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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Negiho (Ito) Bun 3


+ posted by Draco1988 as translation on Oct 20, 2010 01:46 | Go to Negiho (Ito) Bun

-> RTS Page for Negiho (Ito) Bun 3

This translation is partly based on the Vietnamese translation by WarriorKK here

Page 1:

Teaser: New series – 2nd run: Today every~~one is energetic as well <3
Negi: There is stalker following Konoka-san!? // ...Really? [aside] You even know such hard vocab [/aside]
Asuna: [aside]... Following Konoka? / Stalker? [/aside]
Haruna: Yeh- yeh! I saw it myself!!
Yue: There are lots of rumors on it.
Haruna: Like a shadow looking straight at her from darkness, // Or a dangerous tension hanging among the tree’s braches, // Or a silhouette breathing silently by her bedside~~
Yue: ...There are certainly some exaggerations, but...
Konoka: [aside]Guys! / What’s wrong~?[/aside]

Page 2:

Konoka: ...Ehh~? Stalker? / I have no clue on that~?
Negi: Uhm... You guys must have mistaken something...?
Haruna: No way~ The rumors are everywhere~! // [aside] It’s not a mistake, I tell you[/aside]
Setsuna: (...Stalker...)
Haruna: Ngh... If sensei is not even interested… then it can’t be helped ~ / [aside] ahh~ [/aside]
Nodoka: [aside] Such thing~ [/aside]
Yue: I too think that you were a little forceful...
Haruna: ......Fine! Then I’m gonna play my last trump card ~!!
Nodoka: ...Haruna?
Yue: ...Could it be!
Haruna: --Yes! It’s us three!! / It’s decided, let’s proceed with "The Great Unmasking-the-Mysterious-Stalker Plan"~!!
Yue: [aside]...She’s like that again...[/again]

Page 3:

Negiho (Ito) Bun
3rd Period: Trap!?
Teaser: Always, always // Any moment is also…

For better understanding "Negiho (Ito) Bun"
Character profile - Mini version <3
Our always energetic little friends from Mahora Kindergarten. Let me introduce the charming little girls that are a little different from “Negima!”!

Character No. 0:
Adult version Negi-sensei. Everyday he’s surrounded by the children with different personalities. Sometimes he appears to be quite slender. He’s a kind teacher beloved by everyone.

Character No. 1:
Kagurazaka Asuna
A delinquent, a trouble-maker who loves playing pranks. But she also has some surprising good points. She loves older men, and fell for Negi-sensei at the first sight. That’s why she was causing a ruckus. Her favorites are animal cookies.

Character No. 2:
Konoe Konoka
Asuna’s best friend. She loves lively and fun things. However, as she always went too far, things also usually get out of hand. Although she’s still a kindergartener, she is surprisingly talented at baking cookies.

Page 4:

Haruna: Okay! Just follow the plan, Zazie-chan!
Sign: (Helper) Zazie Rainyday
Yue: ......And... // What on earth are you doing, Haruna?
Haruna: Fu fu fu... Can’t you tell just by looking? It’s a trap! [aside]To put it simply, a man trap [/aside]
Nodoka: I- I see~ This way we can capture Mr. Culprit, right ~ [aside] Haruna is really something~ [/aside]
Haruna: Naah. / The one we can capture with this is, like, Konoka-jou.
Nodoka: Eeehh~~~!! Wh- why!?

Page 5:

Haruna: Because... when Konoka gets into a pinch, the culprit is gonna be lured into excitement! / No way the culprit can leave his beloved Konoka-sama in danger! And we can take advantage of the moment to capture them all in one run.
Imagine!Konoka: [A~~~h / Save me~~~]
Yue: ...Sound fun, Haruna.
Haruna: ---Oops! Talk about the devil. / Guys, hide!
Konoka: [aside] that’s why~ [/aside]
Haruna: And our battle begins~~!
Asuna: ......Mm? [aside] It feels like something... [/aside]
Konoka: ...? Asuna, what’re you doin~g?
Asuna: .........
Konoka: Asuna~?
Asuna: Obviously suspicious... / Hold on a second.

