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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Negiho (Ito) Bun 2


+ posted by Draco1988 as translation on Oct 15, 2010 22:52 | Go to Negiho (Ito) Bun

-> RTS Page for Negiho (Ito) Bun 2

This translation is partly based on the Vietnamese translation by WarriorKK here

Pg 01
Negiho (Ito) Bun
Asuna: Mahora Kindergarten Middle Year, Miyazaki Nodoka. / I challenge you!!
2nd Period: Bop!
Nodoka: ......!
Asuna: ...We will compete to see...
Nodoka: ......?
Asuna: who is more ADULT-like...
Nodoka: ... But we are still kindergarteners...
Girls: [aside]Eh? What~!? / Oww~[/aside]

Pg 02:
Haruna: You two, stop staring at each other. C’mere quick~
Box: Saotome Haruna
Nodoka: Uhm~!
Yue: Such good weather like this, let’s have our afternoon snack outside once in a while.
Box: Ayase Yue
Haruna: And . And . And~? / What was with THAT incident yesterday~? / [aside] Are you seducing sensei already? [/aside]]
Nodoka: That-... that’s wrong. Something like tha~
Yue: But the way Negi-sensei was holding you looked quite promising.
Haruna: [aside] So, then, this time, how about we plan a let’s-eat-candy-together date with sensei? [/aside]
Nodoka: [aside] Such idea ~~~]
Yue: [aside] It’s a challenge anyway, Nodoka.]
Asuna: ...... / [aside] Am I some kind of side dish? [/aside]
Haruna: How’s that? This plan is swee~eet, isn’t...
Asuna: –SWEET!
Haruna: [aside] What’s wrong? That aura...]
Yue: [aside]... of Idiocy [/aside]
Nodoka: A- A- Asuna-chan!? / [aside] somewhat amazing~!? [/aside]

Pg 03:
Asuna: Fu... Afternoon sweet candies are just for kids.
Haruna: [aisde]... Nah more like kindergarteners... [/aside]
Asuna: That’s why something like candy date makes laugh so hard... // Fuu... Yeah, if it were me...
Konoka: Asuna~~ The super special selected-from-around-the-world sweets package that you asked for has arrived ~ // Whyyyy~? Did I do something bad~~?
Sign: Fragile (Head) / RETURN!!
Yue: [aside]...stupid idiot...[/aside]
Asuna: ...Whatever... Miyazaki Nodoka!!
Nodoka: Ye... Yes!

Pg 04:
Asuna: Let’s see which one is the adult here–– Let’s battle with "Adult’s Taste". [aside] Using this [/aside] / ha~ / ha~
Sign: Habanero Succream
Nodoka: Bu- but what do you mean by Adult~~~!!? [aside] What kind of sweet is that thing~!? / Hanabero!? [/aside]
Konoka: [aside] That was specially ordered for the Russian Roullete Game [/aside]
Nodoka: [aside] Russian roulette!? [/aside]
Konoka: ...It’s like... something that someone who can’t even eat could not enjoy the ufufu time [TN: laughing time] with sensei, I think... [aside] It’s too bad... [/aside]
All: (Ufufu time!?)
Nodoka: (Uf...)
Imagine!Negi: Ahahaha
Imagine!Nodoka: Ufufufufu
Nodoka: Un- Understood! I’ll fight!!
Yuuna: [Oohh~ Honya has got the spirit~]
Konoka: Sooo~ Asuna vs. Nodoka, "True-Adult’s Taste: Super Spicy Habanero Battle" is starting ~~~!
Girls: [aside] One candy for Asuna / Five yen on Nodoka! / Betting! Betting! [/aside]
Chisame: [aside]...So noisy...[/aside] / (...What a bunch of kids~!) [aside]Always the same...[/aside]

