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The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident Oneshot

The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident

+ posted by Elkin as translation on Apr 14, 2009 15:45 | Go to The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident

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Text: What the demon of fate plucks----- // Is a splendid yet small and fragile flower...

Text: The explosive one-shot with a colour cover and 45 pages

Text: The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident
Romanised: Miyama Uguisu Tei Jiken (furi of the title)
T/N: Miyama Uguisu means Deep Mountain Warbler

Text: A brilliant new one-shot that won a great deal of popularity in the SQ II 「Hoshiota」!!

Text: Katou Kazue


Bubble 1: A-

Bubble 2: -choo

Bubble 3: ...I've got to make it there in time somehow...

Bubble 4: ----sh. Let's go.

Text: This man dressed in pitch-black clothing... // Where is he so determined to go?!


Box: Somewhere in Tokyo ----- Miyama-Uguisu Mansion

Bubble 1: Exquisite...

Bubble 2: Truly splendid...!

Box: Fabrics Division // Kadou Family / President of the Miyama Flower Arrangement Association

Bubble 3: Move it away.

Bubble 4: Yes, master.
T/N: danna-sama


Bubble 1: The large Shigaraki vase looks really beautiful... // You're a prodigy,

Bubble 2: Monaka...

Box: Miyama-Uguisu Monaka // 47th generation of the Miyama Kadou family

Bubble 3: The mistress is tired. Prepare the sleeping quarters at once.

Bubble 4: Certainly, sir.

SFX: gachari (click)

Bubble 5: ...So you're turning 16 in a month's time, huh...

Bubble 6: It'll be soon...


Bubble 1: Your deceased father and his wife would definitely be delighted if they could see what a fine lady you've become,

Bubble 2: Hm?

Bubble 3: Yes...

Bubble 4: Smile!!

SFX: bashii (slap)

Bubble 5: Is there something you want to say, eh?!

Bubble 5: I was the one who raised you when both your parents died... // It's only because I became the President of the Miyama Flower Arrangement Association and supported you up to now... // That you are here today as the mistress of the house, am I right?!


Bubble 1: I'm saying that I'm thinking for your sake... hm?

Bubble 2: kon kon (knock knock)

Bubble 3: Master... The sleeping quarters are ready.

Bubble 4: ...

Bubble 5: Tomorrow you will arrange flowers for the American President's welcome lunch party...

Bubble 6: Arrange extravagant flowers, hm?

SFX: nikoo (grin)

Bubble 7: ...Yes, Uncle.

Bubble 8: Master... Um, a guest has arrived.

Bubble 9: Guest? Just who'll visit at such a late hour...? // We shouldn't have anymore guests schedule for today...

Bubble 10: Move. // You're in the way.

SFX: guii (yank)

Bubble 11: fugee (uh-blub?)


Bubble 1: Kyaa

SFX: gacha (ka-click/open)

Bubble 2: ...This girl

Bubble 3: Is covered in a demon's spit.
Lit: has been covered in spit by a demon

Bubble 4: ?!

Bubble 5: Wh- // Who's this fellow?

Bubble 6: Throw him out!!

Bubble 7: Ah- I'm this, see.


Bubble 1: An... An demon-exorcism master?!

Bubble 2: Well- A simpler way of putting it would be an 'exorcist'.

SFX: bori x 2 (scratch)

Card: Fellowship of Blue Cross Knights // Japan Branch // Investigator / First Class Demon-Exorcism Master // {number} // Knight Number 387
T/N: took a little liberty here... Association of the Blue Cross Knights sounds boring

Bubble 3: I have his proof of identity... // This warrant too issued by court. It's real...

Bubble 4: A search warrant, yeah.

Bubble 5: A- // A demon, you say?! // This is Japan. Such things...

Bubble 6: Recently, demons too have been pushing for globalisation, see.

Bubble 7: ...You're free to believe me or not, but officially I'm legal.

SFX: hin x 2 (supposedly neighing sounds, but let's TL it as a laugh =_= Like hee hee)

Bubble 8: I'm going to get the story from the girl.


