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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Taboo-Tattoo 6


+ posted by ecks as translation on Sep 6, 2010 05:21 | Go to Taboo-Tattoo

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Can Miss Iltutmish handle this alone?
float: Meanwhile, in a suspiciously circling helicopter...

Bah, no need to worry, she's fine by herself.
In fact she's the type who unleashes her full strength when she's alone.

She's an insufferable brat, but it pains me to admit, she's a genius at killing.
She's not some cute little pussy cat, she's a lion.
float(tanko pic): Volume 1 on sale!
title: #06 Overclock


A tiger or cheetah might be better metaphors.
They don't hunt in packs, while lions do form prides.

... You're more the type who gets hated by his superiors and never gets promoted.
You may be right about that.


Good job swinging that huge sword around in such a small room!
You're not bad at judging space around you!


can you be there?!

float: The door is closed...

float: She passed through the wall!?

float: Wasn't Shroedinger's Cat's ability to possess people?
float: She shouldn't be able to use more than one ability!




Burn in hell!


sfx: baroom


float: Well... I guess that's it for me.

float: Talk about a real monster.

Oh... Wasn't there something we learned in quantum mechanics?

The uncertainty principle.

Your real ability is to render yourself "indefinite", isn't it?
That would explain how you have both the ability to possess people and to pass through walls.


You're half right...
But also... half wrong.

It's an expansion of... one's domain of extra-dimensional influence... due to over-assimilation of the spell crest.
In a word... it is an "Overclock".

I'm sure you've... heard of it... before.
That's impossible...
Isn't that only a theory!?

You and your spell crest-backward country...

Possession... was the ability I had at first.
The transpermeation ability... is derived from it... by means of the Overclock.
Though... if I were to express my current ability in a word... it would be as you described it.


As for you... You are to be collected... as a sample for study.

What a joke!

Even though it seems there may be nothing I can do to beat you...

I won't stand for this to end here!!



float: My strength is gone....

float: Did my crest deactivate...?
float: No, that's not it...
note to typesetters: that bubble is blank in the raws.


float: Is the crest power itself being suppressed?
float: No, more than that... My body's so heavy!

I thought you'd pass this way, bunnikins.

Read me like a book, did you?

Don't you Japanese have a saying? "The clever hawk hides its whip."
tl note: it actually "hides its claws," of course.
Despite how I may seem, I'm actually a tactician.


The Wide Area Noise Canceler System.
It's a chain that can bind any spell crest.
It's called "wide area" but its range is kinda short.

float: An upgraded version of the copy spell crest?
float: If so, the Shield should be nearby...

There no use searching for a Shield.

Don't you know?
You don't actually need much to run a spell crest.
It's enough to have just a human brain and the trigger.
float: He can't mean...!


If you think of a spell crest as a man's member...
The trigger would be a naked woman, and the brain is like a sweet right hand! Haha!

I hate vulgar men!
But, if that's the case...

Wouldn't this be a chain that would also bind you, too?

The thing's got no effect on you if you don't activate your crest..
And besides...

Why would I need to get any closer?


... I'm just kidding.
Such a boring way of killing people is against my policy.

Until Il is finished her work, you can sit there and enjoy the view.

float: Kch...!
sfx: thump



You... Don't tell me you followed me!?
Stupid! Of course I did!

I don't know what's up but it's bad enough to make you skip out on class, right!?
I came along to help!
That's what partners do, isn't it!?

Anyway, what are you doing crouching up here?
I... I'm caught in a trap and can't move.

float: Really, that keyless spell crest is outside the norm...

sfx: woop woop woop (sirens)



We've got more comrades over there, right?

float: But...

float: I can't leave Issie here like this either...

I'll be fine, so just go!
Lisa... Save Lisa!

OK, got it!


float: That's the first time I've seen Izzie so troubled...

The wait is killing me...
Why can't spell crests be deactivated at will?

cloud: Ha-
sfx; beep, beep, beep

sfx: boom


What in the world....


What in the world happened here!?

float: Everyone's dead...?


Save... the....


Hang on, man!
What on earth happened here!?

Follow... the burn marks...