Pg 05:
Sign: True-Adult’s Taste/ Super Spicy Habanero Battle!!
Girls: [aside] Asuna! / Nodoka! [/aside]
Asuna: ...So? Not eating, are you, Nodoka?
Nodoka: A-Asuna is not either.
Asuna: ...Victory is as-good-as in my hand. I had more experience.
Nodoka: A- Asuna-san is just stubborn.
Konoka: You two~~ If you keep thinking bad things, then even good things would become inedible~ / Why not try something better~~ // Like~ If won, what will you two be doing in ufufu time with sensei~~?
Imagine!Nodoka: ...Ah! Umm~ Can’t reach~~

Pg 06:
Imagine!Negi: Is this the book you want?
Imagine!Nodoka: Ah… Ye- yes.
Imagine!Negi: Eh... you can read something this hard already :D... // You are still young, yet so good already... // So, having done all those hard work, let’s read together...
Note: Sweets
Imagine!Nodoka: Ye... yes!
Asuna: ...What is this? So childish!
Yue: ...G-good job, Nodoka! / [aside]Good Situation![/aside]
Haruna: (U~mm it feels like a little something is missing though~~~)
Nodoka: Uhm...

Pg 07:
Nodoka: Th-then... What will Asuna-san be doing...?
Asuna: ...M-me!? // Ehem... Of course I...
Imagine!Negi: A! Asuna-chan! / What’s wrong? // Eeh? You want to eat candy together? / Of course it’s fine [aside]Let’s eat together[/aside] // Ehm. So, I will... / ...Mm? // ...A- Asuna-chan...?
Imagine!Asuna: ...This candy... / I’ve been wanting to eat...!

Pg 08:
Imagine!Asuna: Mmmm...!
Nodoka: Wha- what is this thing~~~!!? / Thi- this is absolutely no~!
Yue: ...This is idiocy~~~~
Haruna: [aside]Woow! / I think it’s fine!? // Good!![/aside]
Asuna: You- you are noisy now! // (Nodoka is such a sweet-tooth that couldn’t stand even mild curry) / [aside] I’ve checked... [/aside]
Yue: [aside]Go, Nodoka! / It’s now! [/aside]
Nodoka: [aside]Ugh... / ...with sensei... with sensei...]

Pg 09:
Asuna: (This battle, I wi...)
Nodoka: A... eh? It’s delicious as always~!
Asuna: !!! [aside]what...[/aside]
Konoka: By Russian Roulette, the other side turns out to be just regular succream ~
Asuna: (!!) / [aside]Frozen[/aside]
Yue: [aside]Amazing, Nodoka.[/aside]
Haruna: [aside] She’s good.[/aside]
Nodoka: Maybe I really have adult’s taste!
Girls: [aside]That’s good! [/aside] // [aside] And it’s also decided that you will have ufufu time <3 with sensei, right~]
Nodoka: [aside]No- no way~[/aside]
Asuna: ...... // Munga...! [TN: Bite]
Girls: Woow~! Asuna got it in one bite~!!!

Pg 10:
Girls: [aside] Asuna reverts the situation and win-!!!]
Negi: What’s so noisy here?
Yue: Ah! Sensei, actually...
Asuna: [aside]Hah!![/aside]
Negi: You two, please hold it!! / Children should not fight each other! // No one got hurt-?

Page 11:
Negi: [aside] You must not do that again![/aside]] // ...... / Asuna... -chan...?
Asuna: (...!?)
Negi: Hold on...

Page 12:
Negi: Ah~~~a, it’s really swollen up / You shouldn’t eat Habanero in one gulp like that!
Asuna: Ne- Ne-... Negi is an IDIOT~!!!
Negi: Bogya!
Haruna: [Wow, so fast!]
Asuna: [You punyyyy~~~!!]
Negi: ...?? / [Eehh...?]
Konoka: Everyone too ~ Although it’s just a juice, habanero is still super hot and spicy. Be careful when using it, okay~
Tagline: And be careful of Asuna’s fist too.

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#1. by WarriorKK ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2010

If someone wants to make scanlations for this series, please contact me through PM.
I'll give you the edited PDF files. Everything you should do is only typesetting.

Because we're busy, we can't do that...

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