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Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 1

The rumoured Hades-sensei

+ posted by Elkin as translation on Oct 21, 2009 07:29 | Go to Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

-> RTS Page for Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 1

EDIT: forgot to mention, I'm only doing one or two chapters of this... I'm not planning to pick it up as a weekly series, due to time constraints. So prospective TLers, please take over any time :) (Ideally, PM me or something so we don't duplicate our efforts!) Someone's taking over :)

- Feel free to use, but please credit
- Since this is a Japanese setting, I will be preserving *some* honorifics and leaving 'shinigami' untranslated.
- The teacher's name is pronounced 'hah-deh-su', and this has been romanised as Hades.
- To PRs: You'll notice I capitalise certain titles (Vice-principal, Sensei) sometimes, and other times I don't. If the title is used to address the person directly, it's capitalised. If the people are talking about the person, it's not.



Side-text: An accident during the ceremony for appointing a new teacher...?!

Text: The "school infirmary" is
Text: where caring nurse teachers respond to and look after
Text: students who have become ill or injured...
Text: A facility where such a dream is firmly rooted,
Text: and this Tokofushi Middle School too loyally adheres this image of an infirmary.

Text: However

1: Having done an exemplary job as our school's nurse teacher all these years, Saori-sensei will be retiring due to marriage.
Sign: Health fir[cut-off]
SFX [pink]: chatter chatter
SFX [orange]: Ehh--

2: And we are truly sorry to... Ah, wait. // Allow me to introduce our newest nurse teacher.
3: Hey! Aren't you coming on?

4: So... Sorry, I'm very nervous...
5: trip
6: !
7: Ah-

SFX: slap
8: ?!? // Wha... wa- watch where you're goin-...

SFX: slip
9: Eh...?

Bottom text: First chapter of the new serialisation! // [The School Infirmary's Shinigami]


1: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---!!
SFX [orange]: murmur
SFX [black]: roll roll
SFX [black]: slap
2: Ah... So- sorry, this was from when I was cleaning up // Some merbromin fluid I'd spilt earlier.
[T/N: merbromin fluid is best known for its use as an anticeptic, and is sometimes called 'tiger's blood' or 'monkey's blood' or its crimson colour]

3: Blood!
SFX: chatter chatter
4: There's blood on the vice-principal's face...

5: Ah... // Uh-... Uuum

Text [small/white]: [star] The fortunate and unfortunate chance encounter that makes hearts tremble! // The power to change the future lies within! The first chapter of the new series that weaves a tale of destiny!
Text [big/white]: new serialisation [T/N: no point in TSing this =_= It's ugly and useless]
Text [small/white]: 58 pages with a coloured start! [T/N: again, no point in TSing this line]
6: It... It's a pleasure meeting you all. // My name is Hades Itsuhito...
7: My dream is... make the infirmary a space of healing and solace that everyone can use cheerfully... // It's not just sickness or injuries... You're welcome come to chat to me about anything.

Text [red]: A infirmary teacher... with these looks?!
Text [black/purple]: The School Infirmary's Shinigami
Text [yellow]: 1st Consultation // The rumoured Hades-sensei
Text [white/red]: Aimoto Shou
Text [green]: [ads]

8: Ple... Please treat me well...


1: That new teach's real bad news!!!

SFX: gossip gossip
2: Isn't there something going on behind the scenes? Like he got a handle on somebody?
3: On our stubborn principle?
4: Aah... Saori-sensei...
5: He said some pretty impressive stuff, huh. Like that 'space of healing and solace'... // Won't that be a haunted house?
6: I passed by the infirmary just now, but // there were sooo many people crowding around for a look!

Sign: Infirmary
SFX: gossip

7: Honestly... They dare kick up such a fuss over the appointment of a new staff.
8: Shoo // shoo
9: Come on, go back to your classrooms, the lot of you! // Classes are about to start!!

10: Hades-sensei! You too, quit grinning like a fool and pay attention please!
11: Eh?!
12: How can I...? Everyone took the trouble of coming over to meet me...
13: Hey, everyone...
14: !!
SFX: flinch back

15: ...
SFX: turn
SFX: shuffle backwards


1: Oh? It's become quite quiet, hasn't it. Splendid, splendid.
SFX: silence...
2: ...
SFX: rattle
3: Come now, sensei, this is the infirmary.

