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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 41

Chapter 41

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 20, 2016 19:00 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 41

Rin 41 (FINAL)

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ===========================
[insert]: I’ll draw on, and on, and on / until my art brings me to you

p2: ===========================
[JR Nagoya Station sign is already translated]

[sign in last panel]: High Calorie Spot‼

p3: ===========================

Whoa, you can’t get this flavor outside of Nagoya.
And I’ve missed this spoon so much.
[sfx]: Slurp
When were you last back in town?
[bottom right]: Not since before last summer, so it’s been a year and three months.

Well, it’s more like you’re stopping by than coming home.
/ When’s your bullet train back?
Damn. For a ramen shop, this place has good softserve.

p4: ===========================
I mean, I figured I’d sleep tonight at my parents’ place.
My legs are killing me after all that walking we did at Kumano.
I need a day of R&R.

Why not stay a couple days?
Can’t you work at home.

Nope. Haven’t you read The Path of Manga?
It tells what happened to Maga Michio, who tried to work from home.
Why would I’ve read that?

Remember Mai-chan?

Huh? Who’s that?
You know how during Koubou-san, we bumped into that girl from your high school?
She was with her then.

p5: ===========================
the girl with Honda-san!

Me and her BF work at the same place.
And he goes to the same technical school as her.

Wow. The world’s a small place, huh.

He does DJ-ing, and they’re having an event today.
Wanna pop in?

Well, so long as it’s quick.

p6: ===========================
[sign]: Princess Odori

Whoa, all the buildings are so short!
/ And the streets are so wide!
And with so few people, walking around’s easy!
Compared to Tokyo.

Man, being in Nagoya really is relaxing.
You dissin’ us, or something?

p7: ===========================
[sfx]: Heavy beats

Ah, Katsuo-kun. Long time no see!

Mai-chan, remember this guy?
/ You met him during Koubou-san.
Hello. Long time no see.
You’re kidding. That Fushimi-kun?!

I read Re:Member!
I-I’m glad you enjoy it.

p8: ===========================
I figure Asuna’s coming later.

[insert]: Huh? Seriously?
[insert]: He’s like that?
[insert]: Damn!

Lu-san, I’m at the old club in Nagoya. You know the one. I never did figure out how to feel at home in here (lol).

p9: ===========================
I can’t believe I’ve come back to this place.
Whelp, I’ll just go to my normal spot in the corner.

I’m in Nagoya right now, too.  (sweatdrop)
Specifically, a stone sauna in Nakagawa. <3 <3

Wow, what a coincidence!
I guess Lu-san’s touring the deluxe bath houses she likes so much.
Heck, her writing’s as cutesy as ever.


p10: ===========================
Fushimi-kun, long time no see!


When did you get back into town?
I only just got here. I decided to stop in on my way home from a vacation.
A vacation? Where to?
Wakayama Prefecture.

p11: ===========================
/ To do what?
Uh, well, how do I say it…
i just sort’ve went with some friends, and…

Are they here, too?
[sfx]: Turning about
Nah, they flew back already.

Might they be the ones I bumped into before?


p12: ===========================
The girl in that group…
Doesn’t she look a lot like Mirai-san in Re:Member?

[sfx]: Blush
M-Maybe, I guess?

[sfx]: Smile

just know that I’m never going to stop cheering you on.

Th-Thank you.

p13: ===========================
Asuna, your brother’s upstairs.
He was putting back tequilas like they were water.
Oh, Junpei!
Fushimi-kun, let me introduce you.

This is Junpei.
/ My boyfriend!


C’mon. It’s Fushimi-kun, the manga artist.
Oh. You write Re:Volver, right?
It’s Re:Member.

p14: ===========================
Sorry. I don’t read much manga.
No, it’s fine.
And nice to meet you.

Your brother’s looking wobbly, so I’m gonna walk him home.
I’ve never seen him this drunk.
Oh, I’ll join you.

So take care, Fushim-kun.
Yeah. See ya.

He’s a dancer. I hear the girls are all over him.

p15: ===========================
They started going out soon after high school graduation.
They have their little breakups, then always get back together, and now here we are.
Least, that’s how Mai-chan tells it.

…I better not probe too deep.

p16: ===========================
I’m heading to Sakae right now~ <3  <3

p17: ===========================
Oh, so you went to Kumano.
Had fun?
/ Got pictures?

p18: ===========================
Norito, I know this might sound threatening…

But the path you walk
is one of either creation or destruction.

