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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Taboo-Tattoo 7


+ posted by ecks as translation on Sep 6, 2010 05:22 | Go to Taboo-Tattoo

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I won't stand for it!!

box: Summary: In the palm of Seigi's hand resides an ancient super-weapon called a spell crest. Having been caught up in the military struggle over the spell crests between America and the Kingdom of Selinistan, Seigi allies himself with Izzie of the American Army. During this time another of their allies, Lisa, is attacked and taken captive by assassins from the Kingdom.

sfx: grin

float: Surrounding herself with gas...
float: Damn her...!


float (author's name): Shinjirou

float: All Or Nothing!!

title: #07 Distance


float: Shit...
float: My head...

float: What about her...
*cough* *cough*

sfx: vwaaa

To consider something like blowing yourself up...
You... tremendous fool...!


It would be bothersome... to have you... die on me here.
float: She unfocussed herself and avoided a direct hit from the blast...

float: I'm out of options...
What happens... to me now...?

By the end of the day... you'll be taken... to our homeland...

We can't leave you... in Japan.

Saying you'll save her is all well and good, but how...?


Oho... Indeed...
This is quite a provocative number.

What the hell are you looking at!!
I mean the audio recording! The conversation between Lisa and the Stray Cat are still on there!

Sorry, just a habit...
What kind of habit!? \small: Stalking?

-ens to me now...?
By the end of the day...


The Stray Cat clearly says she's to be transported today.

The question then is whether by sea or by air.
Probably by sea. It's easier to slip past checks that way.

You know the Aryabhata Advanced Physics Institute in Takao, right?
It's recognised as the Kingdom's foremost spell crest research site in Japan.

It's been reported they're also tightly linked to the Brahman.
We can assume they'll make use of the Institute's ship.

I'm going to investigate along those lines and draw up a plan.
Tom, you head home and take care of the logistics.


And as for later...


What's wrong, Touko?
You seem down.

Did something happen with Akatsuka-kun?

Well, we kinda... had a fight...
sfx: *whine*

If you like him you should just come out and tell him.

N-No! You're isn't like...! It's nothing like not that isn't... really!!
Try speaking Japanese.


You're in the best position to take him, so put some effort in, won't you?
There are quite a few girls quietly pursuing him you know.

Huh? you're kidding.

Well I mean, he's not bad looking,
he has a sense of justice and he's kind to girls...
It's a bit of an exaggeration, but isn't he like a knight in shining armour?
handwritten: although... that's the image I have too.

How can...
How can you come to understand someone?

Even if you wonder how...
He's a separate person, isn't he. You can neever understand everything about another person.

But I suppose...
If you want to know about someone, you need to see what they see, hear what they hear, share the same experiences...
In a word, you should become closer to that person. \small: Probably.

Another way would be to just tackle him. \handwritten: With those absurdly huge boobs.
Quit it with the stupid stuff!

We're both still in middle school after all...
And besides...
Oh, is that so...

Come to think of it, Izzie-chan showing up makes for a tough opponent, doesn't she?
That must add some pressure...

Hey, were you waiting, "Honey?"


liner note: The quoted lines are spoken in Engrish.

"Dahlin!" Oh I couldn't wait a moment longer!
sfx: *sparkle* *sparkle*

This is my boyfriend, Dahlin Toshihide.
"Nice to meet you."
H-Hi... \smaller: Come to think of it, Yukari's surname is "Hanii".

I'm so sorry "to be late"
handwritten: "sorry..."
It's fine! Shall we hurry and "go home together"?

Pairs gymnastics...?

*** note: the next few lines gibberish lines might be bad German or Italian... No one knows for sure. Maybe find some random German words to put in?
Veira Aatezzo!


...What in the world kind of couple are they...?
longbubble: Du riechst naaach tunfiiish es is de fahtamizzaaaa
*** ts note: make the second half too small to read, it's just gibberish sound anyway.

float: Hm?
sfx: bzzzt

box: There is another world within our world, carefully concealed from prying eyes.
Shut up!
box: Recently, I've come to know about it.

Damn you, Seigi....
I hope you're prepared to meet your maker.

Cut the chit-chat. Hurry up and bring it on!
What's the matter, Hide? Scared?


Let's do it!

Yes! Victory is mine!

What are you doing?
Huge as ever today, I see!
We're deciding who carries the bags.

float: Even if she says I should get closer, how can I get closer than I already am...?


Ichinose-san seems to be acting somewhat different than usual.
She sure is.
float: And also... Just what does Seigi think about Izzie-san...?

Is it... that time of the month...?

Hide-chan, are you OK!?

Hey, Touko, you need lighten up already.

I apologize for what happened at lunch. Uh-!






This is it!
The ability, in an instant, to strip off his opponent's underwear...
Akatsuka style jiujutsu secret technique: Cast-off Cicada Skin!!
Don't just make up stuff!!

How is that even possible...
handwritten: Eh...

As expected of Seigi!
He is nothing if not our "justice"!


box: This place is the warm, sunlit side of the world.
Of this life I have not a single regret...
I'm heading to Izzie's place after this. What about you, Touko?

box: But...
handwritten: *cough*
I've been called over too.

box: This side is no longer the place where I belong...

-re surprisingly skilled with your hands, Lurker....
float: I'm still... Alive...?
If I weren't then I wouldn't be fit to be a sadist.
Like for handling whips or metering the force I apply...

float: I can't move...

Otherwise I'd be no better than some unrefined killer.
float: Is this... These guys' hideout...?


Plus... I used to be a med student.
There. Subcutaneous suture complete.

