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Taboo-Tattoo 2


+ posted by ecks as translation on Jan 27, 2010 21:06 | Go to Taboo-Tattoo

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#02 Raid
float: The mighty cutie bunny that came from America.


There's nothing under his bed...

How about the drawer in his desk?

Ah, too bad.
He's woken up.


Hey- This is my bedroom!
Don't just come barging in here!

And you! Don't rummage through a guy's desk on your own!

Isn't it common sense in Japan, when you enter a guy's room the first thing to do is look for porn mags?
And then, to draw "niku" on a sleeping person's forehead. I learned that from manga.
[tl note: Kinnikuman reference.]


Absolutely NOT common sense!!

box: Summary
Having been equipped with a high-tech weapon, a "Spell Crest", on the palm of his hand, Sehgi is attacked by a young girl named Izzie.
Sehgi * Received the mysterious "Spell crest" weapon from a mysterious man, and was attacked by Izzie who is trying to recover it.
[tl note: I guess his name is really Sehgi. I thought everyone in ch01 was just slurring "seigi". This is even more unusual for a Japanese name.]


Well then, Sehgi-kun...
What the...
She sure is being familiar... Though I guess it's better than calling me "Justice"...
handwrit: And she's acting like some big-shot.

I'll cut straight to the point.
You will join us as a partner.
box: Izzie * Spell Crest user. Along with a man named Tom, she appears to be charged with a mission to recover Spell Crests, but her true identity is unknown.


We are acting on orders from the American army.
Our mission is to recover Spell Crests smuggled out to Japan by a certain researcher.
Yours is one of our targets.


A researcher... could they mean that old man?
I mean wait, the army!?
However there is a complication.

Once a spell crest is installed, it takes root firmly inside the body of the wielder, and cannot easily be removed.
If you refuse to cooperate,
It'll at least mean us taking one of your arms.

That's at the very least... you know.

H-Hey now hold on.

Especially, Sehgi-kun, since your crest is a little unique.
"Void Maker", as it's called, has the ability to devour the surrounding space and produce "nothingness".
But there's another destabilizing factor on top of that.

If one fails to control the ability, the Shield himself may be annihilated.
It's a potentially lethal crest.


It's... deadly...!?

However with our support we can protect against that outcome.

If you help us with our mission of recovering spell crests, then, as much as is feasible, we can maintain your way of life as it is now.
Unless you want to let the Void Maker devour you and die.

Qu-Quit fuckin' with me!
handwrit: Ah, don't get wound up.

I'm supposed to sit and listen to this?
You've been talking as if I have no choice but to cooperate with you!
It's 'cause of your screw-up that I'm stuck in this dangerous position in the first place! And on top of that you tell me to partner up with you?


You're just saying whatever's most convenient for you!
And with you being a kid just like me, who the hell do you think you are....

I have no intention to argue with you.

But I'll warn you,
you're the one who said that you wanted power.


You can't get something you desire without paying an equivalent price.
As for me, I'm stuck with a child's body.

Although it was by chance, you've gotten your power.
Now you have no choice but to pay your price.

... You mean, the way you look...


The lieutenant is older than I am.
Her body stopped growing at the time she had her crest installed.

By the way, the lieutenant's age is- GHOAGH!!

handwrit: passing on
Just like drugs, you may be predisposed to a variety of side effects. Mine is an unusual case though.

Unfortunately, since they were not actually developed by America,
not everything about the spell crests is entirely understood.
He's hanging in there...

These were excavated from certain ancient ruins,
ruins of an ancient, highly advanced civilization.
They're super-advanced weapons that can manifest physically impossible supernatural phenomena at the Shield's will.
Currently mankind cannot possible reproduce them.

Consider it carefully.

We're making this proposal for your sake.
handwrit: Though you don't have much choice.


You're military, right?
You do things that are dangerous, or dirty, right?
I won't deny that we do.

Just tell me one thing.

What are the goals of your organization.... No-


Just what are your own goals in working for the military?

To prevent the outbreak of war.
Same for me.


To prevent war, huh...?

All right, I'll cooperate with you.
I can't believe everything you said was true, but I don't think you're lying when you say you want to stop war.

If I ever think what you're doing is wrong, I'll use all I've got to stop you.

That's my condition.

float: such an immature kid...
That won't be a problem.


float: If justice is power, then until I become strong...
float: I have no choice but to make use of this situation.
grandpa right: Hmph
grandpa left: Don't get full of yourself, kid.
float: Ever since I decided to follow in dad's footsteps, I've been prepared to face danger!

I am First Lieutenant Bluesy Fluesy of the United States Army.
Call me Izzie.
And this is my subordinate, Sargeant Tom Shredfield.
Together we're team "Blue Moon".

Since we've gotten your reply, we'll leave for today. (handwritten:) It's already late.

Oh, one more thing,
The Kingdom is the one preparing to go to war, right?
Could it be they also have access to spell crests?

