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Taboo-Tattoo 3

Alley Cat

+ posted by ecks as translation on May 8, 2010 16:33 | Go to Taboo-Tattoo

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Taboo Tattoo ch03


You... You're a girl that the target knows... intimately...
I'm going to... borrow your body... for a while..
box: Summary: Having obtained an ancient super-weapon known as a "Spell Crest", Sehgi is now attacked by an assassin from the Kingdom of Selinistan!! What is their aim!?

Hey... Let go of me!

What's happening...
Words are pouring into my head.

What in the world... What's going on!?


white float: Tankoubon Vol 1, on sale as early as Feb 23!!!

#03 - Alley Cat

Where am...
This... isn't Japan?



handwritten: Watch out.
sfx: pat pat
What is this wretched girl before me?

Most likely a vagrant child. There are slums nearby.

sfx: *stare*

You want this, do you?
sfx: *nod*

A junk yard dweller wishing for junk food! How delightful!

Very well, if that be the case, then lick clean my boot.
If you do, I will allow you to eat this.


What would you do?


sfx: sha!


sfx: thunk

handwritten: Too bad

You scum!

It matters not.
Hah, well done. I am pleased with you.
sfx: chomp
Alley cat, from today on I will be your owner.

What are you talking...



sfx: mmhh mmrrh

sfx: squirm squirm


The boldness to stop at nothing to achieve one's goals,
sfx: lick
and yet the strength to not compromise one's dignity in doing so.
I have a need for people such as yourself.


A... need...
sfx: slump
For... me...?

What is your name?
float: With a little polish, she could shine.
All right Il, first, something must be done about your dishevelled appearance.
No property of mine can be kept in such an undignified state.

That's the girl from before, with the umbrella...?
Isn't it?

sfx: skid
float: That scared me!!

Could it be that those were your memories?
float: What is this place, even? Some dream world?

sfx: *stare*


sfx: peek
What are you watching so....

What... is this...?


Sehgi-kun, run away, please!
She's an assassin from the Kingdom! She's after your crest!


Assassin from the Kingdom!? You mean it's not Touko!?
This body... does belong to the one named Touko.
I'm... borrowing it.
This way... the outcome is even more certain.

This girl is a friend of Sehgi's!?
The power to possess people!?

I don't get it.
It makes no sense.

I save some old guy I don't know, and before I know it I get a spell crest.
I get attacked by some girl I'd never met, and end up partnering with some group from the American army, or something.
I'm getting more and more lost in this world that I just can't understand.
To be honest, I wasn't even sure about my old state of affairs.


The thing I really don't get is your way of doing things!

I don't care if it's a spell crest power or what, but you're taking over Touko's body?
Pulling dirty fucking tricks, is this right to you!? Is this what the Kingdom considers justice?
Cut the fucking crap!
You better get ready 'cause I'm gonna drag you the hell outta there!

How... do you plan... to drag me out?
I'll find some way or other, obviously! Dummy!
To think he'd be this impulsive a kid!

There's no stopping him! In that case...
In that box, there's a bag of blood to use as your trigger!
Use it to activate your spell crest!
You can't win with you natural body alone!


Huh!? But...
Thinking back to the time with the bear guy, he's probably right, but...
As long as you keep your mental state in equilibrium, Void Maker won't run out of control.

"As long as I keep equilibrium" he says... Like that's so easy!




Dance little bunny, dance!

If you can't activate your Spell Crest, even you don't have the reflexes to avoid my whip.
Aaaah! This is such a turn-on!
Our Idol, the "Monday Rabbit", and I get to play with you to my heart's content! \small: You're pretty popular among my friends.
Man, I can't tell you how glad I am I joined the Brahman!


Lookin' good! I can't get enough of that underdeveloped body of yours.
And my stiff little friend in my pants is about to reach seventh heaven!

I hate vulgar men. Save your pedophile tendencies for the next world, why don't you.
float: Except for the one attack that smashed the wall, he's used only normal whip strikes. Is it a mass manipulation type of ability?
You've managed to leave only my skirt untouched. You take your hobby pretty seriously. \small: I'm impressed.

Hey, I'm just being true to myself.

I assume assassins have been sent to the house as well.

That's correct!!



Charging forward, eh!?


Fleeing downward, are ya?
float: She's hiding her presence... Where is she?


You've made two big mistakes.
The first was failing to kill me quickly while my spell crest wasn't activated.

The other was shredding my brand new uniform to tatters!
That deserves a million deaths and guarantees your demise!


Woo... Turning on the charm now!
A schoolgirl uniform fetish could grow on me.

