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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou 2

Flower Blossoming Magic

+ posted by Elkin as translation on Oct 19, 2009 03:16 | Go to Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou

-> RTS Page for Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou 2

Edit: forgot to mention, I'm not doing Jio as a weekly series. This is purely to get some interest going in the series.
PS: The story only gets interesting in the next one or two chapters...

Notes to editors:
- You really don't have to attach all the translator's notes if you don't want to. It's mostly for if other translators look over my work >.>
- Feel free to use, but please credit :)


1: Mm?

2: Oh,

3: A city!

Text: Jio, who has set out on a journey with the aim of becoming the world's top magician. His first city is---...

Title: Jio and Gold and Forbidden Magic


Text [horizontal]: Chapter 2 // Flower blossoming magic
Text [vertical]: The the journey begins now---
Text [diagonal]: [ad]
Text [bottom bold]: Kirihata Ayumi
Title: Jio and Gold and Forbidden Magic


Box: There ought to be a lot of people. // It should be bustling with life.

1: It seems like... // fun?
2: Eh?

3: Huuuh?

4: It sure is quiet,
5: Are cities really like this?

6: Ah.


1: I've discovered a place with life!

2: It's busy!
3: But, it's,
4: Kind of strange?

5: Heeeey, there're kids 'round here?
6: Oh, serious?
7: Did he come for a drink of milk or sumthin'?


1: Go home and suck on your mama's tits.
2: Still, he's wearing some pretty fine stuff. // You a magician?
2 [handwritten]: hahahaha

3: Um...
4: Leon!

5: It's Leon!

6: ? // My name is
7: You mustn't come here!
8: I keep telling you that this is a place for adults only, haven't I!

9: Bajild's younger bro? You sure don't look alike.
10: No no, he'll grow up into a handsome guy like me soon enough!

11: Who didja say was a handsome guy?
11 [handwritten]: gyahahahaha
12 [bubble]: hahaha
12: Sorry, man. // He really admires magicians and wants to join the gang, and he never listens...

13: Really.


1: That's quite a promising lad you have there.

2: Not at all! He doesn't deserve something as great as Boss Gouren's praise! // A chap like him needs to be put in his


3: I'll give him another good telling off! // Please excuse us.
4: Well, goodbye!


SFX: wheeze-- wheeze--

1: Ar-, // ar-, // ar-,

2: Are you okay?
3: Are you an idiot?!
4: Yes, you absolutely are!

5: What was a kid like you doing in that sort of place!?
6: Don't go into shops like that!
7: Don't dress up like that!

8: Well...
9: No-no, calm down, self.
10: It's bad if we stay here. // Let's move.

11: Umm...
12: What?


1: My name isn't Leon.
2: I know!

SFX: knock knock

3: It's me, // Bajild.
4: Please open the doo----

SFX: bam
5: Oof!!

6: Bajild!


1: Ya useless fool!

2: You're horrible... // Gran...
3: What's so horrible 'bout that! // Why'd ya shove yer face so close to th' door?!

4: Hm?

5: Who's this?
6: Who's this cute little boy?

7: Ah, that's something... I haven't a clue about either.
8: Come again?

9: ...Then,

10: I did the right thing and dragged this chap, who showed up at the bar, out with me.
[Lit: I did the commendable deed of dragging this chap, who showed up at the bar, out with me]
11: I see now.


1: He made the right decision when takin' ya away.

2: And, boy,
3: Why did ya come to this city?

4: Did ya come to meet up with someone?
5: Nope, I found it by accident...

6: Really...
7: Ya sure came at a bad time...

8: Eh?

9: There's a magi-gang staying in this city right now, see.
10: Their leader's a fairly skilled magician, so everyone's pissed their pants and closed shop.

11: And who're ya t' talk about others waggin' their tails?!
SFX: thwap
12: Ow.
13: Um,


1: What's a 'magigang'?
[T/N: he has no clue what the words mean]

2: Huh?! // You dunno 'bout magi-gangs?
3: Isn't it common sense?

4: Ya don't have any common sense in ya!
5: Come on, tell him!

6: Ah, // Magi-gangs are... To put it simply,
7: A group of evil guys who use magic.

8: Evil...
9: Magicians?

10: They're most likely not licensed, so they're not magicians.
11: However, there are also those among them who can use more power magic than magicians. // That Gouren guy's one of them.

12: Even though they can use magic, they're not magicians?


1: He's an incredible pyromancer.
2: That's why it's like the entire city's been taken hostage.

3: The city? // What do you mean?
4: In other words... // If you do something disadvantageous to Gouren---...

5: He'll burn this city to the ground;
6: That's the kind of threat we face.

7: I don't really believe he's capable of doing something like that, but... // Is it really true?
8: Yeah, as for why, he's-
9: I...

