget :D

p12: ======================================
What is it?
Oh, nothing…
We’re just going to see a movie; what’s with the message?

[sfx/insert]: Shh Shh / *Laughter* / *Slap*

p13: ======================================
[[same as previous chapter, but handwritten this time]]
by its own body does wood give light to the flames.

I will use my own soul
to give you light.

And I…
will use my soul to light you, Kiou.

p14: ======================================
The New Year’s ritual is, to me,
the most trying of all.

On the final day of the year, starting from before the sun sets, I remove myself from my body.
I go to the rivers, the boulders, the waterfalls, the trees…
To all the gods, and converse with them.

p15: ======================================
it is difficult to demand understanding from one who does not understand.

Is it to know what sort of year the new year will be?
Well, roughly speaking,
/ I also pray that the new year be a good one.

Meanwhile, during my meager breaks, I sip a few drops of water.

It ultimately ends when the sun sets and the new year dawns.

Only then, with my body and heart exhausted, do I finally partake of the porridge.

p16: ======================================
So that’s why the New Year’s Ritual requires two vessels‼

Well done, Bun’ou.
Your workmanship has such elegant beauty!

No matter what anyone else makes,
my vessels will be chosen.

No one knows Yuri-sama like I do‼

p17: ======================================
[sfx]: Panting

p18: ======================================
[sfx]: Crackling

[sfx]: Roar

[sfx]: Splash

p19: ======================================

Kiou, that looks awesome!
/ You’re totally winning this.
It’s friggin’ sweet.

Th-Thank you, everyone.

When I think of the 99 princes, the group I’m now a part of,
I’m truly glad I came to this place.

Aren’t you tired of gazing at the moon?
Want to take a trip out of here, just once?

I can’t remember ever being anywhere but in here.

Let’s go see the sunrise, together.

p20: ======================================
<no text>

p21: ======================================
[signpost] {
[top]: Big Kumotori Pass
: Mt. Nachi
[right side]: Koguchi (Noboritatechaya Trail)
[middle]: Lottery
[below that]: World Heritage Site: Kumano Sankei Michi
[very bottom]: Kumano Kodou


[sfx]: Huff x2, *Rustle*

[sfx]: Flutter

Wah! Why did I even bring these?
Hm? What are those?

p22: ======================================
[sfx]: Zah

<Flashback to 20>
You’re normally not allowed to come in here,
but this waterfall is my absolute favorite.

Of all the fourty-eight waterfalls,
this is the most elegant and beautiful.

Yuri-sama said that, although the great waterfall is a male deity,
this waterfall is a goddess.

[bubble]: A storyboard I threw out.

Bun’ou-sama, what do these three characters mean?

They represent the gods of the three mountains.

Bun’ou doesn’t really seem like a bad guy.

Of course. Kiou respects him a ton, too.
[sfx]: Gulp

p23: ======================================
He’s clearheaded, and has by far the sharpest mind out of all the 99 Princes.
It’s generally assumed there was no writing system during that era, but somewhere, he learned how to write.

Hey, are you getting hungry?

Oh, shoot.
I’ve got no signal here.

We’ll probably be out of range until we reach our goal.
F-For now, let’s eat. We’ve got mehari-zushi.

p24: ======================================
[bottom-right bubble]: The storyboard ended partway through, right?
So what happens after?

Did the two settle down together
and live happily ever after?
[sfx]: Munch x2

[sfx]: Munch x2

Everything had gone fine so far,
but at a heavy cost.

p25: ======================================
Yuri-sama had lived like a bird in a cage.
Hiking through the mountains was rough on her.

[sfx]: Flash

It’s like she was allergic to the sun.
The parts of her skin that bathed in its rays swelled up.

[sfx]: Munch x2
They returned long after they’d planned.

After all but killing themselves to get back to the shrine, they found it in an uproar.
[sfx]: Wahh

p26: ======================================
[sfx]: Slam / Crash / Snap

[sfx]: Thud

[sfx]: Munch x2

It seemed like he would be,

but his friends begged on his behalf…

p27: ======================================
and Yuri-sama entreated that he be spared.

[sfx]: Gulp

Kiou, be gone from this shrine.
/ And never again show yourself here.
[sfx]: Wind howling

p28: ======================================
…Stab, please.


In the village where I was born,
it’s said that the soul dwells in your shadow.

I will leave my soul behind.

p29: ======================================
Do it.

[sfx]: Stab!

p30: ======================================
So he was exiled.
It was a strange dream.
[sfx]: Munch
When I woke up, I felt like I’d been struck mute.

In the end, I never did find out who won the pottery battle.
[insert]: Thanks for the meal / The mehari-zushi was delicious.
Bun’ou smashed them.


When Kiou departed,
he smashed them to smithereens.

p31: ======================================
[sfx]: Howl

p32: ======================================
[sfx]: Shatter!

p33: ======================================

As for Yuri-sama, she lost control of the New Year’s ritual
[sfx]: Stand
and from that day forth, she made a mess of all her duties.

How do you…?

I get the feeling this isn’t my first time walking this road.
[sfx]: Step
With every step, so many things flash back into my head.

[sfx]: Gyah x2
I’ll head on ahead.
Let’s each walk at our own pace.

p34: ======================================
Man, that movie was great.
And the action scenes had almost no CG.

I love spy-action flicks.