Bubble 1: ...Kuh.

SFX: batan (close)

Bubble 2: If we are speaking about the 'Fellowship of the Blue Cross Knights]... / It is a world-wide organisation that is officially recognised by the Vatican Holy See as well as the Japanese government... // C... Could there... re... really be... a demon in this residence...?

Bubble 3: Of course there aren't!

Bubble 4: What should we do, sir...?

Bubble 5: If that search warrant is the real thing, then there's nothing we can do, is there...?!

Bubble 6: It must be a fraud. // If it is then he'll probably return after putting up a few charms or something. Leave him be. // I want some peace and quiet to myself, so don't disturb me.

Bubble 7: Certainly, sir.

Bubble 8: ...Tsk.


Bubble 1: An exorcist, is he now?!?!

SFX: goo (whud)

Bubble 2: Damn iiit~~!! Of all the times he could've chosen, why one month before her birthday? Such coincidential timing...

Bubble 3: I can definitely smell something fishy about this!

SFX: zu x n (shake x n)

Bubble 4: You bastaaaard

Bubble 5: Then if you will excuse me...

Bubble 6: Thank you (music note)
T/N: or thanks for your hard work


Bubble 1: Now then, shall we begin?

SFX: kyupon (squeak pop)

Bubble 2: ?

Bubble 3: ...U- um...

SFX: choro x 3 (glug x 3)

Bubble 6: Hm? Ah-, right, er...

Bubble 7: This is holy water. // Demons abhor it.

SFX: chorororo (glugugugug)

Bubble 8: If you value your life, don't step out of your futon tonight.

SFX: choro x 2... (glug x 2)

Bubble 9: You might think this is silly, but... // Do as I say to protect your body.

Bubble 10: Now then, how will he make his appearance?


Text: Incident at the Miyami-Uguisu Mansion

Bubble 1: I'll sprinkle this on you too, to protect your thoughts.

SFX: bii (splash)

Bubble 2: There's a medicinal oil with a sophoric effect mixed into this, so you'll fall asleep soon.

SFX: pi x 2 (splish)

Bubble 3: Having you to sleep will satisfy the necessary conditions...

SFX: pi (patter)

Bubble 4: Father... Mother... // Help me...

Bubble 5: Save me-!

Bubble 6: ...

SFX: baa (bow)

Bubble 7: ? ...What's the matter?

Bubble 8: N- nothing, I'm all right...

Bubble 9: ...

Bubble 10: Tonight I'll be observing the demon's moves all night long.

SFX: dosaa (thump (sitting))

Bubble 11: So I'll be sitting right here, close at hand, but... Don't mind me. Go to sleep.

Bubble 12: R-

Bubble 13: Right...

SFX: Just like this...?


Text: Jump SQ

Bubble 1: ...

Bubble 2: ...Er.

Bubble 3: Well, don't worry.

SFX: koon (nod)

SFX: ji... (stare...)

Bubble 4: ...

SFX: Don't stare at me.

Bubble 5: What is it?

Bubble 6: ...Nothing.

Bubble 7: Somehow... When I look at you...

Bubble 8: It feels rather nostolgic...

Bubble 9: ...Even though that should be impossible... Strange, isn't it?

Bubble 10: ...

Bubble 11: ... Um... ...If- If you don't mind, // please tell me a story.


Bubble 1: I... don't know anything about the world... // So maybe a story about an exorcist's work...

Bubble 2: ...That's true.

Bubble 3: Then let me tell you a bed-time story.

Bubble 4: ...Once upon a time, there was a demon in a far away land.
T/N: lit: a certain place, but that's... yeah...

Text: It was still young and weak, a nameless demon.


Nameless was the underling of a upper-class demon with a name of Pazuzu.

Bubble 1: Ah~~ I'm so bored.
Lit: I feel ill, but doesn't quite make contextual sense

SFX: puchi x 2 (snap pop)

Small text:
Gera // Gyahaha!! // Gera (snicker // Gyahaha!! // snicker)

Bubble 2: Ever since it was born, it was treated worst than trash.