That's the first I've heard... of that.
But then why... do you look like... such a fool?
You don't appear... intelligent... at all...

float/handwritten: what the fuck do you mean by...

sfx: kyurrr
What are you... doing here?
It must think you're it's mom.


handwritten: I'm the one who let him in. Should I not have?

Weren't you lucky, eh?

Since Il was nice enough to cut you so cleanly there should be next to no scarring.
Well, as long as you don't die before healing, that is.

But damn, you've got some massive titties, girl.

Come on, if you don't resist a bit more I won't be able to enjoy this...
Although, I guess the anaesthetic makes that impossible.


Hey... If we don't leave now... we won't make it for the boat...

Man, that's no fun at all.

Done already...? you limp-dicked bug-fucker...


You ought to understand the situation you're in.

float: As someone foolish enough to give up her own life just to take me along with her...
float: There's no way she would understand.
smallhandwritten: You tidy that up yourself.

Let's go...!
How many time I gottta tell you? I'm the ranking officer!


box: Spare key

Hello! Izzie?
I'm here! \small: Touko too.

Are you around?

Say, Seigi...
handwritten: Hellooo

Seigi, what are your feelings
for Izzie-san?


sfx: doki

What brought this on?
Just answer the question.

Well, even if you ask...
Over here.

You're late.
radio: Target vehicle spotted at point B.

Lieutenant, we've confirmed the enemy's route.
Oh, sorry, was I making you wait?
They had a station like that?

Thanks, it was good of you to come.
What? Why so formal? \small: Anyway, what's with that outfit?


float: Izzie-san...




float: Whaaaat!?

Tom, you handle the rest.
Hey wait, Seigi!
Are you all right!?

Yes ma'am.


Why has it come to this, then?


As we explained, seigi, we must protect you from the enemy.

You mean "protect my spell crest", not "protect me".
Isn't that it?

You seem to understand the situation.
To be precise, it's both...

But among the tens of crests excavated from the ruins, your crest is a special one.
It can be thought of as literally the key to solving the mystery of the spell crests.
There's absolutely no question of allowing it to be stolen by the enemy.

I still need to settle a settle a score with those guys.
If you're going out to give them a fight, I'm going too!


There's no chance of you winning.
handwritten: ARGH
And there's no reason for us to take such a risk in the first place.


By all rights, regardless of your wishes, you should have been packed up and sent back to our country, Seigi.
Your current, free lifestyle is only maintained by the Lieutenant breaking the rules.

Supposing you were to be captured or killed by the enemy...
When that were found out, her punishment would be even greater than it already stands to be.
These measures are in our best interest as well as your own.


But you can't just keep lying about it!
Even so!

Do you mean to run rampant over the Lieutenant's good intentions?
If you're part of this team, I'd appreciate it if you would consider what's best for the team.

Putting it that way...
Is nothing but cowardice!


As for me...

What was I called here for?

Err, because of the tattoo on your forehead
handwritten: here

Judging from the circumstances
we can surmise that it manifests its power in concert with the Stray Cat's own spell crest.

However we don't know anything beyond that.

So, to account for any unexpected situation,
we'd like to have you stay here with Seigi-kun until the operation is completed.


Seigi, remember that time we went on a run together?


I want to find out more about this thing.
And for that...
I'll have to face that girl once again.

And also, you, Seigi.
I want to know more about you.
I want to understand you!


That's why wherever you are, I want to go there too!

float: Oh....!

I see...
That's how it is.

What are...
you thinking about...?

You know, me...
Even if others owe me, I hate being in debted to others.


I'm the one who chooses which path I walk upon.

I'll clear that path myself!!

I told you, I can't let you leave here!

This isn't what you call being partners!

float: Akatsuka Style Jiujutsu: Latch Breaker!!


Where's the operation taking place!?

Aha, is this the on-site camera?
That means-...!

It's no use, it won't open!
We can't get out!

Leave that to me!

I can clear something like this with Void Maker.
After training my control under Izzie's supervi-...


Weren't you going to just remove the door?
Well... umm... The bigger the opening the better, right? Haha...ha...

I- I can't... pay for damages or anything...

We'll worry about the small stuff later!
handwritten: Don't sweat it!!


I promised I'd protect you, didn't I?
So if you say you want to go, that means I have to go with you.

So let's go, to the place where we belong!
The Underside of the World!!

black sfx: pedal pedal
white sfx: squoosh

I see...
Well there's no helping it.
Should I... bring them back?


Don't bother chasing after them.
The enemy is coming this way, as predicted.
We'll wrap things up before Seigi and Touko get here.

You continue monitoring incoming information, Tom.
handwritten: My head's spinning...
I... I apologize for this...

The target is reported to be passing point D.


Everyone move out!
Lets give those guys a warm welcome!!


"From which you can see..."
"vice is so inherent in us, so much the primary law of nature,"
"that the most beautiful of virtues is found to be, in comparisson, no more than egotism."

note: * Marquis de Sade. "Vice Amply Rewarded." Translated Fra->Jpn by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, Kawade Shobo Publishing

"Upon analysis we find that virtue itself becomes a vice."

"All is therefore vice in man; only vice is the essence of his nature and his organization."


The Marquis the Sade?
I should have expected such erudition of your highness.

No, I was just reading it now.

Our Viper is the very incarnation of vice.
To those American Christian fanatics, he is an abomination.

tiny handwritten: Heavy...
Will their flimsy god really be able to protect them from demons, I wonder.


What's the matter, Lurker...?

Hey, Il...

Would you agree it's necessary to punish idiots who do whatever the hell they want on foreign soil?


Well... I don't think we're... in a position
to say any-....!

I'll have you return...
what's most precious to me!



I was planning on saving desert for later, but...

I'll pay you back for these fingers here and now!
float: The fateful match-up! Is it about revenge, or something else...!?

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