No act of creation is without its risks.

p19: ===========================
I’m never going to stop—I’ll always keep moving forwards!

p20: ===========================

thank you for everything,
even what you did so, so long ago.

Then it would seem you got something out of your trip.


And I’ve figured out who Yassan really is!

p21: ===========================
[sign]: Hotel Kumagusu Gardens

[sign]: Men’s Bath

[sfx]: Staggering
Damn. I’m so exhausted, I’m about to fall asleep on my feet.

Is it past 12 already?

[sfx]: Slide!

p22: ===========================
[sfx]: Silence

[sfx]: Open
[sign]: Please be quiet within the sauna.

Weird. Where did he…?
[sfx]: Splash

p23: ===========================

Surely you understand by now
just what I am.

p24: ===========================
Yassan, you’re me myself!

[insert]: You’re what I lost that day:
[insert]: My insight, my intuition, my inspiration…
[flashbacks are literally pages 28-29 of chapter 40]

p25: ===========================
My soul.

Meeting Ishidou-san was probably the trigger…
that allowed you to appear before me.
[flashback (to chapter 4, p49-51)] {
Rin: I’m glad I was able to see you again.
Fushimi: I wonder why… / Why those words brought tears to my eyes.
[flashback (to chapter 7, p46)] {
Bird: If you always take the wrong path, / you’ll never arrive at the place you should be going.

p26: ===========================
I’ve never been as happy…
as I am right now, having figured that out.

…Am I never going to meet you again?

[sfx]: Drip

[sfx]: Drip

Could it be? Are you crying?
[sfx]: Splash!

p27: ===========================
No, that was just the steam condensing and dripping back down on me.
[sfx]: Snap!

Fushimi, I will henceforth be with you always.

In the very moments when your shadow seems thinnest,
let your thoughts fade and feel the world around you.

For in the passing of the clouds,
in the swaying of the trees,
in the conversations of strangers aboard the train,
in the movies shown on daytime TV,
in the news posted on the Internet…

p28: ===========================
In those ways and in every way shall I whisper to you.

p29: ===========================
[sfx]: Zahhhhhh

Have you been slacking on your art recently?
/ Your sketches are all over the place.
[sfx]: Wobbly
And really, couldn’t you try to make the girls look cute?
They all have the same face.

p30: ===========================
I liked the Near-Future Arc, but that ending was iffy.
Don’t you think it’s gotten a bit repetitive?
Are you out of ideas?
[sfx]: Trembling

I can’t even eat with you like this!
Did I hit the nail on the head?

Thanks for the food‼
[sfx]: Phew!
Shit, I didn’t expect to get bombarded with the same things I hear online by my own sister.

p31: ===========================
You amateurs don’t get to talk smack. You don’t know anything!
You don’t have a clue how hard it is to be a pro!
Or are you saying you could do better?!
[sfx]: Sweep!

Oh, shit!
[sfx]: Fall

[sfx]: Panicking

A diary?

[sfx]: Glance
[sfx]: Heh heh heh.
You’ve gotta have better security than this, Nee-chan. So what have you been writing?

p32: ===========================
[diary]: {
November 19th, sunny
The neighbor’s dog wouldn’t stop yelping.
Aren’t toy poodles supposed be cute?

November 21st, cloudy
Grandma bought me some candies,
but they’re all iffy brands and I’m not sure how they’ll taste. <Note: Half cut-off; I’m guessing a bit here. >

Is this something she’s doing to hold back the advancement of the disease?
It must have taken her hours just to write this much.

November 22nd, cloudy
I had a weird dream last night, maybe because of that recorded anime I watched.

I was lying on a bed
atop an empty beach.

p33: ===========================
The tide would soon come in.
[sfx]: Zah

My heart bounced back between surrender and rage.

[sfx]: Chirp, Whistle

Somewhere nearby, I heard a giant thump—like a triceratops was stomping around.

p34: ===========================
I will grant for you a single wish.

[sfx]: Flap x3

A wish?
Just one wish?

p35: ===========================



Flap x2

p36: ===========================
May Norito draw wonderful manga.

p37: ===========================
I wonder why I wished for that, of all things.

[sfx]: Tap

[sfx]: Drip

p38: ===========================
[sfx]: Zah

[sfx]: Clickety-clack

p39: ===========================
Norito! I bought some akafuku, so eat up!
Uh, I’m already on my way out.
Then eat them on the way.