SFX: busha (slide)

Bubble 3: It's eating dog shit! // snicker x 3

Text: It grew up, smeared in defeat and filth.

SFX: bisho bisho (splash x 2)

Bubble 4: Let's piss on it!

SFX: moi moi (chew x 2)

Text: It was usual to always be bleeding. Then one day----

Bubble 5: Kitty... // Are you injured...?
Lit: Cat, but hey

Text: It met a human girl.

SFX: kishaa (hiss)

Bubble 6: I'll treat them for you!

Bubble 7: So come, don't be scared.


Bubble 1: Ah-

SFX: basa (rustle)

Bubble 2: ...

SFX: tatata... (tap tap tap...)

Bubble 3: !!

SFX: haa x 2 (pant x 2)

Bubble 4: I'll to show you my heart!
T/N: sincerity, good will, prove I mean it... whatever's more kiddy

Bubble 5: Look! Don't be scared...

Text: ...It was

Text: Absolutely beautiful.


Text: The girl touched nameless the first time.

Bubble 1: ...

Bubble 2: Your fur looks as black as the night sky, doesn't it...

Text: Called its name the first time.

Bubble 3: Yoru.
T/N: Night.

Text: Told it her dreams.

Bubble 4: When I grow up, I want to become the next head of house after Father...
Lit: in the future, I will inherit ater father and become the head of house

Bubble 5: And become a beautiful woman like Mother!

Text: And-

Text: Nameless' world changed.


Bubble 1: Are you giving it to me?

Bubble 2: It's so cute! // Thank you, Yoru...

Bubble 3: You're very sweet.

Bubble 4: It'd be wonderful if Yoru was human.

Bubble 5: Then we can // Talk together more often, right?

Text: I want...

Bubble 6: gi (squeak?)

Text: To be able to talk to you.

Text: If I was human... If I wasn't a demon and lived as a human,

Text: I would be able to better tell you about my feelings.


Text: One day, Pazuzu noticed the girl.

Bubble 1: Isn't it pitiful...? // It's something that appears only once in a hundred years.

Bubble 2: It'll be fun to torment her. // snicker snicker!

Bubble 3: ...

Text: To begin with, Pazuzu searched

Text: For someone with a weak, twisted psyche,

Text: And possessed their body.

Text: Then,

Text: He slowly approached the girl.

Text: First, he robbed the girl // Of her most important people, her parents.


Text: Then he poisoned her heart, little by little.

Text: After that, he stole away her freedom as well.

Text: Nameless could do nothing but watch it play out,

Text: Because the difference between its power and Pazuzu's was all too clear.

Text: And the girl weakened very quickly.

Bubble 1: ... Yoru...

Bubble 2: Come...

Bubble 3: You know, Yori? Father and Mother?

Bubble 4: While saving me from drowning in the river... // They died...

Text: ...This was because of the spell Pazuzu had cast on you.

Bubble 5: I heard this from the others...


Bubble 1: They died... Because of me...!

Text: No!

Text: Don't let him trick you into believing that...!

Bubble 2: ... Hi-//Hic//...

Bubble 3: Yoru...

Bubble 4: You'll always be by my side, right...?

Text: By demons' standards, the season for human females was in their sixteenth year of life.

Text: So it was a custom to eat them on the day of their birthday.

Text: The girl would die in ten years' time.


Bubble 1: Huh~~? // You... Who d'you think you're talking to?

Bubble 2: snicker x 3

Bubble 3: We...

Bubble 4: We demons...

Bubble 5: Are disgusting...!!

Bubble 6: We don't deserve to live---!!!!


Bubble 1: Don't preach unnecessary wisdom at me,

Bubble 2: You trash.

Text: Am I...

Text: Dead...?

Text: No... I don't want to die yet...!

Text: Monaka will die...!!

Text: What I can do is limited.

Text: ...I have no choice but to appeal to the only existences that demons fear.

Bubble 1: ...Oi, there's a demon in a place like this. // It's gonna die.

Bubble 2: It's just a kid, isn't it?