Blackboard text: Theme: "My face"
Sign: Art room
SFX: murmur

SFX: murmur murmur
4: Ow...

5: ...
Text: Ah...
6: trickle--...
Text: I...!
Text: Now I've done it... This is...

7: Oo~~~~~~~~~h boy!!!
8: heart attack


1: Doesn't this require the infirmary?! Ashitaba-chan, huh~~~
SFX: yank
2: Geh!! // Mi...
3: Mimasaka-kun...

4: You serious? He got hurt?
SFX: chatter chatter
5: So Ashitaba's gonna be the first to go to the infirmary, huh~~ // Come back alive, man.
SFX: Gyahahaha
6: As if... No way...

7: But for a scratch like this, if someone has a bandage-
8: Thaaat's why, where d'you go to get a bandage?

Text: Dammit~~ I've totally become the target...
Text: It's got to be the infirmary of all places to end up with a new teacher when I hurt myself...
Text: The infirmary!! The infirmary!!

SFX: twitch
9: It hurts...


1: Aw man, I got myself.

2: !
SFX: chatter...

3: Sensei, I cut my hand, so I'm heading to the infirmary.
4: Ah! Aah... // All right then, off you go.

5: Yo, // Let's go, Ashitaba.
SFX: shock
6: Eh

7: S... // Sure...
8: ...

SFX: grin
[T/N: oh the gayness]


1: Fuji-kun... He sooo~~~~~ cool...
SFX: whisper whisper
2: How lucky, Ashitaba-kun... // I want to be saved as well...
3: ...

4: So...

5: Why're you coming along?
SFX: stomp stomp
6: Shuddup!! You guys tick me off!!

7: Come to think of it, Fuji-kun... You nicked yourself on purpose just now...
8: No real reason for it... I simply want to skip class.
9: Stuff like art is so tedious... // And it doesn't serve any purpose in the future.

Text: Fuji's work: My Face
10: He's certainly rubbish at it...


1: Oi!! Wait a sec!!! // Are you guys...
SFX: realisation
2: Seriously gonna go to the infirmary...?!

3: Especially you, Fuji, the socially inept!!
[T/N: emphasis on 'you']
4: So what about it?

5: What kind of a place d'you think the infirmary is now, huh? // The talk of town is that the new teach is super freaky, y'know?!
6: Was that the kind of place I was gonna go to by myself...?
7: Let's see you stroll casually in there!! When we return to the classroom, you guys, no, I... // will be treated like some exotic creature, y'know?!?
8: Who gives? I just wanna sleep.

9: They... really don't get on well, do they...

10: But... That's what's cool about Fuji-kun---...
11: He doesn't believe in rumours...
[Lit: doesn't pay attention to]
SFX: gulp...
12: I also...


1: M- me too! Rumours and stuff are really pointless, aren't they.
SFX: haha
2: Don't you think?
3: People are making too much of a fuss out of it.

4: I-It's got nothing to do with the teacher at all, does it.
5: He might scare you when you suddenly see him the first time, but // on the inside, he'll be surprisingly...
6: Wait!!
SFX: rattle


1: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

2: I heard some voices, so...
SFX: step...

3: grin
4: Welcome... I'm glad you came. // Welcome to the infirmary...


1: Ah... um, my stomach started aching all of a sudden...
2: Ah!! Me too, me too!
3: This is the infirmary, y'know.

SFX: slide
4: ...

5: ! // P...
6: Principal...

7: Er... Ehh...
8: You are the one who invited him into our school, Principal, but...

9: Frankly, I feel uneasy.
10: Why is a suspicious character like him, who embodies all causes for concern...

11: Concern? I wonder... // To the best of my knowledge, Hades-sensei is a very trustworthy teacher.
12: Wha...


1: Yes... Now, it's not longer sufficient
2: To only use 'ordinary methods' to protect our students.

3: Now, sit, sit...

4: You're my first students, who're definitely worth commemorating... // Feel free to come whenever you feel like it...
5: Ah... R-right... Um...
6: grab
7: I'm going to bring over some cakes... Is there anything else you would like?