[sfx]: Zoom!

p40: ===========================
[above the white’s are “Katsuo”; left of the dark bubbles is “Read”]
Gone home already? Then you never got to stop by Bizenkou’s.
Next time.
I’ll give The Path of Manga a shot (lol)
It’s scripture. There should be a copy in every house.

[sfx]: Munch x2 / Chomp x2

[sfx]: Ring

I can’t do anything real, but I’ll at least cheer you on.

[sfx]: Ahhh.

When I get to Tokyo, take me to Gotanda.

p41: ===========================
<no text>

p42: ===========================
<no text>

p43: ===========================
Yeah, this is just the cover for the first issue of the year!

p44: ===========================
Wonder what I’ll do for the insert text…
Hmm… “Happy New Year,” maybe?
Guess he’s still not giving that stuff much thought…

Oh, I finished the storyboard, too!

Next up, I’m beginning the Three Kingdoms Arc!

p45: ===========================

You have Bumgarner with the Wei, Mirai-san with the Wu, and Shun with the Shu.
/ I know this’ll be popular!
And the Polycoriac Man’s part of the Sima Clan?

To be honest, the episode following the Near Future Arc, where Shun took a trip with his father to the fishing hole,
caused you to drop all the way to fifth in the survey.

And on the flip side, Taki-kun took first place by storm.
/ He really does have chops.

P-Personally, I’m not looking to draw endless battles.
I’d rather create a more thought-out, more human drama.

I’m not against that kind of thing, either, but…

p46: ===========================
[sfx]: Slump
Manga’s such hard work…

[sfx]: Roll
If I want to tell Re:Member’s story right,
it’s the chapters with the little things that are the most important, and yet…

Did I present it wrong, maybe?
[sfx]: Slip

[phone]: Mizuno Tooru

[sfx]: Shkeeen!

p47: ===========================
I heard you got the New Year’s cover.

Th-Thank you very much!

But… It was entirely a lucky fluke.
/ My ranking plummeted in the latest survey.
[sfx]: Slide
You worry about that stuff?
I-I mean…

p48: ===========================

A couple of chapters ago, wasn’t there a scene where he slipped out of a party?

Huh? In Re:Member?
Oh, yes!

[flashback]: {
Oh, there’s stairs.
There’s a slope over there.

[sfx]: Roll

You were the only one in the whole hall, Sakura-chan.
Huh? The only what?

The only person who came down to my eye level and talked to me.

Don’t you feel like, with every Reality you synchronize with,
/ the way you see people’s changing?

It’s like, you stop caring about how much worth the outside world says someone has,
and more about their worth on the inside.

[Black box in the upper-left corner of the bottom half of the page]: Mizuno-san reads my work!

p49: ===========================
That scene? I thought it was pretty great.
Maybe my favorite of yours thus far.

Thank you very much!
Yeah. I’m not on the wrong path.

p50: ===========================
I’m right to trust in my shadow, my inspiration.

Oh, I liked that scene, too.

My sister said the same thing.

Even though your sister’s your harshest critic?
Yeah. Her scathing remarks can bring me to tears.
She gives one compliment for every ten critiques.

p51: ===========================
She must really be supporting you.

I get so much support through the surveys, and through volume sales.
I want to live up to that large-scale support.

But I also want to do everything I can to live up to the little things that keep me going, too.

p52: ===========================
[sfx]: Smile

Oh, Mizuno-san asked about the Taurus Meetup…
Ishidou-san, want to come?
Huh? What’s this meetup?

It’s basically an end-of-the-year party for manga artists.

Oh, now that you mention it, Nishigaitsu-sensei said something about it.

If I can finish all the work I have, I was thinking of going.
I’ve never been, so…

p53: ===========================
[sign]: Shounen Taurus / Meetup

[sfx]: Chatter / Laughter

p54: ===========================
Nishigaitsu-sensei, allow me to introduce you!
This is my girlfriend!
It’s nice to meet you. I’m Furukawa.

Whaaaaat?! Nishi-chan got a girlfriend?!
The biggest shock of the year, right at the end!

At 30 years old, I, Nishiguchi Shuuhei,
finally got my first girlfriend!
[sfx]: Shaking

M-Miss, just as an aside, exactly what part of Nishi-chan do you like?
Please don’t ask something that rude‼
[sfx]: Smile

p55: ===========================
Shuu-nyan is truly a courageous individual.
[insert]: Shuu-NYAN…?