SFX: whap


1: I'll beat that guy!

2: That guy who uses fire magic to do stuff like that! // Because that makes me! // Real angry!
3: E-----rr.

4: Firstly, have you been listening to me?
5: Or rather, who're you?

6: I'm Jio,
7: A magician!


1: A magician?!

2: How strange... // I'd thought you were all dressed up like some magician from fairy tales, but...
3: You're a magician?

4: Wait a second, // a magician?
5: You?

6: Yup!
7: Your license! // If you're a magician, you must have a license, right? Show it!

8: What's a license?

9: You...

10: Just how ignorant can you be?!
[Lit: ignorant of the ways of the world]
11: No, how stupid?
12: Woah.


1: There's one thing I do know.

2: You're not a magician.
3: Eh?!

4: Magicians can only be called magicians once they get their licenses.
5: If you don't have that, you're simply a 'magic user'.

6: Magicians are chosen... // You can't just become one because you want to.
7: ...

8: What? That's tough.
9: Shuddup!

Text: No, wait.
Text: Maybe...

10: Oi, li'l boy.


1: Let's just say you use magic.
2: Yup!

3: What can you do?
4: Fly in the sky?

5: I'm not very good at flying.
6: And fire? // Can you use fire magic more powerful than that guy's?

7: I can't use fire magic.
8: Then what about ice? Ice magic strong enough to negate fire?

9: I can't use ice magic either.
10: Then what's the magic you're best at?! // Is there any?

11: There is! There's a magic I'm good at.


1: Magic that makes flowers blossom!

2: Ahahahaha.
3: That's wonderful!

4: ...Gran.
5: Come on, it's quite a lovely piece of magic.

6: Th' weather 'round here is strange, so th' flowers can't bloom prop'rly, see.

7: Everyone'd be delighted if flowers bloomed, so could ya do it later?
8: Sure!


1: !

2: Bajild!
3: Where'd ya be goin'?

4: Can it be,
5: You're...

6: Plannin' to go to th' bar folks' place?!// I won't let you!
7: G-Gran...

8: I came up with an ide-...
9: I know what it is- that's why I'm angry, you useless fool!

10: Thanks, gran.


1: But you see, there's no guarantee that there won't be another boy who wanders in there again.
2: And supposing the citizens tangle up with those guys, I can smooth things over pretty well if I'm there.

3: See ya.
4: Bajild!

Text: He left...
5: Honestly...

6: That child's skillful and clumsy...
7: I worry 'bout him.


1: Sooner or later they'll get tired of this city and move on.
2: It's that, or some magician shows up and wipes them out...

3: !

4: What's that?!
5: A fire?!

SFX: skid


1: So ya came back, Bajild.
2: Wh- what's up with this?!

3: We're gonna bail out on this city too.
4: Hahah.

5: Really, hahaha...
6: If that's the case, just leave without kicking a fuss, you assholes!!

7: When we tried to take the bargirl with us, the owner flipped out on us.
8: He's such a fuckin' retard, crossing Boss Gouren.

9: He's goin' up in flames with his store!
10: ...Was he killed?

11: Nah, but s' matter of time, really.
11 [handwritten]: Hahaha
12: Someone...

13: Someone...
14: Save the barkeeper.

15: You're comin' with us, ain't ya.
16: S'not like you're attached to this city or anything, right?


1: Haha...
2: That's right...

3: Aaaaaaaahh...

4: Sorry, // I left...
5: Bajild?

6: Something in there!

7: Barkeep!
8: Barkeep!

9: !

10: Barkeep!
11: Ugh...


1: Great, he's still alive.
2: Get a grip, barkeep!

3: We shouldn't run into them if we leave via the backdoor...

4: cough
5: cough cough

6: Yo, Bajild.

Text: Things never work out as you'd like, huh...

7: Traitors require a li'l somethin', don't they.


1: Like punishment,
2: Right?

3: Kuh...


1: Guh...
2: Ooh...

Text: My attempt failed...
SFX: stomp
3: Gah...

Text: I'd hoped that they'd get out of town quickly once they were satisfied, but...
Text: I had also hoped if possible that I'd live through this...

4: I'll show you my power before you die.
5: A taste of hellfire.

Text: ...But doesn't seem like that's the case.

6: Don't hurt Bajild anymore than you have!


1: This kid's from back then...
2: Heart-warming, brotherly love, huh.

3: It's questionable if you two are really brothers...
4: You...

5: You... idiot...
6: Run a-...

SFX: kick
7: Guargh


1: It's all right, Bajild.

2: I kind of want to be stronger.

3: I won't lose to weaklings like them!

4: Weak?

5: Hurting the powerless even though you've got power is what weaklings do!!

6: Hah hah hah...


1: Really now, really.
2: Heh heh heh heh.
3: Hyahahaha.