8: Aah... Tea should come before that, shouldn't it? Sorry. I'm so happy I lost my head for a second there...
9: pluck pluck
10: grind grind grind grind
11: Wait... I'm preparing tea that'll make you feel veeeery good with just one sip.

11: Just hurry up and give us the bandages.
12: Fujiiiii, you bastard!!!

SFX: jolt...


1: !! AAh, this idiot's the one who came up with the thoughtless remark! // If we're eating something, let him eat first...

2: Can you spare me a second...? ...I'll be right back.
3: Eh?

4: What's this all of a sudden?
5: Oi, I got a good idea.
6: Dunno... // But he's walking towards the courtyard...
7: Let's run back inside!!

8: It's all right, you can come out... // Don't be afraid...
SFX: shuffle shuffle
9: He's... he's talking to himself?!
10: Let's run away already---!!

11: ? ...No,
12: There's someone there...

13: hic // hic
14: shiver // shiver shiver
15: Uu...

16: !! Uu... // Ah...


1: Gotta problem with me, you fucker?! Yer face makes me feel sick // Quit starin' at me, you fuckin' asshole!
2: Can't take your shitty hands off me? Fuck off!! And go to hell!!!

3: !!?

4: It clings to the inside of its host's mouth, spitting out dirty words

and defiling the heart... // It's what the disease called 'curse' does.
[T/N: curse as in swearing, not curse as in an evil spell]
5: It's all right... I'll help you get rid of it right away...


1: ...?!
2: ...
3: ...

4: Wh- W-w-what was that just now?! ...
5: Wahahaha, dunno, dunno, didn't see a thing!!
6: ! They're coming back.

7: !!
SFX: start
8: I'm bac... // !!

9: ... Ah... // You saw, didn't you...?
10: !!!
SFX: goosebumps


1: I-... I have to head back to class soon...
2: M... me too
3: Wait!!
4: Let go of me, I can't handle things like ghosts...

5: They're not ghosts.

6: They're 'disease demons'.
[T/N: byouma can mean both disease and disease demons. I will switch between the two interchangably]

7: Everyone has their 'anxieties' and their 'doubts'... // And when their psyche can no longer withstand
8: The pressures that are present in daily life...

9: 'Diseases' will take advantage of and enter people.
10: 'Diseases'... use clever words to brainwash their hosts and make them dependent on the demon // Eventually, they'll even take over the host's consciousness...


1: "Possessed by demons..."...
2: The majority of cases described this way // Are done by people whose psyches have been corroded away thanks to the disease's influence.

3: Disease... Demons...?

4: 'Doubts of the heart' call in diseases.
5: You all should also... // Be very careful of them---...

6: ...
SFX: whew---...

7: Mimasaka-kun, are you okay...?
8: Eh?! // Wha...
SFX: startle


1: No wa... // This is... It's different from what you think, y'know?!
2: I'd rather have stayed behind with Fuji to sleep, but...
3: I'm gonna sleep, so // I'll leave the rest to you.
4: You looked really depressed by yourself, so~~~...

5: The story about 'disease demons' is quite interesting, isn't it... // I wonder if he took it from Philosophy?
SFX: snigger
6: Oi oi, don't tell me you actually listened to what that teach said?!
7: Has your brain turned to mush, Ashitaba-chan?!
[lit: is your brain matter a flower garden --> doesn't translate well, does it]

8: M... Mush...
SFX: miffed
Text: ...That's what he says.
Text: I want to believe it's not true, but...
Text: But then... In that case...

Text: What was that just now...?

9: They came back!!!
SFX: chatter
10: !
11: Hey, hey, what's the infirmary like?


SFX: chatter chatter
1: Eh?! Umm~~...

2: !
3: Heh... // There there, Ashitaba.
4: You can leave it to me here.
SFX: puff up

Text: And...
Text: To think he was stark white just a moment ago---!!

5: Oi, you guys, listen and be surprised!! // That monster teacher isn't actually...

6: Eh? Say, where's Fuji?
7: Wha- // Forget about Fuji for the moment, will ya?!
8: Listen to me--...

SFX: rattle
9: !!

10: Fuji.


1: Fuji-kun, didn't you stay behind to slee...
2: When I asked if I could use a bed, he lent me one with great delight.