Bubble 3: Should I deal the final blow?

Bubble 4: Wait // It's saying something.

Bubble 5: ...Please.

Bubble 6: Pleas teach me...


Bubble 1: The way to kill a demon.

Bubble 2: ...

Bubble 3: Monaka.

Bubble 4: Bear with it a little longer.

SFX: dota x 3 (running)

Side-text: Ads for Luck Stealer

Bubble 1: It's... It's dreadful!! // A number of servants... started foaming at the mouth... // And they seem to have stopped breathing...

Bubble 2: Ple... // Please help us!!

Text: So it's coming...

Bubble 3: Tsk.

Bubble 4: Wake up, Monaka...

Bubble 5: ...Mm... I...

Bubble 6: Listen, if anything starts talking to you, // You must not answer. // If you answer the demon's call, your mind will be controlled.

Bubble 7: Sit tight and stay right there on your futon.

Bubble 8: ----If anything happens, run to the gardens and go into the pond.

Bubble 9: ...The pond?

Bubble 10: Just now, before coming here, I dropped sanctified silver into the waters of the pond.

Bubble 11: It should all be turned into holy water by now.

Bubble 12: When push comes to shove, jump right in.

Bubble 13: ... No way... The pond?


Bubble 1: Help me!!

Bubble 2: I-... I... // Ever since my parents died... // I've never properly gone outside...

Bubble 3: The outside... The water is scary...

Bubble 4: Get a grip on yourself!

Bubble 5: I will definitely save you.

Bubble 6: ...That's why, try your best!

Bubble 7: Monaka.


Bubble 1: ... Uncle...?

Bubble 2: If anything starts talking to you, // you must not answer!

SFX: haa (gasp)

Bubble 3: Are you thinking about that man...?

Bubble 4: ...

Bubble 5: A young and rather handsome man, isn't he...

Bubble 5: After all, a young man is much better than an old, doddering fool like me, isn't he?

Bubble 6: So you're abandoning me, I who raised you like my own daughter in the past ten years...?! // What... // What a cold-hearted, selfish girl...!!

Bubble 7: ...... Hehehe... It's too late to hold your peace now.

Bubble 8: You answered to my call.

SFX: giiiii (creak)

Bubble 9: Appearances don't matter anymore...


SFX: gaa (grab)

Bubble 1: I'll gobble you up right here...!!

SFX: doo (thump)

Bubble 2: You're mineeeeeee

Bubble 3: Ga...

Bubble 4: Gu...

SFX: gu x 5 (grip/tighten)


Bubble 1: !!! // Graaagh

Bubble 2: ...!!

Bubble 3: Pant... // Help

SFX: dadaa (scramble)

Bubble 4: Pant // pant

Bubble 5: Hold it there, Monakaaa.

Bubble 6: Help me!!

Bubble 7: ...Where?

Bubble 8: This way...

Bubble 9: Thith...

SFX: gura... (sag...)

Text: Shit...!

SFX: dosaa (crash)


Bubble 1: Pant... // Pant...

Bubble 2: If anything happens, run to the gardens

Bubble 3: And go into the pond.

Bubble 4: Monaka...

Bubble 5: Eek...

Bubble 6: Where're ya goin' ta, Monaka...?
T/N: don't ask me why his speech is slangy only in this bubble
Bubble 7: The outside is scary, isn't?

SFX: gera x n (snicker x n)

Bubble 8: Come here.

Bubble 9: Come, let's go back into the house.

SFX: nii (smile)

Bubble 10: Ah... // Aaah...

Bubble 11: I will definitely save you.

Bubble 12: ...!!


Bubble 1: That's why, try your best.

Bubble 2: Haa (Paaant)

SFX: chapu... (dip...)

Bubble 3: Haa (Paaant)

Bubble 4: Oh oh, what're you doin'?

SFX: gera x 2 (snicker)

Bubble 5: It's scary to be in water. // Come back here right now...!

Text: Scary...! I'm scared.

Bubble 6: Looook, more scary things are coming...

Bubble 7: ?!