Raping you, gang-raping you, binding you, torturing you,
stuffing shit into anything that can be called a hole and sewing it shut, strangling you to death...
And after that, raping you again.

Some of my buddies are real necrophiliac perverts, y'know.
Compared to them I'm not only normal, I'm a super wholesome guy!


Hey, don't you think so too!!?
Come on out and show me your pretty little face, bunny rabbit!

Trying to resolve by force whatever problem's before him. \small: How like a rapist.
That must be the kind of person I hate the most.
I'd love to teach you a thorough lesson, as well as collect payback on my outfit...

However, most unfortunately, I have people waiting for me,
and so I have no time face off against the likes of you.

So, this time, I'll let you off with this.


sfx: clunk

Over there!?


That bitch....

handwritten: -> stolen.
sfx: beh


Got away, did she...?

Pressurising the air trapped inside concrete until it bursts.
Like a handmade grenade.
In theory you could make a bomb out of just about anything.

And the materials themselves serve to camouflage it. ...It's a troublesome ability.
handwritten(left): Ah, and my spell crest just ran out.

Next time we meet, I'll kill her.
I'll beat her to a pulp, until she's nothing but minced meat.

Oh... I'd better give Il a call.
She can't win against that bunny.


I don't know what kind of bastard is stealing Touko's body, but...
This guy...

sfx: paff

...is strong!
In proportion to her size, isn't she as strong as the bear guy!?


I don't stand a chance when attacking head-on!


Is this... all he is...?
At any rate...

These breasts...
make it hard... to move...
sfx: boyong

This feeling... It's my body.
Then, in reality I really am attacking Sehgi?
But, I'm not the one who's moving me...

Is it her!?
Is she in control of my body!?

Shit, I guess a flesh-and-blood person really can't beat someone with an activated spell crest.
It's not an even match! I gotta do something about this handicap.

sfx: wipe

That much isn't enough, huh?


Tom's blood... That ought to do!



I'm afraid...




From now on...
No more handicap!!




Tch! I guess it isn't that easy!



I can see it!
I can follow her thrusts clearly.


It seems you thought... by activating your crest... you could nullify the difference in strength... But that was a mistake.
As Shields... there is a decisive difference... between you and I.

I can see... but...!

My body is light...
Whoaa \ aaaa \ aaaaahhh!
Way too light!

So this is a spell crest... I can't get a handle my strength!
Is this the same state the bear guy was in?




After all... you're just an amateur...
I suppose... I didn't even need... to borrow this girl's body... at all.

In that case... hurry up and get out of that body, you coward!

You asked me, earlier... what my sense of justice was.

Justice comprises... "principle"... and "law".
"Principle"... is defined according to one's beliefs...
then "law" can be established... in accordance with strength.

The beliefs I hold... are clear and unmistakable...
"Anything for my Princess."


My Princess' orders...
My Princess' actions...
My Princess' thoughts...
My Princess' existence...
All of these are... my justice.
Therefore... I obey my Princess' orders...
and carry them out... in a way that conforms... to my Princess' philosophy.


And so my justice... is to kill people.
To kill... you.


Stop it now!

Why are you doing these horrible things!?
Do you mean to say that Sehgi has done something wrong!?

That couldn't be!
The guy absolutely hates that kind of thing!

If I don't keep an eye on him, he'll right away stick his nose into something.
handwritten: Be quiet.
He's got lots of grudges against him, and he's honest to a fault.... But still!!


He only ever acts according to his principles!

I don't know what's going on here, but in any case, the one who's in the wrong has got to be you!

Indeed... If society at large were to judge...
I would be the villain, wouldn't I...

However... it is of no concern... to you.
When I am done... I will return your body... to you.
Just keep... behaving.


Of course it concerns me!

I'm Sehgi's guardian...
Sehgi is my sense of justice...
He's my...
He's my hero, my knight in shining armour!

So as his guardian, I'm supposed to protect him by keeping him out of harm's way,
but Sehgi is always the one saving me, no matter how dangerous the situation, but I... Umm...

Where was I going with this...?
How should I know...

I'm not going to let you hurt Sehgi any more!!
I'll make you give me back my body!!


sfx: wobble

What's this...?

Sehgi-kun! Now!

Pin her down, now!
I'll take care of the rest, somehow!


Sorry Touko!
I can't control my body well, but a tackle should be manageable...

What... the...!?





Good job Sehgi-kun.

Nice follow-through... Tom-san...

Noise Canceller!


handwritten: Ack, shoes in the house
A Selinistani Shield with the power of possession.

I've heard of you.

A loyal knight who serves as the princess' pet cat.