3: And then after that, he put flowers at my bedside and stuff toys around me...
4: And at the end, he was singing lullabies right next to my ear!!
SFX: dobeedo~ dobeedo~ daa~~
5: ...
6: That bastard... I'll remember him for this!

7: Fuji-kun!

8: Eh... ehehe.
9: Umm... can we have a word with you?

10: Um, we're currently planning a mixed group trip to Destiny Land,
11: We're missing one boy,
12: A-and...

13: So I thought, since this is such a rare opportunity to come by...

14: Then how about Mimasaka?
SFX: shock
15: Eh?!?


1: You're free everyday anyway, aren't you.
2: Th- // That's not true, but well, if the girls really want me to, // Then...

3: No way!! No------- way we're having Mimisaka!!!
4: That's right! I know you're stupid, but come on! Read the mood!
5: You're the worst! I can't believe you!!
6: Don't get so full of yourself! Know your place, loser!!

7: Wha-? // I won't go to this kinda stuff even if you begged me, you trolls!!
8: Who's a troll, fatty?!
SFX: grumble grumble
9: Troll!
10: Fatty!
11: ? // ?
12: Don't they need more people?
13: P... Poor Mimasaka-kun...

Text: Ah well, in this situation,
Text: The one at fault is Fuji-kun, for not knowing just how popular he is, and he doesn't realise it either...
14: It's partly why he's so cool, but...

Text: What a waste!!
14: Wh- what now?

SFX: bing bong bing bong


1: Geez... Seriously, man!
2: Every Tom, Dick and Henry are all 'Fuji Fuji Fuji Fuji'...
3: You mean Harry?

4: Well, comparing Fuji to Micchan, huh...
5: There's a hopeless gulf between them.

6: The face.
7: You assholes, whose side are you on?!

8: The point is though-- What happened today. // I also went to meet monster-sensei. // Why's it only that guy who gets treated like a hero? It's strange, right?
8 [sfx]: mutter mutter
9: sparkle

10: What's this? A strap? // Must be something the kids ahead of us dropped.
SFX: jingle
11: Something they dropped~?! // Just leave it, it's just...


1: From that bag's colour, it must be the first years!! I'm gonna return it! Give!!
SFX: snatch
2: Oooi, you there!!

3: ! // Hey... Isn't that...
4: ...!!

5: Can I have a word with you? // This... I picked it up nearby, and was wondering if it was y...
6: Isn't that... // Fuji-sempai from year 2?! [To TSer: emphasis on 'Isn't that']
7: Eh~?! You're kidding, where? Where?!
8: Kyaaaaa---- (hearts)

9: Fu... // Fu...
10: Fuji... you say...?!
SFX: twitch twitch twitch

11: Eh? Isn't that Mimasaka?
12: You're also part of the go-home club?
[T/N: students who're not members of any club]


SFX: chatter
1: ?! // Woah!
2: Sempai, is it true you were the first to visit the infirmary today?!
3: Did that teacher do anything weird?!
4: We were super worried, you know
5: Huh?!

6: ...
7: ...
SFX: kyaa--
8: Er, who're you all...?
9: You're terrible
SFX: kyaa

10: Th... that was inevitable... right?
11: Yeah, even if we raised our voices it'd still end up like that. For sure...
12: Yeah! It's all the cool guy's fault!!

13: Do...

14: Don't try to comfort me---------!!!
SFX: run
15: Micchan!!!

16: ...


1: Dammit...
2: I wasn't thinking, but haven't I run away?

Text: It's kinda embarassing to go back to their place now...
Text: This and that are all 'cause of Fuji!
3: Geez...

4: It can't be helped, there's a big difference... // Between the features you and that child were born with.
5: Keh.
6: A man's worth isn't something that can be judged only with your eyes.

7: But girls love beautiful things... // If you want to be adored by girls, you must match their tastes.
8: T... There's that too, I suppose. // You're pretty smart...

9: Aren't ya...
10: ...

11: Eh?!
SFX: look look
12: ...No no no. // Wait, wait. Come out, you're there, right? // Show your face properly when talking! Hey...

Text: He's here. Right here...


SFX: slide
1: Eh...

SFX: thump

2: We're so lucky.

3: I took lots of photo~~~ // Everyone'll be delighted tomorrow.
4: If you're gonna go out with someone, it's got to be an upperclassman. // 'Cause guys in the same year are too childish.
5: But that's impossible, right?