...Quite so. In fact, thanks to the crests we may face a threat on par with nuclear war.
Well, we will arrange a meeting soon. We will provide you with the details formally at that time.

You just casually said something absolutely terrifying, didn't you...
Oh, also...

If nothing else, be careful around blood.


In that fight with that bear guy, we learned your spell crest's trigger seems to be blood.

Due to that, your crest activated and manifested itself, and thanks to the Void Maker you were able to defeat that guy,
But at that time, it would not have been unusual had you yourself been consumed.

That's right...
At that time... When I was about to die...

Well, call it a blessing within a curse within another curse,
but had your crest not activated, thereby giving you accelerated healing, you likely would have died of organ damage.


Was that a good explanation to give, Lieutenant?

It's good enough for now.

It enough to have him understand pros and cons of it.
It wouldn't be good to stir up anxiety and make him uneasy.

Control of a spell crest is deeply influenced by a Shield's state of mind.
Failures of experiments installing key-less spell crests have resulted in whole research facilities disappearing.
Telling him wouldn't necessarily be the most moral course.

But just how do you intend to report this to the folks back home?

We won't tell them about the kid. For now he'll be a secret.


.... Huh?

If we tell them they'll just want us ship him back so they can run experiments on him.

Until now there's never been a Shield found to be compatible with a key-less spell crest.
He'd probably be treated hospitably, but the stress from the huge change in environment alone may be inviting disaster.
Nevertheless, it's also dangerous to just let it sort itself out.
And if he falls into the Kingdom's hands, then it's all over.

So you're saying keeping him under our supervision is what's best for him.

That's right.

To support him, we'll first get him accustomed to handling a spell crest.
When he reaches a level where he can use it in practice, we'll have him help with our work.
Whether he likes it or not, from now on he's got to live in our world.


I didn't think you were such a compassionate person, lieutenant.

.... I worded that badly.
float: But, isn't she giving him just a little too much special treatment?

Lieutenant! It's almost time for the last train!

So? Can't we just hail a taxi?
Did you forget? Because you were squandering, they drastically cut our expenses!
handwrit: On manga and pastries and stuff.

... Ah-...

Aargh! Fine, nothing else to do, let's run for it!
No wait! You can't use your spell crest in the middle of town!

Now that I think of it, what'd she mean by "arrange a meeting"?


Without further ado...

I'd like you to welcome a transfer student who will be joining you starting today.

handwrit: I like this uniform.

I'm Bluesy Fluesy, from Los Angeles in the USA.
Please call me Izzie.


Float: Don't tell me, this is what she meant by "meeting"?
float: She's gonna be with me at school from now on?

float: Woah.... She's waving her hand and stuff.
handwrit: Sehgi-kun
float: Is she waving at me? That's kinda risky isn't it? Even as a joke, for such a cute transfer student to...

You can sit over there.

She's lived in Japan for a long time so she's fluent in Japanese.
I trust you'll all be good friends to her. Rather, you'd better be.

That's all for announcements.
handwrit: If there are any questions, I'll kill you, or at least dunk you.


Were you born in Los Angeles, Izzie-san? What's it like in L.A.?
Your Japanese sure is good! Where did you learn it?
Where were you living before you transferred here!?
What're your 3 sizes!?
Your hair's beautiful! Silver!? Is it your natural colour?
[note to editors: the above bubbles go clockwise from top right]

Are you acquaintances with Akatsuka-kun!? How do you know him!?

That's right...

You might say... our relationship is rather extraordinary.
float: Does she have some sort of grudge against me!!?


Hold it just a minute here!
As Sehgi's guardian I can't overlook what you just said.

topleft: As a matter of fact, you're the girl who was stalking Sehgi! You're trying to get him involved in something strange, aren't you!?
botright: W-Wait, guys!
botleft: It's a misunderstanding! I don't...

...You're Ichinose Touko, right?
handwrit: You already have Ichinose, Sehgi! Die, bastard!!

Akatsuka-kun's childhood friend.
Wha- What of it?
float: Huh? Why does she know my relation to Sehgi? And my name even.

Are you jealous, maybe? Isn't that cute.
I do so like that sort of thing.


handwrit: Ah, youth!
handwrit: hee hee
N- No I'm not jealous or anything.

But at any rate...
float: Those boobs are outrageous!

float: For a little asian girl, aren't these a bit overdeveloped?

Wai-... Sto-..stop it already!
handwrit: Hrrmp
My b-breasts are....
.... Mn!

Don't misunderstand, Touko
I don't have anything to do with that girl...

Please.... Don't look, Sehgi....!


float: This... is becoming kinda erotic...

Please... stop... !

float: This girl... brings out my inner sadist.

No! Not there!

Not theeeeeeere!!

Class is starting, everyone take your seats!

float: Only beat-up guys
What on earth happened to you boys?


box: The Kingdom of Selinistan's Royal Palace

What's the status?
Almost all major institutions are under our control. We Brahman have eliminated the royal guard.
box: Audience Chamber.
Factions of the army loyal to the king are mounting a resistance near the castle, but for them also it is only a matter of time.