4: Then, why not try killing these weaklings?

5: Wa- // Wait!

6: No, wait please!
7: Please forgive him!
[Lit: please overlook this]

8: He's still a child and...
Text: Can't use magic properly...


Text: He's a chap who can't use any magic other than for making flowers bloom...
1: I- I'll take his pla...

SFX: kick
2: Guaa

3: Don't touch me, trash.

4: Ya need somethin' of value when you trade, ya know?
5: You shitty piece of trash.

6: Don't worry, you're followin' shortly after the shortie [into the afterlife].
[T/N: include the bracketed text if it's not clear]
6 [text]: hahahaha
7: Guh...
8: Boss Gouren's so ca----ring.
8 [text]: Ahahahahahaha

9: Kept you waiting, huh.


1: Now die!

2: Regio
3: Rijuu

4: Domis

5: Ba!

SFX: roar

SFX: whoomph

6: Burn to ashes!


1: What?!

2: This is a cloak that protects against all hellfire.
3: A flame like yours isn't hot enough for it.

4: ...
5: That's quite the item you've got there, huh...

6: But


1: What about the cursed hellfire?

SFX: glance

2: Shall we talk business?

3: If I use the cure, this city will go up in flames.
4: There's no way you'll get outta it without a scratch.

5: If you hand over that cloak, we can leave town without using the curse.
6: Hozzat sound?

7: Curse?


1: The flame curse.
2: The only one in the world.

3: D'ya know that the Administrator of Curses, Iregaura the Wise Man, died a few years ago?
4: He was

5: Killed by me,
6: And I took the curse from him!


1: If ya get it, then hurry up...
2: I was...

3: Simply angry at first.
4: I hate guys who threaten people with magic!

5: But now, I really can't let this pass.

6: Unforgivable.

7: Unforgivable.

8: I can't forgive you for lying!


1: Kesh alcanata

2: You bastards! Get it?
3: Hit him with ice magic!

4: If fire doesn't work, then what about ice?!
5: The target's not at the cloak...

6: Myzeriwol
7: Jiruon

8: But his face!
9: That's it for you!


1: !!

2: Wha!
3: Wha...

4: The fuck didya do?!
5: You sunnova bitch!

6: Ice magic doesn't work on me.


1: Because it cancels out.

Text: Wh... what the hell's that? The fuck's that?
Text: He's...

2: Mo... // Monster...

3: Don't go pissin' yer pants at havin' a brat as an opponent!

Text: Yes, our opponent's only a brat!
Text: So even if magic won't work...

Text: I'll beat
Text: The crap outta him!
4: Ooooooohhhhhh

5: Jizerio


1: Baofao-----

SFX: poke...

2: Wha-!

3: The hell's this?!
4: Uwaaaaaah.

5: Ho- // How can this...

6: Guh

7: Urggggh...


1: Wow...

2: Are you okay?


1: Yeah.

2: They're alive, aren't they.
3: I was so sure they'd been absorbed by the plant...
4: I just shut them away.


1: Bajild! // Jio!

2: Crap.
3: Gran!

4: Honestly! You fools!

5: Duncha feel bad making someone worry so much?!
6: S- sorry, gran...

7: Honestly...
8: These children...


1: Sorry, gran.
2: It's fine, you don't seem hurt.

3: Bajild, // You're pretty beat up, aren't you...
4: The long-awaited handsome guy is ruined.

5: Times like this, ya can really say you've become a man.
SFX: slap
6: Ouchie.

7: I'm no match for gran.
8: Watcha sayin' now?
9: Gran.

10: It isn't an apology... // For making you worry, but
11: I've fulfilled my promise.

12: Eh?!
13: Watch, it's about to fall soon.
14: Fall?


1: Look,
2: It's coming down!


1: ...Ohh---- // This is marvelous.

2: It really is...

Box: He doesn't fly through the sky, he can't use either fire or ice magic.
Box: On the other hand, he can use such a miraculous magic.

Text: Just
Text: Who is he
Text: Really---...
Text [bottom]: A gentle magic that blossoms flowers even in people's hearts fills this place...

Translator's notes:
- Bajild and Jio both call the woman 'obaa-chan', an affectionate name for an elderly lady. This has been translated as 'gran'.
- Magi-gang: madou can mean magic and also evil magic, while zoku indicates a tribe or clan. Since it's the name for a group of evil magicians, so magi (plural of magus) + gangs (which have a negative connotation) and voila.
- The mangaka keeps referring to the bar as a 'store'. It sounds pretty odd, so I'm gonna calling a bar, and everything else will be adjusted accordingly (e.g. store manager --> barkeeper).
- The gangster guys refer to Gouren as 'aniki', a respectful gangstery term, which I've translated into 'Boss', since that's pretty much what he is. 'Older bro' sounds weird.

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