6: Hm?


1: ...
SFX: stop...

2: Hey, isn't that person kinda cool...?
SFX: whisper whisper
3: He's more than just 'kinda' cool!!
4: Amazing, he's just like an actor out of Takarazuka... // Is he a mixed-blood?
[T/N: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takarazuka_Revue]

5: ... // Talking about me?

6: Ah <3 // We're sorry, we were just saying how cool we thought you

7: Yes, I saw-- <3
8: You're Toko student, right? Which year are you?

9: A beautiful face...

10: I can see the air sparkling around you...
SFX: kyaa---
SFX: kya kya
11: caress
12: !!
13: Until now... // You've been living a life of grace and refinement, haven't you...

14: Uh...


SFX: whoosh

1: Yaaa~~wn
2: Night patrol sure is boring...
SFX: squeak squeak

3: !!
SFX: screech

4: Hey! What time do you think it is now?! // Go home right this second!! Your parents are worried...
5: Sick... abo... // ?!!

6: Uwaaaaaaaaahhhhh?!?!


1: Yaawn...
Text: I didn't get much sleep last night 'cause too much stuff happened yesterday, huh---

Text: But I've gotten on a little better with Fuji-kun...
Text: Wonder if I'll become a little more popular as "Fuji-kun's friend"...
2: As if... // !

3: It's Hades-sensei...
4: What should I do...? Should I greet him...? No, but-


SFX: swivel
1 [white]: !!
1 [black]: startle

2: Yo, Ashitaba-kun. Good morning... It's great seeing you.
3: G... G-Good morning...
4: You're a bit... too close...

5: Just what is it you are doing...?
6: Aah... Refilling the liquid soap for washing your hands. // Seems it's supposed to be the job of the Health Committee members, but...

7: Not a single person's come to the infirmary at all...
SFX: tremble...
8: ...

9: It... It's all right! // Just give it a week and everyone'll warm up to you...
Kanji: probably


SFX: clang!
1: !! Woah!

2: Oh boy...
3: ...

4: ...?
5: Wh... What's the matter?

6: No... // It's nothing. It's just something a little urgent that came up, so you know.
7: More importantly, you should also head over to the classrooms, Ashitaba-kun...
8: !

9: Eh...
10: Ah... R-right... // ?

11: Uh... // Should I leave the liquid soup alone?
11 [handwritten]: Is that all right?
12: Does urgent mean you have to be in such a hurry...


1: !!
SFX: shock

2: Ah...

3: ...

Text: Wh...
Text: What was that expression just now...?


SFX: glug glug glug

SFX: splash

SFX: run

1: Umm...

Text: I thought he'd heading towards the south gate, but...
2: I lost him, huh...

SFX: Kyaaaa--
3: Even so, there's an awful lot of people... // Did a celebrity pass by

or something?
4: Mimasaka-kuuun!! Over hereee <3 <3

5: Eh...
Text: Mimasaka-kun?


SFX: kyaa--
1: Mimasaka-kun <3
2: Mimasaka-kun <3
3: Mimasaka-kun <3 // Mimasaka-kun <3
4: Mimasaka-kun <3
5: Sorry, // Could you let me pass through?

Text: What?
6: Feel a bit better.
Text: It's a completely different person.

7: Hm...? // You... My, my, you're beautiful, aren't you.
8: Eh...

9: You look appropriate for becoming my food...
10: Eh?!

11: Mimasaka-kun... <3


SFX: sucked in

1: ...
SFX: loll back

2: Mi... // Saka...
3: Kun... <3

SFX: crash

4: ... Heh...

5: A hah hah hah hahaahahahahahahahahaha!!!

6: ...?!?
Text: Wh...
Text: What was that...?
Text: What did he do...


SFX: cover
1: Nn...?!?
2: Even though I had told to go to the classrooms.

3: Never mind... More importantly, can you see? // Take care not to inhale that 'pollen'.

4: That is, if you don't want to forget about your friend, Mimasaka-kun...

5: Mimasaka-kun <3 // Mimasaka-kun <3
6: Mimasaka-kun <3

7: ...

SFX: step
8: ...? Hey, hey, what's going on here...


1: Did a dog get lost or something?

2: It's Fuji-kun!!
3: !