Oh, yeah. How about we take a pic?
We can send it to Fushimi-kun.
Oh, nice.
Let’s send it to Rin-chan, too.

[sfx]: Snap

p35: ======================================
[sfx]: Quiver
Hey, you bastards!

You takin’ a picture of us?
Gimme that phone!

Huh…? We didn’t take a picture of you.

Don’t play dumb!
Hand it the fuck over! We’ll be erasin’ all your data.

But I have reference photos for Re:Member on this…

p36: ======================================
Nishiguchi-san, let’s go!
[sfx]: Dash!
Oh, yeah.

Wait, dammit‼
[sfx]: Dash


[sfx]: Slam!

p37: ======================================
Fork over your whole bag!
We’re gonna fuck you up‼

[insert]: Awawawa!

I-I can’t—I’m gonna piss myself.
I know I will…

[sfx]: Turn
S-Sorry, Furukawa-san.

Remember: “Not one step back.” ♪ Don’t forget :D

p38: ======================================
S-Stop that, all of you!



p39: ======================================




[sfx]: Flap x2

p40: ======================================
<no text>

p41: ======================================
I did like you said, and came here.

Welcome to Kumano!

Actually, whoa…
I can’t believe I’m seeing you while I’m awake…
[sfx]: Freeze
Coming to this land has brought you clarity.

p42: ======================================
Isn’t that right, Kiou?

When you lived in this land,
you were a gushing fountain of creativity.

Simply being by her side
granted you inspiration.

p43: ======================================
[sfx]: Stab!

After losing your soul,

you never again attempted anything inventive.

After wandering various lands for years on end…

I died in obscurity?

p44: ======================================
You found a home in a small, seaside village.
The village shaman took a peculiar liking for you.

p45: ======================================
Well, this “shaman” was pretty much a charlatan.

The ocean’s goin’ crazy.
Like there’s a huge storm comin’.

Must be a giant storm, the kind that only comes once a decade.
A lot of people might die.

Your prayers, please!
No, no. That’ll never work!
Forget it—we need to evacuate.

p46: ======================================
[sfx]: Howl

[sfx]: Dash

I went back to the shrine?

You did.

You had lost your father, your mother, and your sister.
So in those days you spent as one of the 99 Princes, you found true family.

p47: ======================================
[sfx]: Roar

What about Yuri-sama?

The elites immediately evacuated her to high ground; she was fine.

Yet most of the princes, including the children…

p48: ======================================
It’s Kiou‼
Kiou’s come back‼

Time in the ocean had made you a strong swimmer,
and that strength let you save two, maybe three of the children.

p49: ======================================
Yet the good and bad alike fall victim to a storm’s wrath.

[sfx]: Zah!

p50: ======================================
[flashback to ch. 37]

You’re the one Yuri-sama needs by her side.

p51: ======================================
[sfx]: Rush

p52: ======================================
[sfx]: Flap
In all likelihood, this will be the last time I ever appear before you.


I still don’t know who you are!

[sfx]: Flap x2
Surely the answer has largely come to you…

p53: ======================================
[sfx]: Bah!

p54: ======================================
[sfx]: Screech

[sfx]: Pnph

p55: ======================================
<no text>

p56: ======================================
[sign]: Towards the Honguu Area (The Little Kumotori Pass) / Kumano Kodou

I might’ve come up with the plan myself,
[sfx]: Wobbling
but I was a reckless fool.

Will I be able to get straight to work after getting back?
[sfx]: *Wheezing*



p57: ======================================
I think this view makes walking all the way up here worth it.

Maybe it was somewhere around here
that you saved my life, Fushimi-kun.

p58: ======================================
Huh? You’ve got a signal?
I’m still out of range.

[screen]: Taurus Editing Department


p59: ======================================
Sorry to interrupt your trip,

but it’s about the new year’s cover:
/ Re:Member’s won it‼

p60: ======================================
…Don’t tell me…

R-Right now, Taki-kun’s by my side.

p61: ======================================
Okay. I think Chouno’s going to call him later.
Though he’s seriously pissed.


[sfx]: Fwamp

p62: ======================================
Congrats, Fushimi-kun.
[sfx]: Ring

I’m at the finish line, Kumano’s Honguu Shrine. <Bus emoji> Call me when you get here!

Ishidou-san said she’s at the goal.

p63: ======================================
The old shrine’s site is across the road. Beyond there lies a river. I’ll be waiting by its shore.

Wow, that’s truly amazing.
I mean, should I really be doing it?
I’m no good at coloring, and…
Fushimi-kun, don’t hold back on my account. Go ahead. Be happy.
Now I feel even more down.

p64: ======================================
I think somewhere upstream or downstream from here…
lies the place you drew, Fushimi-kun.

But the river’s so shallow!
You’d never drown in this.
[sfx]: Splash

…Even if it had been there, I doubt there would be any vestige of it.
After all, everything took place oh-so-long ago.

p65: ======================================
I’ve been wondering…
What happened after?

p66: ======================================
<no text>

p67: ======================================
Yuri-sama’s gone‼
[sfx]: Running
Sh-She’s what?!
Wake everyone and find her‼

p68: ======================================
I yearn
to see you
once more.

p69: ======================================
<no text>

p70: ======================================
Huh…? What’s wrong?

It was in the same spot…
Huh? What was?

[insert]: Next issue, the final chapter—Every mystery will be answered‼!
[box]: To be continued in the May issue.

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