Member of the Princess' Brahman squad,
Iltutmish, with "Schrödinger's Cat".
\note to typesetters: use "oe" if your font doesn't have "ö". I'm not picky.


That kid is an assassin from the Kingdom...!?
She and I must be around the same age...

Touko! Are you all right?


If I can hold out until the Lieutenant comes back, then somehow...
sfx: fft

She's fast....!




You know, Touko was the one person I never wanted involved in this.
She's a meddler, so if she knew I'd stuck my nose into something, she'd definitely try to stop it, even if were crazy for her to do so...


I may not know the details, but you trying to kill me now,
and Izzie and Tom trying to lock me up, it's all...

It's all a matter for those involved with the spell crests, right?

In my case... it was a bit of an accident, but it's true that I wanted power.
Like Izzie said, it's "paying a price for getting what I desired," so I guess I can't complain.

But for dragging in people who don't need to be involved... For dragging Touko into this...
I'll never forgive you!!


He... absorbed it...?

No matter what pretentious babble you pile on, there are some things you just can't do.
Justice comprises "principle" and "law"?

If so, then I will eat this "justice" of yours.
\tl note: "Justice" here is also written as "order". See the note at the end of the chapter for more info.

You can't! Trying to use Void Maker without any mental control training is...

I'll kill you first...


sfx: slump
sfx: yank
Sehgi! no!

sfx(p2 left): ragged...

Khh-khkhh.. Il, have you got the key-less spell crest?

The body I possessed was hard to control... I haven't killed him yet...
handwritten: I made a mistake
I'm going to get serious now... and settle it quickly...
Pull back, then. Monday Rabbit is headed your way...
No way.

Huh!? How can you veto me before I even finish? I happen to be your superior officer.
The clothes Her Highness gave me... are all tattered... If I don't kill him now... I won't feel satisfied.

There'll be other chances. If you don't do as I say I'll tell Her Highness on you.
That'd be... a bother...

All right... I'm leaving.

She seems to have retreated...
But, talk about walking a tightrope... Thank goodness Void Maker didn't run wild.


sfx: gaping wide open

Oh... How odd...
I know my house is supposed to be around here, but...

Oh, Tom.
By the looks of it, they sent an assassin for you too!?

handwritten: Oh, Sehgi-kun
handwritten: and Touko-chan too
handwritten: Izzie-san?!
Anyway, what is everyone doing in a place like this?

What do you mean? We live he-

Oh my, that couldn't be the case. Who would choose to live in a house with this huge, modern art-like hole in it? Quit kidding around, Tom.
\small: It must have been hard on the builders too, to build such nonsense.

sfx: splurch
Hyaa! Wha... Tom, that wound's serious!
That last one's gonna leave a mark, Lieutenant...
Tell me these things sooner next time!
Anyway, just calm down....
float: I got a lump on my head...
Well, I was listening to everything, but... I guess I just got caught up in some mess.



Aaaa! my innards are spilling...
sfx: Yeeeek
sfx: splop
Wha! Hurry and push that junk back inside! Don't let it out!
It's not junk, it's my guts!

This is why I'm always saying, if it's suspicious or dangerous, don't get involved.
Anyway, what was all this about anyway? You'd better explain it all to me later.
Show me your shoulder.
It's my fault...

float: Huh? It's healed... Did I see it wrong?
Sehgi, you've been apologizing non-stop.

But it's because you were fighting for my sake,
So I'll forgive you.

I'm sorry.
optional float: Volume 1 on sale February 23rd!!
float: It's all... my fault.

p. Appendix


Hello! I'm the translator and I've been keeping secrets from you! The truth is the author of Taboo Tattoo, Shinjirou, loves writing some words in Japanese and then giving them completely unrelated readings on the side. Notably, every Spell Crest so far has had two different names, one Japanese and one English reading. I've been using the English ones, but the Japanese names have interesting meanings.

Void Maker = "Rihou Kurai", the Eater of Order, or Eater of Law.
As in "natural order" or the "law of nature".
What's more, this word "order" is written with the characters for "principle" and "law" as presented by Iltutmish in this chapter. So Sehgi actually says he'll consume her "justice", "(sense of) order" and "principle & law", all in one line.

Behemoth Viper = "Ishiatama no Hebi", the Headstrong Snake, or Stone-Headed Snake.

Noise Canceller = "Han-Jumon", the Anti-Spell Crest.
This makes it pretty obvious how Tom removes Iltutmish from Touko.

Schroedinger's Cat = "Mayoi Neko", the Stray Cat, or Lost Cat.

Shield = Seal-Bearer, or Mark-Bearer.
Different but not surprising.

Monday Rabbit = Melancholy Rabbit.

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