4: You came, huh...
5: Fuji!!

6: ...? Who're you?
7: You... 're... // ...

8: Hey! What're you doing over there?!

9: Vice-principal!
10: Well well, honestly...
11: Making such a racket since early morning!


1: Oh?

2: Wha-?!?
SFX: shock
3: Th... This won't do. Hades-sensei, you're supposed to handle this.

4: Her complexion is terrible... // Is it anemia?
5: Se... Sensei!!

6: Ah...

7: Um... Mimasaka... -kun and Fuji-kun...
8: Have vanished...!!

9: Hey, Hades-kun, what're you spacing out for?! This is your job, right? // I'll give you a hand as well, so hurry up and tend to this girl...
10: Vice-principal.

11: Hm?


1: !!
2: Ah?!
3: Please take care of her!!
4: Hey! Look here, aren't you the nurse teacher?!
SFX: dash

5: Ashitaba-kun... you should head back.

6 [bold]: N... no!!
6: Fuji-kun's my friend, and...
7: ... // Mimasaka-kun too...

8: ... Sensei... Um, is "Mimasaka-kun" really...
9: Mimasaka-kun...?!

10: ... // No.
11: That is... not Mimasaka-kun.


1: It's a disease demon.

2: ...Who's there?

3: Fuji-kun!!


1: What's this, isn't it Ashitaba-kun? // Oh boy, how should I act?
2: It's me, Mimasaka Rentarou. // Your friend... right?

3: ...?!
4: Eh...?

5: This is how a "disease" works. // One could say Mimasaka-kun's body is currently taken over by it...

6: Disease... A "disease demon"...? // That... thing we saw in the infirmy... That...?!

7: I'd rather you didn't talk gibberish when you don't know anything... // Rentarou and I are both the same person, seeing as we share the same memory. // I know everything Rentarou is thinking.

8: I'm so jealous...
9: Jealous... // So jealous
10: Of his suaveness, // Of his sweet words, // Of his dazzling world...


1: The only ones who can possess such things... // Are the beautiful humans...!!

2: ...!!
3: Mimasaka-kun...

4: Mimasaka-kun... never thought...
5: ...

6: Then again, there are limits on humans' abilities, aren't there? // I just borrowed a little bit of their power.
7: Sipping away at the vitality of beautiful things... // I, Rentarou, will become as beautiful as I want to be...

8: Like this.


1: Fuji-kun!!

2: Hehehe. So, what'll you do?
3: I don't really mind you trying to stop me...

SFX: blast
4: But it's useless.
5: !!

6: Ugh...
7: Ashitaba-kun!

8: ... // With this, you too
9: Will join the other bees...

10: In a distant dream...
11: Where you will give all your love to the world's most beautiful flower...


SFX: whooosh
1: ...?!? // My... pollen...
2: Unfortunately... // My constitution is such that this has no effect on me...

3: Kuh...
Text: ...? What's that...?

Text: Only the air around Sensei is clearing up...
Text: ... No... Rather, the pollen... [To TSer: emphasis on 'pollen']


1: Almost seems like it's being 'sucked up' by Sensei...
2: The "beauty" you spoke of... // Are you referring to what you constructed out of the things you stole from others...?

3: Well then, it's laughable how you call it "borrowing others' power"...

4: What you're bestowing unto Mimasaka-kun is not "beauty".
5: It's simply "ugliness".

SFX: twitch
6: Wha... // What'd ya say...?!?


SFX: knock knock
Sign: Principal's office
1: Principal! May I come in?

2: click
3: Is something the matter?
4: Y... Yes, it's...

5: Some time ago, one female student collapsed.
6: I looked after her, but her anemia is strange, // So I thought I

should call for the ambulance...

7: Don't bother. // That can't be cured by doctors. [To TSer: emphasis on 'that']
8: Wha...

9: Look.

10: !!

11: Wh... What's that man doing now, after slacking off on his duties?! // I'll go stop him right this minute.
12: Ah, calm down.

13: It's unfortunately, but the only thing we can do now // Is to wait and believe in Hades-sensei.


1: ...!
2: Principal, you seem to be happily holding high hopes for Hades-sensei, but...

3: Even so, this is a serious situation! // Won't you tell me...
4: Just what on earth can a mere nurse teacher do?!
5: That I can do.