Don't be a fool... Today is... your turn...
Ehn? Are you sure? {small} To feed Mickey?

Listen, just... hurry and... pick me up...


Are you the one...
float: The girl from before...
that caused the mess downstairs?
Those people...

You again...?
Do you wish to die... so badly...?
Answer the question!
I asked you if you're the one who did it!

That's right...


Why did you have to go that far?
Is there some reason you just had to kill them!?


To regard life... as a given...
What a peace-drunk child you are...

This is part... of what it means to be at war...
For strategies that prioritize results... things like ethics... are worse than useless.

I don't care about the reason...
Even supposing that's true, do you really not feel anything!?
Those people are dead!

You'd best... wake up to your situation...
In this underside of the world... in which we Shields are living...
"Life" is... something to be won... by dominating others.
Kindness... will only kill you.


I don't get it!

And I don't want to understand it either, 'cause I don't agree!
Anyway, you give that person back to me!

box: I am against you.
If you wish to get past me... whether by logic or violence... you must dominate me.
That is the only way... in this, the underside of the world...

float: Dammit... Even with the Drive, from this height...
float: I won't walk away from this one!

float: Reach for it!


float: Stretch your hand out further!


Ju... Just now...
Someone said to "reach out"...
float: I thought I was dead...
Was that you, Tom?
Huh? Yes, it was.


you should return to school now, please.
Why should I!?

They did in our buddies, didn't they!?
Any friends of Blue Moon are friends of mine too!

And besides, Izzie told me herself!
That I should rescue that woman, Lisa!

The lieutenant said...? He mustn't!
To have Seigi come in contact with the enemy is the worst possible course...

I appreciate your concern, Seigi-kun, but you yourself are a secret to be kept within Blue Moon.
But why!?
You can be sure that this matter, along with everything else, will be discussed later.
So please, for now...



You must be sure to keep your promise.

...I understand.

But we'll definitely talk, Tom.
Ah... There's a risk the enemy will be watching the rooftops! Stay low...



float: They mean to make an open declaration of war, do they?

float: So be it! Even we wouldn't take something like this lying down.
float: We will beat you down until every inch of you is black and blue.

Oooh no!
M-My stitches!


sfx: kyurrrr, kyurrr

sfx: kacha

float (left of mickey): Welcome back


float: It's our lunch break now. I'll use this chance...

sfx: Urp

Touko... What are you doing here?
I know you well enough to know how you think, Seigi.
Since Izzie's gone too, it's some business with her, I guess?
You should at least properly attend your classes.


Yeah, I know.

What's wrong? You're acting strange.
Don't tell me something dangerous happened again...

It's nothing...
Nothing in particular.

You can't tell me it's nothing!
Just talk to me!

Even if I tell you, you wouldn't understand, Touko!




float: What the hell am I doing...
float: Letting myself get shaken, then taking it out on Touko... Aren't I a low-life.

float: "Wake up to the situation"

float: This is the world in which we live, is it? I know that...
float: But I won't concede your way of thinking.


When it comes to what you say, I am against you!



What happened!? those injuries...
We were doing a bit of CQC in gym class.
footnote mark: CQC: Close Quarters Combat

Somehow I doubt that...

What's the situation?
Ah- Yes ma'am!

Three of five White Rose members are dead.
One is seriously injured with broken ribs and is being taken to a hospital.

And then there's...
We don't know if she's alive or dead, but the leader, Lieutenant Lovelock was captured by the enemy...
I know that.

There's also...

Seigi-kun. I had him return to school for now.

Thank you. Sorry about that...
I should have been the one to hold him back.
I let circumstances get the better of me, at the time.


...How unusual for you.

The investigative unit is currently on its way here.
As for the Japanese police, the consul general is already applying presure...



float: Lisa's cell phone...?

cell: 1 Audio Recording \ Main Menu

Did you find something?

Tom, we don't need the investivative unit.
Tell HQ at Camp Zama to send over the reinforcement units.



They've really managed to piss me off now.
I'm going out to bring her back, and for revenge.
right float: Next issue, the signal goes up for Izzie's counterattack!

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