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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Negiho (Ito) Bun 4

Period 4th: Booin~g Boobs

+ posted by Draco1988 as translation on Jan 15, 2011 05:12 | Go to Negiho (Ito) Bun

-> RTS Page for Negiho (Ito) Bun 4

Page 1:
Asuna: Mmm~... // Not right. / ...Not this either.
Setsuna: ...Asuna-san, ojou-sama... What are you two doing?
Konoka: She's practicing her "Adult Appeal Pose" so that Negi-sensei wouldn't treat her as a child anymore~~ / [aside]Aye![/aside]
Asuna: ...Konoka, a little too loud already!
Setsuna: I- I see... // ...But we are still kindergarterners, there's no need or such out-of-reach thing

like that, is there...? / [aside] A little too early... [/aisde]
Asuna: [Fu~...] / ...Look over THERE.

Page 2:
Ayaka: Arah, Setsuna-san! / [aside] Anything wrong? [/aside]
Period 4th: Booin~g Boobs!

Page 3:
Setsuna: A... Ayaka-san! What's with that get-up...!?
Ayaka: It's self-activity time. Also, just relax a little.
Asuna: ...Hah, that's why... No wonder you're in such horible swimsuits.
Ayaka: ---What ya say!? // ...Hmm, fine. A monkey like you could never understand such a fashion sense like this. / This is called Adult Fashion!
Asuna: Who are you calling Monkey~!? / [aside] You flatchest girl! [/aside]
Ayaka: Ho...!! Using such lowly vocabulary!!
Setsuna: ...U~~m...

Page 4:
Setsuna: Nevertheless... Asuna-san and Ayaka-san always fight like that... / [aside] Whenever they run into each other, they fight. [/aside] / That's what they call 'Cats & Dogs' right...?
Konoka: Maan~ Or you can say "the more you fight, the closer you are"~
Setsuna: ...Are- are you two okay~~~!
Ayaka: [aside] Yo- you cannot fight anymore, can't you [aside]
Asuna: [aisde] wha- what~ [/aside]
Konoka: Hmm~~~ One certain thing is... // that however adult-like your swimsuit is, your "chichi" are still a big ZERO~
Setsuna: (An instant kill...) // But, definition of being adult is from everyone's personal perspective. / I think we had better ask an adult's opinion first...
Konoka: Ooh... that's too~

Page 5:
Konoka: Then let's go ask Negi-sense directly~!
Asuna: Eck ehh~~~!!?
Negi: ...Eh...? / "Chichi" you say...?
Box: Negi-sensei
Konoka: Yes, that "chichi"~ Do sensei like those greater "chichi"~~~?
Ayaka: [aside] Straight away... [/aside]
Asuna: [aside] Thmp [/aside]
Negi: Ahaha, about that~ // Obviously... / I will chase after the greater one, I think.

Page 6:
Negi: Especially the father whom I always respect~ also the principal of this academy... A great per... / ...Ah? Guys~? [TN: "Chichi" can be either "father" or "breast", dependent on the kanji used]
Box: Father.
Ayaka: ...As expected... Men, they all seem to pay the most attention "there". don't they?
Asuna: ......
Konoka: You two~ Giving up is a little early~ / Leave this matter to us~ [aside] EVerything is properly under control[/aside]
Sign: Breast Enlargement Method
Asuna: [Breast Enlargement!?] // ~~~Yet... That's true! / I would definitely lose being like this...!!
Ayaka: I will further beautify this gorgeous body of mine!!
Box: Method #1: Massage
Asuna: [aside] Massage? [/aside]]
Konoka: Doing this will make your breast larger~

Page 7:
Konoka: First off, be super carefull... Aiya...
Asuna: ...What are you doing...
Konoka: Nah~ Hahaha... Nothing to lose~
Asuna: Darn
Setsuna: [aside]How- how rude I am~[/aside]
Ayaka: [aside] Ahahaha [/aside] Tic- tickling~~~
Konoka: Hmm~~~ Moving on! Next is~~~ // We are pulling them using this Special Attraction Machine~~~
Box: Method #2: Pulling out
Ayaka: [aside]!!? / Vacuum Cleaner!?[/aside]
Asuna+Ayaka: (...Hold on-! wouldn't using that thing... be counter-effective!?)
Asuna: Hold... Wait! Konoka~~~!!
Konoka: Sucking! Sucking~~~

Page 8:
Asuna: Ouuchhhh!!
Ayaka: ...I-I thought I was gonna die...
Setsuna: [aside]Ojou-sama---[/aside]
Asuna: Nonetheless... There are no better method...? / [aside] beside those "direct" one. [/aside]
Konoka: Hmmm~~~ How about "milk"~~~?
Setsuna: [asdie] phew~~~ [/aside]
Konoka: Drinking lots and lots of milk will make 'em grow~~
Box: Unlimited Expansion ! Tokyo Tower Milk
Ayaka: I... I see... / [aside] Since it's come to this... [/aside] // [aside]Then... Asuna-san, shall we

settle everything with this? / You and me... Let's see who's gonna have the perfect shape of an adult.
Asuna: Hmm---m! Then, let's do it!!

Page 9:
---Battle Begins---!!!
Ayaka: When it comes to milk, one hand is on the hip! Drinking with your mouth closed will help absorb the nutrient most efficiently!!
Asuna: ---Hmm! As for me, there's no need for manner!!
Ayaka: T-two bottles at once...!? // Fi... Fine! I'll take three at once...!! // [aside] A- a whole jar!?]
Asuna: One whole jar at once~~~!!
Ayaka: Stubborn~~~! I won't give in, Asuna-san~~~!! / Grr! You know no shame!! / [aside] Then I will~~~~[/aside]
Konoka: [aside] secchan, aren't you hurt~?[/aside]
Setsuna: [aside] what...? [/aside]

Page 10:
Box: A few minutes later
Asuna: ...No- no more... / I'm dying...
Konoka: Aah~... No breast yet, but your stomach is bigger already~~~
Asuna: How many years it gonna take drinking this stupid thing~!!
Konoka: Ahahahaha...
Asuna: ---Hmm! That's it! Since it's come to this... / I'll take care of it myself...!!
Konoka: Eeh~~~ Asuna~
Box: ...The next day...
Yuuna: Oooh---! This is~~~!?
Kuu: A- Asuna aru~!?

Page 11:
Sayo: [aside]wah~[/aside]
Asuna: (F... fufufu. Alright...! I can do this!)
Girls: [aside] so sexy~ / asuna~ [/aside]
Asuna: (I can definitely seduce that Negi guy...)
Imagine!Negi: Wait for me! / Asuna-cha~~~n
Imagine!Asuna: Ahahahaha~
Negi: A- Asuna-cha~~~n
Asuna: (!! Ne... Negi!? Re-really...!!? / [aside] so sudden...[/aside])

Page 12:
Negi: What did you do to get all swollen like tha... / Hergh?!!
Asuna: That's all you can say!? Idioooot!!!
Girls: (......Ahh......)
Box: And, at snack time...
Ayaka: ~~~Hmm! After all... no way we can understand men. / Right? Asuna-san.
Asuna: ~~~yup! Forget him! Let's eat, eat!!
Setsuna: Only similar minds think alike after all~

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