6: You see, that man

7: Ugly... // Ugly...?!
8: "Ugly", you say...?! // ...!!

9: You aren't even worth drinking up...!! Even with that disgusting face of yours...! // You dare...!
10: haa
11: haa
12: You dare!! You dare insult ME!!!

13: ?!


1: This is punishment for insulting me!
2: I'll use my power!! To change... // The face of every single human here into unsightly abominations!!!
3: I'll change them all!! // I'll make you bastards regret it!!
4: It's about time...


1: You returned Mimasaka-kun's body.

2: Vice-principal,
3: Has anything curious happened to you before?

4: Strange states of mind...
5: Acts that don't seem human,
6: Mysteries... or strange events.

7: All these occur because of... // Humans, whose hearts have been invaded by disease demons.


1: Guh...?!
Text: ...!! What happened...?!
SFX: collapse

Text: My body...! Mimasaka won't move properly!!
2: ...?! // I... // I'm being sucked in!! [To TSer: Emphasis on "I'm being sucked in!"]
3: What... are you...!!

4: However... // He holds the power to rescue those people.
5: A frightful power dwells in that body of his.

Text: The power to devour diseases...!!
6: This fellow and I... // Have been together for the longest time, but... [To TSer: emphasis on 'that guy']
7: crik
8: crack // crack

9: Still, when a feast is laid out before me, I can't hold back.

10: I...
11: Want to eat you right away...

12: I can't help it...


1: Guuuh...

2: ...?!
Text: There's something... coming out of his body...?!

3: Ku... // Argh... Aahh // AAH...

SFX: Ahhhhhh

4: N... no!! I don't want to disappear!! // Rentarou... Help me!!! // If

you... If you make a strong wish,
5: I can still...!!

6: ... // While "inside"...
7: I... heard everything... // ...

8: Even without relying on ya,
9: I can become a better man than Fuji!! // You fucking bastard!!

10: Ahh


1: Assimilation // complete...
SFX: whoooosh..

[Text panel:
Disease data
Name: Narcissist
Using hypnotic pollen to numb the nerves, it steals vitality from beautiful humans' faces and converts it into its own beauty.
However, the more one pursues beauty, the uglier and more warped one's inner self becomes.]

2: ...

3: ...?!
4: Seems like he did it.

5: All the pollen's gone.
6: Is... Is it... over...?

SFX: blink
7: Nn...?


1: Woah?!
2: ...?! // Wh... Why did I sleep here...?
SFX: get up

3: Fuji-kun!!
4: Ah? Ashita... // BA

5: Fuji------------------!!!
SFX: crash

6: Bastard!! Fatass!! What're you doing all of a sudden?
7: ...
8: Fuji~~~ I'm sorry~~~ // I... I did really awful~~~~
9: Huuh?!

10: I don't get you at all. // Explain! Quit crying, will you!

11: Ah...


Box: And so...

Box: I became a believer in the existence of "disease demons"
Box: But...

Box: The number of questions only increased.
Box: Like, 'Where do diseases come from?' and 'What's the secret behind

Hades-sensei's power?'...

Box: I still don't know anything.

1: So like, I've been thinking over things since then,


Side-text: He has a scary face and his actions are weird, but in reality he's a teensy bit trustworthy... perhaps?

1: Even though their faces have been restored, I still caused them a load of trouble, // so I was thinking about apologising to the girls.
2: That's a nice attitude coming from you.
3: Yeah, right?!

4: So, number of first years: three. // And we're a threesome as well.

5: Then not only do I apologise, I can hook up a group date using Fuji as bait while I'm at it! // I'm calling it the 'suckerfish tactic'!!
6: Smart, aren't I?
7: Go to hell.

8: Ah!
9: That's Hades-sensei.

10: He... He's decorating the infirmary... // Ah...
Sign: Welcome

11: Oh man, he's getting told off...
12: What's that man thinking...?

13: It'd be great if everyone could learn to appreciate it quicker... // The school infirmary.
14: Well, it's probably impossible at the present, what with that face.
15: Oi! Listen to what I'm saying!!

Box: The School Infirmary's Shinigami
Text: Consultation 1 // end
Text: Next issue: colour pages // A massive 29 pages!

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