Page 6:

Asuna: ...Hmm. Overthere? // I don’t know who’s setting this up but... / Don’t think you can trick these eyes of mine!!
Sign: [Zoom-in Diagram]
Asuna: Gya~h!!?
Konoka: A- Asuna~!! // [aside] Hang in there~ [/aside]
Asuna: [aside] Aaaaahh [/aside]
Haruna: Argh...
Asuna: Bụ-boh! / Guboaaaaa~~~
Sign: Konoka / Cooking Oil

Page 7:

Konoka: A~ Asuna~~~!!
Yue: (...Dare not looking...)
Haruna: [aside]A~~~h[aside] (U~~~m. Really not good, Asuna~~~)
Asuna: ...And? / Why are you guys doing this kind of thing?
Konoka: A, yes... Ahm~ actually...
Haruna: [aside]Ahahahaha[/aside] / It’s for the stalker, the stalker we talked about. / Just to be able to capture that guy, okay~~~?
Konoka: [aside] For my sake...[/aside] / That you guys did~~~
Yue: ...It’s really was set for Konoka-san...

Page 8:

Asuna: Hmm! That’s lame. In short, something stupid like these won’t be able to capture anything!
Haruna: [aside]Bmph[/aside] / And remind me who was it that get into every single one of those lame traps~~~ / Certainly... to step so skillfully into every trap like that, it must not be some regular people. / Asuna even~ also jump into conclusion (?) like that~~~
Asuna: Fu... fu fu fu... You guys don’t have to say...
Haruna: [Oh-! This aura is...]
Asuna: If that’s the case... I will capture that stalker for you. / As long as I can bring him out, it’s good right...?
Kodoka: ...Hohe? // ...Asuna~...?
Sign: Asuna
Asuna: No need for traps or anything! Just do it directly on this idolized person...

Page 9:

Asuna: Just doing it like this is fine~~~!!
Konoka: Uhyahyahyahya~~~
Asuna: You stalker! Show your face quick-!
Haruna: Otherwise, I’m gonna keep you in this outfit~~~
Nodoka: I- I’m sorry, sorry~~~
Yue: (Aahh... You guys have all missed your goal. / Why kind of idiot that stalker is to just show his face for some stupid thing like this...)
Setsuna: ZANGANKEN!!
Girls: Wa~~~h!!?

Page 10:

Setsuna: What are you doing to Konoka-oujousama~~~!!
Yue: (Appear already---!!?)
Konoka: ---? Secchan~?
Setsuna: ...Ah! / Eh... / (I’m seen!!?)
Konoka: [aside]Ah![/aside]
Haruna: [aside]Wah! So fast![/aside]
Setsuna: Wah~! [aside]Da- Darn! [/aside] /
Sign: Leftover Trap
Konoka: .........

Page 11:

Setsuna: (...So- so careless...)
Sign: Sakurazaki Setsuna
Bag: Provided by Hakase / Pa-kun
Haruna: Aiyah... surprising~
Yue: Don’t tell me Setsuna-san is the real stalker...? / [aside]I can’t even guess it.[/aside]
Setsuna: It- It’s not like that! I’m only... [aside]that...[/aside] // Following and protecting Konoka-sama in shadow, eliminating any potential danger... / That is my objective. [aside] I’m not regretting anything I did... [/aside]
Konoka: If you said so... I too think there was something mysterious.
Nodoka: Konoka-chan.
Konoka: When I fall, instead of being hurt, I got drenched...
Flashback!Konoka: [aside]Arg~...[/aside]
Flashback!Setsuna: [aside]Ah![/aside]
Konoka: The cookies I dropped somewhere were lying on the table, piece by piece... / [aside] Omen!? [/aside]
Sign: Super Bad Luck
Setsuna: Tho- those were just a few failures ~~~
Konoka: In other words, all those things were done by Secchan, right...?
Setsuna: Hih- hiii~~~ For- forgive me~~~!

Page 12:

Konoka: ---Thank you. / My Stalker-sama.
Setsuna: (...... / Ojousama... / Ojousama... / Ojousama... // I have... / more... // ...... // ...regret...)
Box: And after that---
Konoka: Guys, listen~ / This girl is my "Stalker-sama" Secchan~~~
Setsuna: [aside]A~~~?[/aside] / Ye- yes! I am the stalker protecting ojousama~...
Asuna: (...Hmm... Good-for-nothing...)
Girls: [aside] Woow~~ Stalker!!
Tagline: Both best friend and stalker can be read as “friends”… aren’t they?

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#1. by LoneWolfx03 (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 12, 2010
I have one question though...what is Setsuna thinking on page 2 panel 2? I'm not sure that "...stalker..." is the only translation ;p
#2. by LoneWolfx03 (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 13, 2010
oops...haha..false alarm... never mind... sorry about that ;p

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