Kumbhakarna, you will eat that man to the very last bone.
sfxboxes: piron, zushaa, tarara~ta

A foolish father has no need for a grave.

Commander Ajita, you may advance to the next phase in the plan.
As your Highness wishes, Princess Aryabhata.


Taking the country is but a tiny event.
In an RPG, it would be like gaining access to the world map.
The Dragon King tried to give the Hero half of all the world, but that's entirely insufficient.
I will make every grain of sand, every drop of water, every breath of air on this planet mine.

float: She could have passed me something like this in a more usual way.
float: I went through hell because of that.

float: Anyway, for now I need to make sure Touko doesn't discover my connection to Izzie
float: I don't want to get her involved.


... Suspicious.

The note says this place at 17:00, but...
Are we meeting at this house?

Hello! if you're selling newspaper subscriptions, you can leave us alone.


Umm excu-...
If you're peddling some religion we're also not interested.
It- It's me, Sehgi.

Oh, Sehgi-kun?
Hold on just a moment.

Ah, come in, come in. Sorry about that. (small) The solicitors are relentless lately.
float: A T-shirt!?

Well please, come on in.
Talk about a lived-in feeling.

I knew it was suspicious!


float: That stalker girl... Ever since Izzie-san showed up, something strange has been going on.
float: Like he's keeping me away from something.

float: I bet he's been taken in by some weird story.
float: If it's anything dangerous I'll need to put a stop to it.

sfx: glance

float: Isn't this just being a stalker?

float: It's no good like this... I'm becoming just like that stalker girl.
handwrit: I'm going home.
I'll question him about it later.


.... What...is....?


I'm coming in.
Sorry, I'm gonna go get changed,
you can have a look around over there.

float: But man...

float: What an unexpectedly ordinary... even amazingly ordinary house.

handwrit: nice...
float: For the army, it's not an imposing atmosphere at all.

handwrit: Awesome!!

handwrit: cute bunny

sfx:(last panel) Bzzzzzt...


Ah, it's me, Izzie. Have you made it to our house yet?

Eh? Umm, yeah, thanks for asking.

Oh dear, I'll be right there. I hope you don't mind waiting there a little while.
What? You call me out here and you're not even here yourself!?

While you wait you can speak with Tom about things like Spell Crests or about our team.
The guy is completely worthless in solo combat, but in a support role he's the best in the world.
Well, I'll see you later.
Hey- Wait!

float: She said what she wanted then just hung up...
handwrit: was that from the Lieutenant?
Would you like some coffee or anything?


Oh, this time it's our phone.
An old fashioned rotary phone!? What the hell is with this house?

Sorry, could I get you to you bring up the cardboard box I left in the basement?
We're going to need it later.

So there's a basement too...
Hello? [note: spoken in English]

This is an emergency dispatch. Princess Aryabhata has just staged a coup d'etat in the Kingdom.
Reports are that she has murdered the King and Queen and has claimed the throne for herself...


Yes.... Yes.

float: ...Madness!
float: Princess Aryabhata... The Kingdom's princess is famous for being an ultra-hardliner.

float: It was thanks to the King being politically moderate that neither of our countries have crossed any lines...
float: But, with her as leader, the state of affairs will change in a heartbeat...

This isn't good! I need to inform the lieutenant at once!

sfx: ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong

What on earth is it, at a time like this!


All right, all right already! Who is it...


... Searching... for...
...guh... Can it be, so soon...!
... the objective...

... the key-less... spell crest...
you're not... the one...!

Hold on
Wait.... (handwrit) not the victim role again...



Isn't this basement bigger than the plot of land?
float: A training room or something?

Are those shooting targets?


Tom-san, is this the box you were...

Shield of the key-less spell crest...
... I've found you...


Last one, installed!

That took more time than I expected.

I'd better get back, it's no good to keep a guest waiting.
handwrit: And press here...

Well, I could have let Tom handle this...
Next we configure the signal reception... like so.

Huh? Why's this thing beeping all of a sudden?

Ohh, so that device detects the fluctuations in the air produced when a spell crest is activated.
Your side's already developed an implementation.


Not bad, I intended to tear flesh but only got a graze. As expected of Blue Moon's Lieutenant Bluesy Fluesy.

And you would be one of the Kingdom's men?
I can't imagine the gentle King would approve of this type of behaviour, though.


The King and Queen have just recently been made to passed on.
handwrit: Cute tits you got there.
Princess Aryabhata has ascended the throne as our kingdom's new ruler.

I am one of the Brahman, the Princess' private spell crest corps.
R. R. Lurker with the Behemoth Viper. (small) 22, single, seeking a girlfriend. Interests are abusing animals, watching snuff films, torturing prisoners.
By the way, I'm a complete sadist.


We're on imperial orders.

"Infiltrate Japan, exterminate the Yanks and bring back the key-less spell crest."

... I take you to...
... the Princess' side...


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