When a group of delinquents surrounded me…

S-Stop that, all of you!

You think you’re cool? Huh?

[insert]: Awawawa.

p56: ===========================
Nishiguchi-san, take care of these punk…
and it’s 5,000 yen!

[sfx]: Twitch!

[sfx]: Pow!

[sfx]: Slam!

[sfx]: Thud

p57: ===========================
[sfx]: Boom!

I couldn’t believe it. In that narrow space, he took out all three in an instant.
I mean, he was as cool as Jason Borne.
I could literally hear Moby’s Extreme Ways in the background.


[sfx]: Heh

p58: ===========================
5,000 yen, please!
Yes, yes. I’ll pay.

[sfx]: Cheers
[sfx]: Guffaw

p59: ===========================

Did Fushimi-kun sit this one out?

Editor-in-Chief, it’s been so long since you last saw Taki-kun,
but you immediately ask about Fushimi-kun?

Well, how can you blame me?

The man is practically the star of the evening; how can we have this event without him?

p60: ===========================
[sfx]: Smirk

Right about now, he’s working on his manuscript!

p61: ===========================
<no text>

p62: ===========================
No freaking fair, Furukawa-san!
I wanted to go to the meetup, too.
[sfx]: Slide

Tajima-kun, you can get going soon.

So we’re goin’ to the meetup?
Not me. I’ve still got a little more work to do.
/ The art for the Three Kingdoms arc is awfully complex.
I mean, we’ve suddenly got some thirty thousand soldiers all in one panel.

Oh, so you ain’t goin’.
[phone is zoomed-in on next page]

p63: ===========================
[top bar]: R / Nishigaitsu Group
I got a fever. I’m so sorry, especially after you invited me, but I don’t think I can make it today. :_;

Nishigaitsu Hanako / Are you all right?
Nishiguchi / First Fushimi-kun can’t come, and now Rin-chan? Get some rest.
Falls / Copy that. Take care.
R / Please have fun, everyone.

What’s wrong?
It’s nothing; Ishidou-san’s just…

Hey, does Ishidou-san have a boyfriend?
Huh? I don’t think so?

p64: ===========================
That case,
you thinks I got a chance?

I wonder… She might not have a boyfriend, but…

But she’s got someone she likes?


p65: ===========================
[sfx]: Shit.
He hot? Rich?
Well, I get the feeling it’s not like that.

Anyone I know?

Oh, right. She’s in Nishigaitsu-sensei’s group, so…

By the way, what’s the guy think of her?

p66: ===========================
Incidentally, he…

He thinks he likes her.
…Probably since the day they met.

p67: ===========================
Sorry. I was so busy with work, I didn’t notice. Are you all right?

Yeah. I just need to lay down and get some rest. My fever’s mostly gone down already.

p68: ===========================
Would you mind if I headed over right now?

[left of bubbles says “read”]
I’ve got the first issue of the new year, and I’d like you to see it.
The unpublished new issue? I’d love to see it!
Mutou-san usually just half-asses things, but he really brought it home this time.

p69: ===========================
[top]: Gunners TV Anime Second Season Begins‼‼
Shounen Taurus
[upper-right]: Mizuno Tooru x Christie Sakuishi / A pompous conversation for the new year
[below that]: Center Color 24P
[bottom-left square]: High Fly Flow Girls
[bottom]: I yearn to see you once more / Re:Member
[bottom-right insert]: Time for the Red Cliffs!

[is zoomed-in version of above panel]: I yearn to see you once more

p70: ===========================
<no text>

p71: ===========================
[first panel is conveniently in English]

Monthly Shounen Magazine Editorial Department
[left column] {
Eda Shin’ichi
Nakama Keigo
[right column] {
Takami Youhei
Hamanaka Shinsuke
[bottom row, left column] {
Nakama Nobuyuki
Kido Seito
[bottom row, middle column] {
Sawada Shin’ichi
Mutou Taisei
[bottom row, right column] {
Saitou Hiroaki
Hirooka Shin’ya
p72: ===========================
To all the readers who have read this story through to the end, you have my thanks.

Harold Sakuishi

Next issue, we’ll be looking back on Rin’s completion and run an interview with Harold Sakuishi-sensei!
*The final, 14th volume on sale June 17th.*
[We plan to include Harold Sakuishi-sensei’s debut one-shot, “No, You Can’t”!]

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