Bubble 8: Monaka...


Bubble 1: Mother...!

Bubble 2: I went to such lengths to tell you not to go close to the river yet

Bubble 3: You couldn't keep your promise... // And so we died...

SFX: chapu (swish/ripple/whatever sound water makes when you move in it)

Bubble 4: I wanted to do more flower arranging, but because of you I can't do that anymore...!
Lit: been cut off from that
T/N: emphasis on 'you'

Bubble 5: Father...

Bubble 6: I'm so sorry...! // I'm so sorry...!!

Bubble 7: Because of you...

Bubble 8: Atone... // Atone...

Bubble 9: Uwoooooaahhhhh


SFX: zuton (smash)

SFX: dokabaki (crash tumble)

Bubble 1: Mr. Exor...

Bubble 2: You fool!

Bubble 3: Your parents aren't like that, are they?! // They would never corrupt their most precious person themselves!


Bubble 1: Monaka has naively arranged the weeds into this appearance, hm? // Mother loves it.

Bubble 2: Really?

Bubble 3: You're going to succeed after Father, are you now?

Text: Ah...

Bubble 4: !

Bubble 5: Dieee

Bubble 6: Mr. Exorcist!

SFX: dopaa (splash)


Bubble 1: !

SFX: paa (spray)

Bubble 2: Graaaaagh

Bubble 3: Pazuzu...

SFX: zapaa (slosh)

Bubble 4: Do you remember me...?

Bubble 5: Chink


Bubble 1: So you can't remember the face of one piece of trash from another, huh...

SFX: su (slide)

Bubble 2: ?! // What...?

Bubble 3: I've been studying under an exorcist for the past ten years.

SFX: Shuuuu (shhhh/hiss (change/transform))

Bubble 4: I've learned the arts of killing demons...

Bubble 5: I've gained the power to bring you down...!!

SFX: go x 4 (dramatic sound...)


Bubble 1: ... I've... I've heard about it... // Sealing away a demon's heart with an exorcism sword

Bubble 2: While he is a demon, he uses a human form, allies with humans and kills his own kind... // It can't be...

Bubble 3: How dare you try to kill off the heart of my benefactor?

Bubble 4: I will never let you!!!!


Bubble 1: You fucking traitor!!

SFX: shipi (slash)


Bubble 1: Buh

SFX: graaaaaaagh

Bubble 2: Monaka?! // Help meeee!!

Bubble 3: !!

Bubble 4: It hurts! // It huuurts.

Bubble 4: I've always, always // Raised you so, so preciously...

Bubble 5: I love you...!!


Bubble 1: Monaaakaaaa

Bubble 2: ...Un-

Bubble 3: Uncle...

Bubble 4: I...

Bubble 5: Don't answer him!

Bubble 6: I'm...

Bubble 7: Not going to arrange flowers that are just showy and extravagent.

Bubble 8: I want to arrange... // Modest flower for people.

Bubble 9: Mona//ka?

Bubble 10: ...I want to meet more people. // I want to go outside!

Bubble 11: I'm not afraid of water!


Bubble 1: I hate you!!!!

Bubble 2: Heh.

Bubble 3: Rejected, aren't you...!

Bubble 4: You // Spoilt...

Bubble 5: Biiiiiiiiitch!!!!


This page is made of win (no text)


SFX: hyuu (whoosh)

Bubble 1: That man there will probably forget everything that's happened in the past ten years, so // Send him to the hospital.

Bubble 2: ...

Bubble 3: Kin (chink)

Bubble 4: From here on, those guys from the clean-up group will come, // so I can leave it up to them and close the case.

Bubble 5: ...I'm off to the main shrine.

Bubble 6: See you.

Bubble 7: Thank you so much.

Bubble 8: ...

Bubble 9: ...Be well.

SFX: zaa (leave)

SFX: bichichi (chirping)


Another awesome page of non-text


Bubble 1: ... Yoru...?

Bubble 2: Achoo

Text: Blossoming, surpassing the gulf of time... // The flower that lights both their hearts...

Text: The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident ---- End

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